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Scoot Show 3-10 9pm, Bible as state book

Mar 10, 2014|

: sticking with the legislature there is a bill that will make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. What would be the benefit of that? Is this more of an attempt to force religious beliefs on citizens than on meaningful legislation?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let the fun began the 2014. Louisiana legislative session opened up today in Baton Rouge and among other things lawmakers will deal with legalizing. On an additional marijuana they made get into lessening the a sentences for marijuana which -- -- has among the most. On the strictest. Sentences for even simple possession and a simple marijuana use. I don't think the state local is far yet is to talk about the legalization of pot of people who believe that that would create a big problem as caller did just a few moments ago. And it's one of the things we're talking about tonight also. The the state legislature. He's going to debate whether or not. The Bible. Should be declared the official book for the state Louisiana. Seriously. As -- -- give you a pretty checked my opinion poll tonight. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible is the official state book right now 41% are against -- but a majority 59% are for it. I wrote about blog about this it's trending on our website at WWL dot com should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. Read it share it comet are to feel like you may totally disagree with me but I think there's some interesting aspects of this. To consider any other question is why do people feel the need to do to us. Also it's a turning our FaceBook page is part of the conversation at W dual radio here's a FaceBook post. For the blog that is a picture of Ronald Reagan. And it's his quote from Ronald Reagan we establishing a religion in this country. We command no worship we mandate no belief nor will we ever church and states are and must remain separate. -- comment from Lonnie. I honestly thought this was the official book of Louisiana seriously I did here's a comment from Charlie he brings up something interesting. That would make christianity a state sponsored religion and if it's a state sponsored religion then churches will be subjected to lawsuits. For not performing things like gay marriage. Just food for thought. You can join that conversation WWL radio justice scroll down -- -- FaceBook page. And also it's on our web site will continue to to talk about this site one of the things that I. Really enjoyed getting into with the with the blog is the the mentality behind white people feel the need to do this sort of thing. And we talked about this a lot of the showed during the by the holidays win and there was this alleged war on Christmas and I thought you know there's nothing that the government can do to take Christmas away from us. And since we are inclusive the country. That does welcome all religions. Contrary to what many people -- think we're we're about we do welcome all religions. This pushing of christianity as some kind of state sanctioned religion I think it's a really dangerous thing I also think it defies the basic foundation upon which the the at the original people who came here founded this country if you wanna join our show with a comic to -- her numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a Texan receipts have recently got a what you text to get to get to those in just a moment if you if you ever want to get an updates on all the things we're talking about. We begin our show every night at 8 o'clock with a top eight at eight and the top -- date is listed on the -- page. At -- W already are from -- fan for a Francesca a year and WWL. Kate aren't good. It. I mean the battle should be like occasional but it'll the piano -- -- -- And I think one in twenty tried to me Chris Kennedy. Didn't know. I definitely you know the country or eight is gonna separate gators but there are currently get back in -- but don't agree we. You know would definitely China and try cheese. Get a -- and take a look at what to. Yeah Francesca I I agree with you and and and and I don't think there's any one of the things -- -- to talk about in the blog that we should talk about issue concerning this topic. Is that. Making the Bible. The official state -- is he's not gonna make this state more moral. I don't think is going to be where. And why does this mean I'm. Currently it's it's not Christian but is -- at the -- -- You know they try to make -- try to prove their point. In their belief. That it. -- -- -- people. That could be that your religion could be endangered game. Francesca I agree with your non negligent listen to W bureau -- thanks for calling. You and join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text numbers 8787. Ron -- on the Scotia good evening. Something is revered as the Bible is that really one of the 15100 bill's sister taken up yeah apparently. To do you both forty. Eight insect the dragon fly. I thought it was the mosquito. All. Isn't that insane that we have a state in this case about it correct me if I'm wrong but I I thought the state insect was the mosquitoes. -- -- we honor I would we aren't -- Ironically to call today. It would try to we have all these state things really it's a it's a total waste of time. And I don't understand now declaring the Bible to be. The state book of Louisiana is gonna solve any problems here's a text -- diamond. A Christian and god fearing man. There are many more issues for the three ring circus in -- -- to