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3-11-14 1:10pm Scoot: on Louisiana making the Bible the state book

Mar 11, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks whether a bill making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana should pass the state legislature.

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Good afternoon we've got some rain in the area and you just heard our forecast it's gonna be -- replies Thursday. Like I know there are many viewed it wants springtime Digisette meaning you want those to warm temperatures but we all though it's gonna get hot soon announced it was just embraced this weather. While we have a good drive carefully and by all means to put two lights on. It's amazing how many people don't think that you should put your lights on when you're driving in weather like this yeah -- like -- I just go differential glad you're with us on this Tuesday more Tuesday afternoon. -- Has long been believed -- living with somebody remember used to be called living in sin checking up well now it's referred to are just living together co habitation. For a long time it was believed that if you live together before you got married the chance of divorce actually increased. But now there's a new study that shows that living together before you get married is not linked to divorce. And this is good news for a lot of people who were living together and planning to get married. Did you live with your spouse or you currently living with your spouse before -- well you're spells are -- Are you currently living with somebody you plan to marry or did you live with your spells before you got married. And would you recommend that for you kids and everybody. And did you ever live with someone and because of what you learned about that person what you were living together -- been decided. Not to get married. We'll talk about that it's later in the show also there's a new legislation in this legislative session that began yesterday. That is is meaningless and it's gonna be feel good legislation. A lawmakers get away with stupidity the question is is it is their fault. Or is -- our phone to talk about that later in the show. A first up on the assured they will talk about something that. We're talking about on the -- show last night I wanna continue this conversation are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible. The official state book. Now I'm sure you've heard this legislation. The Bible would become the official state book of Louisiana. -- state representative a Republican from the Freeport area Thomas. -- -- to make the Bible the official. State book and you don't last night it was interesting that not one person really had any specific. Suggestions on how this would actually be better for the state. And I think this isn't it it's really much bigger than just making the Bible the the official state book it's it's about legislation that is. Essentially meaningless and it's something else will talk about on the show today. The as good blog today is is is about this it's about ego driven politicians. That. Aren't really not helping the state. On the blog -- on our website at WW dot com it's also trending on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And you can notorious for your comment there and I'll get some of those comments part of a conversation in just a little while. Or -- WL party jaguar opinion poll. Is sound is about are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book and compared this to the results we have on the show last night. You can also join us with a comment about any mean we're talking about. At 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven at a tech's number 67870. Ego driven politicians. They're not helping Louisiana. And yet we continue to put in here and I think we often let them get away was stupid or. Now if if you're one of those politicians. And you're not doing this then don't take it personally. If your favorite politician is not doing this and don't take it personally but the truth is there are a lot of politicians. It seems like it's also very prevalent on this the state level and local levels not only here this is not just something here in Louisiana. This is across the entire country. And as we've continued to talk about the top issues of the day many of those those top issues will be issues that will be in faulting. It'll be evolving. Some legislation from other states it's just it's nonsensical it's ridiculous. Like the legislation in Arizona. He was waiting for Arizona governor Jan brewer's signature legislation that essentially made it illegal to discriminate. Against gays and lesbians. Or anybody for that matter based on your religious beliefs. And there are people who believe that you should have that right but if you're doing business in the United States don't you have a responsibility to serve the people. To -- society. And if if you're if you're not gonna check the sins of everybody who walks in your door. Didn't why would you focus on decisions. That did do standout -- your mind and again it's it's always easy for us to judge the sins of others. As opposed to our sins -- the -- have. Those of us who are close to people look let's be -- to -- we all commits it. We're all sinners. As so if it's if it's based on. Only. Catering to people serving people who don't -- You're not gonna have to customers. So again I find. I fight everything surrounding the the same sex marriage to date. Two to be much bigger than the issue of same sex marriage. It really is about. Trying to. Instill morals your morals morals in in somebody else and I don't think that's what this country is about. Again to join -- show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- a text number is 8787. So the legislative session opened up yesterday and one of the good one in the first. Deals that stood out in my mind. Was a bill by a representative from the Shreveport area. Which would declare the Bible be official state book of Louisiana now says there's more than one