WWL>Topics>>3-11-14 11:35am Garland: on congressional gridlock

3-11-14 11:35am Garland: on congressional gridlock

Mar 11, 2014|

Garland talks with political analyst Ron Faucheaux of the Clarus Research Group about gridlock in the U.S. Congress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ridiculous but gridlock. In Washington a number of academic treatises that I've read recently or suggesting. Institutional reforms constitutional. Revisions. I'm talking to all of the people like it for would Jerusalem dude that said. No we don't believe that we do need gridlock to be broken and -- got articles say brutal it's a good thing. Oftentimes I turned the wrong poachers are political analyst president to the plant -- -- group. -- welcome to show good talk -- -- So let's go to those that talk about its usual forms even constitute from revisions. There they're talking about abolishing the filibuster restricting campaign but in the hands. Making house and senate terms as say movement. Or what do you think do we need those kind of institutional challengers. Well in some cases we may. I think there's an -- -- four. Term limits perhaps. Not both. The house should may be one of the two I think there's. So more you can. House. Terms could be four years -- that two years which can't go out on the with no proof you know want to post members well. -- -- the war against every every two years put. But. But ultimately institutional flaws may be helpful but generally speaking. To have problems as nimble one. That be the extremity of partisan politics that that that force and the court law. And number two who lack the leadership vote port people won't vote forties to be able portrait. A bread and less skills mentioned that George Washington in his collapse and rushed to the public and congress. So don't draw the party if you join the party you're gonna get to a point where it becomes extreme and you all need each other for a dogmatic reasons. -- is it -- prediction come true -- -- a good thing to say don't do and do you think they're gonna begin to change. I think there's prediction. Come true. I think the political parties. Are on the longest serving the useful purpose that. That many people sincerely hoped it would do in terms of well organized and opinions -- And that a lot of people rally around a clause that compared to the contrary. Are closely into the -- unbiased -- updated independent for twenty years split I just don't think that. A political Ortiz. Sort of the purpose of any longer. Apply. It could do one on. One poll well hold on the -- to take all forty does so without. In and salute -- state governments could no longer legal political portrait. -- that would prohibit people from Arkansas I think political -- is a political group called Democrats and Republicans -- Libertarians liberals -- they would they would. You have constitutionally. That there should be protected. Part. I thought it would be better for people not to a -- product candidates on the report circle port battered to -- -- neutral. Do you ever see that happening. But I don't but it -- -- introducing the talk. From. -- when a bullet back to the history. -- congress. -- -- would be things. So yesterday's. Tuesday. So overall it's laws and in many other major -- I go to of this article written by professors in Stanford. Who says it's just -- we don't have the public. Consensus. That we were don't have that we don't have a big public consensus that we use that of and that's one of the reasons. Congress is split that they actually. Acted they make a lot of asthma. Well now. Like the mentally don't agree. It's that we go out of public consensus we used to it. We don't have all the leadership that we used. We don't have leaders to sitting down and all the other -- We're looking at what's been the country as a post. Well what's been there on the next election and -- the the big tree in -- that. That's something. That affects everything we do know obviously you know there -- people in congress. Who understand. And want replied that leadership. Or example. Two members of the standard a conservative Republican or more Alexander Tennessee. In a liberal Democrat Chuck Schumer for all -- have been working. Things to figure out. Ways that that legislation. It has -- partisan majority support. Not saying you know importing jamming it down you know report is true but has the support both for. Articulate that legislation the political war advocate people before. Actually content movement that will produce. The content element I think we ultimately. All right when we come back -- lunatic or purse for whom come by. Here you'd tell me. Quality of leadership have we -- -- when is it that makes in the house leaders. That crude actually do what -- sent to Washington to do. And if you have bipartisan. Support and something is is it possible that. The extremists on the liberals saw the extremists on the conservatives. -- the continued gridlock. Dub dub ya Garland robbed -- of what we call it the thing. Nothing good about congressional gridlock with Ron poachers political analyst president of the colors -- search group. And you know you mentioned that we no longer have the -- of quality of