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Mar 10, 2014|

sticking with the legislature there is a bill that will make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. What would be the benefit of that? Is this more of an attempt to force religious beliefs on citizens than on meaningful legislation?

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All right you've heard this the rain is on the way it has got to turn cooler in fact I was looking at the forecast it looks like it's gonna be in the forties -- a couple of nights this week. But -- it's going to be warming up again by the weekend this Sunday is the big Saint Patrick's Day parade Monday's officially a Saint Patrick's Day. This of this city. While this Saint Patrick's Day will be talking more about that is we get closer to the weekend if you want an update on everything we're talking about tonight every night we start to -- show with the top eight at eight. And the topic today it is topic things we'd like you know as we begin to show. On -- listed on the -- page it to be WL. Dot com here's an update on our Debian -- party -- opinion poll are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible. The official state book yeah that's a build its being introduced. In this legislative session. I can't imagine that this would actually go through. And it's interesting that when. When you you talk about being against the Bible being declared the state book. There are people who read into that picture not a Christian. They're people who who want to condemn you because you don't support the Bible or you're not a real Christian. And actually not the case at all. My beliefs. Define me as a Christian. However I don't think the Bible should be declared the state book and as the sole legislator in the Shreveport area. Was it -- is that this legislation here's what I finally interest. What good is gonna do. What possible benefit. Do you think words results from declaring the Bible the state book and isn't that some kind of backdoor attempt. To have the state government. Recognize and sanction. Christianity. If you enjoy pressure with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- a receipt 7870. Or get Republicans have endorsed a gay marriage proposal. For the for the ballot they want this on the ballot in November and a meeting over the weekend. And Oregon Republicans I guess you'd have to say that they are a little bit less conservative -- even southern Democrats. But he's this year another sign that basically the debate over same sex marriage is over in America. Now I think it's fair to point out that Republicans have not won a statewide election in the state of Oregon since 2002. So this is a case of the Republicans trying to. Stand for something that will invite more people to the party many people agree with doing something like that in their -- those even within the Republican Party right now. Who are trying to figure out what can they do to change the image of the Republican Party right now. Which is chased a lot of people -- also the US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the Pennsylvania school district. Did attempt to ban students from wearing I heart boobies this was on a bracelet my heart movies. It was a bracelet to promote breast cancer awareness. To middle middle school girls. Three years ago two girls were suspended from school for wearing the I heart boobies bracelets. Should the school district have allowed. The bracelets. I would think that any way that you could. Resonates. Org or get the message to. -- two young girls about breast cancer awareness would be a really good thing to do. And so much has been done with early detection so much has been done with breast cancer research it's it's still serious but it's it's not. It's not the disease. That he wants wise I mean again it's still very very serious but any awareness to can be brought to that and if I hard movies. Bracelets Euro way to do that I don't think there's anything wrong with it but that's my opinion. The a -- like tonight is titled should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. It's on our website at WW -- dot com it's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page. Which is WWL radio here is there a comment from -- on our FaceBook page he cannot make the Bible the State's official book. Without including the Koran. Since the views of all religions need to be considered. Here's a comment from Barry. I completely agree here is. Another comment from Alan. It's just bait on the hook thrown out there to invite a battle. On the first on battle and battle on the first I guess the First Amendment as -- an election issue nothing more. The bill sponsor already knows its of its a First Amendment violation. And will be challenged. And beaten in the courts so so why waste the time producing net. As I as I wrote in the blog I think that there are a lot of Christians. -- without realizing it are basically expressing. Insecurity with their faith. And they they look for tangible things says they've they they're so desperate they are some. Christians who -- just desperate to have the government of the United States recognize christianity as our official religion. It can certainly be your official religion. At -- it's it's it's how I base my religious beliefs I'm not Catholic but I'm also. A Christian you can be Christian and not be Catholic the Catholic and I consider myself to be Christian based on. On on my beliefs. There's no need to declare the Bible. As a state block. What is -- gonna do what what would be the motive. And maybe I'm missing something -- you think of some benefit. From declaring the Bible. The state book of Louisiana. Are -- listing across the country. Visited the state book of of any state. Here's a Texan -- a more appropriate Louisiana State book I would be about Marie love low. You scoops would make a good state insect LO well. -- insect is. Is the honey we have a state