WWL>Topics>>3-10-14 1:10pm Angela: on low testosterone in older men

3-10-14 1:10pm Angela: on low testosterone in older men

Mar 10, 2014|

Angela talks with urologist/author Dr. Neil Baum about how men can handle issues with low testosterone.

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Will welcome to Monday and gosh what a beautiful day it is misses this is what we wait for it is the quintessential. Spring moment. If we could just keep this -- for a while but it is gorgeous I hope you're enjoying your -- I think we have three very interesting programs coming up the first of which I know you're going to enjoy it's doctor -- bomb and we're going to be talking about testosterone. Hope all of you gentlemen out there and women who have great men and their lines have any questions you'll get this call at 2601870. And our second hour we're going to be talking about I'm thrilled. The executive director of the Goldman Sachs 101000 business. Course that is being that has been at Delgado the last several years -- only eighteen of these in the country and we are very lucky to have them. And it is for people already in business that want to expand their business get better in their business learn. And we're going to have her and we're going to have some people who have been through the program. Learned a lot as one woman sent. It was like getting an MBA in four months. And then our third hour at last at the last two I love this man. Yes. We are talking about Irvin mayfield one full hour with the man I called the Renaissance man. So we are gonna start however with another one in my favorite people. To take testosterone. Or not to take testosterone. That really is becoming a more complicated question. More and more men are taking it for low testosterone levels and getting good results. But now there's a question that there could be a link between taking testosterone. And heart issues. And joining us is doctor -- bomb who has been very famous urologist. And author of what's going on down there. If you have any questions for doctor bomb please give us a call 2601817. An analysis by an epidemiologist. And researchers at UCLA and looking at insurance claims from more than 55000. Men. Looked at the rate of heart attacks within ninety days of starting testosterone. In men's 65 and older the risk of heart attack double. For those under 65. With a history of heart disease the risk tripled so I'm asking the good doctor is this -- cause for concern. Well and so I think it is a cause for concern but I think under proper supervision. At -- physician's office. And looking at. The symptoms that a man may have and then looking at his risk of heart disease. I think it's perfectly safe to take testosterone. Let's face it with that study at 55000. Men between the ages of fifty and in seventy years of age. They looked at men with preexisting. Heart disease these words healthy men that came in these were men who. Had a heart disease and the last study that they did they took men who are going to get an angiogram. Another words they already had coronary artery disease and tell. Really you're not looking at apples and oranges I think. If a man has symptoms and let's discuss some of the symptoms that they could -- He could have. Tired -- lethargy. He could have. Falling asleep after meals he could have decrease lobbied OR sex drive. He can't have decreased sexual performance -- impotence he can't have muscle loss. He could have bone loss. He could have high cholesterol he can have high blood pressure. He could have diabetes. Many of these things will improve significantly. When the men get on testosterone. If they are monitored properly and that's the point I would really like to make to our listeners. If you think you have eight a problem of low ET low testosterone. See your position. If when you see your physician he got draws a simple blood test -- That is at the results are available 2448. Hours he draws a blood test a testosterone level. If that testosterone level is decreased. And if the man has symptoms it is perfectly safe. For that man to take testosterone. So the blood test will show what you testosterone mountains. If it is low then your candidate for this. Given all of the other issues when you mentioned all the Manning you know the tired national lethargy think if senator that's probably half the man in the world are tired to. And it isn't that part of aging frankly. Absolutely part of the aging process. Is. Not being as strong as you used to being not being able to lift as much -- Not being able to perform sexually not having the sex desired that they had 2030 years ago. So yes it's part of aging but also part of aging. In a man is a condition called and drove pots in a woman. Nano -- is that situation. Around the age of fifty. That a woman's ovaries start to deep crease there secretions. The female hormone called estrogen right. As men. Reached the age of middle -- their testosterone. Level starts to plummet and go down and -- it goes down. Then they start having those symptoms so many of half the world that we are talking about if we work to bring them again. And get them tested we would sign that many of them not all that many of them have a situation. Of low testosterone. Now I can't tell you that I can take. A 6570. Year old man of which I am one of goats and and have a