Bible. The question is which Bible would AD. On that I think. Explains that this is a really difficult topic and it explains why there shouldn't be. The state sanctioned. Recognition of of religion it. And by doing this essentially this might be -- back doorway. Of declaring christianity the official religion of Louisiana. We don't have an official religion in this state. In this city or in this country. Now a bill that would make the on the Bible the official book of Louisiana. Is not only superficial but it's also very. It exclusionary it it it it seems to promote christianity is the official religion of our state with the that you the official belief system of our state. Now specifically the representative is proposing that the holy Bible published by a job -- prevail. Which is the oldest Bible in the state would be named the official state book. But since there are different types of bibles there's no way did that specific Bible. Would totally speak to. -- totally speak to two all of those who. Who believe that -- Christians. Music Christian. And I'm continually amazed by countless efforts to promote christianity. And as I said on the show last night I think it's important for all of us to remember that we are disciples. And quite often this comes up in anomalies in the Catholic Church we are. We are asked to. To go out and set examples of four. Does the word of god or what the church stands for. But there are those who go too far in terms of trying to in steal. Specific. Religious beliefs. In the masses. And and while it's important to go out and promote what you believe it to to try to force that through government. On supported issues when it comes to religion I think it's a really. Dangerous thing. And I I'm still amazed that there are so many people and you may be among them. That belief that this country was founded on christianity. And it's always been my interpretation. Of the way this country started that it was founded on a freedom. From religious persecution. It just so happens that predominantly those who came to this country were Christians but their goal was not to found America on christianity. It was too. Have an environment. A country in which. You wouldn't be persecuted for your religious beliefs and there would be no official. Designation for verbally -- and so. Since it would be obvious that the state of Louisiana could not the clear christianity the official religion. This idea of making the Bible the official state book seems to perhaps be a backdoor way. Declaring christianity the official. Set of religious beliefs and in the state of Louisiana and I I think that's a mistake if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. And a text numbers -- 77 and again I definitely will project opinion poll is are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible. The official state book I think. This really goes -- Ireland. Just the Bible being the state book I think this really opens up the opportunity to talk about meaningless legislation. It really doesn't benefit the state of Louisiana. -- -- In differential for coming right back with your calls in your text Huckabee WL. They proposed bill that would declare the Bible the official -- -- of Louisiana and you know we talk about state flags in the state birds that. Did you -- the state insects. It's the Honeybee. -- -- -- -- -- -- This idea of making the that the Bible the state -- Louisiana. I think it's just fraud where if with issues of ego driven politicians. Who. What are proclaim to be solving a problem when they're really not solving a problem. Last night on the Scotia or to be a -- pretty general opinion poll was to see missed two opinion -- starting up this morning. Or you for or against the state of Louisiana declaring the Bible the official state book. And it ended admit died last night's -- with 61%. In favor of making the Bible the official state book. And 39%. Opposing it. And yet during the entire show from eight to midnight. Not one person actually offered. Anything specific about how making the Bible the state book would actually benefit Louisiana. And this is something we're gonna talk about on the show and I think is this legislative session for 2014. Opens up in Baton Rouge. It's important for us voters in this state to recognize those politicians. And again this is not just in our state this is in every state across the country it's also on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. We need to recognize those politicians that really are not serving the people. And and people are. Our our mistakenly. Supporting politicians who they think are actually. Helping. Make this a better place a better city better stayed at and a better country. One of reality there they're -- they're Tennessee is 22 to find legislation that presumes to solve a problem when it really doesn't solve the problem. Here's a text. That breeds god never intended for man. Which woman or woman with woman be created male and female. And god said be fruitful and multiply. Everything god made which male and female. So then who made those people who are homosexuals. Mean honestly who who who made them who do you think made them. And to use this this idea. In opposition to same sex marriage. Would also imply that those people who are not biologically capable you know god made some people who were stairwell. And they can't produce we can't reproduce. So I guess they should get married either here's a Texan reads as a Christian I disagree with this deal. Our government. It's not a theocracy. It shouldn't endorse one single religion over and above another. I imagine proposing the Koran. As the state book would make the proponents of this deal rethink how they feel about it. Here's a text Catholic Bible -- Protestant Bible Protestants were here in America first. Here's and other text about politicians they are all ego driven. They need to pass bills to cut their pay. And retirement benefits. If you wanna join our show with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven in our text number