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3-10 4:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Mar 10, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to LSU Head Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about the Tigers season so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well they are. Rolling right now fresh off a sweep of Purdue getting set for us and we gains against nickel state in substance on tomorrow evening here on WW on that a huge. SEC showdown later this week in at Vanderbilt LSU coach baseball coach pulmonary Jones is now coach McNair 1804273. -- ballclub out of a big conference in the big TN are your thoughts on what UT did these weekend against the ball make. You know it's real active with the way we play on actually we -- we -- a little stagnant offensively on Saturday night we faced a very unorthodox pitcher. It is very very slow velocity threw a changeup -- -- -- all in. But probably a little bit that we eventually got to them and had a really nice come from behind victory but it. I thought on Friday night and played about as well we could possibly play in every facet not yet he was a very businessman. Like. Performance you know we. We didn't probably excel at any one facet of the game but we're pretty solid in every aspect of our ultimate victory final -- -- that security artist he liked. Head coach varies because starting SEC play ago what more you could say have a canola and worries that his cat -- has to be an all time high. I was reading when -- -- back to last season that he's not surrendered an earned run. In his last 53 to third innings and you look. In his 21 starts dating. At the start of 2013. Campaign he's nineteen and two and Ellis Schuessel. When you look at wanted to get off to a great starting you have images starter you gotta be pretty common to trying -- a moment momentum obviously when he's pitching. Yeah it's just an extra get he's. It's amazing guys. -- about the best -- -- 32 year coaching at some pretty good pitcher but. You know -- continued on at QB. In -- right at the top. They just got so many things going for me he's got great control -- -- he's so police in ethnic group really -- competitor. And it killed the position now. You know he just makes a lot of pitches and in analogy it's ridiculous did the FCC of course it would be matchup that that the people number one pitchers. -- this Friday night keep going up against the pictures and actually be drafted higher than he will entirely be of albeit tremendous ballgame and you know we were competent our guys it would turn Erica for anybody. Now coach but when you look at -- getting ready to start SEC play. Are you comfortable right now aware he had as far as on the line up and as far as also the pitching rotation arm is still gonna tweak a few things. I don't really get Butler I think most of part. Everyday lineup structure. Settled. You know. Just really a matter. Whether that we against certain pitcher typical -- board first place you know second -- it'll burst and Robert -- second. I think are catching situation is pretty solid now -- Chideya and Chip Beck to name probably can catch to the street games -- probably catch the -- game. Toward bigger every game and -- it -- you know right where it needs to be the opposite about. Three -- four other guys who can come off the bench in an Angel situation. Our pitching staff that you mention it could always start with all on Friday night. I think here O'Shea is going to be an outstanding SEC pitcher. Probably hurt him along a little bit more than I would -- liked it thrown right into the fire bit. I think that it can handle it and today we made the announcement that palpable start on Saturday. We can go to the ball and so -- that that that rotation I think that we have right now and our bullpen looks solid they've been pitching very well so there are delighted that in the SEC to play ability to play in series like that. LSU coach Tom and there's a special -- fourteen to tiger's press office week. Off her new LSU against Nichols and saw them before going to Vanderbilt this week in the Vanderbilt commodores off fifteen into the ranks seventh in the country coach. We talked about how tough -- comedies in many sports but baseball could be the toughest. South Carolina is at one. On yourself as an eight Vanderbilt is it seven -- -- further down other teams aren't in the top 25 and Kentucky Ole miss Tennessee Mississippi State and an instate foe. The Louisiana Lafayette you not look any further than the deep south the ACC in the state Louisiana. And on your schedule to factory and it you'll you'll be battle tested when the -- season rolls around. Voted no question about that and it depends which all you look at it because then. One of the polls were stopped on his number one we're number three in critical number 40. At the top fourteen in the country resided in the yeah. We get him is how the challenge that you could possibly have been well because. Know they have developed it as that. Surplus goes out there and pitching arm. And that there -- thirteen you know last year they want yet you would want to western division and beat them in the championship game so. You know you start out and seen it and we'll all the first weekend of the year at Vanderbilt so. Should be a really exciting for me and hopefully -- -- -- that we ended. Well that and the rest instead of. Spokesman Eric thank you so much for the time them out the rest of the way. Are they here.