WWL>Topics>>3-11-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Louisiana making the Bible the state book

3-11-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Louisiana making the Bible the state book

Mar 11, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks whether a bill making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana should pass the state legislature.

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Good afternoon -- studio floor Angela. Well you heard that there's -- -- -- -- bringing you might be. My stuff -- York some rain throughout the afternoon as a front moves through this area and turning -- later in the week. I've read into it to Kevin and Tom competitiveness. And circulatory -- coming to walk -- was it eating there. The Swiss for launch at the Friday before morning drawing that is always a wild -- -- force of corporate. And -- Kevin says that they have a new single coming out next month and they're really excited about it and I've heard anything new from Better Than -- in this. A few years now so really looking forward to something new for better than this for single coming out in April. And of course -- will feature that allowed them to -- you. And then there's so full album coming out this summer. Here's our governor you are pretty -- my opinion -- this afternoon. Are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book 44% say they're against it and now a majority 56% say -- for it. Give a sure thing in my going to our web -- to -- WL dot com. Also the a block from last night and still still trending on our web site its title -- -- should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book. As a Christian as soon as a Catholic is somebody who loves the Bible as a as a book -- I'd -- putter has to say. I'm opposed to Louisiana declaring at the state book -- just buy tickets it's meaningless and it's it's not going to change anything in Louisiana plus it also is. An example of state sanctioned. Religious beliefs and that's something that we don't have in this country. It's okay if the government doesn't sanctioned religion the government doesn't have to you can be as religious issue wanna date. And the new -- blog which is also on our web site is ego driven politicians are not helping Louisiana. If there's no real benefit to declaring the Bible the official state book. Then this must be just part of the that the feel good mentality of bullets do this because well because it it sounds good. And and yet voters. Don't really holds. Politicians accountable locally and nationally for legislation that really doesn't solve the problem. Its its like a gun control laws. That are proposed right after there's a man shooting. None of those laws actually address. The problem that led to the mass shooting at a school. And yet people like all the good this is gonna solve the problem. This is gonna help out no it's it's not helping an if you if you propose legislation. If you work on legislation that really doesn't solve the problem in only gives the impression. Assaulting a problem. Then you're really not serving the community. That you're supposed to represent. Now if if politicians get away was stupidity. Is at their faults. Or is -- our fault. You can read the blogs and it gives your comment if you like you can also share with others and it's treading on our FaceBook page which is to -- -- -- radio nugget do some of those comments in just a few minutes. If you are join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. X seventy and a Texan emperor. Is -- 77 here's a Texan reads why do the idiots in Baton Rouge or any other government entity. Keep going against the constitution. By combining church and state. There are people who are just desperate. And I I think really this is a reflection of -- a faith that really may not be that strong. They're people who are just desperate to declare. Christianity the official religion of the United States or to make some -- it's the official religion in Louisiana. When it is not. And that does it make you less of -- Christian. Does that make you less religious doesn't change your faith whatsoever. We should not look to the government. To instill faith in us which you don't look to the government to. To make us more religious to make us more faithful to make us better Christians are better Muslims or Jews to better people. I should come from within. From the government. From shell -- doctor hard earned a BWL. Well isn't popular. Program and not think -- public in the -- vote that went live in Utah took. -- that it. Just like they did that it in in the -- The number of the cities in the country it is these are cancers. -- In -- opinion. The fact that it is. Up. Your topic today is a prime example. There -- about and why it's just -- -- -- here. I mean that we. -- government that would power. Or light. Before. Today. Then all of opt out will be so it -- cells that -- that it be it. Well it you know a lot of people I don't don't wanna do that even though they they think they do they they like it better when somebody is thinking for them and doctor I think here. I think you're absolutely right you know those people who believe that the government has taken god out of our society the government is taking Christmas away. I don't know about anybody else but the government hasn't done anything to my faith which I think -- just gotten stronger over the years it didn't do anything about it. My celebration of the birth of Christ during the holiday season of the government can't take that away from you and yet some people seem to think that the government hands. -- In -- out on the planet ordered back at it but and -- -- and it shouldn't. -- an important. Politics and and in your culture here we're so. While -- what about that. The topic collectively. And but doctor -- -- do it in. Just -- -- -- corporate. Ego who the edit it. And yeah -- and yet we continue and maybe nine -- me even as voters we collectively continue to put these people back in office and we we. -- -- Actually applaud him for for doing a good job when they really are