State's 7870. I -- it for Angela and for Baton Rouge chuck here and Debbie did you -- good afternoon. -- -- -- I will put chuck on -- check back with him and it was good memory Roger here on Debbie WL. Hello Roger. Mark we having a problem with the phones and there. Okay I'll I don't know what happened to a directory to let's straw I heard in a beach are your Debbie WL. I don't. It is don't constitutional. Out there that were hurt by applicable. At the Bobble on the but think about -- I mean nobody noticed just. It'll there. Forty years -- -- -- and why. Sure. A person who does. Win the -- -- -- all. What torture. Or turn it we don't believe it. -- Want you to -- You know there're there are those who who make -- that there are Catholics who make fun of Scientology's and in other religions -- a ridiculous it is but if you think about the old rituals. Within the Catholic church and I'm a Catholic and I love going to church I enjoyed -- But I admit that if you look at it from the outside there are some. Some some rituals within every religion that might seem to be rather ridiculous. We're rule that the whole. That's his big and -- com. Are you when you are you and what. Are you an atheist. I'm -- just I am -- you -- to define that I'm not being not being critical I I'm not an atheist but you certainly have a right to be in this country. And outright speed you know what you're. I mean it just a block it doesn't all the all the people who respond to their they have these. You know this. You know the Bible well we are. I -- we are still but he he not necessarily. There but and you don't come that we or at such. I mean it just it is the -- and a -- in October. Oh. -- I'm going to call the -- thanks for listening and other people who who do agree with you. If you wanna join us with your comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is a 7870. So there is a piece of legislation that proposes that the Bible become the official state book of Louisiana. And I can't really figure out what the benefit of that would actually be. Now if we had a state book it was about would people suddenly decide to read the Bible. What would that change the faith of people. In the blood that I wrote last night -- W old account affect -- still turning on our website should the Bible be the official state book of Louisiana. It's on our website at WW dot com -- we didn't come and on and share with others if you like. Hi I point out that if if if your faith. Would would change. Because the Bible was declared the official state book of Louisiana. That I don't think your faith is as strong as you think it's. And if your face would be affected by not making the Bible the official state book. Then I suggest that your faith is not as strong as you think what with the benefit. That is superficial. Meaningless. Feel good legislation. That makes voters think that's my politician that's my guy that's my -- now. They're the ones who are standing up for morality they're standing up for America there they're doing the right thing they're trying to make the Bible the official state book that's what these -- Want benefit. Would result from that. If you enjoyed our short numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78. And a text Amber's age 77 and this isn't this a perfect example. And how politicians. Are driven by their egos too. Do -- grandstanding to get their names in the newspaper to get their names mentioned on talk radio and to give the appearance that they're making the state better. When in reality. They're wasting time and they're proposing legislation. That is quickly going to be on a collision course with the courts and that's going to be a waste of taxpayers' dollars. That's we're talking about this afternoon I'm scoot for Angela Moore your calls more -- attacks are coming up next. It's 130 here's another WWL news update -- is Jim and so. Good afternoon -- -- -- access the possibility that you were in some rain now or will be at some point turn your lights on if you're driving something a lot of people forget about. Here's an update on our divvied up you'll pretty general opinion are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book. 53% are against it 47% of forward. It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. Also was still -- from last night the blogger wrote for this -- -- last night is on our website should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. And the the latest blog is ego driven politicians are not helping Louisiana that's who we're talking about this afternoon. Under a BW well there is a text -- -- scoot I sat behind you in church and I don't understand your position on this issue. My position is not an opposition to christianity. My position is not an opposition to the Bible. My position is very clear. I don't think there should be any sort of states. Endorsement. Of a specific religion. Mean I think that really defies the foundation upon which this nation was built and there are so many people who declared this country was built on Christian principles. But it's always been my understanding and you weren't they are not what's in there but it's always been my understanding that. Those brave people. Who got on those ships -- we're not talking about a carnival cruise. Or -- princess cruise -- -- career what we're talking about it a cruise ship we're talking about. Ships where they knew that they were not all gonna make it and it was a long journey. So those were very very brave people what are inspired them to come to this country was. A desire to live in a place where they would be free from religious persecution. And it's my understanding that their goal wasn't to establish a Christian nation as much it was to establish a nation where people would be free. To express themselves in terms of religion. A get to a more of your text also on our FaceBook page which is said to be a dual radio and if you haven't become one of our friends become one of our friends because we got a lot going on they -- And if you don't call the show or text