WWL>Topics>>3-11 7:10am Tommy, are cigarette butts litter?

3-11 7:10am Tommy, are cigarette butts litter?

Mar 11, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about a proposed bill that would make it a $300 fine to toss cigarette butts out your car

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I knew all hell was to greatly is always are talking about this cigarette butt thing represented impact -- Once and make it illegal to throw a cigarette butt out of the window use yet dear ashtray the fine would be 300 dollars per cigarette butt. And you'd have to perform eight hours of community service and the text I'm getting amaze me the direction that they're gone in everything from political motives to. Ended the blaming -- people at least in certain areas conspiracies. All of the -- exactly and I get a tech slick comes in a that the lady from California called in setting Californians illegal ones x.'s it's a thousand dollar fine another one says patty we're not in California now. I brought that up -- it's humid here and moist in Las Vegas for example you can have a barbecue grill you'll have an apartment -- -- -- you again have a barbecue grill on the patio because there's such. A fire risk. But but I think it'd be interesting look at a couple of different ways first off say somebody from California is in front of you. And -- they empty their ashtray on the ground. Are you gonna get a lot more upset than you would if -- somebody with a Louisiana played as an NBA -- will -- Donors sportsman's paradise what are you what are you disrespecting will what do you think as you garbage -- my you do Arnett. The benefits are on the butt out of the window one at a time. Are you any different really and a pretty jaguar opinion poll was asking people are cigarette butts litter. 100% are saying no I mean yes it is rather it is yes that's -- thought so that's the case there are you saying it's okay. Till later because just smoke. Well I would. I'm just gonna gas on this but I would think most smokers probably don't feel real good. When they throw that bottom too when there something you know just like if you were thrown trash -- your throwing that out it's like. And now I am I guess it have to do that but I don't wanted to in the car Wheldon. Indo smoke -- I don't know tonight it did says a Texans in 300 dollars. Is too much for a cigarette butt but I don't throw it out the window that's what laws -- you tell me what you think Paul North Shore high here on -- throughout the morning. -- -- Eight -- But my comment is that I suspect that. People are. They really would say is that. You know this concept here Saturday should be. Covered -- a little more -- and yeah. It's a lot more that these legislators could be it would get their sides. Putting up bills like this. I'd like illegal -- like Paul. Well I mean. Just can't ensure that the mean you're so -- mr. Condit in the war epic that so. A lot to do problems wherever it. Yeah -- weight that's I don't assume would be a lawyer has to do with the pilot cigarette butts on a curb and and well -- Micah said the outlook cigarettes should have been covered under local people were smoked in what could have been -- a long time. And when they were a lot of smokers -- -- win. Those -- voters and nobody passed a law. Concerning cigarette by some bail everybody's quit smoking a byte think it's really -- and everything so now we're gonna have a little while all the cigarette I just. You know I just think it's it. OK so if we if we Amanda and we just got to get to the breaking if we amend. The litter laws to include cigarette butts and -- -- -- -- you would be OK with that. Or you have read it should be covered under the little law fortunately Trevor took a little more weight back when whatever they live or. But nobody can do anything about that now and -- as Gagne is that the new law you're opposed to tell us not to kill him Amanda. Those law what I am what I'm saying it is is that we should have. Comment sensor and this should have been covered a long time ago you can't do anything about what happened and I -- I I understand it but you know instead of waste in. The legislators are important and stuff like that it's sort of play. Which brings me back to the ready jaguar paying people these -- cigarette months later. In order so you don't think anything should be done about. Letter just an element. Well I want I want to be done -- but what I'm saying is that it should have been gone a long time ago. In better instead of being addressed and. At a time machine pulse I don't know how you could do that I mean -- it's not been felt through the cracks now is -- Dresser or. Look how many letters litter it's letter I mean it's it's cigarette butt litter litter and so it should be covered -- a little. It it in Egypt I mean this is kind of you know how I was one of -- -- cigarette but not -- -- and everything else that you thought you orient letter. Wasn't there