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3-12 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 12, 2014|

Dave talks about freed after 30 years...what would you do? A huge Saints acquisition, and What is Wrong with People.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this the twelfth. March 2014. Air it's hump -- yes welcome to -- -- glad to be. You -- in prison. For nearly all thirty years for a crime you did not commit. And then word comes down. You're now a free man. You're allowed -- You can ago. The first thing you do -- you are outlawed I know they're not being free for all that time being sent all the time. The new evidence shows. For what even there denying -- it's he wasn't even at the scene of the crime had absolutely. Not often do. With the murder of a jeweler back in the eighties -- -- repay somebody for thirty years. To. In Qaeda I don't know how to put a price tag on the first thing -- -- -- -- whatever that food is that just have them again and prison well yeah. And now I'm I'm thinking real hard as I'm waiting for the paperwork -- -- maternity -- I don't eat. I don't think him. In my ex girlfriends are still things. As I mean chances are for thirty years -- -- -- IA you know that's a long shot coming you'd -- I was on death was never expected again I don't think anyone was -- Opening that he had that sweetheart news. Saving yourself for him -- been cheering while wonders for 27 years or whatever. And I'm thinking Aaron all the old girl all the girls I dated. And who would I go to prom at high you don't honest agony get a date. Should I hit you accept that it's it's been thirty years I -- if so would you east will it be your first meal. If you got out after. Thirty years nearly thirty years I think it would be you know finance thing you know but I mean I'd go straight for some pop eyes on the regular has gone wild. -- -- those who give like twenty pieces and a million biscuits and as the thing that whatever it is that you'd been dreaming about that one -- you wished for and I'm guessing he'd been thinking about his last -- well because. Now on death death -- she's. Tuesday but it prime would be disappointing to you pride build up is so good so fantastic that no food would actually. Meet you're. Expect these. Now and you remember Shawshank Redemption Island most everybody's from -- memory of one to armor and other has some of these people. In -- I was a story of in the states but some of these people we found out who eventually got out. After all hoosiers date they really couldn't adjust the regular I didn't. What to do you know they were they missed the structure of prison and then that the day lead. Routine and in all of that not being there they weren't sure what the yet imagine now OK you've been in prison for nearly thirty years. Go find a job. Just go get a job. You know of -- negative pay rent -- -- buy groceries and pay for utilities. Suddenly life. Becomes very real very fast. But I am thinking. That. It be worth at all be free. Delivery or you want do what you want. Man I just kept it -- 31. When he when it was 26 point seven years thirty years since the crime bigs are grass. But on death row for the 26 point seven years. But the you know it doesn't seem there were hearing I know DNA. Do it has a lot to do -- -- -- hearing more and more of these kind of cases. Where people Don twenty years or longer or whatever and -- suddenly like this guy they're pretty thank god it's still the exception not the rule yeah yeah custom is not perfect. We knew Hasan did not guilty people you sent innocent people to prison and sometimes the death row obviously. Under our legal system they were convicted by a jury of their peers and a quarter of law. And given. A legal defense you gotta question the quality of that legal defense when it's something like this with a guy who wasn't even fair. And thank goodness prosecutors. All these decades later when they stumbled onto this -- yeah bad -- about it. They actually took the time in the effort to contact somebody. And say hey this guy's neck guilty of a follow up on let's get this guy out of jail when we got to deal. And so they got a month in jail so congratulations to him I don't know what I'd need for it that you know. And get you out there their money was no object jam might go for the big steak and lobster Regina last night actually. Colin that it uses as seen on TV burgers the first thing. Katie ice I don't -- -- -- -- I made burgers not with Jesus make it outlaws and grow them on the barbecue all they are right. But little town -- -- it makes in the meat and some push them and that little red thing. And what -- vacancies in the middle pre cooked bacon. And then I drove them and they were. This stuff stayed in the middle. From my -- and write my own stuff burgers as the toughest thing in the middle Yahoo!'s falls I have my hand on one of these things just the other day I'm not gonna go back and get the day it doesn't work as well as it does on television at its docket yet. -- -- Meat sticks to edit them but it's better than doing it by hand very. Had very good stuff burgers that I made last night. That the snipers -- like a prison after nearly thirty years what would yours be the first thing you do if you got out of prison. And he'd been there for nearly thirty years for a crime you didn't commit on death row at that done. Talk about that coming up text me at 87870. A brand new -- bird is the word Steve Geller as the details. And we have your forecast. Right after it. Joining the saints lose Malcolm Jenkins to free agency would pick up a free agent that Bobby de Beers says may be one of the best acquisitions