deal with besides the Bible being our state book give Louisiana a break. Here's the text -- most important book. On our country's founding. And it's hard as many try. No book. Can be identified with more significance on founding. The USA. In the Bible. Here is a text developed pot which is going to be a big issue in this legislative session at began today in Baton Rouge. I'm 55 years old that I used to smoke pot -- and I was in my twenties and thirties. However I just returned from a ski trip and Colorado and really enjoyed. Walking into a dispensary. And having a menu to pick from. It was great and I enjoyed what I purchased. I yeah I'd love to talk to anybody I haven't been back to Denver since but I don't smoke -- it's not something I would do away if that's something you do when you're responsible with that -- Not criticizing you -- simply saying what I I do -- -- -- but I do. But I'd I'd like to talk to anybody I know a lot of people from this area go go skiing every year. If you have been to Colorado and you did experience. Legalize pot for recreational use and I'd like to know where your experience was like. Andy did you see any signs of of the state of Colorado coming to its it's Neeson and collapsing as a result of of legalizing the recreational use of pot. If you and join our show with a comic -- our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seventy. -- a text numbers 877. There are still people who disagree with the medicinal use of marijuana and I'm thinking that. If this is something that you. Can use it will effectively help you relieve pain I don't see the logic and denying somebody that when you consider all the other things. That are legally prescribed. That are potentially more dangerous. Than smoking marijuana -- consuming marijuana. Here's a text I'm against it the Bible being declared the state book. Fifty shades of green should be the official state -- -- -- talk about it it would book should be the official state book of Louisiana. This is dispute showed we'll be right back on WWL a record number of Americans are now riding public transportation according to a new survey do you ever use public transportation the buses and the street cars here in the greater New Orleans area. What's your opinion of public transportation here. The times that I've used it I find drivers do you know look if there are exception decade no matter what you're talking about so I have seen a few people who seem to be rude. But for the most part I find those RT drivers to be. -- very congenial. Very helpful especially overnight I'd noticed it's obvious that -- -- town. And they might I -- how -- the streetcar Austin they're always very helpless so sometimes say when there's a festive time like Jazz -- -- food fest. Sometimes these drivers and of being almost like. And like -- tour guides date date date anti into the whole atmosphere of being on the street car or on the bus something else to talk about tonight. Here's an update on our WW properties jaguar opinion poll. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible the official state -- 42% are against it. And 50% or four give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Is there a problem with making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana what stands out in your mind when we asked that question. Here's a text -- the Reid said the far Christian right wingers have for too much time in science. Here's attacks that -- the Louisiana State booked the Bible fine I wonder the old testament that chance. Here's a text about marijuana and let's get this medical marijuana and that they are talking about is a hybrid. The UT HC which is the active ingredient in -- has been bred out of it and does not make you hide chemicals or left. And their converted into liquid and administered. Under the -- It controls seizures. Among other thing. -- I thought there was still this sensation did you got from from pot. That increase your appetite if you have lost your appetite because of chemo or something like that or if it just removed your. Your pain or eat nothing removes paint. But there are things that are used in the brain to distract. You from the pain or two to lessen it just to make that part of of the brain deal with -- a little better. I here's a text there's no reason why the Bible should be made the state book. This is 2014. Not everyone is religious. We wouldn't make Stephen Hawking is a grand designed to stay -- would week it's offensive to whether beliefs. Yeah it is 2014. And there are still a lot of Americans that don't really seem to understand that christianity is not the official religion of the United States. We don't have an official religion. And I suspect that's exactly the way our founding fathers wanted to be. The legislative session which opened up today in Baton Rouge. Is gonna consider a deal. That is obviously going to be very controversial. It's a bill about. Declaring the Bible. To be the official state of Louisiana Republican representative Thomas. Of course as the Bible Belt part of the states are not surprising indicate -- report. Supports a bill that would declare the Bible to be the official state book of Louisiana. Did even know we have I don't think we have one up to this point but do we would have won if we declared the Bible the state book. A bill making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. To me is superficial. It's. And exclusionary way to promote christianity as an official state religion. Specifically the representative is proposing that the holy Bible published by I guess his name is pronounced on