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Mar 11, 2014|

Dave talks about picking lottery numbers, What is Wrong with People, and political rhetoric

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the eleventh of march 2014. -- it's Tuesday. Today I like to call not mine that's correct because we've made that much progress and we moved on from Monday and were heading. Slowly towards the weekend -- 40% down by the under the state rights right 20% per day and a -- Actually went to eighty extremely brief rain shower and well and just as -- again by. Carrollton and the nightstand -- rent on time at the superdome it stopped. Well you know Laura said most of it was off the coast moving him yes but yeah -- congress -- little pop off it was a thirty seconds to our. -- -- It didn't last very long but that is election that is a little bit and it'll rain there and more coming as the worst day. Whether wives that we have to deal with this week. A -- pretty much perfectly -- just nice spring loading condition what's the seventies and some sunshine ally had a little trouble getting up this now. -- did that things have to a ones I have the alarm clock that's what can media. For the last past thirty years. They do blast of yes yes it's a dream machine and it's every day for the last thirty years it's awakened. -- my phone alarm them both go. It's a backup system case one fails the other works. But I was in such a sleepy stupor. That IE was. They alarms going off of trying to turn it off on my found but it wasn't my phone alarm was going off Tom -- -- -- -- that it won't stop but it won't stop and might sleepy brain couldn't figure out why wouldn't stop. -- have done everything I'm supposed to do why don't you stop. And I looked over at the enormous ago. It took me about it felt like 32 year private Wesson that law. No one too long to my wife didn't start kicking usually take too long -- my arm off the tick she says it's kicking and turned hero our top half but that it happened -- complete news she was so tired didn't like Europe or. It just felt it was longer than what I think they're a lot of people are still love is feeling the impact if I think it gets worse about Wednesday. Think that's it you had just takes a few days for rustic kind of re in my firm -- his Leo whoa what's going on here. So I think that Wednesday about the worst of it in today's Tuesday it's now tomorrow maybe wars. I you buy a Mega Millions ticket yet now I haven't 309 million dollars I didn't even know the jackpot was that high. You -- by the billboard right there superdome and been paying attention but how I know. Cash -- to 169. Is indeed well coming up on the and it's idea. Where you're winning numbers may be located at least for one New York woman where she. Number winning our strength. Again you know I -- that's a tip I would take that I got tired of this one number on the ticket section and get it. It is and now but it worked for her -- Gary Papa Papa. Any thing that relate to it off the story -- start with you and get back in there about fifteen minutes more news on that read him you say about them -- -- -- David like I'm Dave -- yes if you are on I 55 southbound. You want to exhibit 51. That man Jack -- get back on. -- -- says it is do you expect that as people are telling us they're heavy southbound delays on -- 55. Bullet traveling there and texting them that and he gave Killen at the early edition of WW operatives you play the lottery. And did you hear -- it. Karen Peterson said about Bobby Jindal. In the news here -- Bobby Jindal sent about Barack Obama last week. When you think about quality hyperbole and rhetoric and politics these days to. -- everybody. Here's some news sound -- with account and capital talk about it here on WWW forecasting you're sports. IBC's morning. So I thank you so much as part of these early edition of WWL for listeners. By the way do you recall if you're heading from Hammond. Toward applause on the I 55 you'll have to exits and -- stack and impact non. And it the entrance past rude shock because there's a apparently someone was driving the wrong way on the -- 55 and caused some big nasty crash. Waiting for further details but the point is there are delays if you're heading south on 955. You might just wanna save yourself the trouble and -- override twelfth of the causeway. Income southbound on the causeway. Political rhetoric. This president graduated from some of the best schools in the country and our women if you would like some free advice farm and I consider suing Harvard Law School to get as. The lesson we -- in three years. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Speaking about president Barack Obama he went on to save it. And when he used he's essentially say that Barack Obama's not very Smart thing we've long regarded him as an intelligent man maybe we have to re think that and and a lot of other stuff like that then we heard. Karen Carter Peterson. Reacting to the governor's speech opening the legislature yesterday. Today we'll have a lot of recovering to do it won't be from. Parking Katrina it will be from her cajun. What do you think about this kind of rhetoric it amazes me that anything gets done in government not much does just for the record anymore because of this kind of Republican -- democratic. Anger and bitterness and let's just -- the other guy apart let's just -- mean and that's just. The days of working together and working for compromise and and an attempt any get things done and meet somewhere in the middle of long since been over I don't know where we get back to. Anyway just thought I'd get that off my chess it's now time for your forecast. Cloudy this morning with rain and a few thunderstorms