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3-11 5-6p Bobby and Deke, Saints Free Agency

Mar 11, 2014|

When the clock struck 3—NFL free agency officially began. Hear the latest on the Black & Gold! What positions do expect the Saints to address? Mike Detillier says the Saints top 3 needs are: right tackle, cornerback and free safety. Agree or disagree?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk coming habits of the clock LSU find type of baseball will preview the Tigers. And their midweek games against Nichols in southern. Later in the Al with senior right attack a big dot com Bryant was off. The Saints and making no moves all moves being made with some Saints players so -- -- now -- things players. Will we -- -- today is Malcolm Jenkins is now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles agreeing to a three year deal. With -- Also we're asking you what position should the Saints go after forest cornerback safety right tackle running back although you can -- a vote online at WWL. Dot com also Saints out -- for a Christie Garrett has some more information for us now Christian. That's why they Chico loses CP well visit with a -- and it's a big Jerry's Kerr -- will -- free agency become an -- Torre visited with the New Orleans Saints so you have a picket strike a deal that would be a big one a policy to look at just goes to show your. -- that -- remain aggressive despite being right up against the salary cap a big in our restructure your contract you know and -- you don't. And Chris and Jerry is bird -- arm are about him a proven player knows that Gilbert. Played the same time and -- with the charges. But I'm looking at the Buffalo Bills safety document when they drafted. Policies minor hand in and people are saying who's this guy Donte Whitner. What was with the bills and all of a sudden. You know he went to a -- niners he was the one you remember who knocked out here not come here and their first quarter so. They've really had some style safeties in Buffalo and -- that -- danger areas bird in. And you look at his skill set. And now he's lived out today at they billing. Where he's been drafted number one and and I'm not saying this comes in the play of it. And you know Mickey Loomis his background university Oregon -- he's also Oregon -- But I think Saints fans would be in really excited if you had the likes of Jerry is bird lineup alongside -- of eco. -- eight point -- career receptions well. I got speaks for itself say that ball in the eighty might be lacking in that state secondary they use him in the -- talk about. -- at 4 o'clock hour mean it would be. We really big get at the Saints. Were two more to be able an analyst and let that because there. Players don't go visit an area art team -- what they feel like the possibility. The big inside they don't has been to visit I mean there. There's got to be a possibility partly mutual interest and and eighty chipped it that a deal could get done on both sides so I mean I -- -- might be skeptics out there saying there's no way you deal done. Because there are enough cap space the I wouldn't be so quick there. A game Christie Garrett Saints out of Puerto act -- Garrett won on -- a Christian anti Bob did it take you want to wait that even now to sound off on sports talk. Good sports coverage on double coverage 3 W every morning from succeed and the nanny impala Christian onto it and Christie Garrett. Want Christian reporting. Then Malcolm Jenkins has agreed to a three year deal with Philadelphia and Buffalo Bills safety areas bird coming in for a -- Christian we hit a six to let us know. Call right. Coming up we're gonna visit Mike with two EA and also we will have senior -- of tiger made that Tom Brown saw -- as it -- Back to the phones we go by the -- two offering and with Ian thank you for calling WW yeah. Gentlemen gentlemen -- people. Well. That's what it does bases. You know down in Dallas that the situation where it -- -- -- cornerback. -- label on who sort of paper and Dallas as relates to course. Do we were talking about the eagle and a possibility. And I was just wondering if that could be a possibility of well but -- trying to it would probably have to give up what number one draft choice. What is no way to it would give them a normal one because right now right now the flavor and a -- -- he's considered a epic bust in the Dallas Saturday when he was drafted and now he's been her. And when your top ten and into the game yet you gotta be dominant and -- you couldn't. There's no way to -- to -- -- -- number one floor it was good to our game analyst you wanna -- West Virginia though. Well -- and let them taking government