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3-10 7:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Football Recruiting

Mar 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Publisher and Recruiting Analyst of tigerbait.com Mike Scarborough to talk about LSU football recruiting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back he is Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up in about thirty minutes this could show. Leave -- at legalizing medical marijuana will be discussed in the Louisiana legislative session that began today wood sided argument did you support and watch. In do you look at debt is like all good bogey -- How do you look at it ends medical. -- -- And I and I think that's what all the states face is educating people there's a certain second I think it's a lot of his generation a lot of people think it is people. You know -- ha -- -- when you realistic did the have an opportunity to be at but anyway it was it was it was and you'll -- like a pot brownies. No -- Browns like like appeal all right in some team would do that but now they gave it that was my vote count them eight years ago. Right but now on you know. But that just needs the subs they didn't legally. Medically like Colorado Washington. In Washington -- Mean you know and I think California also -- -- impart to California but -- it's it's debatable analyst who will be looking at you know like recreational use and someplace like Washington State in Colorado was the difference and why. Both in the study showed that free birth control does not promote risky sexual behavior and there's another plan to make. -- packaging more appealing for high school student do you think that encourages more six. You had difficulty finding condoms and other way to prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy when you where you know this can chew on this -- a -- night at 8 o'clock. Mike Scarborough a title big dot com dogs now the LSU Tigers hit the practice field over the week in. And it's a very important spring a lot of places of faces. A to replace the Spanish on offense this out of Boller Mike. You know I want thing that Tanner about the date. -- that there's a lot of excitement because of the way team finished. A team win season the nation's number two recruiting class. But even with the the -- -- the people like to think back to the judge Evans and he in the game what happened at the Ryan Parent looming in the quarterback in quarterback coaching offense. But to me at this point. And I I am humble confident. I feel more con bowl. That regardless who winds up being the -- -- -- -- you got to be more confident. In in the guy. Who is choosing who's going to be as it was coach and he Cam Cameron -- to meet that alone gives me more confident that this quarterback is going to be more prepared. Yeah I think Cuba and so but it's still scary proposition. You're you're going into. SEC play in particular the first game Wisconsin. Which is -- dangerous football game. Still with that schedule and the expectation -- ball. We used three quarterbacks true sophomore. Redshirt freshman and true freshman. You know. Not to say gee you know some kind of be in Chris leak and Tebow. -- -- -- But it's very that they they quarterback and he needed the you know in that class occasions. White that we don't. And you know you can you can write the script now that. And we saw -- in the bowl game you know the course of that ago. I -- you know run. Into. Them. To have some. You know top flight wide receivers the Communist true freshman. And I don't know comfortable -- -- thrown their way I think gene did that that the extra. Good -- he is -- here has the best but that. While watching him yesterday and today he's he's he's absolutely swung with everything that. And we don't know what -- ready to Israelis mature to where he needs to be. He's bold move to receiver mind. On that that's a big physical guy I -- at 64 frame you would think he's he's got the -- is better and two in of that and dealers who Andy seeded number of times the -- his name like about -- member. A big quarterback from Missouri. Who went to the Giants having now with the whole year Ito about. I admit it yet hands the minute. Well of course analogue behind mark the I Antwaan Randle Antowain ran into -- I think you're getting -- he can and provide some depth at receiver. Yeah I possibly but you know I think there's so many quality guys it might be an uphill battle for him. We're about now like look at it right now obviously we on the about a minute Ornette Coleman and what city do in and spring ball. As far as the running back position is that a lot like the NFL. That are are you take the running back down or ages so bottom. You know I'm talking about just where it's almost. Like you going full speed when you make contact then you know take into the ground is that pretty much how it is right now. Well right now they're still in in justice in shells notepad. In helmets shorts. Jerseys no pads at all Bill Campbell will be the first in full pads independently. They've made meals squeezed indoors so. But. You know if it is good -- more I wonder how soon will see. You know the big kid zone in. And that sort of thing but as far as. Does the running backs being held back there have less physical spring now that wouldn't. -- something we've received from last miles. Mike how thereby get the latest on the buy you -- is intended for an SEC tournament College Baseball but football. -- and so -- that Tom would like support will be posted wouldn't have two different video productions. I'm just focusing on the defense at practice today. As well we opted in a full blown out gallery. Took him -- thousand of those it to. Turn them loose what about how we were given practice today so you get a good look at all these football players in and how they progress since last season. Now my good looks -- in shut down the ruled that the Giants slowed around these fast paced offense isn't. Coach miles he didn't take the approach. Like could save in -- even. The Arkansas coach show what what is your take on that do you think you'll stay this way. That you still have these fast break offense and nothing will be done about it. Yeah I decide to me it did. I don't see what is going anywhere I think the coaches that are pushing forward. -- is gonna have to adjusted and you know some people like that the scoring in the in the -- yourself and to put up against teams I don't particularly care for but that doesn't mean that. What they're doing offensively. That you guys -- to rules is to slow them down so. I mean there's a reason they do it is there's a competitive advantage. I'm that you just have to adapt to it and you know you can see what -- -- wants to do to change because. You know that they're there there a couple of games and in what they lost to Auburn. Is. Certainly some poor coaching decisions against Auburn. That helped that things but. You know when he's cat. You know two and forty plot -- -- linebackers. Across that the that the group. You know that that's one of coaching this doesn't and I haven't. You know run from Brooklyn and and I haven't you know strong safety side linebackers. Back -- and so they can only do is keep rotating enough right now sit on Saturday when is that the question. You know look for guys we -- you want to come out taxes down and they show somebody and you that you have to adapt to it. -- What else is a ball line as far as phobos consent among the double car -- -- into the. Yeah would have liked it said that we should go of the idea and Morgan have a couple of videos posted here. Shortly from today I just got back from Baton Rouge in. -- have problems those guys as a practice Puerto. About what he's -- portion of all that carried over from Saturday as well and I will be their recent problem. Well my gonna tell you what I'm looking forward to gone to the the Friday before a spring game not not before but the Friday before that. I think -- coach rob Bryant come and speak and Ray Lewis is the keynote speaker they've they've upgraded this clinic. And I've been a public -- -- you know I was I was -- year actually got a -- to interview coach Bowden when he now complain at the bend airport. When he came and he was all I've always admired him and he was just by that was legal but. I don't I don't ever call -- -- some -- so removed from a championship in right -- the game and the players accountable Ray Lewis Beacon Hill. I mean drew drew did a few years that they -- few years back but may Andrew Ray Lewis at some -- The other that's that's going to be well attended. Well attended now Mike. When you look at. Obviously -- we obviously there's a point is LSU fans and basketball team. But then you look at the baseball team whether ran off to a hot start and now he's starting SEC Playboy it seems like. As like as the SEC championship series from the get go when you're dealing with the likes of Vanderbilt. And the challenge at that that's gonna come out with playing them this week and on the road. Yeah it just. You know we we know what nose to an end you know he's gonna give you -- competitive advantage. But he just worry about that the lack of power up and down in India you Robinson. You know we saw that a duplicated those -- bounced back in in when you know five straight -- last week but. They've they've got -- and hitting in that lineup they're gonna want to win some of these big series and they've got. Mike Scarborough www. Tiger bait that Mike thank you so much for the tablets are related in that we are.