low testosterone level and then replace it that we can make you turn the fountain of youth back for him that that's not a reality. But we can make a man so he's not falling asleep after meals he doesn't run out of gas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. His interest in his partner. Is escalated not to the level that it was when he was twenty years of age it's unrealistic. I can't make him a bodybuilder. You know with testosterone replacement therapy but I can stop the muscle loss. I can stop the bone loss that happened yum and are also at risk for. The condition is common in women called osteoporosis. Are thinking -- bonus yeah. Well men suffer from that too especially when their testosterone. Level diminishes. So I can't tell you the weekend. -- create a new man H twenty -- -- turn the clock back. But I can tell you that men who have this problem and who have documented at low levels can improve significantly. With hormone replacement. And that would be one element because. In reality if you are certainly we're all tired of hearing this but he kind of monitor which you even if you exercise -- that that will also make you feel better. I have often discussion with. How much time before the break another. Sure when we take a break okay it's gonna happen when I -- account when I tell my patients OK we're gonna pick it up right there everyone stay with this for talking to doctor -- bomb. We've already got collars and we're gonna get to every one have you. We'll be right back and Angela under the W well our guest today is doctor -- -- who is of course a very well known urologist and author. And we are talking about testosterone. Very important subject that. Reeling now has a little controversy around it on who should take at ten. And perhaps -- we'll get into that little bit more but we do have some callers and we'll start with you Brian. -- -- doctor articulate. And I YouTube dot. And it's an information. You're -- -- are sorted out there and with. In the way if I was a 140 pounds -- it worked well enough. No they're just never epic called Michael but Michael Ball in the water. At a low load goes up to a -- 200 mail program. Sure they call -- -- I'm excited that off. I think I'm not -- -- there aren't -- -- it is quite a lot of the parent of the lack of motivation. Here on the golf. And I'm actually I'm concerned now -- to support him but he's not in the process that maybe get off topic. But hopefully to remain the person that was the war impossible. The -- by -- -- -- age thirty you've been taking testosterone. And you wasted tried to. It. That can be accomplished but it should be accomplished under physician's supervision. OK if you tried Google off cold Turkey you know what I mean by that abruptly. Stop the testosterone. You will develop those symptoms I think it is appropriate for you to be weaned off and then to be put on some supplements. That can't help. Fill in the the lag time between when your body kicks in and starts to make testosterone. And I think it is reasonable for a thirty year old man. Not to have to be dependent on -- I would strongly recommend you do this under physician's supervision Brian. Okay and opulent mansion hours. -- to go to an endocrinologist. With -- right back to a urologist but he felt. You wanna go to an -- and colleges that has experience in dealing with this or you go to urologist. Who also deals we -- hormone deficiency. Problems so. Either both of those who will work yes and -- -- technologists will work but make sure that he or she. Has experience in dealing with. Hormone deficiencies in men in probably all have some experience. With hormone deficiencies in women and would be like a woman. A woman with estrogen deficiency probably could either CNN -- acknowledges. Or her gynecologist. The same with a man men could be an endocrinologist or your colleges Brian. -- is solid for calling and thank you very much a let's go to Jim in Gonzales to them. Captain and doctor -- you know just great GM. Larry I'm doing great. -- hero it and -- active. -- couple jobs plot under extreme work out. And -- recently have taken me. A testosterone booster called from the makers of question -- -- mayor. But anyway. And it it is a capsule. Now I've never met early check out -- structure level. But I have got extreme amount of energy at all I never get it off. And -- outrage -- work and out it's like running stadium. And looked tired and stuff like that. And now I just wonder how much time taken it blew dirt like I needed you. I wish I could trade places with you Jim. I'm a little older than you. But if you're doing all that kind of work out in your energy level. Was able to sustain that. I hardly think that you are suffering from testosterone deficiency the only way to tell Jim is to get that blood level. But my gut feeling is we're gonna find out it is perfectly normal. You sound like the all American guy I think there are thousands out there who would love to trade places with -- -- keep up the good work are these supplements over the counter. Yes I am. Man yep it's districts -- pro nutrition. And you could mean that very inexpensive. And you sprinkle capsule that day. And your running up stadiums are. I would think you could easily discontinue it. And I bet you'll still be able to rent out stadiums and flip the tires up. If you start if you start flipping pancakes then I think you maybe need a back. Not not not stay away you know kind of car don't know yet. Good for you what an inspiration yes thank you so much to him for calling. It. You know a doctor army were talking about before we went to a break that -- What you tell -- yes patient it's okay now commonly IC man who at symptoms of low testosterone. And we talked a bit just you touched on nutrition. And exercise. So I say to the man I put my arm randomized eight. Mr. Smith. If I could give you appeal. That would lower your blood pressure. Decrease your risk of diabetes. Decrease your risk of colon and prostate cancer. In Hampshire energy level improve your sex strive and improve your sexual performance which you take the -- And every man angeles' -- write -- a prescription quick what what is it and I put my arm around the mennesses mr. Smith. It's not appeal. It's exercise. And the point that I wanna make is what you addressed. That if somebody. Enhances their exercise and does it on a regular basis twenty to thirty minutes today. I Wear. Something called the fit it you know what that is that it is minute it's like -- sophisticated pentagon. You know as I tried to dude 101000. Steps that day. Now that's walking at work it's locking. You know in in the park sometimes is jogging sometimes it's spiking but I monitor myself by doing 101000 steps a day. Plus I. Make every effort never to take the elevator up. -- I'm on the sixth floor of my building and I often will do it 34 times today. That take unity that's the stairs up I take the elevator down but never the elevator. Point I wanna make the the use all of our listeners out there that Angela is right. You want to lead a healthy lifestyle. It starts with nutrition and I'm sure you've had people on that talk about nutrition. And it's also. A exercise program at a regular exercise program. That you commit to basically. It at least five to six days a week. Has to be committed to exercise in all these other problems that we talk about. Losing weight. Decreasing the risk of diabetes lowering cholesterol lowering the blood pressure improving your attitude less depression. All of that goes hand in hand with. Enhancing your exercise it is it is such a commitment. We all know it but we're still looking for that magic -- And that's why you you just answered it they want that pill but it is do most of them say OK I'll commit to that too. It requires a lot of hand holding. It requires. A forming a contract with the patient requires seeing the page rate it's kind of like Weight Watchers. Have watched people put Weight Watchers and right before they have to go in and check in they exercise and lose weight and drop a few pounds because someone's watching and someone's mind entering -- But those who do and those who commit to the exercise programs come back and hugged me because. We as Americans are over medicated yes the people our age are taking three before peels. -- today. -- today. And the point is we are taking far too many medications. And if we would. Pay attention to what goes into our mouths and start using our feet to get some movie. And and -- enhanced our exercise. We will be less dependent on medications and I'll be out of jobs and on and I'm delighted to be out of a job if that's the situation. If Americans are moving. Last week we did a program on childhood obesity based on we know that up 30%. But we what I didn't know was that children. Now are getting. Adult diseases like hypertension. On 89101112. -- hypertension. Fatty liver heart issues. Much less diabetes which is huge. The fatty liver thing really threw me. But because they said it's what's found mainly in alcoholics. This is a non alcoholic form. Of fatty liver in children. This is strictly diet and exercise related. And we're talking little kids. If these little kids. Eight and nine years old eating the fast food you know that that we are are feeding them. It's drinking supersize. A Coca Cola's. And continuing that kind of lifestyle with no physical activity. They will not make the age of fifty and 55. Fact and that there there is no short acting in changing that. We are an obese nation a friend of mine my partner was recently in Disney. And he says I was in shock. When he says when I went in there there are hundreds of people in those motorized scooters that Disney and they can't -- on -- They can't walk around the park and yet they're in there on a scooter and most of that is related to food lack of exercise smoking. And another thing alcohol you know. That's those -- the big east now and the health care profession is derelict. In not getting on board with more. Our counseling. On nutrition smoking cessation can exercise week that the doctors are very the drop. That we do have control where there's some things we don't have control but we do have control over what goes in -- -- And salute like everyone stay with this we're gonna continue with -- bomb. Immigrant the again talking about testosterone. -- some other questions. But now let's go to the newsroom and Chris Miller well we see all the commercials we know that testosterone -- isn't is definitely needed for some man. Makes a difference in their lives that were really looking at. Is it a 100% necessary for Allman doctor -- bomb -- Guess today we have some callers let's go to Jack