WWL>Topics>>3-11-14 11:10am Garland: on congressional gridlock

3-11-14 11:10am Garland: on congressional gridlock

Mar 11, 2014|

Garland talks with political science assistant professor Dr. Ryan Teten of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette about gridlock in the U.S. Congress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got some encouraging things are politically. Number aboard a cold so but gridlock. One of -- Britain by. Professor of political science at Stanford. Said gridlock is there but the alternative could be works of wouldn't try to figure out exactly what you mean -- that. The real look at some other statistics and pulled its subject as if you attempted to change anything. We our political system. One of the problems news of the arts. We're word we're just. We're not for. Most of the things that would change. The future. And potentially a private -- Veterans day in this let's go to war just doctor Bryan Payton assistant professor. Political such -- support from the university of Louisiana Lafayette. Specializes campaigns elections presidency and congress doctor. Long time to talk to you appreciate it well. I'm happy to be -- much it from eating garlic. Good telecommuting. I don't know -- breaded items in to import -- journal would gridlock -- -- alternative worse. Written by a political science professor at Stanford. And she says -- frustration with the currency of American government. Widespread. -- commentators. Be academic community. Public -- government in general congress and particularly. New depths. The Republican review group the current congress is the worst ever. Acted gimmick commentators. Couldn't -- in some cases and advocate it institutional reforms and constitutional. Revisions. What what do you think of institutional. Report and is there anything that could be done. Fact I think they're institutional reform maybe the wrong way to go about it changing. The powers that are in the constitution. I don't think are the way to approach the change regret you know. As a constitutional scholar in congress and the president and the senate and axed the filibuster power. Our presidential appointments supper every album but the Supreme Court. It is literally just blew my mind but it such in match and against and kind of minority protest in the battle out. If -- they majority in the dirt and and the president you can do. It's changing the rules. And he changing the people the people want to make all the sitting here. This this for closure mentions. This system that we have. And said that. Of parliament Tara -- democracies. Exactly how does the parliament works in Britain. -- Looking at his -- unitary system of government where. They'll hold elections and then whichever party its majority in the election that party makes all the laws completely opposed. For the entire time that there our aren't infecting other party only has come -- they -- -- -- church on the other parties are on the back of the the little parliamentary area and then they'll get them about our state to just complain about what's going on what the other party is doing -- -- sit down. And that is the extent of any kind of opposition from the other party -- you know that is that is that parliamentary control that unilateral control. And you always hear that or use Euro and barely break through history. That they. Lost the majority two -- they lose something. Where -- What does that. Is there during elections Torre exit. Palminteri. And maneuvering. They -- it it's basically win the country comes. Divided into let's say in the ruling class they can call for a vote of no confidence which means. The basically -- will take a look at the parliament say I think we need it changed things and what apple calls for another election now. It during that election the party that was in control and again with their ego based being controlled by. -- out -- -- not a party won't rule until people really. Want change and then there's that and then it was switchover the other -- well again. Once there at that party control is completely. And under close. As much as it was today. To -- certain year term. Now now let's say it he didn't. Continue on as long as the the people think that whatever party controlling everything you're doing what they need to be doing. Every year a couple of things it's of the united cities in conference that. Have a lot of checks and balances president representatives and returns all of whom or independently elected. In the system has a bunch of -- points. That enabled organize our crews from mine or is -- actions. And -- you accept that argument the obvious solution is the simple part of the institute from instructor to drastically reduce. The number veto points and still with common purpose in elected official sold and abolish the filibuster. Use of the Tibetan side. I think it's terrible idea. You gotta go back. -- the steps in Maryland I think we have to start is very very beginning when the order ruling out congress and laying out this situation. And there was no political party exist and I mean yeah the federalists to one of the constitution to be passed and the -- Federer or against it. But during that time period they were real political parties they were called faction -- and what. And or even Washington term. With that you've got the origination of political parties in George Washington hated them so bad. In his last public -- stairwell direction last time due to talk to the people of the country that electorate. -- work. He spent the entire times. Don't joint political parties that will you hate each other artificially they were leaked to the downfall of the country and I think. But -- you have such partisan party control right now that is. Absolutely antithetical it is the opposite of what the founders would have been religion and came out last week that suggests that. Holders are seeing their positions on issues -- what a party as opposed to the party moving to reflect