I'm thinking is. If we can guide to Cuba Jimmy Graham. That two draft choices. That will be scenarios terms. Considering Morris Crable. That's where I was on the -- thought. Yet -- -- friendly than I would be shocked if any team gives them to them -- for Jimmy Graham now a -- but it dominating as the Seahawks in the Patriots. And -- he had 2000 yards and nobody stopped him. I wanna say about -- do my homework investigate this -- wanna say when that rule came in to play. That as you know they got the franchise tag and eagle what are they called the next phases not franchise tag. These are paying attention to him. But I'm antagonism OK I got franchise tag was the next thing. -- -- a transitional tag. That I think says they came about only one time. Pat as a team may be given -- two number one draft picks and I don't -- -- to a twenty years they just don't wanna get out no one pigs and that's why I don't think. You gonna see. Any team given up to double once Jimmy. Friend -- -- I always a pleasure thank you so much from the time cites is scheduled to visit with Buffalo Bills safety Jerious bird FL analyst Mike the TA. And -- to do me on -- in my did you EA dot com John just right now Mike you are your thoughts on what you've seen free exit overall right now I'm not a black and goal. Well -- -- like we talked about four weeks that all of the great settled this many years 1002 years ago. The big man we're gonna get their money and we he would offensive lineman past or current event. They get -- actual real quick and that's not a surprise that you followed agency years. Ago at the normal teaching in the money. Very quickly in this process. The other part is it true -- Time selection and it's that Satan today. They would -- his money in Cleveland. Meet -- with Malcolm Jenkins. Follow Jerry Byrd -- a die hard the main. At this point and it and I'll be honest with different people at all financially and now. What it in street and looking forward to deal in the -- nobody in nine million dollars a year. This type of -- good read and so we did Jabari Greer and Darren Sproles. Picture is that in a football player. If you compare. Earl Thomas had been in Jeremy bird will you don't advocate -- in Buffalo. It is the highest level of what we say. And it's pretty big part of what he has done. What Earl Thomas and came chancellor. And we he would across the board and free agent so they get a caddie some money. And hitting it real James ward I think -- -- -- went on -- now yeah. So you'd think with chicken -- so that's the -- indeed it. -- -- -- not then you'll have four I think because. Really the impetus O'Neal has been he got caught up the big men that got to protect the quarterback. They got it can put pressure on the quarterback and it that -- -- the trendy pick up and try to be like yeah. -- -- and try to get people at 101 without -- that Heidi and and about a complete you know what you wrote wow we need to pick up like with TJ ward would be so no shock at this point. But man I'm telling you what if this -- can pull all the bird. It is now. Do you -- certain pocket where -- agent signing. The football team that has to doubt and so in that guy's going to be the quarterback of -- Now Mike. When you look at also -- -- you brought it out -- Jabari Greer and also you have to throw him. I think I Keenan Lewis in praise seeing and I don't know how you feel but I am not confident right now. -- wide being that number two corner or even. -- draft ignored him out there. When you look at free agent cornerbacks. Certain now I don't know what's gonna come ala Jerry is bird bit. What kind of money as a like captain Mike Nolan the the for a united that they just released Carlos Rogers also yes it is that that who would possibly be me be. A free agent verses are going after a rookie. Or you know to be that number two corners alongside Keenan Lewis. Yeah Bob -- a good point and one of the -- is that. What good players that they targeted -- she was Derek Cox you will be wanting quick Ian GA and he was Jack and the other one year in a bad year and San Diego. And Indy cut in ones. So I think. You know the -- -- -- a lot of money -- -- pretty big money. At this stage in Korea. Get to where being a championship type team in the built in advantage. -- it's fairly close and I'm gonna sign with New Orleans or New England on Green Bay. All contending team in senator Raiders. The money. People back -- -- down to get there. What's funny that it usually when people with Derrick had not been back in the promoted -- the Dallas Cowboys. The markets where public -- took a pay cut it would make more money with the Cowboys this year that he will