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3-10-14 12:35pm Garland: on Robert Gates's book "Duty"

Mar 10, 2014|

Garland talks with psychologist/author Evan Katz, who disputes what Robert Gates writes about in his book "Duty."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We should just finished an interview with Robert Gates. Former secretary. -- dependents were two under eight presidents. He's written a book called duty. YouTube -- at minimum laws of the secretary of war. A while preparing for this. And in doing a lot of -- -- loved reading. So across slow ball inside the mind of an angry men by having caps. And I'm very interesting. Not to have mr. counts but you know what people that wrote about different. Book reviews. Wondered why gates wrote this book in the first place wondered trying to outlook that was. Visit some attempted to free riding or was it personal. Or is -- financial. And we have ever encounter with a psychologist. Author of in its the and reviewed the mind of an angry man. Evan welcome to -- appreciated call. -- -- right absolutely -- Your thoughts on -- Well. One of the power and that I sought throughout the book what does that mean to. You know very personal opinion and then switched back to backs. -- is incredible. Political. And they do a wonderful -- over the years. However. What -- now -- Robert Gates person. Not marked the secretary does secretary. -- and and -- And move in and he'd score and remember. I'm not. Is a when you keep score and didn't. Worry. -- -- And approach conflict with movement and now with a good it's and the -- of people. Themselves in the position that we can do. And then that person. Looks like the so he -- about your. Job and. -- There's two. Defendants were sent them. Accountable. And quite interesting that -- Strung. -- so much power. They need -- about a personal basis. And it's so much now. That there's no need to do this. In each of those two jets. Did he need the money. I don't think so I think. What is so I had Macedonia -- my colleague in the winter -- which is kind of deal he didn't need to do. And -- people who feel less then as individuals. May be. They compare -- a lot others. They grew up in the situation -- stroke a little outside. You know the circle or what have you. There was in the -- we feel. Once he went into private life. He no longer. Was able to do the same type of respect. And do this type of power has yet previously. Went a bit and he's themselves. Before what they do. -- Then the from the outside -- and getting it. They're gonna do have to do in order to compensate for that sort of like this whether it's positive or negative attention. Certainly provides them a sense of importance. It would respect or another and people do is -- all types. But liberties and high profile people in particular. Really do is to. Not being able to. Get real sense of view from inside themselves they must about the -- outside. And one of the things that happens particularly. I've -- documentary about athletes and being interviewed on impact you know and so you know again. Is that we believe that because someone is really good at what they view. Could be in pro sports can be politics like mr. gates who certainly has been. When we tend to believe that that makes him a good person. We forget that their personal lives and they really has nothing to do. With. Their profession or what they know how to -- it. And when they're treated this way has been great people because it would work. They tend to believe. And it can become. Very powerful. -- -- media. A very powerful. Experience where did you stop looking for people struggle inside. Because it's so if -- Or is this big breaker comeback with a number proportions for our guests who is. Psychologist and author of inside the mine and been angry man worth thinking about and talk about Robert Gates. Former secretary of defense who's written a book called duty memoirs of the secretary of war. And it's pretty scale of the when it comes to a lot of people and organizations. He worked with -- over the years and -- two under. President. Come right back governor bill brigade 70 AM 05 the -- We're thinking about two books duty Robert M gates memoirs of sectors that are war. And we spoke to Robert Gates in the first half -- of this apple worth thinking about a book called inside the mind of an angry man. The play -- -- psychologist. And author. Avenues of your book about gates or strictly about the event and -- man. -- it's about rhythm there. Which I do believe in some respects. Mr. gates says can you know the anger we mean chronic anger someone who. Generally as extremely well. Israeli high performing. In. The workplace shorten their careers. -- personal lives. I think in part whether it be England relationships with others or even better feeling about themselves. And I talked a lot in the book about. From a philosophical perspective about what -- -- feel like inside that compel them to do. That really. -- respect themselves