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WWL>Topics>>3-11 6:15am Tommy, are cigarette butts trash?

3-11 6:15am Tommy, are cigarette butts trash?

Mar 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Pat Connick about a bill he's proposed that would make throwing cigarette butts out your car window a $300 fine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's a Muslim and about saint Patrick -- would think represented -- -- tonic the morning. Our current so it would really cutting student so Brea believed -- is an Irish names and. Perhaps a little -- and you know -- Dracula bit of -- have a fun but. So Burton. And today I -- a ready jaguar paying people on here are cigarette butts litter 100% of the people are saying yes but then. Some of the text of making it seem as though are right this is another step to crack down on smokers and and guess and represented you don't care if anybody smokes and a car not so long as they do is keep the cigarette but they aren't elegant properly dispose of. Absolutely you know I think it's second nature of so well but for -- -- -- went and they don't realize such littering and no one cares but you know we have communities along experts would ever want two more hours. Every time and each in the section as we have actionable those who have borrowed cigarette -- That that's scooped up and thrown away that you'll be kept to make sure that. You know introduced to the world that probably does well with a particular and it can make sure people aware that. So anything out the window view cars literate and get -- and stop. Are there laws on the books now -- address cigarette butts. There there's laws that address littering -- -- dealt by political control pick up trash out and so. It took developed fine eight out of community service. This should be great two 2300 -- the first cigarette butt so repudiate it yeah straight. Wrote wow you in trouble. While 300 per but so. But you see you know what they represented you see people do that have you ever been at a red light didn't. It would the green light Bibi go NC when get a chance to see it but it but it the subtitle like -- you look on that Gaza street that day at the curb its disgusting. It -- -- equity enforcement and the in the money that's but aren't need to go to the enforcement officials to to give them -- -- that. To get it done. But if you put cheer me it's virtually -- in -- section -- that you can get some people. Any different and it was going Antony. Yeah pop eyes reverend and -- trying to -- on top allies believe me anything fast food wrapper or. -- little. Critters little smaller but but you know -- -- -- a lot of people think the secret but not a big deal. -- it -- the ball at the scene. But -- south and so. On on the street and he's if we can make -- -- in Asia. Eddie or gotten any push back on us from year. There are -- and people -- -- -- it -- -- -- president you know. So to that happens in the -- -- had to -- through the house and senate. And and to the governor post and she couldn't get -- Let's take a second here and talk about it a the thing that you're involved with that is very important -- on bury -- boulevard and -- Great place for people he has some neat. Ultimately though very -- we have. Well -- -- -- -- and tomato plants are built of adrenaline or to open more corn. And repeat planet over there agree -- -- The fresh vegetables and typical of the -- but in the polls and a great turning -- -- it's -- -- both -- -- you know -- restaurant business from from both science and -- From operations and from the from the -- so. It's a good deal to anyone in that area. Please stop trying to launched. It's the so like the character and that's what drives street sustaining program. We'll look to the west. And did tell people exactly where it is -- percent of its on barracks area across from Shaw our net. Madonna manor complex orders. It's in an element -- complex -- on eleven no one there are terrible bar and then should speaks Spanish style built. Took in the 1930s so and and -- They're sort of -- and also on Friday -- -- -- special. You know bring bring you liquor. -- when -- -- and they have a better public property to recruit. Parents should nothingness. Is there website people go to to find out more. Yeah look at our -- capital. -- -- it -- well thank you represented about appreciate your time and you work with that because it's a it's a great way to get people trained up and work in that it reported a pretty tough.

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