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3-12 8:45am Tommy, too many lawsuits?

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Darren McKinney, the Communications Director for the American Tort Reform Association, about if there are too many frivolous lawsuits

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about lawsuits and tort reform and what's frivolous and what's not at tech's guns in. Correct happen right in front of my delivery truck and an older lady at least seven eases traffic and car. She was -- at Indian rather in car was smoking about to catch fire. Mean another guy Basra out of window and pulled her right before I would rather right before the car became engulfed in flames. She would have certainly died her family think does by suing me in the company. A large -- beverage company because they said we heard her back. Luckily my company paid images go -- that. What do you do next time and I think that speaks of the whole issue of when we're addressing your Darren McKinney joins us right now he is the director of communications for the American Tort Reform Association. And Daryn. Well. Darren and a lot of times just like that text people wanna do the right thing but. Then before you get involved -- about exposing yourself a liability in India once embodied guy in and now automobile accident that. Is it really the fault of the person that doesn't wanna get involved of the person. -- -- filing frivolous suits. Well I think we've got put the blame where it most clearly. And it's gotta be with the ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers and need a typical American 2030 years ago. If pulled from a fiery wreck. -- is your mind. But politically should do. A back injury here or whatever mayhem but resulted from -- -- -- But nowadays with billboards everywhere cable television commercials. Internet advertising radio commercials that you'll -- been injured a car accident cold one in which mr. today. You know unfortunately this mindset. Is becoming more and more the norm and our country and our economy -- -- Tom Izzo is go back to advertising because you know back in the day they say that the lawyers and advertise and all of -- sudden they -- what changed on. Well there were. And an opted not to back down with too many details but began that. But in terms in terms -- of people being aware of this we're gonna -- -- -- summary and a two piece that you were deeply about the that began in the late sixties and into your seventies. There were a series of Supreme Court cases. First Amendment cases where in the local. Players in Egypt and stayed in -- several different states where. Advertising was regulated in general were beaten. By state bars that. Is -- Asian young upstarts who were not. Members of the white shoes lead law firms which control the bar association. They wanted to advertise to be able to get a piece of the pie. And. Ultimately they warned that the right to do so and a series of Supreme Court cases so. Arguably since the mid seventies on the we have seen an increase in personal injury lawyer advertising. And no one other than personal injury lawyers or their Ayers can argue that this is that a good development for our nation. Get a text here's -- while at work guy broken in my house Iran mean my German shepherd put a hundred and when he stitches. -- correct in him on him -- whatever he I think -- would be a more -- -- -- We're having a vicious animal he lost. But it's a cost me 5000 dollars in legal fees and I think the point here Darren is. Right wrong whatever you get sued you gotta -- an attorney to defend. Exactly you know even -- the most absurd and meritless. Lawsuits. Costs could descend money -- that that and it is is a homeowner. A small business owner a major corporation for that matter. But and Louisiana and to pay auto insurance. Certainly feel it in the air budgets. When you got. Whether it again out getting pulled out these that the fiery wreck or what have you. The the estate litigation. Litigation climate should say in the state of Louisiana is one that drives some of the audience. Auto insurance rates. Indonesia and and while headlines may make it even occasionally or shake our heads in disgust. The fact that the that the reality is where will ultimately paid for that because as deep as judges. And in court that in some cases juries. Been able on the this nonsensical. And insurance companies were in the suggest premiums -- worked for good reason and that we all and -- in the bag which is is in real trouble here you know. Darren I appreciate your time I really do and I hope we talked to you again. --