in New Orleans -- I inherited. Bit enjoying this. For someone who needs testosterone therapy -- -- -- deductible which you thought about the nonprescription. Testosterone supplements. The -- at the non prescription testosterone supplements. I would I would answer it this way. My wonderful Jewish mother would say. -- it may not help but it wouldn't liked. And so I don't know if it will really help you and the only way -- -- know. Is if you. Get your blood level first get on the supplements and then see if it increases. But the important thing that I like to tell people is I don't treat blood levels. I treat symptoms. If your symptoms -- is that you noticed that. Your not. Driving the golf ball as far as you were. Five years ago if you notice that your height if you were six feet tall and you're now 511. -- losing bone mass. Then. I think you need to get the test get replacement and then find out how your symptoms that improve if you're finding. That you feel and it's -- -- you're losing. Inches in your waistline. If you are enhancing. Your sex driver in the beat oh that's the important thing. I think that try to treat the numbers if from the laboratory. Is not the best approach to medical care I like the think I'm treating the patient. Now what they appear on a piece of paper so the answer is I don't think it's gonna hurt you to take you know this medication. And I think it would be. If providing yet and yet the medicine is definitely Contra indicated. In men who have prostate cancer or who are at risk for prostate cancer. Or. In. Men who have had breast cancer. It's just that the testosterone there is so expensive and I was looking at something other than. Via the description and I don't know the other would suffice but if he wanted to questions. I'm I'm using the jail. 22 applications protect. And I'm losing my -- Prior to using. The testosterone. I just. But a lot of here -- he's -- my -- bit of the borrower doesn't happen anymore where any. Nothing getting around that system. That's that's. And then usual. Side effect of testosterone. It is it is unlikely that is related to. The testosterone. And particularly the jail. The gel is one of the best because they have for our listeners it's an application. A topical solution of testosterone. Eager to the abdomen or to the upper arm. And it's usually use once a day some kind of curious why -- you wire using it twice a day Jack. -- -- -- -- -- Two. Like -- -- one pumped to be Bob Swanson. -- okay let's say you've seen it once it okay. That's a most unusual. Side effect ultimately on in Iraq I know nothing that I always for testosterone your hair grew. You usually that's not -- -- as I did not know he -- that the sometimes men can get hair on their back you know when they used -- Sometimes the beard increases. In thickness but it doesn't do anything to that there on the top of him. -- But it does think OK Jack very much on many in Metairie. Yeah. Public it is in the mail weather though surely. Pot belly and then use the -- -- cultural boosters. Is -- Just that -- at least that and now I wandered in the bathroom. -- -- say it again. -- Justice faster and burn fat. Yes it does help -- with them with the metabolism. Fat tissue yes it does help that and people who have a condition called. Metabolic syndrome which -- diabetes. High blood pressure high cholesterol. And obesity. Find it when they get on testosterone. There obesity markedly diminishes so it does help with -- burning of fat and if you're low on testosterone. It convert some of the muscle tissue. Too fat so testosterone. Is a an enhancer. Of muscle. Mass and muscle strength. And so regarding -- -- getting in the mail with -- -- I take it unsolicited. Advertisements that your getting correct. Okay I've written this several of those companies when I patients bring it in. And I say can you show me the studies that you've done with is the research you know for your booster enhancer. I've probably written to ten of them over -- practice lifetime and I've never. Ever gotten a response from from one of them. So I think what you're getting over the mail I think. I I would tosses and I don't think that is probably. The direction that you won again. And they -- on the court and -- them. So EU can -- what pressure. On and you don't you can't take our our corporate rumpled and EPS outlook pressure. Yes you can. As a matter of fact. Once you start exercise seeing and decreasing your fat and losing weight. You'll find that your blood pressure goes down and you won't -- taking blood pressure pills. I I camp and will you share with me how much you weigh. Oh my goodness and. Okay you lose a hundred pounds you won't have to pay. Blood pressure medication you you've got more problems than just related to the testosterone. You get yourself involved with a nutritionist. And you get yourself series. I mean dead serious. About losing weight you lose a hundred pounds I tell you you called me up and if you don't. News if you lose under pounds and your blood pressure doesn't get the normal I'm taking out for dinner man. It anywhere not a that's not what you're supposed to eat come on man because we're gonna we're gonna go get team -- And I blues clues and vegetables and fruit. I don't know that's great and your wonderful aren't they Nancy good -- now on everyone to stay with this we're gonna