when he did -- Paula I don't know I don't understand how do you -- -- Like products are clear what is a really don't just mean the common sense would be well. -- throw a cigarette -- you window and you're ashtray and there's no penalty for that we need to fix it. And regardless of what happened years ago but I'm glad you called -- really gambling. He -- -- like four minutes and I got to go to break here Tommy Tucker coming back on -- W Tommy Tucker talking about it bill proposed by representative -- tonic. That would make it illegal to throw cigarette butt out of the window we carry a 300. Dollar fine for each cigarette but you have to perform eight hours. Of community service and the reaction of this surprises me because -- -- sure. For the most part everybody would agree like its letter don't throw it out the window and anything. Do. I guess discouraged that would be good and then that if you don't want -- find his own doing. And I'm ready jaguar opinion polar cigarette butts -- 100% are saying yes. And somebody says texted me and said. Congratulations. Or something about that challenging pol last color. Com Tom -- -- questioning you really challenging the collars assumptions and eleven always a great show with thank you and Allen trying to challenge anybody who has just. Trying to understand because if you saying it should have been done originally and it wasn't. I think it's wrong amount of time to fix it. And I don't understand the distinction between amending an old law which is a new law where passing a new law witches. A new law I don't I don't see the difference in those two. -- and applause thanks for calling -- morning your WL. Doubt it. You know considerate. It. And accurately shall consider. It sure if it's there and she. Ordered the question these. -- that. He should pregnant during picture. Strictly. That it. -- -- -- Do you. It now Texans that sounds like you're in comics back pocket no I mean nobody's back pocket and just. I ain't seen cigarette butts or any kind of trash on the road and I understand how somebody thinks. Well let yeah thank thank you -- you -- money that thinks. Just because somebody's trying to clean up the streets I don't understand how you would have a problem with that and again if you smoke. Well just don't throw it out of the cart keeping your car and in your logic is we don't want any new car. Well then why would everybody else won it on the street and I'm just like fitness and and ready Jack opinion polls. Are cigarette butts litter 100% of you were saying yes so. If you think -- cigarette but his letter are you saying. Well you shouldn't later except for of that because I don't want it in my car. And as a result Iowa thrown out on the street Steve bu TI you're under the W good morning. Steve. In booty. We're gonna take a break me -- he's still there and take your calls well at T 60187. Neitzel 386 exit 890870. A text comes in and says I don't get the different swing amending a law or passing a new one. Both summer new laws and the legislature is gonna have time to spend time dealing -- And in terms of criticizing a guy mania on -- friend -- -- -- and I'm not in his back pocket why would you criticize somebody for trying. To put less litter on the streets are encouraged people through fines not to -- Call explain this to -- 722 to finally get traffic. We got its problems. I Tommy -- is 727. Talking about cigarette butts and later. And law had Connick. Wanting to make it among 300 dollar fine per cigarette but if you throw it out of the window and eight hours of community service now organ in -- parsing words here about whether it's included in the literal law or not I'm just don't buy what -- and representative Connie elders. And he said it's not a -- jaguar opinion polar cigarette butts -- 100% of view. Answering the -- saying yes. But he a lot of you are cancers laws so are you saying it's wrong until later unless that cigarette butt. Because if 100 senators saying a cigarette but his letter. Then we it's it's almost like. Some of the tax and dinners and -- -- about this or you worry about that wanted to stop that. Well OK and then maybe can look at that I don't think you can say. We don't need aloft for this when you should be making a lot of stopped -- if you think you got the right to throw a cigarette butt out of the window and that's I think it comes down to you. Surely higher end out of WL thanks for calling. And any part Italian public. In at 80. -- husband its weekly data into a deletions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Proctor a -- in the law. -- it. Legislation. But he can't collect enough people -- as it grows. And the get spoke throwing out cigarette butt and check them out there on highway in -- and -- -- Every morning we oceans -- -- -- -- Big drive and -- that -- in the light beer well maybe on speed limit but it actually. The way I mean constantly. -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- early