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3-11 4-5p Bobby and Deke, Saints Free Agency

Mar 11, 2014|

When the clock struck 3—NFL free agency officially began. Hear the latest on the Black & Gold! What positions do expect the Saints to address? Mike Detillier says the Saints top 3 needs are: right tackle, cornerback and free safety. Agree or disagree?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New news talk in sports leader it's really paid seventy WWL. And out WWL and -- But 1053. Hated sports talk. To huddle up with the 050426018748668890. Wait seven days. Staying good evening and welcome to an abbreviated edition of sports talk weather permitting we'll have LSU find tiger baseball tonight. They're ranked Tigers take on nickel state big week for LSU couple in. A mid -- games against Nicklaus in southern followed by a huge showdown at top four showed on this week in in Nashville. I get to Vanderbilt commodores where it is a frenzied free agent frenzy. Were asking you today operated jaguar opinion -- what position to the Saints go after first cornerback -- the right tackle. Running back while other cast your vote online at WW dot comment but -- just in the back getting set. To come on the and we -- Adam shaft -- Say that he had occurred in Malcolm deacons. In -- upcoming member of the Philadelphia eagle was a three year deal but obviously now -- right sorry years sixties and I he has become a priority -- the thing get a big. But I think that's why it was so important. You know and -- -- talk good Raphael bush and and he had a significant role in the saints' defense obviously I can even -- the young safety. You know times are changing so to speak Roman -- Malcolm Jenkins now. I think the Saints had a figure in mind. That they would pay Malcolm. And obviously. Not as high as as the Eagles are willing to go. But the mile like in Malcolm Jenkins he missed too many tackles. He be put in the right position. And Edwards -- leave -- -- coordinator OK we have the right defense called they have been in in the Jets game. It -- should have been maybe a two yard gain all of us and it's a thirty yard gain he dismissed too many times when they get going form. Is that. He was definitely oh and we with -- that term a lot a lot hybrid. You know what is tied in receiver our safety cornerback. You know where the you could do both the judges. One dimensional. Well while Malcolm originally look at Ohio State. Playing quarterback that had the skill set an NFL level to play both safety and cornerback. And I I think we knew we were all healthy last year. That you look at that third cornerback in and you put him on the slide he was right there and he gave Rob Ryan a lot of flexibility. -- -- -- Carl right about magic is a play on that slot receiver you know he had Jabari Greer on the alongside yankees loose in the other. But you really had safeties in. Like -- -- -- David Carroll hybrid type player who's a state did I can't play caller Lamotte who was a corner. Who could play safety. But now I'm thinking of a -- go down as the greatest safety. In and Saints history. The one thing. I think now you wanted to make more plays on the ball. But his skill set. As far as tackling is unbelievable. Given Carroll's gonna tackle someone I hit someone they going down will Malcolm makes -- too many times I might see Sammy Knight. -- like Darren Sharper ball hog making plays in the ball. But Sammy Knight. So when you look at when they're at right now and and I think. On the back -- you'd wanna have veterans when you -- a mother listed in the top four. Our top three B -- you don't necessarily as -- a top notch cornerback being thrown to the wolves and given a lot of responsibility. And that's why I still think obvious that it Keenan Lewis. Boy if we can hit it and we talked to the Mike Triplett -- -- would ESPN. That -- they can find another diamond in the rough so to speak like did you -- I think I like that more than just our draft and maybe a rookie corner and it in the first round like Patrick Robinson hoping. That he works out that you want somebody that is a proven. To be given that responsibility. Now according white. I think -- best season at third or fourth corner he's an -- -- second corner a lot of opposing quarterbacks. Gonna go right out and so that really doesn't surprise me. When Malcolm Jenkins had brought up you know Rafael bush. And how. And I'm not saying he's the answer can't even Carol we know his answer -- he's a piece of the puzzle. Assigning to pieces to shore. Right now -- Agassi Keenan Lewis and Kenny -- Carl. Now they also brought in Louis -- Delmas. I remember we're talking Garner draft where -- the affiliate. And you know he's only twenty -- of Beijing the second round selection bottom line in the 2009 NFL draft and remember a talk about possibly. Him being in -- thinks you know probably Baghdad three play the Detroit. From 2009 to thirteen. And he was selected as a probable -- 2010 and eleven. Now and he's had knee problems and -- career. He started every game in 2013. -- here for the first time. And you could see a lot of lines released him. Back in February 13 to release them to save about five and a half million dollars in cap space. Still I don't know what's his asking price. But if it's right for the Saints I could see him having like a Louis Delmas -- veteran. Along went you know Kenny McCarron. That's dealt to Saints put a crushing game to game Malcolm Jenkins at three year deal Christian with a late scores which you are. They keep about it for three year deal is going to Philadelphia of course is from nearby feature on Eagles need. So -- their past as -- secondary and obviously you know the city Vietnam he didn't have to be an impact in terms of don't maternal side -- and having the -- openly wondered reichstag was. -- -- parking that's trying to create some wiggle room in. -- -- bit lost today is according to the transaction wire one about Darren Sproles is still technically on. There's been so roster he's not been officially. Released according to the NFL waiver wire. But as of earlier couple minutes ago. Now Christian if you gonna break down or speculate I should -- When you look at names -- very familiar with that we would dog cuss at times in a times game credit they're being Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins. But you look now going forward we know can even Carroll. Obviously. Is is as the guy that you expected to be considering where we drafted him and I think Malcolm Jenkins. I think he was a nice starter. If he would have been drafted let's say. You know fourth fifth round third -- there may be -- not a first round their while can have a Carroll has lived up to that billing so far. But overall awareness Saints go from here as it can it was Carol that. That is Raphael Busch apart of that makes -- to me I still think. That Raphael bush is not necessarily that answer alongside -- and Carl what is your take. No I agree I think he's a nice complementary piece right and the at least some it is their right. As a role player Rob Ryan. You know has played those three feet he looks and now you look at -- fifteen million dollars that. Not object in the got a three year deal from Philadelphia I think in the saint. Feel like there's just not enough return. In terms of you know investment that's a big pretty big money considerate -- you know our -- it. He's team captain but didn't let Matt yeah. -- ball in the secondary and I think it and Annika they think they're really good at letting the market can't establish itself. They go out on the market that free agency. They're not expect as early on I didn't expect them to be even a lot of -- he managed the way they operated over the last couple years and they'd find good bargain peaking at Louis. Outlast you look at -- board where your years ago up in production at those two credence. In terms of you know make it a -- getting -- -- being extended to partner. At least one other time that I know of in and look. Made it they're gonna -- news you know so I think -- for the bargain at -- -- veteran guy. Than not you'll -- 1 -- I got a tubes fans we wanna sing you to some great college basketball this week. You are there others could go to Sun Belt Conference championship -- you know Lakefront arena all he had dues as a sports talk this week now through Thursday for the basketball buzzer. When you hear it called a number of and you call the number eight and that's it 504260. Wins to 609467. Call that number when you hear the buzzer. And you will be on your way to the Sun Belt Conference. Championships basketball meaning when the tournament out of you and -- -- -- this is underway Malcolm think it is now a member. Other Philadelphia Eagles Saints on the -- Christian gate it was crucial what else do you know out there was the by. Right now it's kind of wait and see approach look -- they're trying to. We have some cap space in -- earlier you know obviously. There's goals still on the -- -- So they've gotten. You know when Hendry do not want them make it clear that the state we're you know what -- at least -- was a lot of looked like. -- not a real sign and united and are well you know again it goes back to an early in the Saints haven't really made a lot of -- -- -- -- create outside the group these good. Appropriate in the work Paul Kruger last year. When he eventually signed with Cleveland Browns so if they wanna play at -- -- on the way. And I don't you know a lot of books and you start pointed to markets where he got released by the Dallas Cowboys there's some familiarity and as a unit. Is going to automatically into law of the chomping at the part that's happened now. They'll -- they drafted the markets where of course rob Bryant spent time -- -- political and -- -- where. In Dallas just going to keep an eye on what it's gonna happen -- then and it. But it is certainly in the papers. Yes Chris it'd be like I mean why would you mis hit the markets where. Everything coach and obviously we know what a price tag it. When I look at five to speculate. I would think. Strategist on a young guy and their opposite of Keenan Lewis. Boy if you Graham hit the market so to speak and get another productive guy not necessarily all pro -- could be a -- durable guy. But at the consistency. Of Jabari greater. -- and they got him from the bills. If you look along those lines along obviously with Keenan Lewis did last year and then I would think maybe. An office sublime and if you give three. I think. This is a price tag could be too high. When you look at wide receiver. I guide that that I know. To me and and I take the approach that I think he'd be a better virginal Lance Moore. And I don't think the pages are gonna -- to pay him that being Julian cattlemen. Your -- what is gonna cost that you can look at players a deadly kid help via your roster. But do you get better and better in the draft. Taken that approach that you don't appear player hopefully young guy. It's out hard you go through praying -- where I think. Ball on the Davis aside I'm visiting Keenan Lewis I just don't have comics right now let's see of Corey white. With the number two guy and Chris it is something that you brought that wasn't -- him. And now look at Malcolm Jenkins and and in Woody did and -- Saints uniform. Are are just the second area and general. Ever since we won -- suitable. One thing we've talked about -- augment his appointed. Last year in the saints' defense was. Force in the turnover do you look at the takeaways. That this is astounding you look at the Saints defense forced only four turnovers. Since week eleven and nine and the playoffs than in the post season. And in so as a result I mean -- stands to reason the Saints are minus nine terrible margin of our nets fan. And then you know conversely you look at the Saints would snagged the ball away fifteen times in the previous ten weeks. So wasn't throughout the season got off to great starving for some reason. Week eleven all we were not taking away the football and to me it's no wonder when you look that the Saints started the season six and Null and and we finished sixth in sixth. And Keenan Lewis you when it's really noted for that. But you know you can only do so much in the end of leading the saint with four interceptions so. I'm make it on the bag can give him account in Minnesota -- at Texas but how he's such consistent all around player. And oh no matter where you put them and made it he doesn't miss tackles that that other safety really does it some kind of -- ball -- That was all sending it saying it it's all said and done so it was because that was look the -- I'm -- just had six or seven interceptions. And the for the season and we just didn't see that are Roman Harper Malcolm Jenkins. Nobody beat you look at history and choppy and you -- here it was a day where they it will spend money tree there at the cornerback Aaron. The -- all in the secondary at least you know with -- career than Lester you know -- have a history of drafting wide receiver Marcus Cole and Kenny bill Robert Meachem. So on the I think you're gonna addressed that even position. More so in the draft and it will free agency but Julian settlement and has been -- but I think -- -- -- like he wants -- -- the -- from the very beginning on groom him. Not not -- it and it could've been. A bit of disappointment don't necessarily go to have and nick junior -- -- I mean that I think that it has peanut Tillman you know which -- on Ellis and I think you know that's. Weird for your answer but on one or two year deal -- -- -- set for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Percy to think -- good return about. Or -- to tell about the good return on a veteran of easily got -- he is on them with the Patriots blue gay. Yeah there are Randall Gay Soviet -- about a -- two yard two year ransom may be so to speak his contribution on the one thing peanut Tillman. It's unbelievable forced fumbles that he's done nobody's even close to him as as fours creating turnovers but it. Right exactly. As I should -- plays a ball out whatever now great to look at that. -- remain a concern Malcolm -- is a guy who's played a lot. Well what do you think. To me I think I'd be more concerned. Would site zags treat him -- they'll applicable what is your take now. Well when you look at that means that fans are familiar with that are unrestricted free is going forward. Well it. Happened tonight -- our tackle like you know like OK now we don't have Malcolm for sure what is your take. Well it's actually been -- eloquent that you think you sign elsewhere. I think actually the more likely to come back in front of what -- only because the big advantage in not that certainly paying sitters and that topic to tackle and pull up a market here in the first got our our. Of free agency and our guys kind of but the market for the saint have a better idea what they're working with I think in the idiot you know -- Port actually don't know yet his critics are on their they're looked at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Backstreet. Brian -- what they -- ethnic. And going back who has stopped atmosphere. And you know his job a good possibility that. A policy to make a return you know which are you know player maybe you know one or two year deal with -- and he he he might be -- not a guy that kind of gloom Toledo might not ready yet. Take over center so I think of the two with a bundle but in actually -- streak that. They've come back more they'll put -- Saints on the board of Chris again -- again Malcolm Jenkins agreeing to a three year deal with. The Philadelphia Eagles Christian thank you so much for the time calls back to some break Malcolm Jenkins now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Operated jaguar Pena but what positions at the Saints go after. First cornerback safety tackle right tackle running back off all the cast your vote online at WW -- Dot com you know Bobby one thing is for sure. Is on the a lot of hootie people on whose team he -- Two people on his team. Well you know we always joke hokey and I know we get together training camp and now the host and number you know you you always get it. You always associated should say is certain player with a number. And now so we have the be learning a lot you faces are. It's a new players and -- numbers. You know coming into the a lot of changes in Andy -- talked about him. You know that cornerback opposite to Keenan Lewis I still think he has a place according wide on the team. But more is that and in best case scenario third if not the fourth corner. Monotonous -- number two we talked about peanut Tillman. Louisiana Lafayette what he's -- with the Bears. What exactly the price tag him I get -- I could just tell you. Right now just from a -- of feel. And reading about these guys and if they err I mean this course price means everything but they have a chance to get their number of nuclear for Lovie Smith a guy like Devin Harris and punitive and -- -- Yeah yeah because if you're out here in what you're doing you Paris how much they love -- me right right right and out. The you know -- in the Jabari -- kind of category and Lima one more money. And Jabar initially when he came open the bills but. He's not a Pro Bowl but he did an outstanding job with the Panthers last year captain Motorola. Yeah you know leg I would like that again victimized in the ninth but I'm just saying overall overall yeah captain moment if he was opposite of -- Lewis I think I'd be more common. I haven't had better like that in them vs Corey white being Tuukka. Jenkins was a hall of a tackler and grief or the most appearances in Miami last year we are in trouble yankees so it's awful. The picks back to the other -- amid the exact treat -- mean EU amid the media -- we had high expectations. You know for Jahri Evans right and then when Jahri Evans -- look. 2012 is actually had a poor season -- gave up three sacks against the Chiefs chairman -- -- Zach -- played the most consistent. Was an up and down last year like Jahri Evans the he got well in the Seahawks game and Michael Bennett. And he loses tore his game yeah I mean the end then it probably the last 45 years. Both figgins and Michael -- you know I thought about people with silence allow Michael Bennett that to me this on Martellus that tinier. And Michael. Gene as I'm back to gene pools and in any game Louisiana he's always had a road game -- to -- -- Right now I'll -- if Avant Amy Ruiz and at that same name I am. He moved to Texas not far high school record both those gays and take as they. Well -- wrong with that is. You know I know AK -- reports out every last night that. I think it was Chicago without -- offering more money. For Michael Bennett but he Wednesday with CM well he knows that the team yet to see that it is in the to have players thing to. Mean rocket scientist comments fit and it bit at the wars at the words Seattle -- six into it now. And the worst to go six into -- all of the eagle 44 -- in six. Woody is like. -- captain. Okay. Why. Who would you leave Carolina and the city like Cleveland is somebody wanted to offer me a few more dollars for a few more down yet. But a bit mean to leave Cleveland and you look at Carolina where their diet. Right if it's all pretty much even but if not bad -- but in that in that instance right there I am that's not that bad because. I'm looking at the south and looking at the AFC north right now at that kind of modeled on the you don't know where I mean ball almost a year removed from the Super Bowl but -- made the playoffs. Cincinnati came round playoff game Pittsburgh is a do or die youth of for Mike Tomlin. So you know and it's it's all up to their -- Like -- decide I think as a Saints fan you could blame Malcolm Jenkins okay so let's say the Saints are willing not just on this out here. And and this is just sign are you -- husband are any anyone in this position. Simply -- Ian Malcolm shoes Casey's three years. The thing to say they would now I'm not saying I'm just speculating here than say okay beginning gave you twelve million. For three years. And the Eagles say -- -- to look it was guaranteed signing Wilson at all. But let's say the Eagles -- -- -- sixteen million to three years on the world you can -- out and Malcolm right from going tennis -- -- -- know. And that's just a lot of money yet again why you can't write those he got to you talk to him on gloomy dome is holding them back where you. Nathan thank you for calling WW -- You guys. I was born. Yeah they'll put -- like you know everything out there sacred that that was probably actually is is he is kept the Marlins outfield and all of -- that they make their payment pagan in order -- the grounds it would -- -- feel that they can go to great great we need to melt them frozen and the land low. Living in the in the Latin and these young look that we had let the record it is and the coaches. I think they'll make Drew -- -- bull of a -- Now if it what is your take on this thing and you know living out is a point in last year was a punt return team you do one before last cinema thirty withdrawals. What about in the price is right obviously as the come in the play. We bring in a local boy home by Jacoby Jones. You know -- -- missile will what did you take -- I mean I there's nowhere to go put up I'll punt return game. Yeah that was but that didn't like it they had this team would be strictly proper conduct is that he you know one a -- really your third. -- -- -- Well obligated Jacoby when he got -- the Broncos defense. And that's flutist I've put out as the I don't know how to Broncos seek them get behind them. I -- -- was gone well mostly as a -- obviously home author John thank you for calling to -- WO. Thank you for calling WW. Sort of payment by. But you know there's. I'll let you know as much as I used to go to my job. I just got almost all of what will happen about -- -- It's ultimately there's got to do with Jimmy Ryan Howard Jimmy -- not -- percent of the time I will feature an hour -- but. I don't understand Atlanta moral thing I don't understand the -- -- -- numbers and he's got my first. That one -- -- good enough but let's more short supply which you can argue about Malcolm Jenkins. I didn't want to know what is or is it -- crime is -- that a rookie Jimmy Graham. PR -- I really thought it was going out there and have agreed that. Well done I think and he looked at Malcolm they had a certain figure. In mind. And that. You know -- and you look in terms of dollars what would they gonna -- him augmenting -- -- yeah I mean. Nobody out I mean it's all if you get a long bombing -- if you go on I'm sure it probably. Maybe gave them an idea. Yeah and gave idea that this is what that is what we look in the span that's why Nittany and all the calls and may yet calls made him look. This will all pay you been in those facts and okay 'cause they know it was a I would thank you yet thank you that's why Iran are big and backed that from the get go these times as the Eagles. But now. I could say this. I mean if you truly objective as a Saints -- how could you know I'd be disappointed in Malcolm Jenkins is performance. Considering where he was drafted. Like -- said he would have been a bargain. And legit starter. If he was -- -- third not a for the for our fifth round pick big was even never close to make -- a pro -- and a more drastic. -- -- close ones and they have a year ago I can't even Cairo I mean I don't know I don't know if -- -- -- -- I mean to me it is just wasn't as dominant as needed to be. Like when you look at those phases as running with it on the back -- -- -- look like the Sedrick Ellis Malcolm Jenkins Patrick Robinson. Did to what extent the mind to me as of late. Is slam dunk and an Indy it Cameron charm again it would Carroll know that that the biggest start to any team in the NFL they're that good. Malcolm Jenkins a three year deal he's a member of the Philadelphia Eagles well positioned to the Saints. Collapse the first as. Even now reporting it as Saints will visit with. The Beatles G areas -- old now -- -- today I think there's so I think this is Jerry is Bernard you know. Not that that's a Pro Bowl if not all pro -- safety. I believe I don't like we felt like gene pool earlier I believe his dad's Gilbert and bigger group play with -- San Diego charges -- good player yet now we are memory Gilbert because we were all part of the free agency testimony. Right. Those myself Gilbert Freeman McNeal and member of the Jets running back right. But. The magic man done Macau ski you know we're all involved in that but -- he he is lived up. We went to Oregon right inning handing it to argue neither that there billing with the bills now. I don't know what I would call us but I they would you have. -- by playmakers. The have a Kenny -- Carroll and and bird on the back in. -- if you draw or not that's about it as good a safety confined in free agency in Dallas Parcells jammed in home thank you for calling WWL. Hey Fella in the mean I don't know what people understand these moves we've made could be better and -- patent and he's been years. Wanted to go home with the youth movement where it makes sense and -- we've done those moves on defense this year and and it only makes sense to do the law that -- made you know. I love those guys as much everybody out you know on the move on and the other thing yeah. Malcolm Jenkins popping up in which all year -- wish. -- have never gotten the idea that moved from the safety because he was the all safety. I I think we should have given them another chance and -- wouldn't be happy about it -- and -- But. You know it and and in the -- and it and the drinks and I have a lot to get -- get that gave you then move him -- defense. All the -- on the get a get a get a BB and returned a kick started punt returner. You know -- on that. Which you guys feel about that. To my Devin Hester and now they. I think is a more wide out now. Ours big league game -- -- Devin Hester. League you play cornerback wide out and all that bad I think that's another when -- I'd be surprised if he wouldn't end up in Tampa Bay yeah. And you know because that relays -- existed Lovie Smith and knows Dave vested remaining -- money you can choose what they want to -- Yeah that that's not living the. I don't -- Darius third inning of Kamal. You mean to be in Buffalo New Orleans and anywhere would you rather be -- be in New Orleans. Yes I mean it exactly a playoff team so that's why I mean. The Saints would necessarily have to pay the sailing your -- as much as the bills that the landing god if you wanna. Tom I did play a Malcolm Jenkins gone back to that that the -- -- -- all about going into -- on the -- Cam Newton. In serious about it is all he did he was both of them like. He beauty was both the -- handle that -- -- that -- video Rhodes scholar he consulates and he's got the ball. If he'd -- of this well at throw make him Scola. It -- Aggregate taxes are eligible zone -- he should've went airborne it was coming all of the -- got three. That's why a lot of things -- a gun and you have to allow things to see it in season because they eat right don't matter what you Michael while you all much of a veteran. -- a fragile. And Jimmie -- that's why I think to say it but at the end the debate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because his team go when the divisional game at home -- what was the one thing. I'm not put it all his shoulder but it in it you answered what I permit I would say bids in the in the NF fail. It all comes down to the players and when you -- individual matchup. Whom makes the play he'd make a player -- a free shoddy Cam Newton could even disrupted. And -- -- was it was that the Rams. -- -- -- to -- pitiful tackle on the sidelines right but that -- -- to a -- they need to try to push really pushed him forward and hold. It was a nightmare you've got to be -- in its almost like an LA to say anything you can pay to qualify and operating game. We've been better off not playing their game just paid NFL if I am a bit because the Saint Louis Alaska to as a man and all of that that was one game that did not elect rob Ryan's defendants now that -- like the 2012 the thing is -- -- is that we knew he was allowed one the end and -- -- media -- he's an -- Call a number eight right now at 504260. Wins. 5042609467. You're going to the Sun Belt Conference championship from all of us here at WW.