the voters. And there's something very very wrong that. -- you there. How about restricting campaign finance. Campaign finance you and you can lower it you can say that you'll talk about it that amount. It's something that everybody talks about and nobody ever and they are so many loopholes -- -- that even now -- let's -- we limit congressman. I'm 20000 dollars you know that's all -- can stand and they'll be on an even playing field. Like it is perhaps or super pacs or 520 -- or spot but once you are all these other different independent tax groups. That will spend unlimited amounts of -- money funded by Soros -- the Koch Brothers and they will just Obama advertising for me shall. I mean I don't think campaign spending is gonna make any difference at all acute trying to -- it. And the very ones who would decide whether or not they were restricted to or congress and -- Never gone up and -- when we come back let's talk about the possibility. Of making house and -- terms the same link if you're listening. Word talk about a number of articles that have or -- on one side. Gridlock is a horrible thing it's bringing in the country to -- were not getting anything done. And the others on that says he had good. This congress -- they were getting something done it would be a problem what do you think Gibbons skull too -- 0170. Told for anywhere in the country 66890. Pizza. More more the issue gridlock in Washington is getting a lot of attention and some. Academic some political types or suggesting we need some changes. Ripped doctor Brian -- and assistant professor of political science department. University Louisiana Latvia specializes. In all of these kind of debate. One of the Europe PDF deliberately applied. Doctor Keaton. And said we will make that helps and so in terms of the same link you. I think it would be completely contrary to. All the way to founders designed it I mean any state senate -- house with a two year terms that it can be closest to the people. And then with the senate you have such differences and you know what we -- what we palace Specter say switches. Only 13 of the senate is for election every two years and remains true that the -- reason for that is to insulate government. From the people from dramatic and drastic change that they can curb that any bill that passed become law will go through both the house and the senate and so is -- -- To make sure that you cannot just completely over throw everything that's been on over the past 200 years by putting everybody and -- the same. A low one room Barbara listeners rights. Oh what does your -- think about article five of the constitution. Which proposes amendments. To the constitution through this state legislature. And they bring up the example of term limits. Because those from Washington will never bow for the had -- this process is state legislature. Can bypass congress is that true. Yeah yeah there a way to do it Warner there. The congress starter in -- and then as a vote and the other is that starts at the state legislature and that is the rarer form that you need the states to kind of bypassed the C and that's only happened twice in our history but it. Yes that is then. You know we're starting grassroots movement to take back government it's people saying you're not not need to party represents -- Then -- solution is at the state level. To make those decisions for the states and that they changed the constitution and then he he just have to go along. But the main problem with that is that in every state. There are two parties controlling the Democrats and the Republicans. And more often than not they fall in line with what the national party what might as opposed to kind of breaking their. And in Houston State's plural. If if this occurred you -- -- -- and -- -- like the board of this current. Would have to -- State's fruit and once they do. It's every recorder ratification by three quarters of the states so you have to have everybody. Not everybody almost everybody on board and you know the problem is once again that we boiled down in the country red -- blue. If you just -- -- states and not population Republicans that more states Armenians are -- -- -- south. But you still have to get states from New England or the West -- you get others to be able to make those changes. Let me read something else. So -- again. There are talking about group likened washing what might be done about it. But it says this it's that -- alternative could be worse because. It's not just congress that split the public is divided on almost every major issue. So if Washington rumor and fact able act it's possible Americans might even get more angry than we Oro broad ripple. And it talks about -- there was a definitive. Legislation. On abortion and gay marriage. People wouldn't be happy the group blog got broken they might even more you more upset with congress regret. They -- that I I wish that would Decker I think that we are creatures of habit. And it's habitual for us to go in and push a button for somebody we've been doing it for the last thirty years without asking questions or going track records are doing any -- -- other than just watching the campaign commercial on TV and I think it would. It will take a a slap in the face or a wake up call for the American public ago what the hell is going on in Washington DC and how can we change it and so I I don't see that necessarily as a bad thing. But that anything that we view can be changed prohibition an example of that I mean you. We have a system that can be constantly revise or revise but it. It it just comes a point where I think most Americans are. Looking at the two party consent I don't say either one of these hand. The two parties are saying I don't and make sure you don't vote look at that would throw everything else into chaos so he -- stay -- and bullets are right and the far left vote. And then we'll sit up there and gridlock -- -- spoke about. Congressman's chief of staff flatly