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3-11 5:20p Mike Detillier, NFL Free Agency

Mar 11, 2014|

When the clock struck 3—NFL free agency officially began. Hear the latest on the Black & Gold! What positions do expect the Saints to address? Mike Detillier says the Saints top 3 needs are: right tackle, cornerback and free safety. Agree or disagree?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

FL analyst Mike the TA. And my -- on -- in my -- EA dot com John -- right now Mike you are your thoughts on what you've seen free exit overall right now not just black and gold. Well -- kind of like we talked about four weeks that all the -- -- this many years and years ago. We're gonna get their money -- the offensive lineman. And again. They get an -- real quick and that applies if you followed agency years. Ago normally change in the money. Very quickly in this process. Or is it true indeed. On selection and it's -- statement today. They would get his money in Cleveland. You see what Malcolm Jenkins. -- Jerry Byrd -- a guy at heart the main. At this point and it -- obvious that can pull it all financially and now. One thing straightened looking forward to -- in -- race nobody and I mean you know they're. Good read and so we did Jabari Greer there Sproles. -- Football player. It appeared. Earl Thomas. Jay bird will. Advocate that. He has had a higher level of straight. And it's going to be part of what he has done. What Earl Thomas and came chancellor and we he would across the board and were you agent so they can. So you think with -- -- -- That indeed it. It's more not then -- I think. Because real impetus O'Neal has been eating out the big men that got to protect the quarterback. In the attic and put pressure on the quarterback and it -- the board and it. Would be like yeah. I'll try to get people at 11. Out evil that -- and and about it simply you know what you. -- -- Like with TJ ward would be so no shock at this point. I'm telling you what if -- simple -- all the bird. It is now. Being -- Where you sign. The football team that has to doubt and so it is that going to be quarterback. -- Now Mike. When you look at also and now you brought it -- -- Jabari Greer and also yet to throw him. I think I Keenan Lewis in praise team and I don't know how you feel but I am not competent right now. -- wide being that number two corner or even. -- draft ignored him out there. When you look of free agent cornerbacks. And now I don't know what's gonna come dollar Jerry's bird bit. What kind of money as a like captain Mike Nolan. The for a united that they just released Carlos Rogers also yes it is that that who would possibly be me be. A free agent verses are going after a rookie. Or you know to be that number two corner almost like -- -- You pick up a good point and won this thing is that. What good players that they targeted like she was Derek Cox you will be wanting to quit -- and mediate and you know -- and the other one user and a bad year up in San Diego. And Indy cut means. So I think. You -- -- -- that they a lot of money coleslaw they put big money. In Korea. Vietnam where being a championship type team in the built in advantage. It's fairly close there I'll be -- I'm with New Orleans or New England on Green Bay. All are contending team in senator Raiders. But at a morning. People bag that now we get there. What's funny that it usually when people with -- and not been -- -- the promoted to the Dallas Cowboys. The markets where public -- took a pay cut it would make more money with the Cowboys this year any real quick in that game. All they can win. We basically couldn't cut it you would it mean I'll -- Butler. We -- the biggest indication. Out of a star player. Technically signaling out the rest of the football world we hate -- -- here and now and I'll say it somewhere else. Despite the pocket probably make more money somewhere I could make more money in doubt and I can't somewhere else. And I don't think that bad -- and it slipped back and cornerback. Into that little bit of money you left. Because another area that. Is more concerned to me is that right tackle. Because all the board real. And -- couple holes on this team today not about quarterback -- one was going to be you're right tackle today if you apple and a. Well that's those guys who might go what do you think you know domino effect jar whatever Malcolm jenkins' goal line. Do you think -- street signs elsewhere are I'm Brian -- went below what would you think haven't two starters on the offensive line. I didn't come and back. I think -- what they probably gonna go somewhere real. And get the actually -- -- didn't -- me because I think he didn't want me here and I think you want -- content belonged at all that line. And we didn't think that except let you run the football when they -- right. Behind Jahri Evans and actually. And it looked solid job as a pass protect. Now people all that's a line coach Doug Malone well. Last year that ain't gonna get kicked off a little bit when there -- 00 like coach and Cuomo would be Chicago and people -- flawed. Sort of speak so I think that. -- competition but Zach at this stage. I would do what I could to keep back. Because I think he's a good football where I need to be in the -- -- an -- -- that -- -- one latching. -- across the board of the most consistent football player. But Q you brought that span here. So they'll need a bit more to be made on this football team. And that you brought it. You don't object much -- you know what you don't want -- -- If you get that any real. At that at that you normally when that happens you don't slide. So I'd be interested to see what happens if you come to terms with bird and -- As you may. -- clear cap room to actually bring up. And a veteran cornerback and more importantly. There's so little spot at right tackle position. NFL analyst Mike did theory might be TA dot com follow -- on -- and at Mike do you might thank you so much.