as your attorney I would suggest you say you're not say they're driving very slow you know the speed limit I wouldn't do that that's not the best phrase but. Now I see it all the time and you write becomes an enforcement but I would say it is. You can't enforce a law that's not on the books out there there are a lot of things that. There should be more enforcement on and sometimes you see the police officers themselves breaking the very laws that you would like to see enforced. It so what do you do do you just let people continue to throw cigarette butts on out of the window does it matter DA care fixes me surely. What we need to do. Like that it AMOCO and deputy. Share in -- in polite or paying certain people indeed deputies to -- them. He doesn't I don't know but I know I don't like cigarette butts on the street. No I -- now on the scene at all I mean cigarette butt. Grocery. I think I'll start out the went out in force that the -- -- it is not a it's not the law. Legislation. But you know what went out. And are the questions of what he'd do nothing and we used wallow in some thoughts. -- I I am column -- oh yeah and thank you panicking today. I'd you to -- ecology 6018720386. Exit 8908. Says. -- don't think a cigarette but his letter I'd like to talk to you as well. Because I don't know that there -- a little legal definition. Thomas scientific explanation for what's Letterman it's not a if you go away automatically. Bio degrades if you if you throw a toothpick out of the window maybe -- -- its wooden is gonna rot. As a natural thing I don't know but I know -- 100% of viewers saying cigarette butts litter. But a lot of the text -- calls and didn't. -- against this law and it doesn't quite jive to me but we'll talk some more we come back 731. 29 before they already time related on news and that would David I David continuing to talk about this proposed law and it's generating it's not a response one line if you wanna -- 60187. Neitzel three. 866889087. It would make. Throwing cigarette butts out of the window which according to representative is is. Not legal laurel -- it's a proposed alliance with the way agrees and legislature in. You would be subject to a 300 dollar fine per cigarette butt. That means -- -- to handle and a straight years now and answering -- ignorant that you spend enough time and money to get caught. And eight hours of community service and these numbers have not changed. Are cigarette butts litter 100%. And it's not -- Are saying yes it is. So then I get a text that comes in a thousand a -- trying to get him as many as they can -- just Indian. But really worried about little bitty cigarette butts when people throw big nasty group diapers out of the window on the road and in parking lots. Leaders later if it doesn't belong and grounded doesn't grow on the ground than it is later another one says how lucky are we. We only have to tackle crimes like cigarette -- imagine. If we needed to stop real crime that we get police police Simon who's thrown their trash. The window. And then there's one more before I go back to the phones which is kind of interesting. And it goes in the legislative process. Itself Tommy their time could certainly be better used last year they debated what drink should be the state drink seriously. Deal with serious social issues. Mole and I guess you'd have Dan asks is letter. A serious social issue and Herbert new -- thanks for calling and holding your under the W. He he they're long. Good morning. Are like that you use. -- in there and ethical code would. -- history -- and so that the history interest in order. Here -- often. Here we go off into the weeds Herbert I understand your point them and get a hundred calls right now and text saying that. New cars don't. Come with ashtrays -- drive and an eight year old Cameron with a 120000. Miles up. I'm probably not the best guy to ask about this but what they do or not does that factor in this. Back. -- Now. Actually. Thank you Herbert I'm glad you called the next time maybe -- radio and -- we appreciate you taking time 74218. Before aid if you're on hold. Hang -- Jimmie and Patrick and Mary and Cindy yours and old John Craig. One line opened at -- six 1878 toll free 8668890870. Are cigarette butts litter. And if they are issued -- fine for thrown it out of the window. And his litter -- no matter what it is. 742 like you say come back and have a W. Right here we go deeper into the -- does Jordan looked at the statute as it stands now for littering and it says nothing about cigarette butts. Now somebody texted me and said. According to keep Louisiana beautiful dot -- a blood as chewing gum is littering and you can be fine for intentional littering but I went to that site. And I can't -- the definition anyway and if -- -- and in -- car. If you just put your -- in the car so to speak represented impact Connick has a bill that would. Make it illegal 300 dollar fine for each but that you didn't keep. In the car isn't cigarette butts and if you empty an ashtray at its fullest cigarettes out on public street. You'd be -- 300 dollars reached but. And no buts about it thank you and also eight hours of of community service are ready jaguar opinion poll. Is asking you -- cigarette butts litter. Well now somebody just to be contrary and I think. They did that and needed to when he declared war in Japan one person voted no just to make it appear that it was a democracy let but he knows democracy. 