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WWL>Topics>>3-12 6:15am Tommy, repeal Stand Your Ground?

3-12 6:15am Tommy, repeal Stand Your Ground?

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Wesley Bishop about his effort to repeal Louisiana's Stand Your Ground law

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the things that caught our attention here about the new legislative session was bill introduced a proposal to repeal was stand your ground laws as they exist in Louisiana. That was up proposed by representative Leslie bishop will join him in a second that are ready -- opinion pull. Is asking you do stand your ground laws protect innocent people or kill innocent people. And we welcome in represented Wesley bishop good morning serenade on. A chemical wanted to have -- Thanks to taking the time Tellme I guess we should start with. What Louisiana's stand your ground laws say now. And what are some of the other -- states around the country -- -- distinctive probable caution first legislation. And the last year so absent at the dead and individual feel that -- Gets elected in jeopardy. It it there they have option and the option to retreat and Kenny and used it for. Think for the elected in. Was there any particular incident that that prompted you to do this or something that's going on all over the place. That that that kind of caught my church and so you do it because the nation's attention of advocates of triple on mark international situation with -- -- the minimum. And that you filed it. Our intensity you likely. Lecture democratic and that I was shocked by the vertically and I came out. That term partner and markets more heightened. My awareness grow. And articulate it looked around the country sees that. Similar situation occurred more often -- the war again particularly young black. All these countries and in the in the slot pull the trigger. I used in the stand your ground -- and yet at the logic. Aren't there. Is this statistically sound represented in terms of it it primarily is young African American males that are going to bat off the John but being killed by white people or is this just. Are these just the stories that make the news. Acknowledging that it independent and put -- together than that it's like accidentally surged after the couple -- part of one at the national council of state lawmaker. Which -- awful problem on the country attracts a solution of all it is a problem it can about it. All for the national Blackhawks public doesn't exactly same thing. From here restrict. The candidates and that it is that it's a portrait a moment should that occur and states that enacted the legislation. The one that you use that term and that is the one racism well that but that's not to listen particularly. An exit situation -- -- We have simply look back in the duke blue -- I think. On the net equipment particularly -- mayor -- -- a lack of practice. You can relate to individual and to cram it -- have been destroyed their situation what yeah. The against apparently up to shoot the and that I did an excellent art and take it in the -- that -- -- the option typical person. You're in the that you actually stated in the park. You do differently at the mall is that it could drag -- the seat -- liable for the repair equipment. We're trying to deal that -- -- party's situation with the situation. It needs to be dealt with and -- can we take a look at -- -- reaping a large part in the children only in the fall in situations where. I think a case could be made. That repealing senior ground would protect. Those people that have begun and people don't have the -- round KO -- York because of Lima does Mary Landry case and I'll wasn't there I have no idea what happened but I do you know this legally this man is gonna. Probably BB that brought his case to be present every grand jury convenes in the next six years so. Is it is it ever gonna be over for him after six years I've changed. The young man gets shot and certainly in this family's life has changed if you look at what happened and Florida with the -- the music playing -- guys on in jail but he had some -- dad again I I think that both would have chosen not to be there if they could redo it or change their actions -- in which her on Maarten in -- words aren't. Trayvon Martin's -- but George -- like for the most part as you know is over he's he's -- eleven hiding in and fear for the rest of his life so is part of this. A view that it's just trouble one week and happen and it's. It's not when you get right down to a not so much about personal safety but just about you know on and taken a stand against crime. A lot couple. And I look around the country which he has and I know that I guess you're new look and yet it is certain -- thing grounding it in -- accident. -- -- -- -- legislation that he'll propose legislation Iran a country that either repeal or reform. I think reform is really what he's trying to connecting our share and make sure that. -- and complete treatment. Turn on and all -- are truly understand the idea of wanna mention that you particularly if you take you to understand and comptroller of the I think it is alternately you yeah you you would not protecting -- candidate to do something that you think is excellent working at -- You're an honor. I'm. -- out and an eight in the military when. You usually very to me was fire there let's. Politics of this because we're red state I don't think like I'm not lobbying one way or the other I'm just -- looking at the political reality. I don't see any legislator voting against stand your ground laws because that's going to be on the record and whether it's right or wrong fair or not make sense or not. I don't think it matters politically what do you think is a -- -- get out of committee hasn't. Well I'm actually -- your opinion. Not certainly I think it's an -- that I won't track from all that you have several technical. -- look -- that -- are. And been -- and gets a problem -- sports is because it is pitching in that district. We deliver rich state we believe that the Al Arab -- certificates and members of the electorate district and about forty treat commitment to. And and multiples in the it is written that if you think they're very much and why would is that in the connect. Look at those in between two of them large urban -- it's important war delegation and the ability to -- them. And you see the twist at the current time and time. I think -- -- to -- -- to look back in support of what Japan to open markets aren't really leverage -- it -- -- -- it. Turkey to -- issue because it is. -- -- Are you use these Stanley you know the ins and -- -- real quick before relate to go budget errors -- you excited. I'm Mary sentimental that it might around midnight and deployment in and he -- -- this is now public. If we can pull cornerback Altman on public policy Seattle tremendous spectre and. You like the united comfortable with Patrick Robinson Corey white the other side. Now it appears that crippled or go back -- day ago eight thank you represented appreciate -- time they are.

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