jihadist. Approval. Which is the oldest Bible in the state believes in the state museum he wants that specific Bible to be named the official state book. Now this to me is nothing more than an attempt to elevate christianity to a level of official designation in Louisiana which seems to need to be blatantly unconstitutional. As a Christian. I'm constantly amazed by countless efforts to promote christianity. Efforts and actually do nothing to promote christianity. And I wonder why some Christians are so intent on declaring christianity. A government sanctioned religion. Now he'll never admit it but I believe that there are a lot of Christians. Who were actually insecure with their own faith. And feel the need to have some special government recognition of christianity. And also that would promote it with others. Whether it's a debate about making christianity an official religion in America or in Louisiana making the Bible an official. State book or the never ending efforts to place the lord's prayer -- the ten commandments on public property. There seems to be a general sense. That it is imperative for Americans to recognize. On an official level christianity. A bill that would make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. Is among the most inane meaningless contributions to the state and to christianity that I I've ever heard. First of all besides the state flag or may be a state bird designating material things to state approved a state sanctioned to some monumental waste of time. And even suggest that our lawmakers. -- don't have anything more important to do than deal with these trivial matters it. But we have a state insect. I thought it was the mosquito they've used it to the dragonfly but why why have a state in mean to me that's just ridiculous. Why waste time doing it. And -- the Bible is declared Louisiana's official state book does that mean christianity is more important other religions. In terms of belief systems and our state around this country. There's no precedent. For having a staple. It almost seems as if there's this is belief that that more people would read the Bible is simply we declared the Bible the official state book. Otherwise. What's the motive. And what would declaring the Bible. What would declaring the Bible a state book actually accomplish. -- don't hear the arguments it well at the Bible is our official state booked in Louisiana will become more moral. Which I think is ridiculous. Those who look for superficial tangible ways to Dallas christianity. I think you're subconsciously suggesting that their faith is. It is weak and fragile. If a Christians faith is weak and fragile making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is not going to strengthen their faith. And -- -- Christians faith could be strengthened by something as insignificant as superficial. As declaring the Bible the state book. Then it was suggested that person's faith is really not that strong to begin with. Faith comes from within and true faith is is not so fleeting. That's not declaring the Bible the state book would diminish that faith or declaring the Bible of the state book would strengthen the faith it really wouldn't do that that if you have true faith. For the record my beliefs make me Christian. But I think it's supporting legislation that would clear the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is a desperate ploy to establish christianity. As more important that other religions. And it might be more important that other religions to me or -- in the United States but not to the United States or to the state of Louisiana. The government should not recognize or sanctioned religion. And that should not change and and we just read a quote from Ronald Reagan and that's essentially what he said. The brave people who started this country. We're seeking freedom from religious persecution. The fact that they were predominantly Christian. Doesn't establish christianity is any kind of official religion in America. And I have always thought the superseding religion was the desire to be free from a government. -- supported specific religious beliefs. And get to this day. There are many Americans who don't seem to understand that fundamental reality of what started this country. Mean I can't imagine that representative for commodity. Of the -- report -- the region doesn't have more pressing issues to to be addressed by the person that that people with his district elected they elected him. Declaring the Bible a state book. And that's a waste of time. Amid a Louisiana should pass a bill that would declare some legislation to be the official joke of Louisiana. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. And a text number you -- 7870. Is her problem with making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. A BS good luck tonight is is about this topic that we're talking about it's on our website at WW real dot com you can read it's -- agree or disagree comment or if you like. Share with -- others is also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio. And will get to some of -- FaceBook post in just a moment also more of your techs are coming up from Indiana Bob a year and a BWL. Get it out. It not at all sure I want to make -- -- yeah okay go ahead. Intimate. You never messed up ready and every night he did not impact current not just don't get it. You know I'm McCray and I've -- the -- like -- I think my savior. And I don't -- perfect. -- you know. -- I don't know why people -- college right playing Dell at it and I'm able bumpers and it it is not really matter. That -- I'm. You'd collect your outlook crank them. Well I said my beliefs define me as. -- People -- automatic. The Bible potential but let's say -- -- at the indictment and -- -- that I. God. Pregnant -- and it worked -- Now but that's not I doubt it but that's that's a government sanctioned religion. He got out and do out there won't like but I want you what it would include. Well you can't get much on them well. Print mode and -- bought out or read about it on I think it's is meant I meant that -- -- -- Bible that -- Required. Court in school. They taught at and -- Arnold -- you know I was never -- the Bible school. Well -- now. And it caught act. What the school can't do that the supreme court's already ruled on that. Why should the school what what what aspect of -- -- -- -- to to interpret the Bible there's so many different things in the Bible you what you want a school he went public school to decide what to teach your kids about. But the Bible. Now pot -- somebody else really out of body count me. -- -- get on. How are able that may -- And you and me and I don't. You know I'd. Been hit by everybody. Our -- And I'm Ukraine and now. -- want it too white you know we know are we all they'll. What can we call. And on it -- Raw and don't you and you got to. We've we've we've talked quite often on the show about how people seem to be more judge -- of the scenes that are not there since. They're more accepting of the -- that -- the sins of them and their families and their friends but their less accepting of sins that. That they don't consider to be there since it's it's it's it's very easy to be more judgmental assumptions and I went -- -- I did I said. -- ultimately they're. People cannot be trying to let people know. You know the Bobby the candidates -- it's -- or aliens can -- it on. It. It seemed all but leave it up anger. So do you think debts a child born in Japan who is session until do you think now you think election. Okay what about it but about a grown up in Japan who recession -- are they going to help. -- on. Or cry as your manner. But overall you used to worlds in -- yeah -- Everybody -- every so everybody everybody who every entity. Everybody who doesn't. Except Jesus exactly the way you'd do is going to help. Now I know what add it to quiet that's by apple. Could be your interpretation that did it has to be that way they're going to -- Like. Our Bobby wells I'm not gonna change your mind I appreciate you calling our show. All right thanks for -- We talk about the issues and win a state legislature waste time. In a state of Louisiana. On legislation to declare the Bible. This state book. I think that's worthy of a discussion because that is a microcosm of a much bigger problem in this country. Which is far too many people are trying to force their will. On others are from willing mr. Charlie urologist who -- to be WL. -- But I don't think about education. -- to -- -- quick. I'm very well cap -- I believe that a lot of people that I think we should do. Call mar all our brother that. It will not at all not in art in which we have all. -- -- Bible because -- cap and by all cash from all different. Talk -- particularly important. No this would be hey this would be this would be a specific Bible that I believe is in Louisiana State museum. Representative -- money it's it's dude it's a Bible that. One is published by. I I guess it's a joke on us prevail. And it's the oldest Bible in the states that he wants that particular Bible to be the official state book. Stay spa but I'll get to. Go out. I'll call. It -- follow me. Apple actually practice christianity. Now I want a christianity and about it Catholic way. OK but. We all can. You talk. About that. And the depression. And wars because it has got to stop okay. I don't think about it think about Ireland to did Protestants in NORTHERN IRELAND to -- entirely. And actually remember all Protestant religion what you. Can and should. China and still. No I don't I don't. And -- and it's the same guy. -- -- additional equipment. And Christian. At all. -- -- -- Well. Don't trust any legislator legislature today. So I think that -- -- will. Steel workers. Now I yell that. Out. And the state legislature. -- -- I. Understand. What -- educational. A little -- a bouquet. Well. In the animal. That we stage there and why. It. The next. Jordan to. That. Project. That number. -- -- -- -- Which are essentially saying is is that these jobs are gonna be filled from people who are coming in from outside the state. What point. Can't we all. -- Or off for a physics. Which isn't -- particular and they don't. Need more skilled. Most people within the state no doubt. That the store. You know all got -- start it. Don't think don't step out well. Skills like accounting. Do. Certain districts -- talk. Oh. The support to. Our personnel which we think can golf -- Just keep it to count. To support the -- Hostile. It is scheduled to be. All -- people. -- so technicians. Can help. To program how -- They are still. A technology. And you. Industry comfortable job. -- important. Not a good -- -- We. Would just -- I -- -- I'm sorry if somebody. Side. That the two or which. -- To. Stop that work or in the all important shot. Oh tell people. We can't get. -- here now inside its program. And these college. And throwing a lot of a lot of people -- agree with your gonna get to break I'm glad you brought that up that's certainly something we'll have time to talk about during this legislative session but thanks for listing. -- -- -- -- -- Here's attacks that informs me the state insect is the Honeybee. Well it's better than the insect and why -- -- why am I stayed in sank to a better than the mosquito -- state insect anyway. Here's a suggestion the official state book of Louisiana I thought I was Mad Magazine. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coming right back with your comments on WW are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official -- -- that's something that our legislative session is -- deal with it opened up today -- -- For 2014 is this something that. We really should be spending time on. There's Republican representative from Shreveport. And Thomas commodity and I -- -- pronouncing his his name correctly. He says he's proposing that senate taking really. Why and and -- what do you think would be accomplished by declaring the Bible. The state book I got some great text to get to this is also a conversation going on our FaceBook page. On the -- blog tonight is titled should the Bible be Louisiana's official -- -- -- -- share gives your comment on FaceBook or at WW already. From Jefferson Parish net welcome to our show tonight. Thank you take or call a different question is is. Protestant Bible -- Catholic -- his differences it's a vocal masterpiece and brokers -- in this. Response where those things are admitted in -- Protestant -- and you get an. It's certainly isn't -- isn't that. Is that really one of the problems that there are different there are different bibles here it is so so why have one. I mean does it great for a -- -- -- -- book right. Yeah. I mean we need to work. Because estate book. I occurring now and I'm I'm going to call thanks listing at night. For bill chased like you're on the -- shown to -- a -- room. Thank you let me couple Hampshire. Actually out from a outlets that they elect say. In Israel -- well. What what they help some but what really needs is a history book but the whole spate of blues in and it will fail. All the religious. Activities that was distorted from from day one what blew apart and all. In in -- -- like real estate. Universities involved and has booked -- ball and -- and this is our history this what the religious. Aspect happen in the development in the state of losing him. And that's -- out do about it and I guess it -- by apple. Shouldn't should be left alone -- coming and which aspect. Of what has happened in with a note the formation of -- And now I think it's it's kind of -- That this -- out there and and -- and -- and -- -- -- and I know I know what out of Bible -- works. -- permissive in time in this site. Suddenly the attempt -- this is just another back -- attempt to get christianity recognized by the government in this case the state government that there have been attempts to. And to declare christianity in official religion. A -- that. They feel threat threatened. What does administration and yet -- remorse in and -- and not in Iraq and -- there. There and you know animosity about all they need to try and -- Sutley is what's going on with the area. Local you know out worked with the administration. -- obesity and an outfield all mettler. I say I think I think the fear Mike I really think the fears irrational I don't I don't think anybody has a loss there -- their faith or their religion and you know the via the attack on Christmas and taking Christ at a Christmas that has been going on. For a long long time not just sits Obama's been elected so this -- been something that people of insensitive to in this country but the truth is. People get hysterical about it but nobody can take your faith away from you and nobody was. Waste stopped from celebrating Christmas the way they wanted to this past year. Well I agree with that order -- how much are dull wet weather outlook in back here it is is the official. Book of looting and a in the official booklet and it should be an industry should you know that's what they should be welcome mat and -- not not. That bobbled thing like action in the Bible come and what they care to -- -- and it it that's a statement like. But so you'd have to include you got to include voodoo. And a lot of other stuff. Pride in that slot in -- -- Like three of the a big power to LSU -- They'll or state colleges omelet a book in its its official book losing. I'm Mike I'm -- to go to show eventually Steve your -- stay where this more of your calls -- Morgan taxed on the next. But every WL 2014 legislative session opened up today in Baton Rouge one of the issues that will be considered is whether or not to declared the Bible. The -- book of Louisiana. -- -- discuss blog is about tonight missile soared to be giving you a pretty -- opinion poll on 52% are against it there's so the majority switch once again 48%. Are for making the Bible. The official state of Louisiana. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also -- a comment from our FaceBook page -- is an idiot here's another comment from our FaceBook page of we have the conversation going about DO blog tonight about whether -- not the Bible should be declared the official state book of Louisiana. -- here's a text -- is wrong. It would make an unbelievable statement. Here is attacks to like yeah I agree completely I am also a Christian. And I don't get it he should be two quotes an earlier poster. A confederacy. Of dances -- -- something else to talk to somebody sent a text earlier the official on state books should be. Are the party's annual Mardi Gras guide which really isn't a bad idea. If you are -- stay witness should the Bible be the Louisiana State bought into why do we need a -- and what would that really accomplish. I'm scooter and your comments are next.