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03-10 11pm Scoot, "Bible as the state book"

Mar 11, 2014|

Tonite Scoot talks about: several legislatures in Louisiana, have developed a bill that would make the Bible the offical state book of Louisiana.

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All right we've got some rain on the way about a 70% chance of rain tomorrow that should start about mid morning. And -- could actually turn colors so don't get upset you know it's going to be springtime soon enough that we had a beautiful day today it was a great day yesterday I hope you've got out and enjoy the weekend. A busy doing some. Office kind of logistical stuff and didn't really get out to spend the day in the quarterly wanted to yesterday but it was a great -- and I hope you were able to. Go outside and feel spring like temperatures. But he is -- cool off it's going to be in the forties at night a couple of days this week. And it -- off during the day by ten it's gonna be warm again very very soon I hope the weather's really nice for Sunday. And he's the big Saint Patrick's Day parade. It is that there's never much time that passes before this in the rate a year or another celebration. And we got French Quarter fast and god knows what else is coming up in and there are a lot of a spring festivals that are going to be held at ten churches. All around the school grounds all around this this part of the country. And then of course a good Jazz Fest and then memorial I mean the list of party discos on an -- knowledge is because more because -- doesn't mean it. We're done with the that the party but I hope so they turned out to be nice because that is. And it's it's this is a big deal -- the Saint Patrick's Day parade on ordinary road in particular. And tonight we're talking about whether or not the state of Louisiana the legislative session which opened up today in Baton Rouge. There's a bill that would declare the Bible the official. State book. Like we need to have an official state -- and I don't think we have one now. And and why would you do that I am I have yet to hear anybody explain with the benefit of that would be and is this not yet another attempt. By some to try to force their religious beliefs. On others. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in protection -- 77 the -- like tonight is titled should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. And read it share it to connect commoner to feel like it's on our website at WW dot com. Also it's part of our conversation on our FaceBook page you can go to WWL radio at. Read the blog also -- -- the comments and to come and ordered if you like to get to lessen your comments coming appeared. In just few minutes and here is -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible the official state -- Also a coming up in just a few minutes for a long time it has been believe that to birth control pills. -- Creates. Promiscuity. Well there's a new study that says that even free birth control pills. Did not increase risky sex -- talk about that in just -- from Indiana rich for your -- show good evening. Good evening you know -- My question to that 56. And 7% -- wanna make the Bible be -- facial -- Louisiana. Now it's gonna be ruled unconstitutional. Three seconds actress somebody. Filed a lawsuit in federal court by question 800 million dollars do you wonder and the taxpayer money. -- -- need a law that you cannot win in federal court 10000101000020. Million. That's -- that's what stupid about so many laws and I I love this time of year because it gives us an opportunity to. Not to talk about some of these ridiculous behavior of politicians say anybody who is gonna try to bring up. Reinstating the sodomy law in Louisiana and I believe that was talk I don't know whether that is going to be officially debated. But a month or so ago that was -- talked about as a as a possible. Deals reinstating the news sodomy law which makes sodomy. Against the law. That has been declared unconstitutional ban on that has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003 so. Why even bother with that law because it's not going to be held up in -- court but yet there are some thick headed politicians. Who will still do things it will do nothing to change any problems in this country and will only waste taxpayers' dollars. I I wanna hear -- after your first court go no. Unconstitutional. -- when they hear it but actually pick -- -- signs that they're the law. I want him to go like Gammons say on board expect and every penny in your state treasury. Did out there and the Bible at the book got the state of Louisiana. Good luck getting back. -- -- -- Thanks for listening and Indian Nicklas you're Kohler show. If you -- -- -- your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven you know -- number is 8787. What -- remind you that we are having some difficulty with our FM antenna so if you are having any reception problems. Listening to the station on 153 WW -- cameras to show that station a please turn over to our 50000 watt clear signal in station. The big -- seventy WWL. AM these problems are temporary problem should be taking care of within a couple of days. So if you -- an area where there's limited coverage or you're having problems picking up our show on 105 there any of the shows at 1053 WW -- -- just a switch over to a 50000 watched. Clear signal station the -- 870 -- WL. I'm from Franklin and Tommy -- on this who show good evening. -- you don't not good. I'm ready to launch. All I want to agree with the it just call me