moving in and by later this morning into the midday and afternoon hours a 70% chance today don't leave home without the rain gear. And heist later around seven deep into night the rain tapers off so much that we're only looking at 820% chance overnight with lows hitting 59. Looking under a 20% chance tomorrow is a front moves through the area. Heist a close to seventy on Wednesday but behind the front cooler on Thursday a high at 59 with sunshine. From the eyewitness -- forecast senator I'm meteorologist far opts out. Cloudy skies at the airport 63 degrees calm winds cloudy and 59 at the National Weather Service office in slide down and I do acknowledge. It's some of the modern day politics is people sticking very tightly to their principles and fighting very hard for what they believe it. And there are. They're read. -- there refusal to band or compromised. Is because they feel like they owe it to their electorate to stick to those ideas on which they were elected I get that. I just think there's a mean streak that runs through all I'm not so sure that I know it's an actor that I 55 south is closed one person Texas and -- 7870. Is -- due to bring you down a highway 51 on the ground level to get around that nastiness cited -- -- south. Does the traffic on the old highway 51 to applause as a solid line of eighty. Who were trying to pass each -- -- ego folks another reason to avoid that area you might wanna go on -- twelve to the causeway. Just you don't have to deal with any of that. In the meantime we have to deal with sports which is a good thing. And for that we have Steve -- and now I'm not Monday morning happy Tuesday if the morning hours ago. Am glad it's not Monday. And but the rain is -- says if there's one bed -- -- good weather wise as we get this -- hopefully doesn't affect LSU peaceful evening and that's a good question watched it. -- mystery urologist or about Feldman tells went all the rest of the over here in just a little bit meantime tells about sports. Good morning everyone the NFL free agency period begins this afternoon at 3 o'clock what will the saints -- NFL analyst Mike until the day on where the black -- gold's main focus should be. This football team needs to get better at right tackle cornerback and safety in veteran free agency and that's where I think -- got money. That's where you've got to spend that cash. LSU baseball returned to the diamond tonight and welcomes nickel state to Alex box stadium tigers coach pulmonary was -- junior Brady domain to the hill. He earned his first career win at LSU last week vs sacred heart. Allowing one run on three hits and two strikeouts and three innings of work. The -- -- with south Paul Mike can't chart. Who struck out eight in eight innings of work and has allowed no earned runs pregame coverage starts at six on WWL. First pitches at 630. A quick look at the NBA were Dwyane Wade LeBron James and Chris Bosh he scored each scored at least 22 points. To help Miami accomplished three things the heat ended their three game losing streak -- in NBA playoff berth. And pulled within 1 game -- Eastern Conference leading Indiana Pacers. A scary moment in the NHL the game between Dallas Stars of visiting Columbus Blue Jackets was called off in the first period after stars but we're rich people we collapse on the bench. Here's doctor -- Salazar. We provide oxygen for him we started tonight we we did just impressions. Women now -- related and provided some electricity to bring. A rhythm back to his heart and that was successful I was one attempt which is -- -- reassuring. He really missed the start of the season because -- of a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat a condition diagnosed during a training camp physical. Or looking fit and trim down Barry Bonds is donning a giants uniform for the first time in six and a half years. He's with the team this week at San Francisco spring training site in Scottsdale Arizona as a special hitting coach. I'm more nervous than this and I was playing because it was only my mind and me trying to. Put that into other players I don't know a little bit nervous about this side and I was on my side. Bonds adds that he's feels he is worthy of election to the Baseball Hall of Fame even though his final years were clouded by suspicious use of performance enhancing drugs. Today -- four on sports talk the NFL free agency frenzy kicks off. What position do you expect the -- to address plus who would you re sign and who would you let walk. Which early morning look at sports science. -- Geller -- free agency officially begins today. Correct yes so the unrestricted free agents on the science could theoretically sign with other teams as early as today. Right at 3 o'clock the the gates -- who are we most worried about where you most worried about the senate potentially losing to the unrestricted create seekers. I guess I would look at the offensive line and a guy like Zach Strief because he's such been a veteran presence there but it's. I would not be. I would not be surprised of -- the saints could replace him just disease late but he is of a veteran guy that knows. You know this had happened. Both playing here is light so I think his veteran presence is more important than anything extra. Are trying to -- as an -- for it yet he's already supposedly getting some interest from the New York Giants. It's a lot of folks are expecting him to actually take off and not be around next season but -- about -- need for the saints. Either addressing senator through free agency or than the NFL draft and you would think. They'd wanna yet a veteran person they're not starting a rookie right away and any other big name unrestricted free agents on the sense that