in that game. Arnold they can win. We basically couldn't cut it you would it mean I'll -- Butler. We have the biggest indication. Of a star player. Technically signaling out the rest of the football world we hate living here and now an up and hit somewhere else. Despite the pocket probably make more money somewhere I didn't make more money in Dallas and I can't somewhere else. And I don't think -- that and it's -- he slipped the Specter cornerbacks. In that little bit of money you have left. Because another area that. It's more concern to me is that right tackle. Because all the board real. Any little hole that he could double quarterback -- -- one was going to be right tackle today if you -- and a. Well that's those guys who might go what do you think you know domino effect or whatever Malcolm jenkins' goal line. Do you think -- street signs elsewhere are I'm Brian -- went below what would you think haven't two starters on the offensive line I -- come and back. I think -- when they probably gonna go somewhere else and get the actually always been intrigued me because I think he didn't want me here and I think you what perhaps some continuity along that -- line. And we didn't think that except let you run the football when they -- it right. Well -- Jahri Evans and actually. And he's a solid job as a pass -- Now people all -- a line coach Doug Malone well. Last year that ain't gonna get picked off a little bit -- there -- holes well like coach and Cuomo would be Chicago and people in my -- flawed. Sort of speak so I think that would be competition but Zach at this stage I would do what I could to keep back. Because I don't think he's that good football where I need to be -- the -- -- an -- -- that -- -- -- -- Across the board of the most consistent football player. If you don't have a few books that and here. So that they'll -- a bit more old to be made on this football team. And that you brought it -- -- quick into the equation. You don't -- much the land him what you don't want him. If you don't that -- real. At that that you normally when that happens you don't slide. So I've been accused -- -- seeing what happens if you come to terms with bird and -- the Edmonton which you have to make. It clear cap room to actually bring up. And a veteran cornerback and more importantly. There's so little spot at right tackle position. NFL analyst -- theory might be TA dot com follow Michael onto an -- -- do you might thank you so much. -- he is underway track every move of the Saints and I'll NFL teams as one click away McFall -- need to be afraid to -- -- at the top of all. Front page at WW TO. Dot com article today -- it would Jim this is it hard to not have it good for a two month gymnastic program for fifty books. It would just -- this academy always instructional and competitive programs artistic gymnastics tumbling with a professed post than. All of certified instructors and coaches -- take. -- prize pride in providing the highest quality instruction L would Jones Brooks on Seau mine New Orleans parks. Dot com 260187866889. You it's in the game -- competing in them among the Philadelphia Eagles a three year deal. And Christie Garrett reporting to us that the Saints will visit with. Buffalo safety Jarrius -- but it is a lot of guys out there that are on the market be generous the seaweed and a lot success -- reformist even last year. And Keenan Lewis and another former -- on the Marco Gonzalez Blanco and you have both stated without question that the bishop broadcast that. On he has been Orion are the only any channel right now Bryant caught very mean and it is -- -- -- opinion native but Smart intelligent. It can they get to -- government through. -- You know he's a hero and if every. Millwood Tedy Bruschi and all the NFL guys via Marcellus Wiley whoever. Nobody he might be the best and I mean I think. No matter what the topic. You know playing on the field with in the field locker room holding penalties that area and he's game. It's real season -- now like you said. With the -- interest in him he definitely. Is a starter and how is contributed to steelers' deepest and not on the level Jerry is there right now I mean I think that they've got I don't know he strikes the fear me more than Byrd that's just me it -- it -- -- -- Jerry is you know an overall Jerry is -- in his range. Is you look at Seattle team. That in my mind now obviously the Thomas yet. He's like the AF AFC version of him and now he's done I'm telling -- with the with the bills. And you don't hear him because in the romance and by. I think he has. Lives that they weren't about who wins in. You know who's in the top three in free agency. You