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3-10 6:35pm Sports Talk: Sun Belt Conference

Mar 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to the Comissioner of the Sun Belt Conference Karl Benson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a big deal folks several teams on the men's and women's side. With a shot to play in the NCAA tournament in not a post season tournaments it's the Sun Belt Conference championships. Making this week out of it you know Lakefront arena joining us now is the commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference call -- to -- always a pleasure. They have yard -- you heard this football season now this has come to town there's a lot of great action. And then there's some good good basketball going on right now we're close to home we know the local teams Monroe. In the -- in eight to an -- in. It's -- is -- commander us but these type but tournaments in these teams that come on these tournaments really define what March Madness is all about. Well you didn't go in the and and then mark arrived in. Tomlinson and that we can with the sun belt tournament I don't think -- -- he didn't mean they didn't seem that the women that have that -- On Wednesday -- were working on Wednesday and then started up on. So birdie with a couple and -- in bright either both me and him in action. Saturday there's the women in your game and semis then. Then Sunday we kept up with the men's championship game. Currently practiced on Sunday Newton is a great great year for our -- and they went fastball in the sun belt in. We are there excited and needed to hold up. The had to turn it on belt conference's headquarters from New Orleans. Where -- we -- them over and have our member institutions coming to you go to the heart of -- Caught when you look at the growth of of of the conference's. The SEC and -- headquarters and the the explosion. Of what to somebody is on the last two years record numbers of teams in bowl games teams getting to the the basketball tournament now with old Hilltop within a few years ago in the tournament. Women's team to the doing well how big is that Indian how big is it for -- wall on secede -- conference continue to do well. It in -- ball. -- controlling the report right now guys. You know the universe and we get the ball team. And then. You know beat LSU last week in. Took two out of it from Alabama and south Alabama rock hall is in the top 25. The the reason he's unstoppable he's also. Oh perennial top 25 so it's -- -- is that going to be premier. Football basketball sports it you also carry over. Yeah I think it the -- into that I've tried to do in the years that I've been anxious I'm built to establish an identity here in Portland and we moved our offices in the dome as I mentioned the product on the year. Are kind of championships are younger you leader -- -- that we you know we want to be. Moreland. You know the proper perspective. That is headquartered here in Portland didn't bring her again and -- came up and it's -- more -- that demonstrated by the great -- Japan the last three years to the -- carrier era while the bowl game. Carl that's your -- bring heavy talk about the events. Commenting on the same like it's a no brainer. Because you always such a destination point that. Not only for the fan base would this is also selling point for the athletes. To bill to come to a city like New Orleans and compete in a tournament and the different events that you have here for the championship. I got a great point and you know week in week. Specifically. Look at the -- The geography of the sun belt and so it. It's a no -- applicable term and our premiere event he should be. Conducted here in in the world and world class. Destination with everything you could operate. We're expecting thousands of -- or course the next. You know type six days to convert on on New Orleans and and be able to take advantage of a ball that has -- besides the basketball Utley. Albeit in the commissioner the some bell converts it's the men's and women's Sun Belt Conference tournament championship game. A starting on Moss the twelve them up on a hump day wins and make fun arena. And has some great action and the great activity taking place now -- -- drive or dribble drive to the arena a lot of kids are involved this is free for kids ages three to twelve. They receive a T shirt is on the all sorts of great food activities the ball down all stars. This is a big celebration to women's championship -- semi finals and Sunday tell us about his big day on Saturday. Well it Mirabelli is. Some belt Saturday and that kind of our own little -- Marty about it I don't Lakeland where with a lot of began treatment in the dribble drive with his eight. He kid it can be done that yet. You know that the kid walk away with the basketball future -- -- great dribble. You're down there on the you know Robert Robert alien entity Lakefront arena and today into the parking lot and I've been a lot of -- a black music. Some great jambalaya I'm sure there will be out there over the week -- on Saturday and you were trying to make it -- celebration trying to make it and he hit it. That not just this year we're committed to three year. Deal here -- in New Orleans at lake front and I this year wanting people to grow it each year. Call always applies it will be -- animated throughout the week we hope you have a great turnout no man is at tournament time and that's what makes March Madness so much. Call -- he's the commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference.