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3-10 9:45am Tommy, missing plane & situation in Ukraine

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military analyst Jeff McCausland about the possibility of foul play in the missing Malaysian plane and the latest with the situation in Ukraine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Adjustment cause and now our CBS military analysts I guess we'll start with that. Malaysian flag Jeff you know I got to. Couple of people on there was stolen passports that he is there any indication that this is an act of terror at all. Jeff are you the truth that we miss the first couple hours sitting. That. So far at least probably appears to me the information is pretty sketchy on what exactly happily have you been elect located the wreckage. It does appear very likely Asian gas to Moline. Definitely very catastrophic. Occurred this particular aircraft. Which would suggest something over the vote potentially in mechanical problem which the pilot and little -- -- it'll provide a mayday alert. Holly and you know this day and age. The most advanced technology we have to where aircraft regularly communicate with a bit by by Arabia there's not a continues tracking -- apparently. It keeps track of exactly where there aren't any given moment. And that blows my mind that I guess is Laredo or if you talk about an air traffic control tower somewhere roller. Like using radios they got a range of that. He's that you characterized article in the industry -- obviously. The so worrisome because. As you suggest these couple passports which was stolen. Fairly both these guys got their ticket from one particular travel agency. My guess is a lot of people like for the law enforcement. And intelligence community member countries like talked a unit that particular travel agency. Get to the bottom of how that'll exactly transpired. If it was an act of terror -- you know the goals and nine terrorism is of frighten people and and terrorize them so who do you think somebody would have taken responsibility for this. Let's try to -- terrorists do that. -- -- to -- you describe the the other they would do it gained some notoriety and publicity for the effort to realize it's kind of wasted time. And that sort of consequence. The fact that no major terrorist organization the world where Europe has you know made any kind of public announcement taking responsibility for the destruction of the aircraft. Would seem to also didn't suggest potentially maybe this was not. You know attacked terrorist we did have this French aircraft. After years ago they had a catastrophic failure. It crashed well over the Atlantic Ocean and it took several years locate all the wreckage and the black box indicated before you got any idea would have better her. I think it's a value in the months that he came on and talk about Ukraine and and and Russia did what's gone on what happened over the weekend and is that dizzy knighted states have to slowly backed out of this -- you tell me. Well and everything that the weekend that that potentially they could make it even more disturbing knowing what they which is deposited the prime minister. The new prime minister of Ukraine. Will be -- -- stay in the present Obama -- to meet with congressional leaders that we talk about. -- and provide political and economic assistance to stabilize the government and -- which really -- a baseline they need to be done. I think is often overlooked in the ongoing crisis involves Russia. At the same time. There have been a number of demonstrations in the eastern part of the Ukraine and place -- cart keys -- the net. The involving both pro Russian as well as pro Ukrainian people there have been demonstrations in Odessa. And apparently mr. Putin's circle of discussions with world leaders including mrs. Merkel. Has said that you know -- continue to be threats and attacks on Russian citizens the ability to feel a bit of -- of those. Have occurred he also claimed that Russian junior journalists have been assaulted in the in the Ukraine. Again no one thing to -- it apart and happened. This is worrisome because obviously -- the justification used removing troops in the Crimea. So it movement and its of those provinces in the eastern Ukraine would obviously cause this crisis to borrow even higher levels attention. Thank you colonel we're out of time we'll talk -- New Hampshire thank you.

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