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3-11 4:10pm Kristian: Malcom Jenkins moves

Mar 11, 2014|

Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic shares that Malcom Jenkins makes a move to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- to Saints put a crushing game to game Malcolm deacons at three year deal Christian with a -- scores -- -- The cheap about it three year deal is going to Kyoto -- is from nearby future. And the Eagles need. So great at -- The secondary and obviously you know the city Vietnam he didn't have to be an impact in terms of -- -- the sickness and having saint openly wondered reichstag was. To ride for a team that's trying to create some wiggle room in. You know -- -- law today is according to the transaction wire one back Darren Sproles is still technically on the -- -- roster he's not been officially. I'm released according to the NFL. Waiver wire. But as of earlier couple minutes ago. Now Christian if you gonna break down or speculate I should -- When you look at it means we're very familiar with -- that we would dog -- at times and at times game credit they're being Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins. But you look now going forward we know can even -- Obviously. Is is as the guy that you expected to be considering where we drafted him. And I think Malcolm Jenkins I think he was a nice starter. If you would have been drafted let's say. You know fourth fifth round there -- -- there may be -- not a first round their while acute of a Carroll has lived up to that billing so far. But overall awareness Saints go from here is -- -- the Carroll that. That is Raphael bush a part of that makes hard to me I still think. That Raphael bush is not necessarily that answer alongside Kahne and Carl what is your take. -- -- and he's a nice complementary piece right in the of these -- it is there right. As a role player rob -- You know has played -- Parise he looks and -- you look at the sixteen million dollars not object in the got in the three year deal from Philadelphia I think in the saint. Feel like there's just not enough return. In terms of you know investment that's a big pretty big money considered you know -- -- He's looking at them but didn't let Matt -- Dead ball hawking secondary and I think it in the Annika they think they're really good at letting the market can't establish itself. Think going out on the bargain in free agency. They're not expect as early on I didn't expect them being even a lot of the -- -- -- it operated over the last couple years and -- find good bargain with the Keenan Lewis. Outlast you look at the board we're used -- to go up in the production -- those two free agents. In terms of you know make risky given the extended to partner. At least one other time that I know of in and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Than not you'll see him drop -- as well. Usually dusty you know out there was the by. Right now it's kind of way he -- look straight you're trying to. That Ferguson cap space and what I mentioned earlier you know officially. Bears Bulls still on the they've dropped -- so they've got some. You know when you really do not want to come make it clear with the state here you know what pays at least it would a lot of looks like. Are there not a real grind and united and well you know again it goes back to -- -- in the Saints haven't really made a lot of peaks -- in the create outside the group these good. Appropriate they need to work Paul Kruger last year when he originally signed with the Cleveland Browns so if they wanna play -- -- -- unaware. And I don't you know a lot of books -- -- start pointed to markets where he got released by the Dallas Cowboys there's some familiarity and as a -- Is going to automatically in the war of the chomping it was a part of that stat and now. They don't Bible they drafted the markets where of course not. Rob Ryan spent time at it and as a coordinator with where in Dallas just going to keep an eye on what it's gonna happen art -- -- But it it is certainly in the papers that. Yes Chris it'd be like I mean why would you mis hit -- -- where. Everything coach and obviously we know what a price tag that. When I look at five to speculate. I would think. That it just thrown a young guy and their opposite. Keenan Lewis. Boise game he hit the market so to speak and get another productive guy not necessarily all pro or could be a -- durable guy. But at the consistency. Of Jabari greater. Well and they got him from the bills. If you look along those lines along obviously with Keenan Lewis did last year and then I would think maybe. An office sublime and if you give three. I think. That's the price tag could be too high. When you look at wide receiver. I guide that that I know. To me and and I take the approach that I think he'd be a better virginal Lance Moore. And I don't think the pages are -- to be -- to pay him that being Julian cattlemen. Denoble what is gonna cause that you can look at players that Devlin kid help here -- your roster. But do you get better and better in the draft. Taken that approach that you don't appear player hopefully young guy. It's out aren't you go through praying -- where I think. Well on the Davidson side opposite Keenan Lewis I just don't have common to try analyses of Corey white. With the number two guy and Chris it is something that you brought that wasn't -- him. And now look at Malcolm Jenkins and and and Woody did and -- Saints uniform. Are are just the second area in general. Ever since we won -- suitable. One thing we've talked about we augment his appointed. Last year in the saints' defense was. Force in the turnover do you look at the takeaways. That this is astounding you look at the Saints defense forced only four turnovers. Since week eleven and nine and the playoffs than in the post season. And in so as a result I mean -- stands to reason the Saints are minus nine terrible margin there and expand. And then you know conversely you look at the Saints -- snagged the ball away fifteen times in the previous ten weeks. So wasn't throughout the season got off to a great start -- some reason. Week eleven all we were not taking away the football and to me it's no wonder when you look then the Saints started to -- in six and Null and and we finished six and six. And Keenan Lewis you when it's -- you noted -- that. But you know you can only do so much in the end of leading the saint with four interceptions so. I'm make it on the back and can account and it's got to give credit Texas. But how he's such consistent all around player. And you know no matter where you put them and days. He doesn't miss tackles that that other safety really does it some kind of ball -- That was all sending it saying it it's all said and done so it was because that. Was look that guy running just had six -- seven interceptions. And the for the season and we just didn't see that are Roman Harper Malcolm Jenkins. Nobody can beat you look at history -- sharply limits here it was a day where they it will spend money you create -- at the cornerback in the the -- got -- in the secondary at least you know what -- career than Lester you know have a history of drafting wide receiver Marcus Cole and Kenny stills Robert Meachem. So on the I think -- -- -- -- that even position more so in the draft and it will it repeatedly by the league Julian settlement and has been -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like he wants guys to the -- From the very beginning it kind groom him up there and I'm not the magnitude that been. A bit of discipline you don't necessarily know to have a two year -- -- -- I mean that I think that it has peanut Tillman. You know which -- good on Ellis -- -- -- you know that's a prayer for your answer but I don't want a two year deal about it except before. With those one -- -- to deal. They didn't maximum production out of bed like. That helped him you know to stop gap our our guys didn't -- and contribute outburst he's gonna get good return about it. Chris to tell about the good return on a veteran knows that we got Ellis he is on them with the Patriots blue gay. Yeah there are Randall Gay Soviet talk about a -- two yard. Two year ransom may be so to speak his contribution on the one thing peanut Tillman. It's unbelievable forced fumbles that he's done nobody's even close to him as as fours creating turnovers. Right exactly. As I've seen -- push the ball -- whatever the upgrade to look at -- There remain a concern Malcolm thing is a guy who's played a lot. Well what do you think. To me I think I'd be more concerned. Would site zags treat him Brian Phillips -- people what is your take now. Well when you look at that means that fans are familiar with that are unrestricted free is going well. Well it. Happened tonight -- our tackle like you know like OK now we don't have Malcolm for sure what is your take. Well it's extremely bright yellow went that you think you sign elsewhere. I think Dexter even more likely to come back they're bundled what you -- because the -- -- an -- -- -- not that certainly paying hitters in. That topic to tackle and pull off the market here in the first. -- our hour of free agency and our guys kind of set the market for the saint have a better idea what they're working with I think in the getting it Gil. -- actually done it yet the course up on their -- that has been up -- a lot of -- yes we. Yeah Backstreet but Brian Billick what they ethnic and going back who has got that letter. -- you know his job a good possibility. Belichick to make a return you know which are you know player maybe you know one or two year deal with -- and he he he might be no other guys kind of gloom Toledo might not ready yet. Take over center so I think of the two with a bundle up in actually -- street that comes back or a development that. Saints on the -- -- Chris again and again Malcolm Jenkins agreeing to a three year deal with. The Philadelphia Eagles Christian thank you so much for the time called back a summary.