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WWL>Topics>>3-12 8:15am Tommy, cruise ship lawsuit?

3-12 8:15am Tommy, cruise ship lawsuit?

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jim Walker, a maritime attorney, about a lawsuit over a cruise

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Walker a maritime attorney. And now I even a lot of value here tell -- -- you get to talk about tort reform are what these people are entitled to. I'll be happy to talk about anything -- -- banks were happening back on you know the trial was it was last week they Saturday it almost a two week trial over this. So this what we call the coop crews here. And that you'd have -- last year and last year I I I told everyone that all the passengers not to file suit because you're their work and do any better than. And that you know the compensation that that you just you just mentioned the refund in the future crews in the labor expenses and they even gave him 500 box which are believed. His more that than more than they are entitled to so. We heard the same news about this 5000. Dollars a month for the rest of their life I mean that's millions of dollars for -- 33 people and you know I don't like -- you know I'm a department lawyers that -- is horrible so. Sometimes you know I'd like to make our arsenals and you know the first thing these people needed to do when they got off the ship. Was to relax and have a good night's sleep and sleep in their -- can have a nice touch our and it they thought they had a medical problem that should have seen. A doctor but instead they went and saw the law yours in when you have a problem when you have aggravation and inconvenience in the currency lawyers. Sometimes you don't get any better and so here we are. A year later and there's these 33 people out of the 4000 people on the ship are now seeking millions so to me it's it's rather rather ridiculous. -- so many times. They say the you know common sense should prevail in the company should do the right thing and it would -- led to this but. Do you sometimes companies put themselves in a group precarious position at stake they try to select it wasn't right let's try to make it right for yet. Before it gets accord but then they kind of make themselves. Vulnerable by admitting that they do anything was wrong in the first place and that they deserve any compensation. Well what are comparable to that is this is an old ship the trial is -- was sort came on line in the late 1990s which is pretty old for -- And the problem is that they said that there was nothing wrong. Now the so he is found that they did something wrong the only issue is is whether they are entitled to any other money. And I thought comparable. And on the critic of the present mystery car. Mean this is the attacks -- morning they registered ships overseas in foreign countries -- incorporated in the foreign country. They don't pay any less income taxes don't comply with US. Well legion labor laws or more safety laws and there's a lot of things she can criticize about about the company. But she can't criticize the way that they took care of their gas. After this this the fact that. With with compensating them fully in returning their money and so forth I mean. I would be embarrassed to be any attorney in here and a federal court before a judge in this is that judge try -- not a jury trial and -- charge. My clients have aggravated hemorrhoids and they're entitled to millions of dollars because. -- there are many countries around the world we have Haiti right over here. That doesn't have running water or sewage facilities for the majority of their citizens in the and they go -- -- earth. You know what point do you say enough is enough you're -- through Hurricane Katrina. I mean I've watched -- used to live in the world watched people sawing through the -- of their houses. What would that they receive I mean what what they -- entitled to their -- that they were entitled to anything so he got a pleasure cruise and for -- you have. This just aggravating and in this this big case of inconvenience but it should turn in to a lottery it's a monogram. So. Where does maritime lost and all of this as opposed -- have had happened on land and has this case been adjudicated getters is judge still thinking about it. -- whether judges still thinking about it and you'll render his his his his award went whether there's money there not. I have a feeling he may award some of these people some money Katrina Cassini. Multimillion dollar verdicts. Or or warts and all maritime laws very similar to land base law. Typically airtime on doesn't recognize claims. When people are upset or they're just aggravated and they don't have. -- physical injury where they don't. An actual disease diagnosed by a doctor or some. Physical manifestation. Of some type of moments you know he can walk around and solution that's disgusting. But that doesn't entitle you to any money in much you develop the disease story and much use because of the darkness -- -- down a flight of stairs so. You know if we awarded. Every one inconvenienced in the world I mean what where would it stop. Every once inconvenience to some degree just trying to make it to two to work and back in to raise your kids and have a life. Would he start awarding money much less millions of money for people who we're having a -- time I I just don't see it. Jim I appreciate your time in just out of curiosity if you were bring a case. To trial because you're you're client had hemorrhoids wouldn't be appropriate to offer them a pillow. Got a couple of pillows that it then in May be appeared have a nice -- you can engage in inflatable element -- we it was a adequate. Thank you -- have a good day okay.

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