leadership that -- Princeton. Partisanship. Leaders of -- programs that used -- partisanship to get the job done. And I deal what's missing or -- what they have the Nazis Tuesday. Back in the early scene injury that was Senator Obama and Henry plate. And and you -- in the middle. Proposed in the apple should wait. And and in a normal politicians shouldn't colleagues in the senate came to ultimately it's pandering if you do this. They'll never -- -- to present. And respond that -- -- the right to be brought. And ultimately be he proved to be right. And that he was never elected president and in the point here is that. You know if you want for a lot. Mom -- many years. Saturday. That. They have the privilege to hold public office. There are some key issues in some key matters of principle. -- the -- to do what you think is right -- either political. Repercussions. Aren't aren't going to be that good -- and we just have to get more people willing to do that. We're willing to take away and I'm not sure thing. You know tilt and every windmill work -- social worker -- a chance. But I'm saying basic fundamental leadership. You'd have to forget about it. The next election you have to try to go for India to try to do things that are that are worthwhile -- important whatever you political Foster. The lift -- an -- subject to a new couple of stores called mind. Differences that -- conservative political little political action conference shows -- A young report young Republicans the muddled in fuels that are. Said that and demonstrated that there for three more -- the actual fiscal issues with libertarians. On social issues. They've been all posts and six words that they don't opposed. Legalization of Merrill one. They're theirs is a more libertarian view. Then another totally different article says Melissa -- -- less attached to the Democratic Party label. This who has a pure raw poll that says apple -- new boots up from 30%. In 2004. Identify themselves as independents meaning both parties have launched ground among young people. Does that really mean number one do you do you agree -- your polling and if so doesn't really mean then if things don't think the little boat do. Well. Polling shows the same thing. Many young people -- vote we are actually young people flowed from the last presidential election in the Portland. And a higher percentage of that presidential election in the Portland so. So that the the percentage of young people voting at least in their collection is so. And and in young people are it's more dependent -- camp although historically they tend to be. -- -- They tend not to -- taught themselves to once the other I think that he. There there are also more with the territory it purchased not. Still young Republicans -- true. The street packed conference it was all it's also young Democrat and you're the only independents can beat the particular from the standpoint though. Less government control. Regulations people slaughtered. And we've seen them -- well. No issues like NSA surveillance privacy and we see that from the on issues like little ball market and and and in government regulation so. So they're wrong libertarians sure they're my younger voters the big question is. Oh well -- two days. Nineteen year old -- What you'll what your -- voters -- this independent libertarian streak what do they continued. That. In ten -- fifteen years as they get older. -- Does that usually changes people -- Well. As people get older. People. Different occupation and applaud their status changes in their. Marry have children oftentimes their party's strange. In the issue. I changed -- that they're most interest in and so that they won't get candidate should have positions. Or refuse or important development that element alive so -- it is it is. Both possible. And probably a lot of -- likely they'll be. That he'll be changed with but the big question here. Well with a sense of independence. From the political Ortiz stayed away it is and -- and we don't know that yet. Got about a minute UC in the indication that the break up in the group. Thought. Were getting close into the 2014 election I think you have a lot of incompetence from -- forties. We're looking around -- don't we go to the voters to explain. What it's done the last couple years. And in the case of members of the senate with Google this restriction years. And that would be awfully straight that I worked with members of real reporter to accomplish in the league spring so. So I didn't think there will be about -- some probable be successful. Over the next six months so we're world. Where some reasonable people will like what we mentioned. Lamar Alexander truck earlier. -- -- -- Law and so is that. It will probably in the support to do to move that caught you know. -- what interest in issues like that's not necessarily. Big population that people talk about that. But it's extremely important issues the issue that structure of it is in America's roads and bridges and water the sorcerer's. And other -- -- will be our next subject we talked to -- run out of time wrongful that you always a pleasure have a great. Coming right back runs political analyst president of congress from search.