that. Yeah we're not gonna do anything this year packet it's an election year will be here to here represented in that term. Back to work and halftime. Stat -- that you're you're there maybe a hundred page so. You know what other -- did you say -- -- have this job and pay for two ears and all sorts under days 600 and -- in my Japanese -- -- -- No doubt about that. You showed up well ball we're so that I was four term limits. But I just read about Mexico where they instituted term limits from wealthy and developing loses secure limit. -- Dude dude term limits it's solve anything. I mean you can look at it here Louisiana locally and we have. You know termed out state representatives and senators and they've treated -- last term as opportunities to raise tuition and all the other thing. To their local communities who absolutely don't want but it's a kind of you know well a well what he's -- do you want out anyway so term limits are one of those knee jerk reaction like him and science reform etc. But -- don't get to the root of the problem that and lots of people are involved in this situation and make a conscious effort to change things. Just tweaking the system in until you're still gonna have a system completely control. By one party or another and apathy and gridlock we'll continue. I'm not sure I understand that some go to political Scion to Washington. & Lee University. Escorted in this one -- in gridlock is good. The system is not meant to be simple majority rule world leading majority is measured by public opinion polls. Dictates legislation. -- -- I agree I think eight in that respect we need a system where there is no purity of the majority. A government with a 51% -- rules for the 49% endangers diversity endangers creativity. The problem is we -- closer than that parliamentary system political back a few years and you have a Democrat controlled president G a Democrat controlled senate. And Democrat controlled house and they pass through -- a huge health care plan. With zero opposition from Republicans but depicted in an -- to meeting to discuss -- that's very similar to kind of unilateral. Issued here so I. I think that gridlock can be good -- it fosters discussion. I think the gridlock we have now whether it's talking to each other or willing to do occur at -- up for election I don't get voted I do something dangerous like. Make a ruling on I mean. They didn't rule on veterans affairs for the bill go through dealing with veterans affairs. The nature -- -- veterans and their families would be better protected in terms of health care education and housing market just. And that won't act on it. But it is dangerous but it gets what it's an election year don't wanna do that. Every time you know and talk. I think you'll agree with the -- Statement that we we can't stand congress. Extremely low approval. Will return every one of our local politicians. Are politicians different. Well we're so much -- Washington Post ABC news poll. Says only 22%. Of voters are inclined to give their only represented to another term record longing for that pole. Do you believe that. And I I can't. I mean you don't win. I'm -- and it will be incumbency rate right now currently in the reelection rate is 96%. I can't believe that. You have that many Americans going to vote them out I think they're willing to vote out people who are in their districts. But what their congressman comes back in -- I'm doing I'm fighting the good fight I'm the only ones and meet back. That carried over into another -- How about. If and career changes allegiance become. Bread when they've got to. -- representative. In Washington no war. Bloom when they got -- bridges and then there's a chance that he didn't take them out and. Now I think it's in there now look at then it's the same game Garland. -- it's endemic at the same problem by switching from one party or the other you're still not giving the people that are representation until you get a purple represented. Because America is purple not red or blue there there's an actual feeling some votes you can see conservative -- liberal ideas and that -- conservative ideas that. We pigeon hole ourselves and -- -- to party has that stake game. So until that game changes until Americans say I don't like watching this game I want to quit and let's do it the way -- Founders wanted or some other way that nothing will change. It would you think it takes two to. Retire quietly. It now I think what may -- -- you know a depression. It's not a depression era electorate out repression well -- -- -- and the park system and the people out of jobs. Would you give that impression with one out of every three people out of the job AK I mean or -- yard back kind of -- that -- everyone. And then they all want change. And we don't have that people are elected -- again. -- for uncomfortable it's fine we will tolerate that as long were not too uncomfortable and away at things haven't changed it would take something. Where we go that somebody did something that dramatic I mean we are now in. Irina and or our China for no reason I mean what -- accept -- -- we export our jobs what you were aware it could be anything. It will take something very significant for the American public didn't you know I don't think Democrats and Republicans and the way the system working right now doing it I think we need to switch -- all and and that election that all they had the opportunity to change out score under our side every single member of the house. But again you're gonna commentary on the jury where they probably not. Doctor -- and Wendy I'm gonna call you with some good news and you come on the show bin preacher. A dog Indian doctor yeah -- -- we come back we're gonna continue this conversation -- also look. -- The reports it's -- Republicans. -- to be concerned. About the Melinda -- says younger generation. And Democrat's. Bitter re concerned about the younger generation. Governor Abdel -- seventy immoral five to --