Indiana. And do not only the way our government. It would -- Security out here now from one -- Interpreted. You know worries and more people. Bode for the -- against it and public figure humble opinion at 21. -- -- -- -- On -- well. Actually -- sort of a rip my. Body is your question. Believe -- at the capital of the Protestant Bible. Believe -- -- that was -- And slate group the war. And believe that he is -- -- -- the sort of the kingdom French speaking and replaced him. If you believe the book of revelation. It right -- the years after. After the tribulation. And after that there appear under an agreement to work that -- create. And that is why don't more people are in favor of this. -- what would be better and straight to reckon the only true answer -- -- brought America. Fortunate to even read it much less fortunate welcome -- -- and the United States well we hope. Is that a violation of church and state when you hear anybody -- at about. Well two to -- a forward to greet somebody from another nation and the Vatican is a sovereign nation. To greet somebody like the leader of Catholics around the world I don't think that is the government indoor. -- -- I would have to agree with you here. They're -- don't. So yeah I think that's that's different from. From. Actually declaring the Bible to be. The official state book of Louisiana -- First of all time I'm just I'm not sure I'm just not sure what the benefit would be what it what is it supposed to do what what would change. Well. So hopefully we can change -- country for a statement -- -- been trying to stay implementation. That export things. The great nations have what the world we have augmented. -- 430 that they feared that call girl in the ball. And where other people who are correct or not this is historical match. Number one they took the -- lawyer. And orchard road -- homosexuality. Is normal. And it was widespread. Mercury Cuba you know sacrifice and articles that we sacrifice. Many mutual fortunes it's likely to commute per. Number before they turn their back and got people as. And I felt pretty familiar and our -- you can look it's simply took prayer and -- screw. That and our public schools so. On Tommy's they're you know this is something and I've talked about a lot of the show that there were so many things going on in the Roman empire that led to the fall of the Roman empire that go far beyond. Removing. Exercise -- nation and a -- in over 200 years. And you'll find the sport but he did. Don't tell me but there weren't there were so many other things going on -- to focus on those simply serves to. Two to promote your idea that these things are wrong for America when in reality those. Were not the factors those were not the key factors that led to the demise of the fall of -- the Ottoman Empire. It used to the Roman -- it's all very much. Bill course I haven't studied I would have to be honestly -- it had received very much the only. A compliment what what were the couple what goes up. You know I wrote a blog about this we talked about her on the show there was. So much going on in terms of the military there was so much going on in terms of the economy. There or was there was your morality there's no question about it I do agree that we have a problem with that in this country. Declaring this the that the bibles. This state where. And -- and I think -- I don't disagree with you totally I really don't I agree -- -- what you -- about. Once Christian -- and did that make in the Bible -- straight book he has not committed to -- here's how is that they're such a passion in art poetry in you know so that you Lorie question. When Christ comes back here has been a sort of they questioned in the occult he has. And all in -- in its fourth straight in the you know tragedy quiet that they'll cheer. And the ever since World War II Munich they sent him in the importantly he has some holes and meet the the christianity. But -- basically religion back in the post buttons that. You know that the incident with the founding fathers and all that -- in the -- -- They opened with a prayer -- in about 85% of them are very good questions and he'd -- -- -- Christian principles not. Not forcing -- you know it but that's what they were. From an Anglican church in England. Yeah exactly this country was founded more on freedom. A religion freedom. From religious persecution then it was specifically on christianity. -- the structures change Tommy and I mean it was around during world war two and wasn't around when. And win this country was different but we do see changes as our country. And our society of fall and some of the changes are good and some of the changes are are not good. But I just you know and and going back to removing school from -- from public schools. You know that this was something else we've talked about Michelin -- a blog and -- to -- somewhere that I wrote about this when you. When you look at all the things that we're going on in this country that the battles over different issues. The birth control pills the battle over. In integration. Ending segregation they were so many things were going on in this country. That too to say that it was the removal of prayer from public school chests simplify something that is -- much but it would issue. It was more but it was a he's more about it more traffic and got the public sector. But the point is is that -- -- But nobody the first available we can't have the government. Leading religion. And nobody can. It's not really religion that is. But that -- that they tried to continue its people look that