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3-11 7:45am Tommy, Byrd is the word

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL producer and sports reporter Steve Geller about the signing of safety Jairus Byrd

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker everybody was saying at first given their history the saints were probably not gonna make a very big splash in free agency on the first day. Not even a full day does -- start what 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon our time. 4 o'clock Central Bank -- big Gerris bird signing. Steve -- joins us right now and Steve did their thing -- worry about is -- and I think. This guy's credentials speak for themselves. Poll of what about the other cornerback position what about some players that might have to go -- Heidi kibo is under the cap. Yeah I mean it's amazing what Mickey Loomis has been able to do I am shocked. That had how he's been able to move -- money and I worked things out. -- you earlier when I said you would make you who was doing your taxes because this guy as a financial genius or. I guess that team -- on I ninety -- yet. And for me the fact that they were able to get such a top tier player. With all the cap constraints that they've been under and you know trying to sign Jimmy Graham too long term deal is really amazing. Obviously that's why they get paid the big bucks because I still don't know other able to figure this out but right now. It doesn't look like they'll be aggressively pursuing. One of the top corners in the free agent market right now I can't imagine that. Either they think may be Corey white. Could be the number two guy it's the outlook based. Maybe that maybe they -- -- there have nightmares Corey white. And maybe Patrick Robinson can come back from his injury and be the number to -- it. Wow I guess the position also could be addressed in the draft but I just don't see much more. That can be done on the free agent market but I guess it's a wait and see type of thing with Mickey -- of what he's able to work are just like I -- can imagine the saints being able to do. Much more with the salary cap right now getting this top tier kind of player -- burn -- May consider the top player on the open market not just with top defensive player at the top. Free agent overall. So if you buy a new car you might have -- outlets he's got to pay fort. Side of the saints pay for all those who who do you see go on maybe Pierre Thomas and and that's question risk and people I know. Area crowd favorites out there but. To me it's all about winning Lombardi so. Just says so players will the move on his feet and get the contract he wants I think. When it comes did managing cat when it comes a fielding the best -- gives you a chance maybe to win the division first. And -- from -- move on I don't think you can put anybody in on you can't let emotions guided I guess once -- Right in the position that was has been released stocked for the saints is -- the running back position and it tends to be the the group of guys that they really don't use the most out of so I guess you can trim the fat so to say a little -- we're now gonna have. Most likely a Mark Ingram. Along with Kyra Robinson and also -- cadets still in the mix as well Darren Sproles is now said to be. Being traded instead of being released out right because the interest is just too great. Probably a good idea because you don't wanna -- Sproles. Being released today ending up on a team like. The Panthers or maybe the Atlanta Falcons come back to haunt you that way. -- Pierre Thomas we still haven't heard much but I can't imagine. He'll be sticking around with the signing of bird because they're gonna need to clear that three million. I was up and I think Tyree round Robinson and Tarvaris to debt combined about a million against cap bright -- Livermore right now that not comparable at all. To which you have appearance Sproles and it seems to me especially with his running back by committee. Then you inevitably you can find maybe an unsigned free agent comes in after the draft door. You know a guy played for school and you never heard of one on a born and -- -- ones of being like the guy. Right in the saints are you know notorious refine these undrafted free agents that come in and start producing. As you know off I'll say this -- a guy like Mark Ingram and knows a lot of haters out there I've been really tough bottom because I just haven't seen. First round value in him yet. But he's also brought up the fact that when he's been giving and more Carrey's gotten in there and -- and so so to speak spoke speak work sweat. He's been able to produce a lot better and maybe he's that kind of got it needs to work up that rhythm and if things go down the way we expect this year -- will be leaned upon to get into it. Rhythm attain what I think I think it's all about him mentally if he feels like he's got a little guy on the starter I'm the guy and he's it is. Companies spears given it all like we sonic games if visas on -- -- Every two series is someone that -- got this lackadaisical attitude at least that's the way I perceive it looked awfully hard to do with the a stable of five running backs -- when you're gonna get your shot. Quickly say Sean Payton Shawn Payton announcing the ten days ago I take the gallery.

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