in the history. Of the New Orleans Saints talents who it is an all about it we'll check in with Steve -- after your forecast. Temperatures will feel look cooler today this morning sitting around sixty which should state into sixties for much of today is that cool front begins to move on and there's a slight chance for a shower today it 20%. As skies will clear by later on tonight and it gets chilly 36 north of the lake and 44 on the South Shore. Sunny skies around for your first day but still cool with highs of 59 and Friday were warming back up to 68 with partly cloudy skies. Pretty at Wednesday's forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- -- -- and 61 at the airport in Canada southwest wind at seven miles an hour muggy relative humidity at 93% it's cloudy and 61 degrees at the National Weather Service office in Slidell line Dave -- at the early edition of WWL. First news mask and people. After we have this the Louisiana inmate who walked out of Angola yesterday at -- And a free man after it was proven need and nothing to do with the crime for which he sat on death row for nearly thirty years what would you do if you got out of jail after all that time. One person says I would go to the best all you can eat -- That as stake. -- -- persons as. After thirty years I would probably get crawfish -- to stay with real deal. French bread or what would be your priority with the first thing you would do. If you got out of jail after ball of that time will continue to -- station after. Court here on them. One legged dog gone and another one of the brand news saint in the black hole. Apparently been hiding in buffalo what's and a couple pars we say good morning the gala earlier this Iraq. Well good morning everyone -- -- Malcolm Jenkins flew the coop to Philadelphia in this quarter and safety Jarrius bird for a visit. In Dayton did not let him leave town without a contract. The three time pro bowler nets a six year 5554. Million dollar contract. That includes 28 million guaranteed NFL analyst Mike because he says the black and gold got a bolt hole for their secondary. This site that has some good reagents such things. We're Jabari Greer Darren Sproles. Thank Jeremy Burton got another loud it's football player if you gonna compare anybody to Earl Thomas today thanks Gerri it's bird. ESPN's Adam show after reports that the saints will not release Darren Sproles but instead will trade him due to heavy interest. The thirty year old running back has one year left on his contract and is -- 3.5. Million dollars. In other NFL news the Denver Broncos have revamped their defensive secondary by signing safety TJ ward and quarterback a key to leave. To -- deal is said to be a six year fifty bucks 57 million dollar contract that includes 26 million dollars guaranteed. -- Dallas Cowboys have made room under the salary cap by releasing the markets where. The franchise sack leader was due to make sixteen million dollars this season his -- in the lead. And -- to -- the offensive tackle at the center of the Miami Dolphins -- the handle has been traded to the San Francisco forty dollars for an undisclosed draft pick. Martin's move cross country brings him back to the Bay Area to be -- reunited with his former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. LSU baseball beat nickel state five to three for the tigers six straight victory. There's 21. It -- second base while diving stop by Robertson can make the throw he does tiger Glen that was about as good of a play defensively he'll have received by a second baseman great way to end the game. Junior Brady Brady domain improved to two -- over the year going five innings giving up two runs on five hits. With stroke while striking out two and yesterday's game between two -- and Louisiana Lafayette was moved to this evening due to weather. First preaching church in stadiums at 630. -- four on sports talk the latest on NFL free agency and at six Ellis -- baseball's back in action to take on southern. At seven you have a choice tiger baseball in the big 870 AM when you're the pelicans vs the grizzlies a 1053 WWL. -- -- Steve Geller and that your early morning exports. -- text message today it's 787 -- after the saints signed -- burn all -- as Malcolm Jenkins who had asked the Clinton not Batman who look at. So Malcolm Jenkins ago on a con but apparently no one cares because this -- Byrd is now in the blacking gold I have an admission to make. A confession. I've never heard of serious -- before I had no idea who this guy was. Apparently because he played for buffalo and that's in the NFL if you wanna disappear and no one ever hear about Jesus Iberia -- -- daddy -- you -- gates at the buffalo there's no national coverage of buffalo buffalo -- Kenneth. Exists quietly over there -- the saints almost never played buffalo maybe once every four years I guess -- So I've never heard of and so tell me why is it's so exciting about that Jerry is bird could be the best. Freeagent acquisition in the history of the saints go about. Yen might retaliate tweet out a great stat last night after this happened. -- bird twelve interceptions the last three years Roman Harper Malcolm Jenkins combined in the last three seasons. Six interceptions cancel -- -- he has to of this thing and top defenders yet so guy that's gonna once he gets his hands on the ball. Knowing he's actually exactly. I can do that being played in the dome after every pick and bird is the hour. I'll be suspected here in 45 minutes with more sports a lot of do you think this could be the best things. Free agent acquisition in history. Or who might be a better -- Steve -- tell them that appointment and it