little. Missing what do you think we're missing in society that we don't have. Turn the presence of god because god is with me every day. And I talk the government would I talk to got all the time so I don't need to I don't need god I don't need anybody dissent at the ten commandments in public for me. Well actually your question. And appreciate. And that and a feel sorry you very much in the way you do any settings however. When it's only christianity. It's persecuted. And it's only christianity. That is. He wrote again. I mean he could. Because it's -- quite often Tommy it is the Christians who were trying to force the issue. Well -- -- argue that which I think that. So -- -- more work in the church and the counsel's question -- -- -- -- -- And people would live a -- principles and the like -- and then call themselves Christians. It you know you music and and a lot of northeastern states and that you know works expect that in these bats for most students. And but I personally believe. That. The government has become somewhat a forty. Most local -- -- we can get into the argument about good and good -- -- and but basically it sort of you know it in its. Pocket it will work for. Basically you can eat things that he has virtually. Which you can cancel the deals with a. I wouldn't tell me I think that I think -- -- -- I think that's clearly unfair and -- quite often talk about senator do the recognition of the christianity during Christmas switches. Something that we celebrate in this country great majority of Americans do and I don't think anybody should take that away while I don't think. Public displays of Christmas make you more. -- religious during the Christmas holiday season. I think the -- that comes at us from that comes from within but I also think it's ridiculous that atheists say well. You know we don't want that there will how does that bother you knew if you're an atheist so we let this go W who did did the fact is there a lot of people who. Love Christmas and they they celebrate what is a joyous time of year in the Christian calendar so that's not gonna turn you into a Christian if you see that. And I just think that I atheists for example not only the -- are are protesting that. But those who do I think that's I think that's a mistake we should be tolerant of which should be tolerant of everything. The main thing Christ always talked about. You don't have a lot of in your art and compassion for other people just astounding simple. And I'll close this. My -- that if you are a true believer you we'll be persecuted the world -- -- -- also a cute. So we're promised persecution and bully perhaps. We use study were and you know look toward Syria. But that doesn't but that doesn't mean you should go out and and pick a fights in the name of Jesus just so you will be persecuted. What I hate the spokesperson. Against these are all rotate by some open -- -- bet that this just predict which people go and take it upon. In the name Christina. And then you can stand for things and you didn't. You know you can protest the things fixable so it's important that you start in or somebody stomping him and so the you're you're going in the wrong. Tommy are gonna get to break you says -- really important things and political Michelle if you wanna join us with your feelings your comments tonight. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. Texas a 7870 -- your comments from FaceBook and our text. Monitor coming up next. And every WL under the break I just checked my emails very competitive -- arena but I can go to check it C news says sent an email and now I give you an email address if you want to mr. communicating with me. -- -- -- But I just got an email from Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is the web sites. Van hook you up with people in your area who were looking to have an affair. And this is effervescent innocent looking for a discrete affair no actually I'm not so I wonder. I wonder how my name how my email address got on that list what what did I do what to -- search weeks ago. What became. On. Something that I did they don't be on the list of Ashley Madison -- interest. I would hope that nobody is just out looking for an affair. Because. I don't know is -- wrong but it's also kinda complicated ways that complications to your life here's an update on our -- WL party -- opinion poll. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book 42% are against it but -- majority 58%. Are for it. And yet that one person has really called up to. To talk about. What the benefit would be. Of declaring the Bible the state book of Louisiana. If you and it was sent me an email my email address is scoot. Act WWL dot com. And if you I'd wanna join me on Twitter it's act scoot inevitably you'll. Here's a text as to what you think what do you think about the new movie son of its its sort of -- son of god. It -- the movie at the son of god settlement. -- the son of god of the Bible was a pretty good series yet set by Mark Burnett in -- to the Bible series. I haven't seen I didn't see the Bible series I saw a few bits of your merit I thought it was really good when I saw. And I wanna go see the son of god but at the tail wind discouraged. Or -- spoiled it for. To make some of the good guys guys. And have no I mean I hope and spoil it for you the -- the good guy good guy guys. I remember once I was in the you're talking about that movie Lincoln. And I mentioned something about Lincoln dying. Getting shot. So recent thanks for spoiling forming if you enjoyed our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is. 