insect I mean how ridiculous is that aren't -- more important things to worry about. If you would rejoice with your -- tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And it takes a -- 77 give us your give your opinion you for or against the estate of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book. Go to our website W -- -- -- current and sort of remind you that we continue to have some difficulty with our FM antenna and there's a reception problem 11053. A VW -- them so if you're listening and you're having a hard time picking this up because there are some areas where there's a coverage problem. Then -- just stood tune into the big 870 WB will on the AM dial. On these problems are temporary and they are being worked on right now they will be taking care of very shortly but if you are having problems again. With that one a 53 -- WL FM then tune into our 50000 -- clear signal Ian station that the gates opening WWL. Off from -- Alex your on this -- good evening. They didn't learn I'm good equivalent. You know totally agree with the vote among. The viable. You know they're not being declined because it's really food and I think you know good point the don't have anything you know. Relevant to do apparently because. Certainly knows that well and really that the state and recruited really truthfully. Oh -- recently. On the radio that was the ladies that. Well funded millions of dollars could do. -- -- on I'll I'll figure it. Are hopeful on the you know -- that was already knew yet he's getting funded billions of dollars for a day and if it is what what would you want. The government you know -- -- has how many problems. You know on -- so you know like one big entity. Typical here in the Bible it will let you know like you know -- significantly. Yeah I I agree I guess I don't I don't understand what the that if it would be -- I don't know and with that with the motive would be of declaring the -- season the state book is there an assumption that. Louisiana would become more moral or that people are are -- in the Bible because it's not the state book this -- this is so idiotic to me. It really. -- -- people that would do what they would -- annually people who formulate their own opinions no matter what it is there in the that would ban. So it is really violently more things that are much more important that we could be. Having our current -- -- ago were and it are believed that. Coldly -- and I -- the little boy got suspended for. Making. And sister. And and -- -- both parties creator who. Where did this in the world that we live and -- it from what we have to deal with -- daily -- -- -- -- so hopefully. -- some probably true. Out -- patent -- bring their adult league in their pin and -- you know real problems that are. -- of everyday you know we love of the political and. Alex I totally agree argument thanks for listening to -- W -- night you're. Going to the time to a -- show. Here's a texted the Bible as a conflict. Five church and state. Here's a text screwed you do knows it nowhere in the US constitution does it's a separation of church and state. I am aware of that but yet people do. Try to. Discuss. Some kind of official raising some kind of official recognition of of christianity. You can have that in your life but that's that's something you want the government to do. If you want the government to do that I don't know if you if you understand how dangerous. That could be I think this really does transcend over to the the issue of same sex marriage. And again it is a debate to me that is much bigger. The man the issue of same sex marriage it's about so many more things. That are going on in this country in terms of privacy in terms of some people trying to inflict dear specific beliefs on others. -- so it's it's a bigger debate that just about. Same sex marriage. But. This whole idea of a freedom of expression freedom of speech freedom of religion all of that all that's very important. But as far as I know you have freedom of religion. And these hysterical attempts to force. Government. Recognition. Of of the Bible or christianity it again you know you can have. The the state or the government of the United States officially -- christianity the official religion. But maybe declaring the Bible is the official book of the state is -- back -- way. Having the states sanction. A christianity. If you wanna join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- number. Is a 77. And right back with a more of your text more of your comments also Minnesota lawmakers defending a tweet about the NBA that some consider racist. Tell you about that coming up just a few minutes. This is the scoots you know. Like from New Orleans on Monday nights on WWL it has long been believed that co habitation. She acting up living in -- Living together. Actually increase the chances of divorce. Now there's a new study out that shows that living together before marriage is not linked to divorce. Obvious for Angela tomorrow from went for your -- -- talk about it that you were -- live with your spouse before you got married. And would you recommend it for your kids who're your friends. And did you live with somebody and because you learn something about that person you decided not to marry them. Again be different tomorrow -- report its listings will talk about tomorrow here's a quick update on -- ever changing -- -- party general opinion -- Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book 46% are against it but a majority 54%. Are for it. I've yet to hear what the real benefit would be of declaring. The Bible the state book. If you join -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here what's happening text number is 87870. -- also give us your opinion on our where sites for RW -- project opinion poll it's WW real dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Evening that stupid I wanna say that are going about the state book in the Bible. I'm totally