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WWL>Topics>>3-11 8:45am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

3-11 8:45am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

Mar 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Barnaby Lo, a CBS reporter in Vietnam, about the missing Malaysian airplane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a mystery guests today at the concerning this Malaysian airlines flight a Boeing 777. To get this latest now go to Vietnam and -- low as CBS reporter good morning -- More -- Ali what is the latest as it relates does missing Malaysian jetliner. All sort of normally in the authorities are now saying that they're expanding. Their search for the missing at least an airliner to the western coast. Police say -- the that the pretty. Contact. Somewhere between Malaysia and uncle of -- about where the concentration war. You date in terms of the search and rescue. Now they're saying that expanding the search to the western -- our police and -- -- because they see on the radar. The rain may -- It -- Or all the pork. -- The direction -- -- actually go towards Beijing which court and it did turn and -- -- Directly to the rink and he found out here wet ultimately -- -- -- now. But the -- they're not -- any possibility because. -- they've been searching for old China -- out. So they're just taking chances to -- -- -- They've been able to Kennedy's. -- individuals or caring so court as an individual. We're actually -- And nineteen year old boy and careful saying he is actually the speaker Germany so I don't know being. Sort of weight on the terrorism and although there's still counting. They're still. Look at the possibility here because again. On that you wreckage and that's why. The wreckage they're not able to piece together the -- -- -- Is there any speculation as to why aided the pilot may have turned the plane around. Well again because they had not found anything yet on any evidence. To be able to. You know accurately pieced together the -- It is still. Yeah mystery right now why when the pre trip. Pilot did not contact air traffic there at the communication. Follow the pilot or from any of the crew on the plane for that matter the local distress signal and highly abnormal because. It is normal a call that went up -- decides to turn and go back to where it first took up. That there would be really succumbed complaint by this time around there was -- communication at all coming on the aircraft. Yeah you would have to think if you know as a different. Authorities rule out terrorism you would have to think of it was an act of terror somebody would have taken credit for it by now. That is true that is true but -- -- still not ruling out terrorism or not ruling out because. And no evidence at all to point to what we are laying back. In terms of area just if you could Barnaby give people an idea of how massive this area is and why you can't just. Take a couple of flights in and look for wreckage. It's it's a massive massive area are now being the western ultimately to block the street and Wall Street. Not to help and the 101000. Nautical square mile. Area except that the and -- sense and not. Just yet we're -- -- it's not just an effort ought not it -- massive. International -- search and rescue effort involving. Although that country there are no. Doubt that the aircraft that have been searching and powering the water for any sign up at an aircraft. And the -- to go and a busy I'm not trying to fuel any conspiracy theories here but. The are there any airspace territorial concerns and in the the area where the jetliner was flying where it could've been confused for this are confused for that and accidentally shot down by any. And -- military aircraft. -- -- -- -- All about. And deep in the terrorism angle obviously. -- but now it will be. A little bit. But legally be looking into four categories right now hijacking. Possible public polished. Possible problem and he passengers and crew and needy and problems. All the crew so yeah our -- and those. Are also looking. Pilot error not mechanical problems and all of the possibilities. I appreciate your time by -- -- we totti again.

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