proposing just meaningless senseless. Legislation that is just designed to make people feel good. Dot org to articulate it and if you if you live in Atlanta and you you marry somebody from -- net. And she got you to move here that's better than you getting her to move there -- I'm -- you guys are here. I'm. Better than -- and -- that it. I'm sure it is in that we know we know who we know who -- We know who won and I've been Ares I know how that works out. I'm glad to call the -- and thanks for nationalistic. -- here is taxed. Maybe god will bless the state for acknowledging his word publicly. What you can. You -- acknowledges were any time anywhere you want to. I just I think it's time did Americans stop buying into the hysteria. The government is robbing us of our religious beliefs that the government is taking god away from us. That's not happening and if it does happen you allowed it to happen. If if the government can take your faith in your religion away from you. That's your problem. Not the government's problem. If you really stop and think about it the government has not taken -- -- your faith. Ego driven politicians. Are not helping Louisiana. Republican representative Thomas carmody topic today president from Shreveport. Considered a Stabile of what's -- of bill that would make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is this not a perfect example. And how ego -- politicians to do things that are really good enough manifest any benefit to the state of Louisiana when we already have many problems. That's nothing against the Bible nothing -- christianity. That's a reality. I'm astute for Angela and we'll be back. -- -- Politicians campaigned on the promise to make their state. -- city. This country a better place and they're always looking for ways to show voters that they did something positive something tangible moment for an office. And after all the goal of the goal of getting elected soon becomes the -- getting reelected net effect after your elected that's the only goal again it was a politician to get reelected. The problem is that politicians locally and nationally. Address concerns and proposed legislation. It only makes it appears if there actually contributing to making the world a better place and sadly. Voters are really not aware that there are being swindled by politicians. Proposed legislation that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. Will serve no real benefit to our state and yet. Just that proposal is making some voters applaud an attempt to instill morals back in the state what a great move this is but there's enough legal precedent to. It expose any attempts to make the Bible the state book is a mindless waste of time and taxpayers' dollars. You know that there's even been talk of when we talk about ego driven politicians that are really doing nothing to make the state better. There is talk of bringing back Louisiana sodomy law in this legislative session. -- The US Supreme Court clearly ruled in in 2003. In the case of more sources the state of Texas that laws banning sodomy -- unconstitutional. Simply pass that law -- unconstitutional. Remember the legislative branch of government passes the laws but it's the judicial branch that determines whether or not those laws are constitutional. Now they're gonna be quick to people to be quick to say when you're not a Christian or you're promoting sodomy -- I'm simply stating the obvious. And he obviously is an individual's right to privacy which is what did sodomy case was based on. Supersedes the activity that you disagree with that takes place. In private. If you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. X seventy. Protects a -- 77 here's a -- -- anyone who thinks the government. Can take god out of anything seriously lacking in understanding of what it means to be a spiritual person. Hallelujah. Here's attacks christianity is not a religion it is a belief that is true. Personally I think the number one disease in this country is stupidity. And here's a text I thought conservative Christians want less government. But how critical some. Conservative Christians candy they want government involved in. And in dictating morals and that's really dangerous and prevent rouge -- Euro and a BWL. -- skirt and do a good. Just -- I totally agree with you on this. To me it's simple separation of church and state. But a lot of Christians can't seem to grasp the concept that their for their protection. -- understand that they want separation of church and state but only one of the art the. Our entire career it's it's it's kind of the same temptation of of judging since that aren't our sins when we're you know we're all sinners and and I just I just find it so hypocritical and yet it's interesting from my standpoint people who attacked me claiming that I can't be a Christian if I had these beliefs. Being a Christian has nothing to do -- -- Opposing the government. Supporting religion. That the concept it's it's basically put their protection. And when you stopped. You know a -- Make the Bible Belt state book under blurring those lines and that could dangerous thing and shortsighted not realize that and I agree with you about the oh cushion. That's introduced this legislation that's basically he concern it is. It is religious constituency. And the disturbing thing is that a lot of fault for. Rudy you're right about that and and a lot of people fall for politicians so ultimately swindling them -- real budget -- show. A from Slidell Robert you're under the WL good afternoon. -- good thank -- her I'm not sure it was the year ago back those -- name or -- him. I'm not a Christian. I don't have any problem with Christians and I I believe that this. Purple all laws just agreed that the religious. I think that. Our governor has led the way he -- Pat Roberts and promote direct amnesty. And like that particular. Still Robertson. Phil Robinson I don't wanna be mistaken with the evangelist okay I'm sure that's right. But but anyway that's that's -- -- I think there's -- wrong wrong law and it and we need to maintain anger. Separation