against it for this reason and you know -- you read this state and go to another day another country. Not only are we representing ourselves but we're represented when we -- well. And that's a moniker I don't want. Associated. Like when you go to another state another country somewhat cynical way -- -- your -- you -- well from Louisiana. All you've -- books they need to find all the people you know. And that's the thing is you know when we end up and other places. All of positive or negative views about what we call on all. You know we talked about this O'Brien recently other show win. It was announced that four for five dollars and obviously take a couple of months for this to be implemented. But for an extra five dollars when you get your driver's license or you -- license renewed -- you get a for the first time. You can have a bold print right into the picture that says I am cajun. And and I got but I I thought about other designations as well because they are people. On in New Orleans there people in south Louisiana that are totally different from people in the northern part of the State's central northern part of the state. And I got a text from somebody said he wants on his driver's license I'm not from Metairie. So yeah there could be all kinds of a different designations -- Richard Wright when you're from New Orleans and you show your Louisiana driver's license around the country. They don't you from the well I guess it if -- I mean if if you live in New Orleans obviously New Orleans is saying is there but that's not the first thing that they. In Louisiana and New Orleans are not the first things that the people think about. It would have been able book but not been in the state book. -- up for -- statements. Yeah I understand it. Again why yes why yes why have why I have a religious. Book quite have the Bible which I dearly love but why have that declared the state book. I mean that's just that's asking for controversy and I don't really wanted to ask for -- I again I don't see the benefit either. Right thanks listening to WW -- night if you wanna join us with your comment tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 877. But he gets a more -- FaceBook comments our FaceBook page which used to VW radio governor conversation going on about the -- blog tonight. Which is titled some issued. Should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book seems to me that it's a waste of time and if our poll says it's 56 a percent at 54% of those soliciting have responded that -- for it. As opposed to just being 41 with the reason the what would there be a benefit. Would Louisiana become more religious. Would more people read the Bible are people sitting around waiting for. The legislature to declared the Bible the state book before they say OK now under read it. Here is. I texted -- -- freedom of religion in the US. Their boy is the Obama administration made it a crime for chaplains in the military. To mention the name of Jesus. For a crying four servicemen to share their Christian faith or face court -- that's from Tom on the North Shore. I don't know a lot about that particular topic Tom. There are. There are always going to be. Attempts to be fair when it comes to religion. That did many people will perceive as a personal attack. On christianity. And especially with social media. And Internet networking. There will always be these. What the columnist Erik Cole. Comments about how. Something is happening in our country and we're we're losing Christmas and we're losing our faith and they're taking Christ. That's and that's not happening because nobody can take -- away from -- And as far as the military's concern there are those who will use this. Although I'm sure you could go back in history and see that there may be some aspects of this that we're controversy and other administrations as well. There are so many people that. This is not defense of the Obama administration. This is defensively. As a talk show host I don't wanna be so stupid as to pretended that all of a sudden everything is happening under the Obama administration. And we had a fair election in this country. And Obama was elected. And he was reelected president of the United States. Now if you don't like that in the best thing that you can do is go to the polls and convince everybody in your family and your friends to go to the polls and vote. Here's -- missing -- really on on this this topic. The only reason the Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections. Is because conservatives were disgusted with moderate candidates. McCain and Romney. It was proven that if the conservative vote would've turned out in 2012. As they did in 2008. Romney would've -- We need a stronger conservative platform. With a compassionate candidates like Rand Paul. And that's from -- And I I think the problem was that McCain. Who was moderate Romney who was a moderate governor. These guys. We're running as. Conservatives that the conservative part. To the conservative side which chased a lot of people over to the Democratic Party. Now if you're a Republican. And a candidate is not conservative enough for do you. Then you're essentially going to by not voting. You're essentially going to elect a Democrat. And that's your choice. And I heard today that it is Sarah Palin has now said that she will never say never when it comes to talking about running for president in 2016. And I have to believe that the Democrats are behind us. I have to believe that the best thing that could happen to the democratic parties for summary like Sarah Palin to rise up again in the Republican Party. For a number of different reasons. -- took abilities. FaceBook. Post about the -- bloggers should the Bible be the official state book of Louisiana. Here is a text. I hear from Chris come from Chris on FaceBook I agree with scoot I see no real purpose for this. Here is. FaceBook posts from bill. But most people who are against