87870. Is there a problem with making the Bible the official. Louisiana State book and that's what the -- blog is about becoming -- just a moment I'm gonna get to estimate your comments on our FaceBook page. Here is attacks that -- Cisco got confused I thought the tax code was the official book. I here's a text to other states have a state book. No not necessarily. And I'd like that's what bothers me so much about this. The Republican representative Thomas on commodity I'll -- pronouncing his name correctly. I'm from Shreveport. Is supporting this bill that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana and I'm wondering why. Now specifically. Herbs and -- -- He is proposing the holy Bible that was published by. -- harness a prevail. Which is the oldest Bible in the state that would be named the official. State book. But I think this is nothing more than attempt to try to elevate christianity to a level of official designation. By a state government which is blatantly unconstitutional. And I know that there's nothing actually in the constitution about separation of church and state. But this is something that we have come to. And come to appreciate in this country and that the dangers of not respecting separation church and state. Are really frightening. And yet for a lot of people opposition to same sex marriage. Blurs the line between separation of church and state. Because it is asking the government. To band activity. That is believed to be simple in the minds of of many Americans. And it's against their moral police therefore they what the government. To pass moral judgment on personal activity. And I I think that's a very frightening thought here's a Texan -- Cisco love New Orleans love the lord but I do keep them separate. The Bible is my faith. Frank Davis is also my faith just in a different way a -- world's Janet -- -- WL. Yeah send a message to. Actually. Actually Anderson -- cinematic. The legitimate candidate in Allentown computing -- -- you can kill it. What it -- what'd I'd what did I do to get on this list of -- looking for discrete affair. I'm asking -- don't get you don't think it's I think it's disgusting. I do I think it's absolutely disgusted. Like -- -- the account please tell it was he camp today. And you can get in whatever you want to vote whether to do so you know the acronym. Because I think it's absolutely get. State. Yet there is a web site they want to there's a website that you can go to it will. He won't it will it will. But you know Janice she can't blame the web site you have to blame the people who utilize the web site for the affair. Yeah I do but -- -- -- in the web site because she got me if I get I don't see anybody can -- stuff like that. And that would make in the Bible they -- at they got on the upcoming book. I guess that's as good -- -- but this something else that and they upset that I also ultimately people. We have a lot of things going on in the in the steady and in that country. Then I also wanted to make a fruit tree and it can tell Matt Campbell yeah -- you can bet they do. -- the paint would be the official Louisiana State. And you know I would think it's -- -- that I would think that a quarter horse would have more like I mean I guess you could have paints a quarter or a quarter horse paint. But yet that's ridiculous and a host of the fruit tree it was a. We have got an -- The only difference is that. Well Janice I totally agree. And and that's something gonna bring up and then in the -- blog which is on our website also on our FaceBook pages. I mean it's it it's a waste of time now he's an unconstitutional but it's also. A waste of time and nobody has yet to explain to me. Want the benefit would be -- would be beneficial about declaring the Bible the official state book. Of Louisiana. I know there's there's there's got to be some positive on the otherwise this rivers there to from Shreveport. Promoting it. I I can't imagine why he would do this in the -- had a reason to do it. And then what's the what's the reason. Why would. Why would this benefit our state. From mobile David you're under VW well. The Internet and get his name in the news -- But you know if you get your name in the in the newspaper for doing something that is that is ridiculous. Dan. You know I don't know I don't I don't see I understand what you're saying but I don't see how that would benefit his political career. And in he supposed to represented people who elect him. But he's supposed to be Smart enough to realize that all state legislators it's supposed to be Smart enough to realize. It's something some just blatantly ridiculous and unconstitutional. As an absolute waste of time and yet they go forward with these things anyway. -- Numbers that the guy has been more people. Like Chief Justice but it. Despite that -- -- that the court now. Got kicked out the Chief Justice the Purdue it. And I'm just glad that -- Put it up with the idea at all. Look at the state a Bible. The you know. -- yeah. Making a Bible devotional book state that the the nobody -- in the -- that was two parties. Christians and people who people. Together. EG in the teachings. Of god. I guess yeah I did I just have a problem with the state sanctioning something like that I mean I I am I'm a Christian. I TI have residents say I'm a Christian allies they say that my beliefs defying me as soon as it is a Christian. Catholic but I just I. I don't see with the benefit would -- I've got a problem with. The government. Endorsing enemy what happens if sometime in the future there's a temptation to. To