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Mar 10, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show on this Monday night very very pleasant outside what a great day today what a great day yesterday. I kind of got locked up doing some office type work yesterday so I didn't have a chance to enjoy it as much aside I -- -- but there are plenty more spring like days coming. Thank you -- our forecast that there is going to be simmering probably at tomorrow about a 7% chance to bring tomorrow. And that's actually get a cool off again in fact I think one of the nights this week. It's gonna get down to forty degrees and and then isolate 43 so we're gonna have some some cooler temperatures and for those of you who really want springtime to be here full time. It's coming and you know that it's it's going to be hot soon enough. And there's going to be time. When you're going to be baking cities more pleasant cooler days today I don't know what I was today but it really. I'm usually -- today but a very very beautiful day even it was a Monday I hope you got out and enjoyed dealing daylight savings time so far. So we've taken an hour of daylight from the morning to put on the end of the day. So that means in the summertime it's like until about 8 o'clock in this part of the country. I was amazed that our poll we took a poll on Friday since Sunday morning at 2 o'clock was the official time we switch in the poll was very even. Terms of those who prefer daylight savings time and those who prefer standard time I remember when I was doing on morning radio. And had to go to bed so early I hate it daylight savings time because it was like I was trying to go to sleep. And then when I was two mornings in in Portland. In Portland Seattle and that part of the country in the summertime it's it's still dust around 93940. Because of the position of the sun. -- on the -- in the in the wintertime. So I really didn't. -- for that so I always like to standard time when I was two mornings now it I guess it really doesn't matter but for those of you who enjoyed it's here for. For a while at least until I guess late October we go back -- to -- It's time for tonight's top eight at eight of the top eight things we like you know as we begin our show tonight. Under the WL. Number eight. -- students were sent home from senior celebrity day. And valley central high school in Montgomery New York because they dressed up like. Kiss. The principal said the kiss makeup could lead to students creating problems like pushing -- teacher. And they couldn't be identified because of the kiss and make up the students actually offered to Wear name badges. During the entire day when students at our principal told us that someone I would come in dressed up in leather and -- a teacher in the back of the head. And nobody would get the blame because they couldn't identify -- And I guess that's really a little bit ridiculous. The students that we even offered to -- our name tags on our shirts so -- could identify as they were really disappointed I'm looking at a picture that right now they've really did a good job. On dressing applicants. Make up the letter. Everything it says so they were to a lot of troubled had to go home they had other students dressed up like Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson even Chichi -- The -- of any props. If there -- -- like the piper whenever the bond. I mean if you're -- be realistic teaching -- point out. But it's kind of sad that they were told is troubling and got settled. I guess I'd I kind of understand with the schools saying that. You know there's only four of them dressed up like this you you would know who these students were needed if even if it's a big school especially if they -- -- damages you could figure out -- -- but I guess the school does to some degree have a point delight disagreement. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Minnesota lawmaker is defending the tweets about the NBA that. Many consider to be a racist to -- Republican congressman pat Garofalo tweet it out let's be -- 70% of the teams in the NBA could fold tomorrow. And nobody would notice a difference with the possible exception of the increase. In street crime. The NBA is. Predominately. African American. So is is the congressman right is this a racist comment actually their congressman is not backing down that he which. It was. Given up an interview request to turn that down but did send a text message to Associated Press. In that message he said pro sports leagues. Have a problem with some other athletes obeying the law. This problem transcends race and is a symptom of the value athletes. Believe society puts on their athletic talent. Now I would not have tweeted out what he did about the NBA if the team to 7% of the teams folded the only time you would really notice anything. Is because street crime would go up like I I disagree with that week. But I do agree with this congressman. When he says stats but the problem is a problem with. The values that athletes. Put on themselves and really it's it's also the values that. That society puts on athletes. And it starts in a very very early age. The education -- Ohio not long ago. Where. Some students word you were charged -- if they were convicted of reaping the sixteen year old girl who was struck at a party. So when you say sixteen year old girl drunken party I know there's a lot that's wrong with that already. But they apparently videotaped her and they they were they were convicted but this was all part of that. On feeling of we were entitled to do -- because we're athletes we have a prerogative because we're athletes. And here's -- very little question -- athletes get preferential treatment in our society as do most celebrities. And I think that this this Republican congressman does have a point when he talks about. How the problem in sports weird ego maniacal athletes does transcend race. And we all know about that because there are other athletes that are not African American and have gotten in trouble with the law. And made