and you think the pelicans to make it Florida road at night. They get back to the Hardwoods the gala Bakken play five -- we're back with -- text messages -- 87870. Right after this. If you've got out of prison after nearly thirty years with the first thing you would get fired Tony seven look at your forecast. Some clouds around to start today but guys will start to clear as we had that front moving on through a little bit cooler already with Temps right around 60 this morning. Kind of hanging out in the sixties today look for 20% chance for light shower. Skies cleared tonight and it drops in temperaturewise 36 north of the lake and 44 on the South Shore. Now Thursday looking beautiful with the sunshine but still cool -- at 59 and Friday partly cloudy with a high of 68. The Eyewitness News forecast -- and rolled just -- knocked out. Right now we have humidity 93%. 61 degrees at the airport and -- cloudy as well at the National Weather Service office and like now where -- 61 degrees. I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news what would you do if you were released from prison a free person after thirty years. One person says I'm on the beach front my toes in the sand and going fishing personnel. Will be at that steakhouse second fine. What would you do another person -- does quote a woman. Thanks to a text message today 7870. I think one might be tough though you've been off the market for thirty years. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the twelfth of march 2014. And it is -- hump day the outcome too -- as today asks. On everybody did on the -- -- -- Absolutely. Often worth celebrating. Charters every -- Every day is there's very. Your right there are on the costs on the Stratton story that we look at some good things are coming. Ramped things -- we've been. Talking to folks all -- about this Louisiana and -- after serving nearly thirty years on death though. It's a call from prosecutors and voters city. News today oh by the way we've found some evidence. We we now know you've actually had nothing to do with the martyr for which you've been sitting and then getting killed Abdul back in the eighties and you weren't even there. And private and yeah. But now he gets to walk out of Angola. Three man that we've been asking people if Yahoo! were -- released from prison. Expect to die there be executed for a crime in commit now you're free what you gonna do us one person -- I would hunt down. People who prosecuted. I -- an idea you just got out of prison and you want to back men. I was and I'm sure I would go to rocking -- is for some veal parmesan -- baked Mac. Accuracy of that another says I'm getting -- with shrimp crab and do eat chicken and oysters -- putting Enron's office. -- as I get my eyes checked. And visions. Hello -- If you make no access vision the girls to make. Televisions and a prisons I get a self. Does it cheeseburger kiss a woman might get lawyer and sue everybody out. And that's a good question what is this guy deserves he -- what does that do worse by -- jury. In a court of law. Under our legal system by prosecutors who apparently thought he was the right we don't know how to murder one -- on its -- threes and here we are twenty some odd years later. Than the prosecution. Totally different prosecution obviously prosecutors obtained new DA do everything. They now without evidence didn't do I don't know where -- go with this case may avenue south. There may be a new trial and divulging the evidence that that this guy free for some -- But. They're saying that. In so the question what does he deserve that he deserved to get a check. From the taxpayers. Because the prosecution made -- Wrong decision the jury and her wrong decision the court got it won't -- you know diseases every check and if so how much and who has a cultural. You know suing everybody who you gonna -- state of the prosecutor individually the DA at the time if anyone deserved to -- it's this guy yet. About how much how much money it's you know -- I don't know how to put a price Obama. -- on the -- what is -- what is nearly thirty years of your life you can get back row or worse you know who's there have been spent. -- gone. Will continue that discussion Texas sedate them mediate then Indian let us know what you think is right for compensation. For a guy from Shreveport both measures it's on death row for nearly thirty years for a crime they now admit it and -- it. And that's another do we DA DNA are -- that's a lot of that these cases that we do hear about now the duke fallen ninety and a category. Put this guy now it was that he wasn't there -- And nothing to do it tonight thank you it will continue this discussion -- in less than twenty minutes more for his Chris Miller joins us. Tell us about a new program the NO PD is launching today. Asking all citizens of New Orleans if you've got cameras surveillance cameras and let us see it but defeat problem they they now will knock -- -- door and asking after crime is committed and dollars and decide apple doesn't advance give it a feed from new cameras. And got to see what's going on all of that coming up. God let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast and it's naked more gangs to me and as meteorologists are about match. Yes well weighed in on the coal mine everything nice and warm and muggy this morning but you're telling me the cold -- common. Ain't gonna be cooler you know the -- so west of us this morning so we're just kind of sitting around sixty degrees north and south lake but. At the pregnancy and the winds will pick up today and then it'll it'll -- colder tonight. And tomorrow morning this time tomorrow