declare another book that would. Get on the need to either get -- war. Just talk about -- also talk about power. And quickly you know I actually. Saturday and and all of the Portuguese. And -- strongly suggest. But in the that your knowledge of the public -- metric well. David when I first saw that well it's just in all it is so well time. And you know this idea that the the area of the -- World War II museum that didn't -- fascinated me was a very simple area. It was the area that had the the posters. That they were. Talking about making sacrifices sand and don't waste food save it for the soldiers he was a time when America really did pull together. And it was about. Everything for the soldiers and I just thought that that was. Just a great moment when people didn't see religion they didn't see race they didn't see ginger and they came together -- women were taking jobs sits. That it only -- hand because they needed them to do it in. There were sort of fascinating things about that section to me because it it reflected America at the time and it was in America that I I I have that no. -- America's quite different today and that's something that we really should try to get back. You know I've got to go back to you that. Saturday it means that may want to go back in the. All right David don't pleasure enjoyed it yet if you haven't been to the World War II museum. -- year -- somewhere around the country and you come to New Orleans that you really need to see that and an even if you were part of that generation. I mean if you're a baby boomer. You were affected by a World War II because see you grew up at a time when America which reaping the benefits. Of having won the war. And you might not have personal reference with the war itself. But it really is it's. Just a stunning. Stoning display. Bottom of what this country. Was like. And I just saw so many things that I wish. This country was more like that now and again it was just a simple area now -- you know the the beyond all boundaries. Moving. Narrated by Tom -- Incredible. And it's it's a multi dimensional experience. And it is it's kind of like something that you would see Disney and it's really is phenomenal and it. It does is good as anything like that can do to make you on. Appreciate what those. With those men went through and at that time if it is very very well done and so if you if you live here and I haven't seen it go see it. If you come to New Orleans. By no means make that to go to the French Quarter -- the other stuff you wanna do but bio means go see that. I saw the movie 42 last night. The movie about it Jackie Robinson the first black. Baseball player -- baseball. Phenomenal movie. It was a movie that really celebrates. Good aspects of race relations. And we quite often see movies that. Deal with the the negative aspects of race relations. The movie 42 if you haven't seen it it was one of those movies that really does. It makes you wonder why. Why we ever feel differently. Then the way we feel today when it comes to equality. And yet sadly there are some people who still. Don't think about equality. When it comes to blacks and whites. They still don't see equality. Is something that is is necessary. And and some people have a superiority complex and they think there are better than others. Harrison Ford was just incredible. As the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I love the movie. And I would highly recommend it to you if you haven't seen 42 it's a movie about it Jackie Robinson if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 26 dome. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text number is 87870. -- birth control pills were first introduced in America of the moral majority. I guess you would call them the extreme right at the time they criticized birth control pills claiming that birth control pills would lead to promiscuity. And that's been believe for a long time we'll be given birth control pills to lead to promiscuity. Well it's a new study that says something different about that it will talk about that when we come back with more of the Scotia on every WL was -- -- Kelly she's really cute. That is all I do 7% chance of rain tomorrow that they start about -- of course we'll have the latest weather for you tomorrow morning at WWL first news with Dave color for five to six. And then with Tommy Tucker from six to tenure at WW the turning a little cooler it's going to be in the forty cent a couple of nights this week. And then cooler during the day but that it's gonna warm up by the weekend hopefully the what is going to be nice Sunday for the big Saint Patrick's Day parade. In -- -- birth control pills were first introduced in America the moral majority criticized the convenience of birth control pills claiming. That it would lead to increased promiscuity. In fact. Birth control pills were bankrupt and in this stated that many states in the state of Connecticut. There was a law that said if you practice birth control with artificial birth control methods. You could be put in jail. There was a case that we -- Supreme Court in the early sixties. And Supreme Court declared. -- birth control pills. Did a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional based on right to privacy. So again -- to me this sets a precedent along with the the ruling on the of this sodomy law. A ban on sodomy laws in the state of Texas or any state is unconstitutional according to the Supreme Court it was a ruling that goes back to. A case of Lawrence vs Texas in net 2003. And there are those who thought well this