it feel -- seem to feel as if they don't have to Obey the laws that -- body obsessed -- about -- not a question is is this ever gonna change. Even at the high school level and of course the college level. We always see athletes who seem to get preferential treatment and that gives them a sense that there. Above the rules that everybody else has to follow. If you wanna join us for the comment about any day we talk about in the show tonight our number is 2601878. To all 38668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877. Number six at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Oregon Republicans. Have endorsed gay marriage as a potential ballot measure that would put this on. The ballot. Of course origin Republicans are generally less conservative -- southern Democrats today. But -- this year another sign that the debate over same sex marriage is essentially over when you've got Republicans now talking about putting this on the ballot. We know one interesting thing that came out of a three day meeting. In seaside Oregon which is so -- the Oregon coast outside of the Portland. The vote was -- 2332162. To endorse this same sex marriage measure a for the ballot. And they do expect to have enough signatures to put on the ballot for November so this will be one of many states cities dealing with this and certainly have a lot to talk about. Or again Republicans. Have not been victorious in -- state elections since 2002. So the party is actually reassessing what it stands for. As we hear a lot of talk about that from the Republican Party on a national level but it is definitely interesting to note that or again Republicans. I'm now -- potential ballots. Measure on the ballot in that would be endorsing same sex marriage. Personally I've talked about their sick quite often. Personally I I think that opposition to same sex marriage really defies the foundation of a conservative ideology. Conservative ideology is. Basically. And less government and more power to the individual over. The personal lives of the individual personal decision making over the government having influence over your personal -- and I can't think of anything more personal. -- that which goes on in the death of so. One gay conservatives who understand that supporting same sex marriage really is something that fits into the foundation. Of the Republican. Party and conservative politics. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- record number of Americans are now writing public transportation according to a new survey. Do you ever use public transportation. And what's your opinion of public transportation in New Orleans. -- would have that we've street course canal street saint Charles they'd go to Carrollton. We have bus service we have ferry service that there is there is public transportation here. I had to use public transportation many times mainly -- the streetcar. And I find it very convenient I find the the drivers of the street cars to be very friendly and very helpful and very tolerant of terrorist. And most often -- it will take it to voodoo fest or Jazz Fest at the fairgrounds -- a city park and I'll take the the canal street streetcar. From canal street. All the way to the beginning of city park for voodoo fest or the business at the end of esplanade -- just walk up estimate for for -- it's a great way to get here. And and boarding it with me all the time -- a lot of people who were obviously from out of town visiting here to go to Jazz Fest. And the the exit of the drivers. You know every once a while I'll get on a boss at that time because say they have so many people traveling that they also and bosses. -- in addition to the street cars along that line. And I just noticed that they're very friendly very congenial. On do you have good. Or bad experiences with public transportation here. The city of New York was the city that had the largest increase. In riders are Houston had a big increase. And so -- Seattle Miami Denver and San Diego. Seattle. When I was there they didn't have mass transit I dated have like real but the idea -- a very good bus system. A Portland and Denver had amazing transportation systems I wish there was -- a better system here between the South Shore with the North Shore you know there's been talk about. Theory there was talk of high speed ferry going from. I guess somewhere around the bottom Bobo large to the -- short that would be really cool. But it sure would be pedestrian ferry. Mr. you'd have to get right downtown from. From the at that deport two that you would go into it to the viable both large. And that it would really be nice if there was some kind of real system and I know others continue we talk about the dispute but it's very expensive. A rail system even if it was light rail between New Orleans and Baton -- think about what that would do for for commerce. In the state of Louisiana. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. When birth control pills were first introduced in America. The moral majority and this was in the fifties and early sixties. The moral majority. Criticized the convenience of birth control pills. By claiming that if if people could have sex. Without the fear of pregnancy. This would lead to an incredible increase in promiscuity. And that was one of the one of the real arguments against birth control pills infected I'm sure as you know birth control pills were. Originally -- declared unconstitutional in some states the the biggest case was in the state of Connecticut. Where you actually could be arrested and jailed for using birth control pills and I guess -- selling them as as well. That -- to the Supreme Court and Supreme Court ruled. That's a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional. Based on this one thing that keeps coming up quite often in our society. Right to privacy. When you think about that ruling and other rulings of the Supreme Court I think it's going to be very difficult for the court to rule against same sex marriage based on that common. Right to privacy -- denominator. But -- there were those who argued that birth control pills would lead to greater promiscuity and that's something that has been has has been. Part of the police system in this country for a very long time. However now there's a new study count. It shows that birth control free birth control of birth control available to everybody. Does not actually increase. Risky sexual behavior. So this is a big turnaround from studies that and obviously there are. In particular there are. Conservatives. Who. Don't agree with birth control our Rick Santorum. Conservative Catholic during the presidential campaign of 2000. Twelve actually brought out his Catholic faith in his opposition to birth control although Rick Santorum did say. -- would not use the presidency to ban birth control pills. -- he made a lot of people nervous when he brought up is his faith on the campaign trail and talking about birth control pills. But to according to this new study free birth control does not increase risky sexual behavior. And there are always those who argue well we give if we give kids condoms. If we make it easier for young people to get content that's going to increase sexual activity and we talked about that on the show and the general consensus is. Then people -- not gonna start having sex more frequently -- people who don't have sex or not gonna start having sex because they have a condom. Because it requires a lot more than a condom. To have sex it requires a lot more than birth control pills just to have sex and I was I was reading it over 50% of the women who were on birth control pills. Are on birth control pills for reasons other than just to prevent a pregnancy again if you would join us tonight with comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. -- free 8668890. -- seventy. At a -- averaging Tiffany's have never forget tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a Pennsylvania school district. Did attempted to ban students from wearing I heart boobies. Bracelets. As a way of promoting breast cancer awareness. To middle -- US girls' school girls. Three years ago to -- two girls were suspended from school for wearing the bracelets I heart booties. Did the school district at the right thing. So much has been done. In terms of breast cancer awareness. It's not something that is curable. Not yet. It's so much is being done so many lives have been saved. With early detection. And I would think it that almost anything. That would bring awareness to this. Very early in a girl's life would be positive thing. Because we've also learned that you don't have to necessarily be. An older female. To be concerned with with breast cancer is something that everybody. Every woman should be aware and then in it obviously some men as well. You know this to me I am glad the Supreme Court did this. Because it sounds like it's it's a -- It sounds like people were concerned that our heart -- Would give people the wrong idea. Would promotes. Breast it's as. As a sex toy if you will. And you know I mean -- to use that word to describe. Breast. It's kinda cute it's certainly resonates. With younger people. And I and I would think -- anything that resonates with younger people would be very positive thing if if you disagree -- and giving your opinion or maybe support the idea. Again if you and join our -- -- to our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889070. In a text of receipts have any it's having never to -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I began the 2014 Louisiana legislative session opened up today in Baton Rouge and I say let the fun -- I mean let the fun began. Lawmakers will deal with a number of. Issues. Including legalizing medical marijuana in the state. Do you see any reason why the medicinal use of marijuana should not be legalized. If somebody says that pot. Eases their pain more than. Then a prescription pill. Why would you want to deny that to them. If if -- Is why would you want to deny that because quite often that this stuff that is prescribed. Is much more dangerous. In a lot of different ways. Then marijuana so I don't I don't understand why any state would steal in 2014. B against the medicinal. Use of marijuana. Now I would think that it's even gonna get to the point where. There is talk in the legislative session this year. Of decriminalizing pot. Which would I guess -- kind of a roundabout. Way actually make pot legal. Wouldn't technically make it legal but if it's decriminalized but you're not a criminal for doing it in Louisiana has among the the the most strict. Penalties for even that the simple possession and use of pot so there are attempts to to change that we you know if if we do have crowding in our jails. As somebody. Should not be taking up space in jail in my opinion for simple parties -- simple pot possession for small amounts of marijuana when somebody else who is committed to more. Violent crime -- not a more violent crime but a violent crime -- should be in that time in itself. And finally tonight's. Number one on tonight's list -- yeah. And a bill that will be before the legislative session this year. Is going to be a bill that will consider. Making the Bible. The official state book of Louisiana. Do you agree with the state of Louisiana officially declaring. The Bible. To beat the state book that's the -- blog its title should the -- be Louisiana's official state site. I guess we don't have a state book so the the idea is what we will will create a state book and it will be the Bible it is this a good idea. You might totally I don't know why you would -- to -- totally disagree with my blog tonight it's it's on our website should the Bible. -- we see as -- official state book. That's on our website at WWL dot com you can read its future comments and share with others. It's also on our FaceBook page is part of the conversation it's on WWL radio FaceBook. And will get to some of those comments later in the show if you wanna join us for the comic that I should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book at and what -- the problem with that day. -- -- -- -- -- Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a -- number is 87070. -- -- like from New Orleans on this Monday night it will be right back on WL last night I watched a movie 42. The movie abouts to Jack. What an incredible movie it's about this said the of the day -- adversary in four Angela what a great movie about. About race relations. You know we've we've sometimes I think focus a two it's so much attention is paid to -- to those movies that. The deal with how blacks were mistreated and there's nothing wrong with that because that is it a true part of our past. But typically pays much attention to the movies that really deal with. The positive aspects of of race relations remember the -- remember the titans. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and movies like that it and I thought 42 was one of those movies. Is there a problem with making the Bible the official state book. From Louisiana. That's as good luck tonight it's on our website at WW real dot com also itself on our FaceBook page. At WL radio when you can give us your comments to join the conversation -- give you an update on some of the comments coming up here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible the official. State Booker got a lot of great text to get to get to those coming up in just a moment for mid city Josh urologist -- show good evening. A student -- and Josh. And got here again. Making it official book but Bible while all. Little bit of among Jews in you know the location of doesn't -- their glaring problems associated with having to book beauty official book there and in the Bible be official book of. We're so so -- so what you've heard of the show safari do you think I support the Bible being declared the official state book. Our party is that you didn't hear problems. No point did music into -- -- -- my blog -- I don't have got to start that scenario no no I don't. It's it's -- -- in my opinion did it's it's it's absurd but not only that it's a mindless waste of time. Could it could have been complaining about about spirit I mean literally where we have a book. And -- we've and it does point out that we've done OK about one and I think that there's been irrelevant to making that yeah it's just got a light. You know people cannot -- their nose or stick their finger -- male page and -- we've got power to do this so -- who ordered it. -- mean there really is no benefit whatsoever and if you ever read the Bible the Bible here you know. Christian and and that's which you believe that we know about it here and rape awareness as a decoy and it would make. Louisiana look like a -- got so you know. Old school rock state that the rest of the country probably aren't as Smart kind of fighting that they met and as you know he comes out what perpetuated. You know -- I totally agree one of the things that I sport and export and the blogger wrote for our website and writer for the show. Where is there it was about white people wanted to do this city it seems like there's this. Continuing attempt to. Force christianity. And and it's it's not it's it's it's it's different from being a disciple of Christ and going out and and spreading the message which Christians are asked to do. This seems to be another back door attempt to. State sanction christianity. And and I I honestly -- I believe that there is. I insecurity in the faith of those people who feel like they have to do that. Well -- I mean that's pretty obvious I mean not the start talking about my views on religion in general Agence. Not into the lot and security associated with -- and you know much of my personal opinion but on the same token I would suggest that we make an atheist -- The official populous state Louisiana purchase it's you know each person has only -- -- -- -- try to switch hitter or put an entire state behind. Something that is obviously a religious belief system just goes against fundamentally what we are as American as the state of the union you know nine. I actually agree with you ledger listening to are showing call us anytime thanks for our panel much and I'm. Wrong out -- and our thanks a -- yet sometimes people hear a little. Sound -- of what I say and and sequencing and it's it's really just the opposite. But all of this is in the blog and again we'll talk about it on the show tonight is -- a problem with making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana I think there -- several problems. What what brought -- the wrong way of artists. Africa energy if you're on to be WL. Screw. What do what is interesting topic but it's personal away I think. Pitched up a bit. -- and our list apart is that the pelican. Oh. No. You know can or written -- -- that I yeah. And -- an annual August. You know confederacy -- or so. -- Guys that are great book about our -- yeah but I just can't -- Legislation what you'll quickly -- they can -- ten commandments in state built. Undertaken around different religious things around. Policy that I agree -- most -- what -- says -- trying to. To a lot of areas and people and by the way. Just. Like -- don't talk about the Bible. Oregon State symbols he. Law I don't. Know Jeff fire I agree with you ought to -- this is just another attempt to. You know again it's it's it's a way of declaring christianity an official. On religion either in our state or in the United States and are those -- just desperately desperately trying to do that and I as a Christian I can't really figure out why. Because that's not what this country was founded. And thanks to cassette to its. Post elections. These debates come up and sometimes I think there there are. Well you know now. They ended with those those. Those kinds of issues. Have not help the Republican Party in recent years. And it's designed to drive people to the polls but it's also driving people to the other party Jeff Buckley took time to color showed the national institute WWL. At night here's a -- reads the Bible. As state book whatever happened to the separation of church. And state. Here's a text