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WWL>Topics>>3-12 7:15am Tommy, NFL free agency & Jairus Byrd

3-12 7:15am Tommy, NFL free agency & Jairus Byrd

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jason Cole, NFL reporter for NationalFootballPost.com, about free agency and the Saints moves

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So right now retirement the saints will continue our conversation about stand your ground laws in Louisiana no -- have a lot to say but. We want to get Jason Cole on he's an NFL reporter for national football post dot com. He has some limited times -- to take every advantage of good morning Jason. And you know limited is a little bit and that tell me about Gerris burden and your take on the saints signing of him in this. The changes -- have to happen this team in order Wednesday competitive incidentally cap. Well I never -- -- report gel or what was it sure. And it caught the top of that. I think the -- -- or is that. They're all on the best term -- yet. It's important agency. And -- -- talked about the check out of all -- out the order. But they want abuse -- or October the boot into it now that number Robert an oil that there -- especially -- How they want -- talked about -- -- whole year one achieved that Bobby cuts aren't bat. Created turnover. Act gave the -- actor. Out -- -- up old. According. Eight you know premium on purely about but -- -- -- on beat out all right. That created a property return poached lobster -- like that grew up. You know you only as strong as obviously you weakest link -- Yang had. It is strong zoo's safety got Kenny for Carol you got a -- free safety was Vick out of place free of strong safety strong safety right. Yeah -- Europe Africa. And stronger if -- capable -- low but the bulk. The better coverage but it will. -- -- very -- at that apply. They get -- and Tom Sawyer on on one corner all about the other corner. -- -- are talking about Patrick Robinson or. Corey white. Patrick coming off an injury and -- Embarrassingly. Victimize last year and I just wonder if the saints need -- no matter and if they do body to pay for it. Other below. A quarter ago at the dollar Euro range pat pat what about but the big news. And got -- can be cut the -- pick create pressure. And what they want is -- part of it. If the member William. RR a little paper right now or by and they want a championship. -- dial play. -- respective. Terms of playing out. Created turnovers create a lot outsourced -- -- -- approach. Ought to go to war back again back -- doing well well what they want talk so. That I'd pick out what they want to get back shocker over the next couple years. First day of free agency will -- what is the biggest take away you have from a thing that surprised you. Probably personal bug that prices ought -- -- -- -- a bit. I don't lose but I really have over ten million dollar year. Really built. A lot straw error. Victory over it really -- Got a premium position but what apple. Quarterback. I took it that it happened. That spot and quite -- -- like Darrelle Revis. If he would be -- By -- here which will be prepared for a period oral. -- -- -- -- I would say that the other big prize -- you can already it was just all out. Out of art culture or did you get -- But I got pepper I thought that I was active topic. -- at the markets where. Did not deny you -- where pepper and Jared Allen now the market. There -- other -- get big contracts because there are over the property. But there are built a couple -- Become chic our respect the order to have those GC or how the. Appreciate your time run and lately you know we talked Teague entries and -- and -- NFL reporter for national football post dot com.

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