potentially could no longer be in the black and gold buzz on today is over yet -- safety Malcolm Jenkins who's getting interest from the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles so. A lot of folks there. Expecting him to not be in black people next -- actually aren't NATO folks and 3 o'clock today as we could learn some solid news about what's going on with Pierre Thomas. Yet another -- Darren Sproles. Right we'll Sproles is supposedly a done deal and has been we saw him. We got his divisive to New Orleans at the -- still trying to trade him. I don't need to see there's been no official word from the scene of yet as of right now I guess you could say he's on the roster and Pierre Thomas distill those rumblings they are still trying to move him as well. I would hate to see his presence not being in that offense next year but we'll see what. Happens until we get you back in here and 25 minutes with more sports and what can talk about the unrestricted free agents and other teams. The saints are reportedly looking. Including the -- The Ron Amadon is back -- that. It's point five minutes more sports here at WWL AM SM. And that count your forecast of more on this nasty crash on I 55 involving an off a wrong way driver. And as it closed southbound. As you get to the man -- area your forecast and amortization forecast center. A few heavy downpours around today by late this morning and especially through the midday and afternoon hours. Well first 70% chance for that increasing rain today at -- later at seventy. Then the rain tapers off fourteen night only at 20% chance for the overnight hours and lows around 59. And then cloudy tomorrow and hang onto that 20% chance as a cold front swings through. Still -- tomorrow at seven -- at temperatures dropped for Thursday highs around 59 and look for mostly sunny skies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- 63 cloudy at the airport one little tiny shower on the South Shore some more coming though later slide out cloudy and 59 degrees I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. I could -- five south as close and making get off a man jacking get back on it really got -- from what prisoners -- between those two acts exits minutes half an hour. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL -- -- it's marked the eleventh -- 2014. And it's Tuesday asked that now it's -- not to -- day -- demonstrate that we have made progress. In getting our way through the work week folks who are stuck on the -- five southbound and making -- -- the boy that's a tough kid and now it appears from the text messages were getting police -- not -- -- even -- demands -- they're making all -- now traffic -- on Katula. And then get down to 51 there's a year ago even further. And I US 51 on the ground level and we're getting a lot of text messages that traffic is backing up in the people and driving terribly intelligently and now I'm 51 so I think Terrell suggestion Tuesday night well go on over you know. Causeway and take that south not a bad idea. And -- trying to get into applause that's a long way around it. It is one is -- -- early indications -- that this thing could take quite awhile -- it's apparently gonna involve an investigation. In the wrong way driver you know gallantly all kinds it's not a good this got a text message from one person says that we -- just turned offer engines and where. Now walking around weakness. This stock between where there in traffic often used to their distance and they going to be there looks like for quite awhile could be another hour. For the investigations. Again that's your trouble spot. For traffic this morning. I was talking earlier in tonight's Mega Millions -- nine million dollars. A New York woman 75 years old. Got a fortune -- And you know the fortune cookies have lucky number yes they do well -- -- decided to play those lucky numbers from her fortune cookie. On the powerball. And she won. Two million dollars nice with a fortune cookie numbers very nice and it's all I don't need 309. Mile well. Think if the artwork and turn -- down. I'm always have you in the 309 you keep you give me their exact. That -- -- Sarah Brady guy named Juan. And -- take two million -- and you bet yeah what are the chances though that you get a fortune cookie it's -- numbers and it's a someone's already generated these numbers it wherever they make the fortune cookies. And those same numbers come up at least five of the six mop. In the powerball -- Application matched five out of six at the mall and guys of that Michigan two million dollars mysterious ways acts oh -- he gal that played doing you know by the numbers under a fortune cookie. That he played quick pick your US yeah I do I do quit org accord I used to -- the year you know the birthdays and special numbers but. Now quick. Dad is an equities in it felt a little circles. And cancel it seems like most of the time when we hear about big winners and you're just to me and we after report Obama obviously. I usually -- quick. Than you nominee in May be I don't know three quarters of the cases haven't. Done an exact science -- seems like most re added a quick pick I think the odds of the same either away. But quick pick randomly generates them and their balls are randomly. Generated so maybe you stick with the randomness of the randomness and more like. It's so frustrating ago and you just think how. -- of those silly numbers they -- easy it's just like walking into a casino. He need to go in knowing you're not gonna win -- house wins the odds are in their favor the odds of you winning the lottery so infinitesimal small you actually much better. -- -- -- -- -- You know you're one and a 170. Millions of winning the