or send emails you can become part if you're on FaceBook a lot you can become part of the instant conversation on FaceBook by going to WWL radio. On the of the blog today about -- ego. Driven politicians not being good for Louisiana is a trending on our FaceBook page to get to some of those comments in just a little while. And from uptown Anthony you're under the W real good afternoon. By terrorists who aren't in -- economy and our earlier about an -- God made male and female. Well capable of church you know well according to structure actually. Anything on the so you're considered. To be days. -- think it's sitting -- -- it's considered to -- -- And so that's why. And so that would be that would be and impure thoughts as well that would be pornography by ambulance -- duplicate. -- old ball it would be. And what it did god but god meals. You know what you can but he doesn't make YouTube murderer or artwork you can be you can be raised. A point blank. OK we will formed apparently could be exemplary citizens or your uncle murdered someone now becomes a poor. Did you -- person that's a protection that sent all politician. Black person can change what you don't action. Despite how will distribute water and. Are you straight. Article about him well I don't know why should I went missing of course I don't know use I don't I don't know what I'm not there. It would -- but could you become could you -- if you wanted to could you become homosexual. That person street could remember could you. A part in -- -- could yield now could you are yourself. A look at exactly right it's not and that's -- -- when we're here. But the point I'm making. If you use your tree will benefit wait -- -- gate view WP charts according. At a future who will importantly got one Q well the Yucatan pitching to prepare from the on the. I appreciate your call and -- I I don't wanna get into preach. -- Valid use your comments to what broke what a player Gilbert they're eight if he beat police. -- electronic crap you wouldn't. Believe what they're told. Why can't he believes what is tactical from the apple. The Bible freaked out -- those are the -- don't know where they keep this technology to know that there are drowning or not. Well as some people choose to believe something it's different from what you believe. -- -- I'd -- Anthony I appreciated that to you too you know gonna scare me if you're trying to from Metairie Roger you're going to be WL. Good. -- -- That that the insists this has really if you mean I don't understand. -- put -- on the -- -- -- first person I'm a -- personal life. -- and the people. Questions arise. I mean if it would benefit -- we -- -- about what state are not holding your Internet. Would be. Will agree -- -- GA itself puts on them. Yeah what's that I would principles. That this -- -- that well. Roger and I understand what you're saying and and I agree that Louisiana should associate itself with positive things but it is stepping beyond the line and endorsing. I'll book the Bible as the official book of this state I think it is. Is the issue in and you said it will that's not the issue -- that is the issue it's about politics it's about political leaders trying to make a stance. -- like talking about legislation. That would mean the state officially supports a christianity and I think that's I think that's wrong. As a matter of opinion. -- On the slopes and sit. And listen to respond. Just the two of them looked at all. And -- And do it in India and China and didn't. You know. -- As a -- military started. And at the bar and multiple. Weapon and I just I'm on the staff and that -- that consumerism. And then. Are able Roger if I let an atheist on the air that's because this is a talk show what we let people talk. I'd just like you want the air and on -- Christians on the year of people call in and we've let them on the air sluggish or not. Using profanity this is about hearing other people's. Opinions. And I -- in terms of thumb in terms of the government endorsing christianity again I just. I think that's I think that's really scary. And for those who wanted to take the Bible literally can't. Why do you still have both -- theorize. Why do you still have both of your hands. Think about it. If you commit a sin with one hand or is supposed to cut at all. Mean it's really. Negativity out of a metaphor you're not Jesus did what you don't literally Qwikster handle at least that's what the -- it -- the other day. But if you take the Bible literally -- both your hands and both of your lives. Much of differential will be right back of the VW well should the Bible becomes the official state welcome Louisiana and what good would that do. It has long been believed that living together jacking up living in -- we now refer to witness simply co habitation are living together doesn't have the stigma that it once had. That if you live together before you got married actually increased the chances of divorce. Many study showed that but it's a new study that shows that living together. Is not linked to divorce did you live with your spouse before you married your spouse or your living with somebody now that you plan to marry. We'll talk about that coming up later in the show right now we're talking about -- ego driven politicians. Who are really not benefiting Louisiana and ridiculous meaning meaningless legislation that is designed to. Make people feel good but it really doesn't do anything and we're talking specifically about a piece of legislation as the legislative session opened up yesterday. That would declare the Bible to be the official state book which I think is ridiculous I want the Bible. On the Christian again by president -- a Christian I like to say that in my beliefs would define me as a Christian. I'm a Catholic I'm the go to church regularly. I don't always agree with everything that you might agree with but but that's OK but there there were people that. Dick did you find to be your close friends and church and they don't believe specifically exactly what you believe. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. At a text number 657. And scoot differential this afternoon go to a text. From someone who claims that might cut Christians off. Well that's what some people wanna believe you know we do have breaks to get -- I do have things to do and at some point a conversation just come to an end but for those who want to believe that I'm not fair to Christians. First of all I am a Christian why wouldn't that be fair to Christians. If that's what you want to believe that you're gonna find things that supports. What you wanna believe as opposed to what is reality. Now when Christian start to start to become preachers. That's where I'm gonna draw the line on the show are from homeless stand your -- WL good afternoon. Got a little while. -- All's vote. You know the one guy. -- want him or. You know. The Bible. And he's. But. -- you know will -- about giant whale -- people. Wow bow. Out action. And in -- the the Bible. I do. All right stand well majority rule. It doesn't always hold up in the courts. On there was a time when a majority of this State's in this country did not want liked to have equal rights. Majority rule ID cannot. Support something that is simply unfair unconstitutional. Here is attacks at that breeds I am a straight Christian woman married for thirty years it was in church every single Sunday without fail. I still support gay marriage don't understand why people keep using the Bible as a weapon against gays. If you actually read your Bible there are millions of other things that are a lot more important to Jesus and the apostles that homosexuality. Like divorce greed and the lying. Etc. Should the Bible be the official book of Louisiana that's what's a legislator in Baton Rouge and and what he's a beverage outlets foolishly from the Freeport area. Is proposing. Wheels here under the WL. I don't do a good okayed. This seat of my religion that is the bundled media. Okay Uga does do in New Orleans. Named Lola. All the bombs and on Wednesday this man's got a book with everything depicting normal law alive and everything is it depicts Louisiana. Right. Let's make this the book of Louisiana this is what we view of the bulk. So you can go to religions do that but we don't want to Louisiana -- what and it is. But there -- that there would be those who would say Louisiana's is there of the Christian state and there are a lot of Christians in Louisiana severe for the Bible should be the state book. I don't know why I think the bigger issue -- is that why do we even have a -- book would differences that make. Forget about religion if you gonna have -- book if you gonna call this state Butler do -- we. Do we have yet. We -- like his -- will sportsman paradise missile as we'd like to -- sport. There but I had a suggestion -- suggests on the show last night that now. Arthur parties have Mardi Gras guide should be Louisiana State book. Wheels I'm glad to go to show facial Israel also has some suggestions including get a text just now that a confederacy of jones' but I should be a state put. I if you're -- stay with -- are coming right back with more of your calls here's detects the reads. Most importantly wire all. Are hundreds of legislators wasting time. Deciding on a state board that is really the bigger issue here. And that's what's in the -- blog which is still turning on our website should the Bible be the official state what this is not anti Bible this is not anti christianity. This is about why make the Bible the state look at what with the benefit -- that's what nobody has yet to explain to me. And if there's no benefit to it that is that this simply superficial legislation designed to make voters think. That this is a righteous. Legislator who is doing good -- clearing the book. The Bible to be the staple. -- -- -- -- And we'll be right back under the WL. What would be the benefit to the state of making the Bible the official state book and it's legislative bill that's going to be considered in this legislative session. I scoot differential that's as we're talking about if -- -- we'll get to your calls here's a Texan reads are you were such a moderate -- don't you know that this is a red state. If you are -- moderate conservative you might -- will be a liberal. Live in the closet. There are those I will never change. I'm a radical moderate and I'm proud of it and I actually. This is scary to a lot of people -- actually. Reflect the majority of people in this country. And and even in this area there are many people who need a voice outside of the national right wing talk shows that simply. And exist in an echo chamber. Echoing the views. Of the audience there are people out there who need to. To know that there are people who think the way they think and there's nothing wrong with being. Moderate there's nothing wrong with being a radical moderate it simply means that you don't see everything through the same myopic conservative or liberal political perspective. Using this theories and go what if what if somebody would have told Rush Limbaugh. You're conservative this is a blue state. Live in the closet suggesting that he should even be on the air. Rush Limbaugh started his conservative talk show. In a blue state. So for those of you who think that there's something wrong with somebody being on the -- if they don't agree with. What is perceived to be the majority of the state. I think that's. Absolutely. Suggesting that you don't really understand freedom of speech or the constitution. I'd -- get to -- if you're holds they would there's we're gonna continue this discussion into the next hour. Also we're talking about something it's in the of the new blog that I wrote for our website every WL dot com it's also a FaceBook page ego driven politicians are not helping Louisiana. If that is of benefit to making the Bible the state booked in what is that benefit if there's no actual benefit then it's. It's say it's the manifestation of an ego driven politician. Who's not really doing anything to better the states will be back.