and they did. So. That's where compromise with opening guy's name was able to. You -- -- when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So when Robert Gates and -- have cultural Biden from and says Biden's been wrong and nearly ever major foreign policy and national security issue with four decades. He called Rahm Emmanuel hell on wheels have been attention deficit. Disorder. He -- Tom Dolan President Obama is -- second Schuker advisor suspicions. In destroy a -- human being. You'd think he'd he basically. -- that or is it something you just couldn't control. I don't think what you regrets what he puts in -- at this point are on a bigger picture. I. Would doubt -- to what I'm about -- had over twenty years. That he wrote some even the night when no weren't there. And Israel crowd that some of the things that he's done that there's a lot of contradictions behavior Mobley was located the actions. People can say whatever they want acceptable that they do is really what's most important he talks about. Are weeping at night and being so concerned about the troops. And then at the same time turns around and make some of the comments you just mentioned but then turns around. Again. And let you know that the government and spiritual and arsenic the are the most important. -- -- -- -- So it doesn't make sense a lot of what do any -- he presents. Is low -- passive aggressive hides. I had and the person they have a I call that Covert type of rage and the docs about he says that I've seen in a room. He incentives that he didn't even talk about it -- -- would drive me crazy but I -- and so now when he doesn't have to be confronted or have any problem a command and so a lot of things which. In the best interest of our country. I. Would suggest that. Car and to know more about since some of the things he said will Obama had been remarkable and mighty interesting tidbits that. Clinton -- and to enhance the safety and security of our country. We see somebody that's been the -- advocacy. Secretary. Of its. Were under eight presidents I -- of writing the book. All of his oral cold you warn you are talking about decisions made on the important issues. But when it comes to the the personal attacks what would surprise me. Maybe were too tired but he still functions. In DC I would assume a regular basis he sits on the number boards. Does this scheme -- with repercussions. By doing this kind of thing or is in the brain of an angry man that that not registry. There's an old adage that he can't get positive attention and you pick the negative. And I think it's a lot of work he's doing looking for it and he has. And -- -- that hasn't won -- debt you present it here he talked about in this book. The C. -- -- Asking them coming -- about. What they should do and he presented a standard. Type of person which is a characteristic. And again. He. He resents people -- clearly. These. Are he's critical of others. Significant critical and he talks about being critical within an -- even not -- and the bring that -- that well. That he's critical of themselves as well that step -- to come from somewhere and then. Some that it doesn't get the respect that he -- there swearing. We're looking like you describe -- -- -- group incredible and he could then use those pages -- Provide so much -- an interesting point. So. He presents. To someone who needs and feel like he got a deal. And political matters like -- kept me we have respect even in the. There hasn't tapped it. Doesn't have. Congress to respect within themselves. About themselves separate plan to do. For ever of these kicking it outside themselves no matter how much that yet it will never be enough. And that's what Robert Gates impresses me -- Personality one. Do a little bit different parts and -- gate here -- all approve inside the angry Mel line and I'm in agreement and sort of course that has this kind of -- or anything that could be done. Absolutely. Absolutely one of the things that I'm really committed to doing. In our country even if I have to do Obama now but -- bit of support usually record breaking numbers grip. Are honoring her you know breaking America banking renders grip on them. And let them do it's not just having to be confront. Bad. Not. Of this behavior. From -- I look at it and when I'm actually -- And at that time when. We can't do. That -- -- treatments are now and then. You know. President question and went out that if there were doing small. Venue. Then went to our personal. Matters. I -- and into the question. And and to move the grand city. The arrogance and entitlement. Bringing self centered behavior and themselves and don't outlets in the -- -- According to people and we start holding. Individuals. Accountable for their character. Not just border there. Performance and whatever they do. Things will change. As a country we are a step in the opposite. Evan run out of time but thank you so much for joining Israel agreed to. Sure -- governor bill big age 70 AM and 53 you have them.