lottery -- -- those aren't very good guy not at all. But it again if you just paying a buck or two for a dream well no harm no foul that money's going to the now hours TV and that's -- -- did things right when there's more money perhaps a little late this man like look at what's happening in around Denver my goodness how goodness that -- haven't -- on the -- than they -- we have the person numbers than -- on how much pot was sold in Colorado just during January of fourteen point two mile fourteen point 02 million dollars worth of recreational marijuana sold. The state get two million dollars in taxes. In Colorado in just one month one month for selling there one that we don't know what kind of extra costs the state incurred. In having to deal with so many people who were high. Ask him any additional calls the police there weren't an additional car crashes and they that that's something I'm sure they'll have up -- the -- -- -- two million dollars more for. State lawmakers to spend in Colorado thank you David we'll spend more time with you in less than twenty minutes Chris Miller joins us talking -- saints fans free agency starts today. Where that most worried about being gone gone and who they wanna pick up. To make the -- better. God let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I figured morning. -- meteorologist Laura but now. Well I got one little tiny rain shower on my way in race. Yeah right as I got in the New Orleans from battery that Christa Miller is over Algiers he got rained on the few minutes ago on an architect and a -- 7870 quote the rain has started out there are sharp and I'm happy. -- -- Very light I doubt he has made no light at cite it showing up on the radar that this is not the rain were expecting later today this is gonna be a little bit of light kind of pre showers that are ripping through the heavier storms will be coming and later this afternoon. While the one eyes had lasted all of about that yet it like it's a battery -- exactly to the superdome it and it yeah. More awake today in fact by later this afternoon and yet. At midday hours and stronger storms are gonna be here as well all right so what's that timing here on when we should expect the bulk of it went like an -- you -- -- -- during the day -- -- -- wrap -- -- it's -- -- -- daytime and evening. Showers overnight maybe just about -- 20% chance -- -- -- it's really been mostly date topic is we do have analogy baseball game and bad news evening we'd like to get out of can be iffy and I am -- hit or miss that. Maybe a rain delay is possible. But once we get that rain out here looked at the rest of the week. Yeah he can't actually we cooled down a little bit beginning Thursday that we have our front but arrives on Wednesday bring this chance first shower tomorrow. But then as we get into that Thursday it cools down Friday we're in the sixties with sunshine. And right now the -- actually looks pretty -- and we have a lot of think Patrick's day you know for -- -- Fun stuff going on around the area -- -- the primary channel Saturday that there's a chance of rain Saturday on the wild. Okay so parades. Pretty good. Maybe Saturday -- of the -- it's. Right that Pakistan it to Sunday better than Saturday. -- -- again everyone understands that. Also make sure that everyone understands clearly that you can't go to somebody's wedding. And take Vegas now. Went -- after style yes you know -- -- funny movie and now active money at Diego and you drain and you BP fallen. I hop hop but now -- -- for a while now in those guys. Right now in pots down Pennsylvania though they do you have someone who has landed the why probably people file. Because this wedding crash -- was after more than a few free drinks in suburban Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty to stealing cash and gifts. From wedding receptions. Authorities say that Joseph Patrick for a zone junior. -- thousands of dollars in -- from receptions. In both June and July he's pleading guilty just after an attempted theft and remained jailed without bond. A sentencing date has yet to be sat. You know I guess if you have that many people at your wedding and no one really knows who's on which side can you don't know is that Joe's cousin Mary's. You know friends from college and nobody knows exactly who everywhere and it. Of the just someone Larry you know hang and have never presume they belonged there you had no surprise that doesn't happen more often to be honest with -- Iraq is what my question about you know take in the presence or whatever and maybe this is. Not the case anymore but I -- he really aren't supposed to bring the presidents at their wedding. Yeah it will do is assistant and I had a -- like if I mean and maybe make that I'm the only one that thinks that I thought that. I've been a lot to answer them like a wishing well people drop things on their table wherever I was always told growing up that that kinda like you don't you don't forget presents -- an -- action. It's that any can it maybe -- It's just. I don't open now -- in your rethink things that you're spam Krejci maybe I didn't maybe that is. Now -- -- but when I people -- hips don't want I had to let. I just my mom always told me you send that get to had a -- go at your mind that I do it better do it but something maybe it's a generational thing that's on that because that was what. Studio at some which are listen I don't know. If I had to do it do it that's what I on the PI best lesson in life I've learned that we -- many times -- you know mom if you the president that I had time enough to worry about it it's -- stole an active were sent. A guy that's another benefit to sending it dynasty -- in this parliament. Thank you Laura how