oh what difference does the game average share issue on the ballot make. If they votes no the courts. -- just Null and void the will of the people well as you know. The constitution and the bill of rights protects the rights of individuals. Even above and beyond. A vote of the majority. If if something news. Not just. Or if it reads -- promotes equality even if the majority want it it's not going to be held up in the courts. If you're -- they would decide -- if you wanna join us with your comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Necessarily sanity. Text number 670. We'll be back it's a Monday night it was a beautiful day yesterday was a great day I hope you enjoyed the weekend. We are still experiencing some difficulty with our FM antenna so if you're having receptions problems listening to our station you know when a 53 WB -- him. They just tune into the big gate seventy on AM. These problems are temporary they're gonna take. Secure those in the next a couple of days or so. I'm the result is a limited coverage Sheehan in our area so again if you're experiencing. Reception problems under the WL FM one a 53 FM. And -- into the 50000 want to clear signal -- -- to be gates avenue WWL. AM I get to assuming your text here in just a moment one of the things they've come up in this legislative session which opened up today. Is the issue of marijuana mark -- are -- VW real good evening. Or -- Ago. You know and treatment -- marijuana. You know use of marijuana in the treatment seems to be neutral people who off. On groups he looked. Actually to be a legitimate. Tired. Well yeah and and originally. Dealing with like coma and I don't know adopted the pain of that is but apparently it -- relieve the the pain of that and and -- in in cases where years and again with the with the team though if you if you don't have an appetite on you know it. Yeah chemo makes you nauseous and challenges comic and you know it's you know it's not a cynic in me for some reason want. Gives you an appetite. But as far as everything out -- -- at all -- all week. You know like social anxiety -- sought college. I hope people who have I'm gonna tell me you know you don't understand. By. Poll medical marijuana. -- a war and has been so abused so it's just it's just not. What that you really intended for just like everything else. I don't -- them -- legalized and it short bit so but I didn't want to I want people to come back later. And I think that Colorado inexperience just -- people gonna come back and tell. Is you know now -- to the -- canal addicted to maulana what have you shouldn't take care. You know if I have social inside that sort of by that you get a prescription morphine and let me handle it with more or cocaine or struggle like that. You know history. Because that's not all that I want to -- this is just -- Those things obviously don't -- something like social anxiety disorder and and those -- out what you. Well. I've I've suffered with obsessive compulsive disorder all my life and that may be one of the disorders that you. That you just. Dismissed but I can tell you is he's very very serious scenario. There are a lot of people who claimed it though I'm in the habit of doing this so I must be OCD well. Other people who do make ridiculous claims about. Being. -- just they they can't pay attention so they have ADHD and -- I do agree with you that there is an abuse of social disorders everybody wants to. Be labeled a victim silicon can get some help and I also agree with you mark it. The the the medicinal use of marijuana. Has been extended to you know. You know played sports yesterday at levels -- I think the needle marijuana prescription so I I do agree that it has city it has been -- I got a. They were multi yet Yamaguchi is not the bottle now a lot of them that will be getting that back again but. The devil is always in the details and it's going to be a problem it's a problem now. And it's got to continue to be a problem. Clarke alleged -- show I'd. I'm gonna disagree but a lot of people will agree with you here's -- -- and you are pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible the official state book 69%. Are against it 31%. Or forest. We'll see that pulled changes as the show goes on we'll give you an update coming up in just a few minutes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Or your call -- techs are next on this -- show if the US senate Texans showed just hang on we'll get to your -- coming up right after the news at 9 o'clock. A major shift in our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book. Now a majority 57% are for it. 43% against it can assure opinion by going to WWL dot com from the -- -- -- -- on the scan showed good evening. It's kind of rhetoric. Current players Jay Berger south as Chicago and spent. Good juniors and Q school Larry I think. -- actually true book would be. -- in there today. -- another home. In the General Motors circle maintenance or something ecumenical we get to Korea and. Yeah I would certainly be controversial way Johnny you know it's it's interesting that the people continue to bring up things like Walt let's declare that the Bible is the state book of Louisiana. Why why why do that I I don't understand the wisdom behind that. -- big -- the statement that's the state we're cut the state. I think I always took time I had -- you know they're all they're doing and that it's ridiculous. John and I totally agree going to listen to -- to be -- at night and that is all explored in the -- blog tonight you may agree with me they totally disagree either way you can read it -- It was your comments -- on our. Our website at WWL dot com the title is should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book and maybe have an opinion about it. Maybe reading the blog will give you some insight into why it is absolutely ridiculous. It's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio in addition to your text more of your calls. As some of the FaceBook comments coming up right after the news Monday nights I'm -- -- -- TWO.