1% as saying no cigarette butts are not littered 99% are saying yes and if you think it is or they are. Why would you. Not want allotted prevent people or dissuade them from doing business. And if you worried about getting a 300 dollar fine then I would suggest you don't do it. Patrick on a road good morning sir you're -- -- a W -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they are like. On both. Out that -- at all. In. We will listen. It. Cigarette -- out -- out. And it got dark our current -- call -- a cigarette but are fine but it out and are -- rat bite out. -- -- -- Now I don't know there and again and trying to get lost in the -- here that maybe there's a Baton Rouge city ordinance. I don't know. At Ottawa -- that. Out speaker at Butler and new -- What did you think. Well let me ask you this what did you think about your -- -- cigarette butt out the window and do you smoke and you do it. Outspoken like. They. Are -- -- -- sure. -- shouldn't be that. Well that's that's one of ready jaguar opinion poll was confusing me I think you know they call it cognitive dissonance I guess what your brain can Hamlet is logically you know one thing. But that emotionally you feel a different way in your brain it's all confuse. But -- all confused anyways so who could tell. -- that -- or get ugly out at a level that I but it. Did he cite while you know what now now I'm wonder and if the police officer could have been -- and. Intimate but happy that it -- I'd spent about that out. We guys and any kind of sports car anything in and it tricked out vehicle. -- -- like I drive right Cadbury amongst her element this be why because. I'd crediting him Patrick thank you for taking time to call. I appreciated sued. Symbol. Is an -- elements -- dollars and which you name. And it's a different name again it. -- -- -- Okay. And you parents are big fans. And he has a dumb question is to get the name because he answers you parents gave it to him but let's get lost on this tell me what you think about lettering and so. What do you think about this whole thing would cigarette butts littering -- -- They're. I cute disagree. But. Let. Corey Perry to share. Apple or. They. -- Absolutely. Sure. It all shall. I Butler. Like that's fine. And culture chilly and -- -- Can I get a couple of things here not even care about smoking at this point. YE YE grooming when you're driving. And allocate that's good good answer I'll go at then and in terms of of the cigarettes in the butts and natural annulled agreeable. You roll your own tobacco cigarettes. What. Do you do that. OK so yeah actually carry little maggot tobacco in like a cowboy you put you put it in your mouth and fully closed in and -- the paper and make the cigarette. Tobacco cigarette. -- What Dave is apple corps thing now you know whatever reason where my house is located at seems like it's the right amount between now highway. And the subdivision where the people think anybody's -- and I did everything in house I get beer cans negate -- usually it's stuff from people being out waited nine Italian. Biodegradable -- not an overly when an apple cooler. In front in my home so you don't consider that later because you think eventually it'll rotten somebody or something Walid. It. Off and let me get a stay. Litter and house including -- -- it beer bottles. Old. -- and everything India and. So you you say it's -- to throw it out of the window if it's. It is food or if it's it is something that'll like -- -- that'll bio degrade. The actual began at eight -- that you. Are a little. Island is that. It. How did you get started rolling your own tobacco cigarettes. -- -- now I will sandal I'm guessing those on hand filters on -- and I'm just as the dad gonna tell you should need unit anyway. Should get there. It. Thanks for Colin. And it -- and 537 before -- and Indians next and seeing you should ask people. If they smoke in there if there against the answer the cigarette -- thing and if you want to share that information you're more than welcome but I'm not here. To interrogate tablet traffic that would and it's -- province's hi Tommy target is an interesting text -- smoking have always flick my butt out of the window it's littering and I know it and everyone knows it. I won't be doing it anymore. Even this new laws and having effects already will continue to talk about it when we come back on WW well.

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