to get more about down like and respect from the Eyewitness News forecast an update on I fifty stop five southbound closure. And sports with Steve Geller the saints beat targeting in free agency when it's at this afternoon that is after this. I -- there is a fatal crash on I 55 southbound police say and someone was going to wrong way there was collisions at least two of them. At least one person is dead so I 55 southbound is now closed. From time to two all the way to root doctor putting traffic on US 51 witches. Pretty backed up right now might wanna take the causeway sports time now on W -- well. Bob -- galleries we get ready for some College Baseball hopefully if the rain all -- and it's free agency beginning in the -- -- you wanna see what you got for us this morning. Good morning M free agency opens at 3 o'clock today in the National Football League analyst -- -- to -- says this -- only be able to -- one big name free -- because of the salary cap and feels that any leftover money should go to improving the defensive back field. We just never have enough cover people who gave his pitching catch today that Hubble will also setup and it's not just having to bid Culver called -- having three and if you look at. It seemed at one and all that basically got war. Elsewhere in the NFL the Steelers will -- former Pro Bowl linebacker LaMarr Woodley the New York Jets have part ways with wide receiver Santonio Holmes after four seasons. At saved the team eight point 25 million dollars in salary. In the Chicago Bears have released seven year veteran running back Michael Bush. LSU baseball is back in action this week -- week. This evening and Alex box stadium and host nickel state the tigers will send free domain to the mound. BG has gone five -- thirty innings with two strikeouts four walks and owns 86 point 35 ERA. The colonels will counter with lefty Mike can't -- who's pitched eight innings of scoreless ball while striking out eight and walking five. Pregame coverage starts at six RW WL first pitches after 630. Tulane baseball host one of the nation's top teams. Louisiana Lafayette comes -- -- -- stadium the green wave is -- -- five on the year while the raging -- agency that thirteen and 21 pitch is at 630. Dallas Stars forward Richard. Doctor Gil -- Salazar said that he really was successfully treated for a cardiac event. I was able to talk to -- back of the ambulance and he was over able to tell me where he was and he actually wanted to get back in the game. People we missed a start this season because of her a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat a condition that was diagnosed during a training camp physical. Florida State and Wichita remain the top two teams in the new Associated Press men's basketball poll Villanova moves from six to third. Arizona dropped one spot to fourth and global jumped from eleventh to fit. Today have for sports talk the NFL free agents feels free agency frenzy kicks off. What position do you expect the -- to address plus who would you re signed and who would you let walk. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. Agency frenzy created different TV eyes and tongue twister I think Ellis Island I don't think you should try to say that again. Take that right out of your copy just make -- -- -- the NFL's the teller and with sports on this. Not Monday morning so guys playing hockey sit on the bench he has a cardiac events they have to do chest compression and the flip relate him shot his card back into the proper rhythm and what it is saying. We'll look back in the game probably and I'm ready to play. Now maybe I go to the hospital and get that checked the saints not on life support but they do have some holes that bill capital when it comes to free agency. He said that might tell -- aces is not enough cash to -- time one big freeagent. -- -- -- -- -- where would you like to go I mean we're here and Darrelle Revis the island is going to be available. To the sense to have someone like that a shutdown corner where widgets and spend that cap money available now. I'll be just too much money for the saints to shell out for quarterback he's expected to make. Sixteen million dollars this season that's the reason the boxer. Releasing him remove -- yet what's actually good for them if there is there's no dead money so that sixteen all that sixty million comes off the books for them. For the saints I'm looking offensive line -- a guy from the bagels Anthony Collins also the jets Austin Howard back quarterback. You have a young guy to -- brown from the 49ers to be available and out Panthers captain motor when a young guy 25 years old. Love the name and also is a kick returner so he'd be great as a corner. Buys him some -- he buys thank you Steve will be staying in do you all say -- created to officially get started this afternoon right here on WWL. The rain movement and today moving out tonight next to answer right now until Saturday that far as the -- -- -- by Tommy Tucker in -- talk about Tektronix new law that he proposed that would fine you 300 dollars engaging eight hours of community service if he threw a cigarette butt out of the car. Just one cigarette -- that it can't clutter inside they got ready jaguar opinion polls going to be is a cigarette butt litter. And dividends that I think you got to go from there too well how's it different than a -- -- rapper. We'll also talk about the saints who wouldn't you trade or cut even -- another trip to the Super Bowl way to ensure loyalty and and your longing for another Lombardi -- plus some other stuff you know once -- -- -- that he -- -- cigarette -- on the ground because -- make passes with them.

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