this would have no problem making the Bible the official state comic book. Here is a comment on FaceBook from Danny separation of church and state and story and here's a post from from -- Earlier we had a post from somebody who put up a picture of Ronald Reagan political from Ronald Reagan. Who essentially said. There will be no. No forced worship no -- we don't do that in the United States and that will never change that was from Ronald Reagan. Well here's a comment from John John F. Kennedy and its pitcher John F. Kennedy and our FaceBook page. And it says I believe in an America. Where the separation of church and state is absolute. If you -- to join the conversation FaceBook it's WWL radio and FaceBook page. A lot of people don't know this because they're they're too young to have experienced this in a lot of people might have forgotten. But religion was -- major major issue. When John F. Kennedy was running for president in in 1960. Because John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic president. And there were many concerns that -- Kennedy if he became president this -- during the campaign. If he became president. He would consult with the Pope. Before making decisions about the United States. And he would use his Catholic faith. To two -- country. And he assured everybody. That he was running as a Democrat. Not as a Catholic. And for those were critical of the Obama administration. For being too secular. Think about what you're asking this is not the first time this has been an issue about. About government and in leadership -- religion. And there were some people the campaign trail for the Republicans in 2012. Rick Santorum being among them. Who. Said they wouldn't use religion but they sure did use religion a lot on the campaign trail. And it it implied that they were going to use their religious beliefs. To guide this country. I -- president who is morally religious. -- a president who's a good person. However president who has religious but I don't want the president to use his religion. To guide the country. If you -- -- -- -- Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Protection is a 77. From Algiers earlier on the Scotia be -- -- You know and it's -- good. I have a question about you the Bible and you which version of the planning on using. Exactly and and that I think that perfectly explains. Why this is a controversy. I mean think about it my personal preference. That they shouldn't -- it can change because I'm Catholic and Catholic -- follow -- and the only True Religion. And therefore it should be essentially pull this thing had to make my point. Yeah and now public the Republican representative Thomas or colonial or currencies and become commodity against this president he's of Freeport. -- he supports a bill that would declare a specific Bible the official Louisiana State look at it it's a it's a Bible it's a holy Bible that was published by. Joseph hottest prevailed. It's the oldest Bible in the state I believe it's in the state of Louisiana Museum. I don't know what Bible that is but. Whatever Bible it is it's not gonna be a viable that's gonna make. Yeah. People who read the Bible at each -- -- at the wrong. Like you know this came up earlier and -- in the show it it's it's all the same. Players that could there are so many different. Aspects of christianity mean I'm a Catholic I'm a Christian there are people who are Christians -- they'd have. Other religions that the subscribe to. Look how close Protestants. In Ireland are with Catholics in Ireland and yet they fall yeah they couldn't get it that -- Catholics from Ireland of course fought the Protestants of of NORTHERN IRELAND. So there's there's always going to be that kind of division which is one of the the -- reasons why. There should be no government sanctioned -- that proved religion and that and that doesn't take religion away from anybody traveling at I agree with. Classical language and thanks listening to them WL a -- from Carrollton Mike you're on the Scotia. Related to his -- and come on yet though mark because it is currently. I'll just drive that -- that -- W. Mary and Carol. And you have a first question in my mind which -- well -- noticed there were. You know that are -- that are there are you know -- -- dozens. Vitals. Everybody thinks is the spoken word. And then in addition to that view if you look at scholars. There are incredible arguments about. About which books belong in the Bible. And. And isn't this the perfect reason why the government should not sanction or approve the Bible. Any vital as that the state book. Well. Yeah I -- personal even though it's not the constitution I do not believe -- I do believe in the separation of church and state. And secondly. It's patently ridiculous. That you know you're trying to make your favorite book the state. Well I agree Mike I've got to get your break I'm going to college showed specialists into WWL ignites more pure text or vehicles are coming up next you can join us with your comment tonight. At 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text as it's -- seven. Will be right back I downloaded a bunch of -- songs on my phone and I admired and your ear phones in an hour's walking around listening to that -- got in my car earlier I wanted to keep the -- 'cause I had stuff there that I. Could listen to I didn't have that the CD's. But I I realize how dangerous it would be to have headphones on northern air plugs in. While you're driving a car and he's really important you know psychologically you really so now when you've got headphones on. And I noticed walking around you know you have to pay attention everything around you I think sometimes we forget how much we depend on sound. And we here at the car you depend on the sound that he is a round shoot -- you can hear cars approaching you in your cars passing you. That is really really important to pay attention SI I hope nobody's driving around