is the demise of our. Our society it's all based on right to privacy in and based on on on those rulings. Either of the Supreme Court does change in terms of justices. The the general mentality quite often remains the same and I think that there is such respect for. And privacy of their. That any ban on same sex marriages could ultimately be defeated at the Supreme Court level but he -- to a more of your calls and some of your comments on our FaceBook page about the -- blog. Which is about oh well let me finish this on. This topic very quickly. -- there's a new study out that shows that even free birth control does not increase risky behavior. And the study was set dawn of a girls and women in Saint Louis area. And it found that free birth control programs. Reduce abortion and reduce. On intended pregnancies. And quite often there are unintended pregnancies. With with a married couple. But birth control pills did cut down on abortion and it cut down on on unintended pregnancies. And policy on one unintended pregnancies is the best way to put it but there winners there was no link between free birth control. And promiscuity. And this is something that was argued by the moral majority. Years ago -- and they wanted to ban on birth control pills wanted to presidential pills to be illegal because it was believed to increase promiscuity and apparently that's not the case. I read earlier today I think the numbers over 50%. Over half of the women who are on birth control pills I use them for other reasons other than strictly birth control. From the West Bank Sammy -- under the WL. And -- Call they've. State legislature first state media day. You know it's you know whatever. Grand potential out that you and it is somewhere and it's taken. Not the side -- upload the option. What was in Baton Rouge -- -- but it got stopped by. What do you think -- -- chose David. Read my mine and they are no coincidences. And they -- reform to new taxes like David. But to the law of the -- And the laws of the land belongs to Caesar or the government or -- -- indices are against. And that word of god alone to got now. Whatever. People's beliefs are about -- probably would have a crushed -- -- my life is not Christ like. But I'd that we believe got. A -- for a lot of difficult things but. I did not -- some clown in north Louisiana. Two. What a stamp of approval. On the Bible and -- think anybody that reads her Bible. You know a few minutes today studies that deeply or halfway between. Or or or preachers or ministers or or. It in the church and some position. I don't think they need. Allegedly to step will -- And that's what I brought out in the of the blog that erode. I don't understand what benefits. There -- before existed does this suggest that. If the Bible is declared the official state book of Louisiana that more people would read the Bible ended there would be more. And more. And more faith more religion more christianity in the state mean I would think if if if your faith. Is so shallow. That it could be affected by declaring the Bible the official state -- your fate is really not as strong as you think it is. I I think it's arrogance on the -- -- yeah that's I would like to pass this law. You know that -- like -- who who this week. As the arrogant. -- is a good point pamphlet and I cried like a Christian like you know but at that we get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Louisiana State book on this comes from Jennifer a confederacy of Dunst is Louisiana's state book apparently. Here is. Comment from Patrick the point is the way this country is kicking god how note. It is about time. Something is done to invite him back. Here's a comment from Christopher if you wanna live in a country. Ruled by religion. Then move to I -- You know this comment on our FaceBook page from the Patrick about kicking god out of America. -- I haven't seen that happen. Can anybody give me into an example of that mean. How was that this is this is part of the hysteria of the people buy into and social media. Simply -- to all of this. I don't know about you but there's nothing that government has done. To take out away from me. And there's nothing the government can do to take got away from you. So when you talk about kicking got out of this country specifically what he really referring to. Got a text here about to all laws are based on morality. Get to that taxed more of your comments. Coming up on description. Under VW well welcome back to this coach Joseph and -- -- we're out of time if I didn't get to your call -- you one of express your opinion justice Cynthia -- email I try to answer all of the emails. And my email address is scoot -- WWL to -- here's a Texan -- -- all laws are based on morality. Stealing cheating killing -- child pornography and abuse etc. etc. Sodomy laws were made for moral reasons just like the aforementioned crimes and -- for Tom. Tom is a big difference between. The act of sodomy. And everything else that you mention the aforementioned crimes that you mention. The differences. It's sodomy is something that takes place. Between consenting adults. That's a private acts stealing cheating killing robbing jumping -- graffiti. Abuse etc. etc. as you say are crimes that hurt other people. Here's a vital -- on RW a pretty general opinion poll. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book 39% say they're against it 61% say they -- forward. A -- blood continues to trend on our website at WW dot com which some really funny funny responses. To the blog at WW old accounts also are FaceBook page. -- -- -- --