morning at least and loud -- you know it's called OK I see it appeared out of -- back yet rarely you know it's it's gonna get down to the thirties and forties tonight we're going to be above freezing I mean upper thirties kind of north of the late but. It is going to be chilly tomorrow morning and even with the sunshine tomorrow afternoon where the upper fifties. It's it's not rigid during the day tomorrow but tomorrow morning -- I eat out they deathly you know pulled the jackets out tomorrow morning right and. And no rain coming along with the temperature down together just a slight chance they showered today as the front moves then but it's it's very very -- chance so. Much -- it will dispute cloud cover this morning which reducing mostly cloudy skies that then through the course the days of front arises guys we'll start to clear. And they were you back to the sunshine tomorrow. Right now we understand what's going on that so let's take a sneak peek at the weekend as we get to Friday. Asked to write lots of Saint Patrick's Day fun going on out kind of look at Saturday deadlock on parties parade. -- -- all kind of stop all Friday Saturday and Sunday and yellow or actually get a warm up a little bit Friday -- to 68. Saturday and Sunday were -- mid seventies. And it will feel a little bit more humid Saturday and Sunday and there's a slight slight chance for just a light shower to over the weekend but it -- erupted in the -- -- the block. -- -- no rain on our parade -- the little shower here there now and worry about canceling or postponing delaying any of that stuff right it's Saturday that he would stand in it it's just actually looks like normal springtime weather for us. I've liked it I love it now want some more of it. And I ask you what is completely over after this -- now because well I know our latest freezes usually the first week of April. Yeah we we can get it right now everybody's had a right to be done with and we forget things. And I'm glad that freezing in April but I guess yeah that's and apparently it freezes -- -- nine mr. -- -- Laura but now. People. Cherry Hill road New Jersey reading from the AP the search is not for a woman suspected of biting another woman amid dispute over. A parking spot who had the ball. I always say it does get pretty fresh rate -- looking for parking the ball -- that part in the mark that spot and get a little likes guys that -- That's -- you may maybe something was going high you know. I to say I do that all the time I would rather park and wait far away and and walked but sometimes I mean if there's been responses and that's the most frustrating thing ever. I just amazement people who will drive around for twenty minutes looking for a spot close to the door. It's -- -- parking further away in a great saving themselves outlook. At this time that's that's I'm thinking more -- around Christmas time when you go to eat at lakeside mall and then there's not a single spot at Ferrari you're anywhere -- he's seen people Antonia. Very big packages like you wanna beat Nicklaus won as a write a forty year old woman says she got an argument to women who accused -- of stealing their parking space and 111 attacked -- Cursing yelling. And then grabbing her and biting her finger that we have all seen that we're -- yet we call the police all the police and ambulance everything. Interface off. Why now this went to form. Yet this went way too far. Says the hospital workers took X rays couldn't believe that the had caused by human mouth wrote release release the image of the suspect and asking for help in finding it happened. I'll start since she liked to all that dentists -- that there again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that while I'm always thinking that -- like at camp better -- details keep my card is something you know. Yeah like thanks indeed thank you only. But now live and direct the eyewitnesses forecast -- why people all. I will -- out more about bird coming up next here on WW. About everyone's heard about the -- felt helpless -- learn more about Jerry heard the newest member of the New Orleans Saints. Think sideline reporter Kristin -- it's here that can help me get acquisition it is for this thing. Potentially. Next to Drew Brees the biggest signing instinct -- -- the second yes I mean Drew Brees because of the impact in because of the position but. The twenty career receptions he had company yes. And -- drop in second at 2009 and 2009. So point two over four years -- -- -- -- -- and elbow late Malcolm Jenkins and TJ ward. -- who you know. Saints had not wanting to do wartime with the Broncos they made a combined three pro bowls he made Korean. Buffalo alone in buffalo buffalo. Are rights that -- violent people never heard of Jerry's -- played in buffalo but this guy's the real deal is called. How much do you think he's worth to the -- attempts -- they win two more games because of him. Obama is hard to gauge the impact but because he is such a ball -- that that's what the saints defense lacked last year they couldn't turn a ball over. And I think that's what he brings an overly played and in my team in buffalo who runs a similar scheme is rob -- here in New Orleans is a disciple of Rex Ryan. So the similar schemes I think is a great fit and look you know two per cap to Mickey -- -- never thought hey look then -- -- -- be players of free agency when they went and got maybe the that's the best safety in free agency but maybe the best. Player on the market saints' sideline reporter Kristian garic will be talking about this -- morning -- Bobby Hebert on three WL. Starting in about fifteen minutes to an end it here that discussion and