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WWL>Topics>>3-11 5:45pm Bruan Lazare, LSU Baseball

3-11 5:45pm Bruan Lazare, LSU Baseball

Mar 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior I anti debate that come riles cause it would as the Tigers taking on. In nickel state this evening and -- a big what is coming up this week in L issue in Vanderbilt and found very interesting is good is. Mr. Nolan is is spokesman they're pouring out one of the pitchers at Vanderbilt at the -- probably only played this year it knoller faces OC's. A competes against they might be drafted above him. Right here -- Tyler Beatty at the number one guy out -- -- -- You know he's getting like like aerial. When he would come -- high -- you would they are round actually and turned out all that money to go to school. So lie -- he's been not. Three years order and -- the you know per -- he's been rotten -- you know he's peeked in on other guys. Liked you know you know it's certainly going to be you've got an article in the early bird around -- league rectitude. I certainly India you know. Very very interesting matchup probably you know the only other pitcher in the country. You're -- you gene days you know these guys category. Carlos wrote on the court. Who could be -- -- I'd vote those two so I it'll be very interesting up. -- -- Our interest in game on Friday night really altered the pitching dominated at Vanderbilt kick at the very good obviously -- she's strength is that it. Yeah Brian nets and -- gonna ask you along those lines talk about the pitching staffs and and are you concerned right now as far as an LSU in. And as far as their power may be hitting especially going it's a team like Vanderbilt. Could it be a case in point that. We see a lot 21 games in May -- who can do a manufactured generate runs that way of vs is having success hitting. -- that there is no doubt about that it's going to be a low scoring -- not be shocked a lot our sport I don't know what the weather's going to be like a beer you know I know. It you know pretty cool down a year later in the week so I don't know -- call a local I'll be up in Nashville. The fighting in the nineteenth and Saturday in its not your day. Even on Sunday. You know LAQ -- the Jared coach -- -- good fractured -- though that one very good I mean it -- -- and he's starting on on forget it too late it. -- using your contract Cilic is going on Friday in the Duke freshman sort of neat that they have to match up against the other on -- on -- Now Brian. Switch it over -- -- that the SEC tournament basketball how disappointed you are and and Ellis -- how they've finished the regular season. Heading into an SEC tournament and and now -- what do you think you'd have a good showing as is he tenement and I keep possibilities Iowa. I think they got to have a very good showing in the -- yet eternity in -- IKEA. In you know there's some people that they can that they can win -- one or two games the you know. -- -- that maybe not to get him in the and I -- I don't. I think it -- -- wink it'll championship -- you know. Saturday while -- very disappointing yeah look I. I don't think Georgia because of all it. Law in the nonconference it went the extra non stop. That's an old ride back -- -- it went twelve picks and Todd Pratt second place so -- is certainly eighteen which day. It's at a pretty high eight. And not think that Torre is that it is it team which -- get to the and I hate. Or relish you -- you start runner -- spot. You know. Where you know how many SEC team -- -- and I equally and it takes so you know. Look Bobby you know Johnny you know get it till the media he would -- you know a disappointing regular season. I certainly would you know they were picked to finish or pop thought that was fair they ended up in a tie for six. And you know. With the exception. You know debate they played. We're pretty well all the you know. You say that -- beat Georgia you know the last game of the regulars these I think doubt that they law you know. It it's an incredible hit it yet -- -- expanded in that you know expanded wealthy. 1990. There'd been. 23 basketball these late you know in those 23 years old six time -- -- -- a winning record. In the conference basketball. So. It just tell you you know. You know in the state of college basketball bracket for you were on back almost when he got -- As they have got a good -- very bombardment yet. Senior -- tiger -- dot com and -- covering the LSU nickel state game with on the network in fifteen minutes Brian how can folks followed you on Twitter. At the LD ORT. That's pretty good. They count -- whispering but I'll bet on baseball -- Brad thank you so much we'll talk again soon. --

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