occurred Wednesday. Senator Robert I agreed on by a pleasure listening. From RB -- -- under the WLA good afternoon. -- -- This could talk to you again. I think I disagree -- it is times do I have bullet to me is. Is is what's called the living book it it is is to contain instrument. Two. To answer any problems we might -- In the world and that. That is what that what we can music form but what we have to be careful is that. We include our troops in the world elect. The -- we might find and Chinese viable low in the Korean and those books also but the Bible does it lead one guy's sentence so. But to UT -- is -- -- others look at the Koran and others -- gets at different books and in different sets of the principles to find the truth different set of religious police and I think that's the wonderful thing about America is that we can accept diversity. -- Well Sam I'm glad you called -- -- listening to WWL here's a text that -- are Christians need to remember Jesus spoke against politicians and government. He didn't use law and government to push. His teachings. I hear is attacks that reads the legislation is to strike Louisiana and Louisiana -- And is antiquated sodomy laws off from the books. Not put that -- I mean that's that that's ridiculous you know. The state of Louisiana is looking for more and more ways to cut spending. At the expense of important state services. So why should voters tolerate politicians that are willing to put on the floor and really put on a floor show in the legislature. That would certainly put legislation on the collision course with the courts at the expense. Of taxpayers. For Mary -- George WWL. They do first of Oscar is what to say real quick you do superb job. Still when you deal with the legislature. You deal with politicians. And you also deal with constituency who you know behind these politicians now go out -- who materially. Stands to benefit. From having the Bible designated as the official state book well the answer is it's the pastors the Christian pastors they did Jesus. Businessman. You know they -- the guys to promote the name of Jesus there businesses promote Jesus and that business is called the church. So you can bet student of this session progresses. These Jesus businessman also noticed pastors will be telling their flocks. The contact their elected officials in Baton Rouge and get to get behind the passage of this bill to give it on the committee is it to get final -- And they're also may be selfish motive to draw people. Back to the church because quite often it is the pastor's. Salary that is determined by the number of people in the church. That's true now what tennis for the politicians well when it comes to election time. Guess who might be invited into that church on Sunday morning you all on Wednesday elect Bobby Jindal. Was invited to churches of the northeast Louisiana. -- -- this pastor now as an individual he can endorse and promote this publication the church can't do it. But this pastor says what a great guy this is so it benefits. The -- businesses in the industry. And it also benefits the politicians scooped -- that's so I think. James I think it's a really astute point and it's really said to point out that Jesus is a business to a lot of people not to everybody that Jesus is a business to -- Here's an update on our WW up pretty -- opinion poll. Are you for or against. The state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book I -- -- the state book state flag state -- yeah but what about all the state. Stuff why why why would we even have a state -- -- and why the Bible. Again I love the Bible in the Christian and I'm Catholic. I'm not perfect but I describe myself as a Christian and an an Catholics are not anti any of this but I am. Very anti government. Support of religion because I think that's a really really dangerous thing that defies. The principles. Upon which the nation was created. 55% now say they -- against. The Bible being the official book of the state of -- 45% -- -- you can give us your opinion -- go to our website WW dot -- I'm -- in for Angela. More viewer calls and more of your techs are coming up next. It's 230 here's -- Evian you will news updates with Don -- And welcome back to our show this afternoon it's -- not writing in downtown New Orleans you might be -- some rain where you are right now if you're not as a good chance you will be in it soon. Front moving through the -- good chance of rain if you just heard in our forecast if you're out there driving turn your lights on -- response to your lights on when you're driving in the rain. Ego driven politicians are not helping Louisiana that is the title of the -- -- on our website at WW dot com also. It's a part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which used to be WL radio. And here's a comment from Kate's about this this idea that ego driven politicians are not helping to stayed dated today. It deals with the legislation like making the Bible the official state book which is it's a it's a waste of time. A case says on our FaceBook page and it also has to do with the group or groups that the legislator is collaborating with on the proposed legislation. It's usually pretty simple to determine those companies or groups. Advance. That are and what their interest is in the proposed legislation. Here is comment from Victoria. You're right -- I hope someone does expose that. I I think as voters we need to pay more attention. To politicians that waste time mean not only locally but around the country we need to pay more attention of politicians that are wasting time. And ultimately wasting taxpayers' dollars to to propose and pass legislation. That's -- alternately cost the taxpayers. Money because it's gonna be challenged in court a for Texas Howard here and get well. Scoot it took about politician's ego couldn't hit it. It is talk about running for congress that eagle on the. Yeah I pipe you know governor Edwards I don't think he would denied the opposite the strong eco. And when that thing -- talking about it brings sodomy laws back. Police or. I did hear some some talk about that it would be absolutely ridiculous that a waste time. One politicians practiced in political side of me and they said. Well Howard their argument can certainly be made. From north and putt from new policy stability during -- VW -- -- -- the terrorists abroad but their relationship tree the world that Garcia Christian. Tax but he you know leaders tune you know. If it's among the spanning -- feel -- that does little. Just quickly. Well I think both of those things -- the same. Not defecting person you know so maybe their relationship toward a because. Austin say maybe the politicians and media people you know -- convey what they believe and -- -- is that they. Well that that's that's foreign what you believe and appoint a personal level I mean I've you know I've I looked at the Bible and church to help guide me in in life. And I try to pay attention to whatever the message I'm supposed to get from church. Every week. I don't read the Bible as much as I should but I do like the things that I recall on a daily basis -- from the from the Bible. But I'm just and -- I think you can be very religious you can love the Bible but also understand that the state should not support the Bible as the state book because I think that's a dangerous thing. You are not all ought to you know. Well but again politicians of people that some compete with deeply involved but he probably couples bulge what -- the other bit of an off. What -- -- may be done efficiently to people you know luckily we have you know people what Lydia. Well you know their definition of violent right in the -- -- -- -- -- -- much lord and you know ministry and -- the -- if I could make it -- that. And some bill and maybe understand the definition in the purple voters from -- afraid that they believe that this shall shall have the right and wrong. What are -- -- able ministers of the military actually the principal goal apply when -- not -- encryption on the you -- Welcome burst in. Richard -- -- -- for our -- handle whatever the bill going in the -- the travel on Saturday you know we know what. -- remained at their role getting -- -- that about men they've gone by the -- -- of government structure that car as well. -- -- important reason for. True without -- extra barrel for that matter rebuilt approachable. Thereby -- -- just therefore it is shall remain within the the world through a Christian. Can sort of Christian you know and country and stand by -- -- I'm a pastor I I appreciate you calling the here's -- what are don't wanna I don't coach opened this is not this is not a this is not about the message of god as much as it's about whether or not. On the state of Louisiana issued sanctioned the Bible as the official state book it's really more about politics. Yeah that -- -- -- -- this where auto buyer political and -- -- stupid. To did that this deliveries -- -- -- -- -- thank god we trust dropped in the news this one nation under. From the current -- relationship treatable being one -- one guy he's -- spirit they're loving daughter. OK so -- which Bible that we get which Bible of the gonna use -- we gonna use the Bible that would appease Protestants are Bible that would appease Catholics. -- even within christianity issued no. There may be one god and there may be one basic set of rules but there are different views of some of those rules. Well I agree -- -- on Saturday ignorance we don't call you could release shall Europe and and not necessary. Our low but it is actually were not basically commercial real. A fan of the politician you know he just tries to. Get a sense so good right wrong is supposed to hate in people which is in the world but he does want to see that the Bible really helped a little bit. -- -- actually -- that about it but compared to like -- we will read some more people really. Really pretty it was a good thing you know they'll argue with that screw -- -- right. I'm I I appreciate you calling -- showed I'm glad you're listening I appreciate the Bible to support the Bible to I don't support. Big government. Declaring the Bible the official state board of Louisiana. That defines what our government is supposed to do when you asked the government. To instill moral police. In our society. And what's gonna stop the government one day from instilling believes that you don't agree -- in society. Here's our WTO project opinion poll are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book we'll give you an update on that more of your calls are next -- WWL. Coming up for the next hour we'll talk about living together there's a new study that shows that living together. Checking up as it used to be called before marriage is not linked to divorce you talk about that in the next hour. I've stood in for Angel I've never text again to also we -- -- so many calls as we can't. There's always something new and our website at WW dot com including NFL free agency begins today. And the saints have some very alluring targets according to Steve Geller and we've got the checklist on our web site. Also -- latest who blog is ego driven politicians. Are not helping Louisiana you can read that picture with others it's -- WW dot com also it's our FaceBook page. Here's a comment to the blog on our website W if you go to become a politicians need to focus on debt and taxes. Waste of time to legislative book savior worship for church and personal time. Here's another commented this is not a Christian only state or Christian only country. Why not have Thomas pains common sense as our official state book groups that would make too much sense. Again you can read the blog common. WWL. -- dot com also here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll are you for or against the state of Louisiana making the Bible the official state book. A majority 54% say they're against it. And 46% say they are in favor of it and from Henry Sam your and a VW -- good afternoon. That there I agree lacked any. What it's all that. I wonder -- -- -- idea that there's lot of you know it just opens -- to people. One Eritrea and put their -- The religion I