continue our talk with doctor -- bomb. And I wanna talk about the 43%. Of men who take testosterone who don't have -- to run activists. Well we're talking with doctor -- bomb about testosterone and just a couple little facts little factoid. A study found that 43%. Of men receiving testosterone. Had a normal level which I thought was interest in the other thing. Is that prescriptions for testosterone have doubled in the last four years and now surpassed prescriptions for Viagra. Very very interesting. To let me comment on both -- on the prescriptions that's definitely related to marketing by the pharmaceutical companies there are. You can't go through an evening news. Or late show without hearing about low ET right and so it's that's a marketing ploy. The second thing it was about the 43%. Of people. Who had normal abnormal testosterone. This is a tricky situation let me just briefly answer it this way. The normal level of testosterone is anywhere from 300 to nine under so. The average range is four to 500. Is someone has a level of 400. And they are symptomatic. Truly symptomatic. And there's nothing wrong with their thyroid -- they have no other co morbid condition. In that situation. And that situation only. Dare look normal level might be seven under and so in that situation with close monitoring. Those patients should could and should receive testosterone. The 43%. Who are coming into the doctor with the usual. Complaints of normal complaints of aging who are getting it. And have normal testosterone probably don't -- so there are abuses. And I told you gave you one scenario. Where I think it probably is indicated that's not 43%. -- lot of people are getting -- and they don't. Needed and the only way the only way to tell is to get the blood the play it -- so easy easy tests are set to mark caller is Charles in Hammond. They get after it and got a question here. Equity. Level at 138. And I got to take injections in November. -- in November. But -- our bodies are exploded act. And the waging just go to the poor and negotiate dermatologist because of reaction to it sort of doctor. Caught me off a shot. An accident on them. -- and ate drank in my life -- exclude more and right. Now. And I didn't have an abnormality on a lot of military. Mean to -- are -- -- -- -- what to do assuming it's gonna do not 100% sure it's actually gonna happen. Yes you pituitary. Is at the base of the brain and it's called the master gland. And that affects your thyroid. Your adrenal gland and also your testicles that produce that testosterone. And so in your situation. You really need to be in the hands of it and jerk acknowledges that one of the previous callers that -- it called in. That could go either way but that situation a pituitary disease needs to be monitored. By an under chronology second comment regarding the acne. -- does occur in this small number of men who are receiving the injections stopped the injections -- act he'll go way. And then if you were to get on the. Up -- we don't at all. And I actually started breaking -- that it. Okay then the other alternative. Would be a drug called low -- -- -- -- am. You call my office 8918454. I will send you information on the use -- Oklahoma at. But even before you use it I really want to encourage you to see he made and there are acknowledges because unique some fine tuning. At the -- of the pituitary. And you may need to see that there's nothing. -- the significantly. Going on with the pituitary that they effectiveness. -- level -- like point. 40. And has bullet. Hit -- putt went away now. You you may be having a pituitary problem and it's not a urologist I'd be happy to see you but it's not urologist you need to see. You need to see and -- her acknowledges. -- questions at all. If it's good and it's just. So it's -- situation as a spot which we say -- it is a pretty competent. My tabloid. That came you know for the testing and and take. You know banality out. What. -- -- Actually everything straight back appealable would come back relentless comeback but -- -- -- there ought to blood pressure -- Depending on what is going on with your theory if its. A benign tumor that the -- RK. A benign -- at the Tuesday there is tired drugs that you can take. That will. Helped enhance the normal secretions from the pituitary. And with some fine tuning guide and acknowledges. It you can be returned to normal. -- I I'll thank you very much. Real quick there was we have one here. Is it true that testosterone increases the size of men's genitalia. The answer is. Not. Actually that -- rather actively -- and what happens is if a man loses weight. When he looks down. He's now able to see the tips of this issues and he's able to see his penis for the first time when he gets direct. And -- the penis appears to be larger when the man loses the weigh in actuality. It does not increase in size. Okay we're gonna take another break we'll be right back and Wayne were with yet to stay with this I'm Angela under the do well. We are back talking to doctor -- bomb it has been a fascinating hour I cannot thank you enough. Analysts say his number is 89184548918454. Thank you doctor -- we're gonna get you back and were going to be talking about women. That and -- returning thank you by Angela all right stay with -- we're going to be talking small business activists.