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3-10 5:20pm Sports Talk: Saints Roster Cuts

Mar 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.com about the Saints recent roster cuts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ESPN Saints inside a Mike Triplett John does now trip thank you so much on the eve of -- insists he got a piece of about the odd direction of that. Offensive line I want to jump right in on that. Yeah that about a couple positions Egypt it is that they beat target should did. Free agency but the -- at. It's possible that it's an. Exit. But I think cornerback could be -- top priority exceed the awkward to line. And wide receiver could be among the priorities and look at it even though it does waiting it's saying. We seen -- -- wrote. The Saints don't let themselves be paralyzed as salary cap I'll stay aggressive. I think they'll be. Coveted -- that from other day that's part of the other trouble right now because that side yet -- -- like it sent. Then grow up and current law to. Now unlike when you look at another a player offensive backs you know what your opinion when you look at Brodrick Bunkley. And and I was really weren't cutting Buckley would -- four and a half million dollars and and I think they got more with the expected last year considering. You know the the previous season when he came on board with a mobile what is your take -- like human and the rotation. You look at the cap figure easy you know you gotta combine camp -- Jim -- -- teammates and John Jenkins you just a little over but monthly. At six point 01 day with his cap hit his figure for 2014 so. A little what does it take you think bunker would be around -- -- I have heard anything yet on him and -- that -- a -- circle I was steadily more. -- -- -- Still playing pretty well the streets that are using that much I think our plate to be injured or currency Lester Cuba he's basically split into it -- You dispute topic right now. And I I think -- would be used in -- You know maybe today maybe -- like the -- itself from him that sector at collapsing. -- or this year they'll stay more or street -- both those big bodies the -- But I know all alone it would be -- they -- that would. Lead by I guess it did is they don't sit still Ottawa -- are currently that -- added that. Stretch that the -- took a second app lets see. Now Mike. Obviously fans actually in they're concerned -- because it into -- Jabari Greer the opposite corner. You know it's -- Keenan Lewis obviously if you look at the draft in. And now maybe having somebody could trip and at a high level I think -- he -- you got to say. Has been a bus a late first round pigment and I told fans arriving. Just because a lack of numbers. That that I don't think they'd released -- drama secede where he's at. And and the pinning their holly doesn't training camp. Whether he's part of that makes it. Do you they'd be trying to address that that cornerback position. And now free agency are you think -- primarily -- be focused on the draft well at that position. No I think they should that sentence reads and in certain that it will Cuba. Of all the positions are talking about that a lot of that I think they would get a veteran coveted start right away. Receiver because the draft but delighted you have the draft linebacker surgery of the draft it's EUD ya guys could develop the dispute your starters. But it corner think -- starter right away. I'd kind of like Cory -- still think he's better as the pinnacle as number three. So yeah it. What would be -- if they get and it hit and hit real road -- -- -- -- -- Lewis and other guys just like that. Could be -- guys ready to become number one quarter I think to Rob Brown should just go Lowell to -- Seattle kept it moderately Carolina. I think that's like the level of the year orders out there are a lot to stop to it. Yeah and Mobley and Jason David the -- oh record. But Mike. When you look at household name -- favorite. We look at the Lance Moore is. Of the world. And and all of the players that we're familiar with it and that had Polanco. Who do you see maybe possibly back in -- Saints uniform and a city guard their test the market. About obviously have a chance. But to come back -- at the Saints price. So there are an example said of -- an -- pay a million but we want in the poll could it possibly be maybe two or three guys like that. I don't think any of them right away you know they could -- worked out take these yet last year which saw that work -- -- that will delay and harper all took Patriots stated or did they really wanted to keep on these guys that the route that -- they were ready. -- -- Well. Such good relations with the team that reported August. And -- side and there's injuries in training camp or now I -- only so much yet we felt like yeah like we each of which some might be to become back in November. I think the O line. Poland's always yield birdies yet but I don't think that's the the plant that is that the bring him back next month. At a discount rate -- they -- that so it wouldn't dispute it just worked strictly. My -- -- -- how can people follow you on Twitter. How how gaudy WB Mike in the points while he be on top of that. Outside of being a top of enemy you know. You're never that good I think that seem to be a little aggressive but they're going to be one -- courts are most. -- to wait till the -- sport they have created -- the second week of street it's a W Victor Butler last year out that the year or. They love that but bargain retreated to. Yang you know historically the team to come out of the gate they wouldn't they you what do they all have in common they over a span. You know it is. Well. Yeah and -- -- and all Kruger last year a high high -- -- like the idea. But there car it's -- -- it by the so that they kind of go yet. Mike should -- -- Mike thank you so much for the time again attracted to him. Mike thank you so much.