think this idea very. Very typical packet. Very innocent and I think we opened the goal of this law no no actual. Sam I think it's a very astute comment I appreciate you sharing your tenure for this. Here's a text that reached the government's already pushes homosexuality on everyone why not have the Bible. As a state book. The government is pushing homosexuality. Would it be fair to say that when the government was. Pushing for equality. The government was actually pushing people to be blacked. Or was this country pushing for equality. As far as I know the governments are pushing homosexuality. And if you if you have an example displeased I emailed to me. -- I'd love to against those that on the show. The government in and and and people like myself are promoting homosexuality. We're simply promoting equality and there's a huge difference for basic Lewis -- you're WL. I did I thought you. Make the point. You know I I noted that in -- I think -- -- that bad reputation for you know being kind of closed by the -- Libyan from Mississippi and knowing that Manny usually has been pretty. And national you do. And then politicians do things like this is what people think that everybody. In the -- yeah. Are in this state I'm here you know I'm articulate what their acknowledgment that would be right. You know what I -- the Mississippi I kicking I've been told why you don't sound like it and why you really Smart and that it. -- eternity but -- -- you don't selling differ Mississippi not by liking an accent but by of what you're saying and you sound Smart. And that's it it's wrong to say because a lot of Smart people in Mississippi. And we and Louisiana. But I'd I'd I promised he would then you know -- The comedian to get -- and they'll start you know it'll be a big laugh and you know -- -- really does actually get great -- -- -- -- trident like. It really does degrade the national news you know that they. -- I think the bigger. I think the bigger issue series I think you're right to be in there are obviously going to be torture -- around the country that are going to be talking about this in the same way that I talk about legislation that other legislators. Are proposing and other states around the country it just points out that there aren't legislators. Especially a state level but it also happens on the national level. Who proposed legislation that is just assigned to feed their egos and and and get them attention. And I guess pander to their constituency because. They're not gonna do anything to make the states. Any better. -- And I had -- went but went out went out one of the -- reflect. Potential. Doesn't testament is. It is our you know -- you know that they -- by. And I do I say. It's funny government mentioned and the responsible. We just never talk again. And -- that I think the whole Bible literally have to give up our where we didn't shrimp and all other sort of. Well exactly where I -- How many how many how many times in the past should we have cut off cut off one of our hands because it did the wrong thing. Where poked RI because. It was good closing and do it to CN. And -- without going into any. Description of this. Sodomy is actually practiced by heterosexuals as well Anderson it's an act that takes place in privacy. And more important than trying to force morals. Or big controlled behavior and privacy I think is this idea that we should have privacy you don't have to agree with everything that people do and privacy but you should agree was somebody's right to do it in privacy. Sarah -- in Mexico and -- nationalistic. Now we're coming right back to wrap up our -- -- your -- stay with this more calls and -- vortex coming -- -- -- differential but every WL. We have been having some difficulty with our FM antenna Sony -- having reception problems listening to our show on 1053 deputy -- -- pleased to into the big gate seventy on the AM dial. These are problems are temporary they're working on those right down should be taking care for the next to yourself. The result is limited coverage in some areas so get if you're experiencing any reception problems with one of five freedom of humility and tune into or 50000 -- clear signal AM station. -- -- -- David if you will here's a text -- so I think state legislators so already and are already are deliberately passing laws that they know will violate Supreme Court rulings. The laws are challenged go to court there overturned and legislators can return to their constituents and bemoan how the federal government is too powerful. And the states don't have the right to determine their own futures I think it's a really astute observation. Honesty here on the BW a good afternoon. Thanks -- call your. What did they say this whole -- it. Against. The Bible gain. Book industry. -- potentially in just brokers. More greater than that it be done in the state other than passing usual laws. -- just. Let's go to Bible. Book and it's and it's cigarette butts to whoever laws and what we get constituents -- focus on more. What are represented as a protector legislation. -- self again -- -- -- and every session. -- -- -- legislator as dark side is paying to put in and -- -- -- to the great thing that actually. -- Well he knew -- as the voters. Will be accountable and -- don't think the players and as much bigger one bill. How much time energy and money is spent on. -- -- -- Outrageous and they want -- warrant higher education. Why. Medicaid being kept -- Medicare being cut as cutting out there. That we do at them. -- It. Absolutely. And fact they receive I'm really glad you brought that up at the end of the -- blog which is say exactly what we're talking about here ego driven politicians are not helping Louisiana. I end with talking about politicians who support meaningless feel good legislation. -- should be acknowledged to the public and and held accountable the next time an election comes up. We allow politicians to get away with stupidity. The question is is that their fault or is -- hours. Ever live with somebody before you married him is that a good idea we'll talk about that next.