land Jerry is Burton put alongside Kenny Carroll. All playing -- has got to be live -- right time. But with the Jaguars and Eagles from being a starter in the back of now San Francisco would be a start of being historic jags are gonna Beckham San Cisco commodity to be a backup in San Francisco. Like comedies do pay them so -- so if you -- pay he was traded for pick. Also the Cowboys a cut ties with the Marcus where Colts have given cornerback Vontae Davis a 39 million dollar deal. The Browns generators -- both seriously interested in Darrelle Revis who deficit they will caught if they can't trade. He's -- sixteen may come up this season the Browns and and it linebacker Karlos Dansby and also safety. Donte Whitner to a defense is already pretty. Well because I think of like Cleveland. Talk about Andy's been how community that Cleveland Browns blue collar didn't have won that that it forever. And you look at Dansby was outstanding on outstanding candidates for the Cardinals last year and I think that's one points on my legal team a game once just just to -- -- fans as you know. When all the they've been through -- -- -- CME's stated nobody Eagles stadium was like youth on all the when you play in November December. They use you look at the field looks pretty good all foreign -- close to change their spray paint they're green did at the TV yet. And suddenly it it was it it was nasty the dog pound and you know I'll the fan interaction before you know everybody in as an interaction. But you look at Donte Whitner -- What he meant. When the when they went bills somewhat -- -- of 49ers. He -- it's not Bobble and you would now him like that of rounds and called -- duty with the Cardinals it's. But one of those teams is is Darryl Willis starting the Browns would cause they're offering is their quarterback. That there Beagle. My bigger receivers was a two years ago even last issue which is casually watch me it was of the Browns on -- -- game against Dallas their defense does is kicking -- -- and but there are there and down yeah. All -- fell apart senior I anti debate that come riles cause it would as the Tigers taking on. In nickel state this evening and -- a big what is coming up this week in L issue in Vanderbilt and found very interesting is good is. Mr. Nolan is is spokesman they're pouring out one of the it is at Vanderbilt -- can be proud -- played this year in knoller faces OC's. A competes against they might be drafted above them. Right you know Tyler -- is the number one guy out for Vanderbilt. You know -- giving like like Hartnell. -- and he would come not a high school you would -- -- round draft choice and turned out all that money to go to school. So. Eat he's been not. A three year starter at Vanderbilt this is being out. Outburst here -- that he's been a -- why you know -- -- -- on other guys. But you know he -- certainly going to be you've gotten their -- -- in the early in the first round of the Major League draft and cheered. I certainly should via you know. Very very interesting matchup probably you know the only other pitcher in the country. You're looking good Richie days you know these guys category. -- -- dominant North Carolina eight who could be director art in both those two so I it'll be a very interesting up. -- -- Interesting game on Friday night really altered the pitching dominated at Vanderbilt kick at the very good obviously LSU strength is its been that. Yet Brian that's Charles gonna ask Q along those lines -- talk about the pitching staffs and and are you concerned right now as far as an LSU and and as far as their power may be hitting especially going it's a team like Vanderbilt. Could it be a case in point that. We see a lot 21 games in May be who -- -- a manufactured generate runs that way of vs dogs is having success hitting. Absolutely there is no doubt about that it's going to be a low scoring series not be -- a lot of sport I don't know what the weather's gonna be like up there you know I don't. It you know pretty cool down year later in the week saw Nadal a local will be up in Nashville. The fighting in the Nike event Saturday -- Spaniard today. Look even on Sunday. You know LAQ at -- -- coach Dave -- good fractured banter though that when Barry good for the name of Allah Burton and he's starting -- forget it too late it. Q do you think your races tiger actually is going on Friday in the Duke freshman so hard to beat that to happen matched up against the other on Sunday. Now Brian. The switch it over now that the SEC tournament basketball how disappointed you are and and Ellis -- how they've finished the regular season. Heading into an SEC tournament and and now what