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WWL>Topics>>3-11 8:15am Tommy, cheap costs more?

3-11 8:15am Tommy, cheap costs more?

Mar 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Daryl Paranada, a reporter with MyBankTracker.com, about when going cheap sometimes costs more

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guess -- parent not a joins us right now reporter from my bank tracker dot com good morning -- you Dylan. Good morning well thanks for taking the time. Tell me about the article at you can find -- by the way on my page we planted under Tommy's homework. And but when it comes to Dubai in things you know what. What's good what's bad like we said what's a waste of money but yet would either way what a waste of money -- -- expense one of the cheap one. Well you know there's a couple of it's marketed it to really be different between being -- being cheap so someone would. Google they usually have an end goal in mind it a financial goals that -- -- for. And so they're looking good you've -- managed care bill into debt to. But about who's who's cheap. They really it doesn't matter to them. It is the one in Miami I don't let. And so when he comes to being cheap it didn't -- to step up having an example that. Is buying in bulk but let me you know yesterday was that Smart and final and I. That there was a bunch of paper in OK that that there really good beyond that they need them are probably on the order paper but when it comes -- like. -- European -- like it was 202 and a chocolate you know that's great. But when it comes on the mark well -- -- that you expect I'll -- an example where. You can spend money but it's not going to be cheap in the end. So buying in bulk that -- -- -- orders -- but I don't know wanted to go to -- a year. So another example it is -- being violated even if it was partly to a brand. And she was still in the other current have a preference. Would you like fifty level it did get. They aren't at that where he's at at. You know we haven't got quite -- in Louisiana Tech it would when he took her to the threat that our. It's not been making its debut in the money and so you -- legitimately on the Mike pack. That would put it to the dark and it actually not saving money by driving that finally I don't know you. We all of -- you. I don't know but -- I never really fell -- of that because you know I'm here of the gas stations there it's three cents a gallon. And our ten gallons again estimates say thirty cents though it never did relieve the entice me yeah -- exams and. And exactly and it's really about that -- -- -- even something as innocuous you know medium and work work. Maybe. It has a lot about you but let's say a little low cost ward or 13 of your American made. Equity and work but you know did you -- and -- -- more acute abdomen. -- -- -- Yet but it. And so you know let's let's say. -- -- -- -- -- Pork that's made you know somewhere else and caught the spirit of the American -- work at the you know that it was silly example but another example where aid that would not be cheap. Is eating cheap food because on average American to Mexico today. And in the and buying activity -- machines -- It's it's gonna go out and yet the -- of ink in -- well. Weird if they can affect your long term worth its editor at pocketbook and so that's another example eating cheap food. And do it yourself -- self I was talking about our our -- by the time you get the specialty tools. And actually learn how to do and I think sometimes it's better to pay a professional. Absolutely I think we typically do get out when you're in created when you give me money. In the -- when you board but it. It would it would -- not to give up when we really don't have that repeat because in the end and really cost a lot of money he's sort of put it away. And count the cost that buying all of you being could do it now will cost but your wallet. And you'd be surprised -- -- -- REE so that's another great example when being cheap it really different feel in the long run Katrina. Take a lot of putts that you really not equipped to handle. About issues and mattresses I I think there is no if you are on cheap shoes. You know there really is that if you keep adding and appetite either natural or you're cute right. So you're either hopefully we beat out the day on your -- in and could excuse. And lack of lead but actually cost the average US worker -- need each year. And so you really wanna invest in a good match and a good excuse. Because that in the -- you know good match might cost you about 2000 -- compared to you may be hundred cola. -- and the content -- you because you wanna -- and that advocate could have -- the quality of your life. And so a match -- a good pair of suit. And the money and the people. So it's so what. When it comes to saving what are some of the things where you know it doesn't matter do you generic products of this supermarket. You know what -- -- think -- generic. Product that the quick example generic -- another great example there there are being. On the real deal. Ground on new -- counted fool myself and I think in that if it's not. Thumb if it's like at the outlook for example I won't buy it because I think Brad it's not a -- went by about what's. Outlets outlets are okay it really depends again about uber cup competition so. You have to measure what value to you what it actually can improve your quality quite. And yet by Matt and you -- Kuwait about the cost. Is how what it can help you in the -- so an outlet. Moderate really depends you know maybe. Another. You're getting it in the PO. After another critic -- you know a lot of people would probably more than one idea media culture. From group on the -- so they're not used and huge waste of money. So -- -- any Errol you're saying use it thank you so much free time Darryl for. Terror around Saturdays and not a -- not a sort of reminding tracker dot com.

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