read more of Christians not to WWL dot com thank you Christian art sports time now -- Good morning everyone that when the free agency period opened it and take -- from Malcolm Jenkins to buy the new home. He signed the three year deal with Philadelphia after playing five seasons for the saints. GM a few moments acted fast though 183 time Pro Bowl safety Jarrius Byrd who is considered by many at the top free agent on the market. -- sideline reporter Christian Garrett with the details. Six year deal when he -- dollars guaranteed 54 million dollars over the life of the contract that fits right in. To rob Bryant's three safety look in his defense he gave account going to be a lot of fun to watch this season. Meanwhile the saints still have not released Darren Sproles and according to ESPN's Adam chapter the team now plans to trade him. Apparently interest is high for the thirty year old running back who scheduled to make 3.5 million dollars this season. The Dallas Cowboys released the markets where the franchise sack leader was due to make sixteen million dollars this season his tenth in the NFL. The bears released eight time Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers eliminating an eighteen million dollar salary cap hit. Peppers finished with just seven sacks is lowest total in four seasons with Chicago. LSU baseball won its sixth straight game by taking down nickel state five to three. While the tigers' offensive output was not stellar as they -- that five runs on five hits which pulmonary says -- they get ugly win overall loss any day. It was a victory it's good to have this behind this -- put it in the correct column in the record and let's move forward. And Louisiana Lafayette -- to -- square off on the diamond today after yesterday's game was postponed due to weather first pitch and -- stadiums at 630. Today we have for our sports talk the latest on NFL free agency that at six LSU baseball's back on the diamond to take on southern. At 7 PM you have a choice tiger baseball in the big 870 AM for the pelicans -- the grizzlies a 1053 WW I'll let them. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning. Look at sports that he agree that that to areas where is the second biggest free agent acquisition and the history of the science. Definitely the second the first one obviously being Drew Brees and that was a heck of acquisition. Of Drew Brees but this desperately cat. Much of deal changes he's that much of a game. Changer. -- play makers this is the disease like the top defender available on free in free agency. Not only the top defender but many consider him to top freeagent overall. It's pretty amazing that the saints were able to work this out and I was joking with the guys in the newsroom I'm Mickey -- to do my taxes because I don't know how he's -- in the -- Right is this heat up all the salary cap money that was available in the -- do anything -- free agency -- they thought Clinton make here -- they still have a outplayed him make here there but not a big name like -- bird's gonna have to be more of a mid level to lower -- kind of player. Think -- people talking about fifteen minutes with more sports here on WWL I am not them and that count. How much does this guy got out of prison for nearly thirty years on death row gonna get and is it enough we'll talk about that and get your forecast after this. So glad sport passes. Serving nearly thirty years on Louisiana's death row walked out of prison a free man yesterday afternoon the law calls for payments of 25000. Dollars per year. For someone who was wrongfully incarcerated he can only get to a maximum. A quarter of a million dollars -- for ten years to get 25000 dollars per year. Plus a one time payment of 80000 dollars for a loss of -- opportunities. Is that enough for a guy who's been on death row for nearly thirty years for a crime he had nothing to do with why isn't there. Didn't commit and there's no evidence he was even linked to at this point. 25000 a year quarter million and a one time payment of eighty grant would that be enough for you at cold weather is coming if you had enough of that well too bad. Some clouds around today as guys start to clear with the cold front moving and look for 20% chance for just a light shower along with that fried. And Temps right around sixty today now skies will clear by two -- and it gets chilly 36 north of the lake and 44 on the south sort. And tomorrow looks sunny and cool with a high of 59 by Friday were back up to 68 and partly cloudy. From the I would -- forecast center -- meteorologist Laura. I'll tell and I called tonight tomorrow in the warm up again right now pretty warm sixty wanting cloudy at the airport in -- -- and -- -- 58 days ago in the early edition of WW helpers as -- right to -- news you -- get this cold front that's gonna make us feel -- re again tomorrow morning. There's no rain associated with this front and -- meteorologist Laura but -- taken any significant rain chances that the forecast for Saturday. If we got raves parties saint Patrick this Irish that. Everything all weekend long so get ready for parades and gone all weekend I'm Dave Ellis thank you for being a part. Of the early edition of WW well parishioners and for all the text messages today 7870. People wanting stage. Boiled crawfish. And -- today. Buffets are kinda stuff raskin if you were on death row for nearly thirty years and then you've got out what would you do. Most people -- it's 7870 also think that point five grand a year not enough after giving up nearly thirty years of your life on death row for a time it. Have a great come down.

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