with. There headphones on a day of the year earbuds. In areas -- it seems like that would be -- although I was tempted to do that someone hear the music. I didn't. This hoopla tonight is titled should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. And I I think this attempt to. Sanction christianity is some kind of official government religion. Is still based on this notion. That America was founded on Christian principles. My understanding of the founding of this country which we've talked about. Is that it was founded. By Christians. The majority of the people who came to this country to start a new country. Were Christians. But it wasn't founded on Christian beliefs. It was founded on freedom. Of religion freedom from religious persecution. The freedom to worship however you -- worship because that's why that's why these people you think about things that you do. To fight for your religion and your religious beliefs. We don't do anything. Compared to those brave people who got on those ships. And not all of them made it. As sound like getting on a carnival cruise or. Princess cruise -- silly like I did. These. These ships were this was a difficult. Voyage. And they knew when they got on the ships that some of them might not make it but that's how much they wanted to pursue. Freedom from religious persecution. There are people in this country who -- just so definite. That this has got to be a Christian nation win. My understanding has always been. That we were founded on the beauty. Of freedom of religion. Freedom from. Religious persecution. And so this idea that the the Bible be declared Louisiana's official state book is going to be an interesting controversy in his legislative session which opened up today. In Baton Rouge. Because this is another one of those attempts that I believe. And is. He is. Part of the crusade that some Christians have too. Declare christianity above all others. -- mean it it is for me because of my religious police that it might be above all others because of your religious beliefs. I think we sometimes forget. What what led to the beginning of this country in the first place and that was escaping. It wasn't let's go find a place to start christianity. No was let's go find a place were nobody's gonna tell us what to believe. And the debate over so many things in this country focuses on. This this mentality that some people have about wanting to tell other people how to lead their lives. Now I realize that if you are Christian. And in quite often this comes up in the -- in the Catholic Church. You are supposed to be decide. You were supposed to do what you hand to spread. The word of god. And this is not a religious radio show but religion as part of my life as part of the lives of of many people so it's it's why we talk a virus why it comes up quite often. But you do that. You you you spread the word. You spread religious beliefs. By the way you act. But which you do. Not by declaring out of -- the official book of Louisiana. A caller mentioned earlier that he he he felt like that's some some kind of is some kind of way and diminish the the respect we should after the Bible -- it's the state it's the state book. Right along with the the honey bee being the state insect and -- other then a state flag and may be a state bird. I don't think we should have a state anything. Seems to me that it's had its its a waste of time and yet there are going to be those legislators. Who are going to pretend to do something about a problem. Like lack of morality. By declaring the Bible the state book. And I just don't see the benefit. Of declaring the Bible the official state book of of Louisiana. And let's always remember that faith. Comes from with in us. And nobody can take that away from you and quite often I think that many of the Christians who want to have these tangible. Piece tangible signs. -- for of religion out of course I feel like maybe there are kind of more insecure with their own religious beliefs and their faith. Then they think. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 89 series seventy protects number states have VH seventy. This is the -- show and we're coming right back on to -- to -- -- or you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible is the officials stayed book we've been talking about that tonight. As a -- give you a pretty general opinion poll here's an update on the poll 43% or against him but of maturity 57%. -- -- it. -- nobody is really explains on the air or in the text what the benefit would be. What do you think would happen as a result of declaring the Bible of the state -- would Louisiana become more religious would we be more moral. Would we somehow increase are on status around the country. What people suddenly start reading the Bible because it was declared the official state book. And is this something that is even constitutional. -- blog is titled should the Bible be -- Louisiana. State book and it's on our website at WW real dot com also is part of our. Conversation our FaceBook page so you can go to FaceBook WL radio. Redeploy to become part of that conversation recently the other comics that have been made. It coming about to deduce who get to a more of those comments from our FaceBook page also more of your text Minnesota lawmaker is defending got a tweet. About the NBA -- some consider racist. Republican congressman pat Garofalo tweeted let's be honest 70% of the teams in the NBA could fold tomorrow. And nobody would notice a difference. With the possible exception. Of an increase in street crime. There's a congressman right. He said that athletes. Don't always know how to Obey the law. We're certainly seeing an example of that right here in New Orleans with a former saints player he said the problem is. That athletes value themselves. Too much and society puts too much value on athletes therefore they don't think they have to play by the rules. This is good show and we'll be back.