what are you thinking they have a good showing as a C tournament and I -- possibilities are what. I think they got to have a very good showing in and yet eternity didn't and I got. You know you know that there's some people that think that they can win -- want -- to gain the you know. They get that maybe not get him in the and I see I don't know I. I think it made a wink it'll -- -- you know Saturday while Jordan is very disappointing. You look I don't think Georgia because that all it. Losses in the nonconference it went nick and nick had not opt. That's an old rocket back -- it went twelve to six and tied with interrupt you second -- so. Georgia is certainly eighteen which you say it's an opening and I hate to you got big story in the and it is that team which would get to the -- Or LAQ so you start runner up at spot you know. Where you know how many SEC teams that the IP going to take so -- not. Look Bobby you know Johnny you know I guess he told the media he would call it. You know a disappointing regular season. I certainly would you know they were picked to finish or. Pop thought that would stay here they ended up in a tie for six. And you know. With the exception of -- you know debate -- played. For a pretty well -- that you know. You say that and that -- beat Georgia you know the last game of the regular season I -- out the big law you know. You -- -- this is an incredible hit it yet these -- expanded at bat you know expanded to twelve team. 1990s. There have been 23 basketball these plate -- that there. In those 23 years only six time -- Hewitt had a winning record in the conference basketball. So -- just tell you you know. You know the state of Alex -- basketball and not just for you -- work on back almost when he -- eater. As may have had a good -- very -- gardening yes. Senior -- it tiger big dot com and I covering the Alison -- -- game with on the network in fifteen minutes Brian how can folks volume on Twitter. Act beat LB or -- it's pretty busy. Didn't count it was -- but I'll bet on baseball -- Brad thank you so much we'll talk again soon. Coming up just a few moments it will be an -- fight and tiger baseball now we will to let you know. Well experiencing a few problem on FM in -- on 1053. And certain areas now pretty -- into the B 87 where you can hear is all the -- -- camp that's right. These issues so that FM signal are just temporary and on time engineering department is working hard on this thing day and night. And we should have -- the Rose Bowl coverage up. In about less than a week. So tune in. 2870 AM if you can continue to get at F immoral factory where you are and it's great to -- just want to make you aware that all you do is flip over to the big when. 87081. Bobby. The New Orleans Saints today three CB gains and Malcolm Jenkins a guy who came in here and a -- sumo. With the team is now a member of the for the AFC. Well big and in -- brought in Jerry is Burton. Not I mean -- I don't know what the numbers are with the figures that your might utilities say. And that's about it nine mean kind of saved the along the lines. Likes of Earl Thomas holly can roam the field. You heard -- -- say you did when he simplest interceptions. Big -- it would be like almost you get big Roman -- Malcolm Jenkins salary combined and give it to him and be well worth it. Now you talk about and all pro type players. So so when you look at. You lose about the -- it's a subtraction would mean a great addition. Be able to land a guy like -- now the key is through. The key is I should say it is true like Mike was saying. Then when you look at free Tennessee Garnett -- -- a free agency tour yet I would too I got like five cities that I'm going to visit -- whatever five teams. You don't want to let a player get out of town nominee the exact opponent Collins yeah I would do an example what I did. And deacon 1993. And also on the saint skyway Wilson. Who called me merely -- the Falcons in the Redskins right so I said OK I'm a go to Atlanta first and I'm go to Washington DC -- had a bone that was in the Redskins and and stuff well when I went to Atlanta. They let me get out of town. And -- -- -- it true with 19 bucket yeah well I was. The spectrum you have -- that lobster. Getting in a place I mean -- also took me. All of that break in where it is great also it to within the plantation to go well -- all you know downers south Georgia so though did they do -- -- a lot only this and go to DC so we thinking Jerry's -- town again and Gil Reyes is dirty bird. Becoming a mix -- L -- find tiger baseball thanks a must to -- -- -- on that was a big building is -- -- -- and embody a bear on the relay zone denied people.