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3-12 9:10am Tommy, pit bulls

Mar 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ledy VanKavage, Senior Legislative Attorney for the Best Friends Animal Society, about pit bulls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anyway -- Levy van savage joins us right now and it was a story out that -- pit bulls are actually getting more positive press than they used to and and we're asking you who you have you change your mind the audience about pit bulls and would you be more willing to have a -- as a -- are they still -- 99 grotto where you live. Lady good morning radio. Good morning Tammy how are yet. Goodyear's senior legislative attorney for the best friends animal society did. Did you wanna weigh in on tort reform mean I have to. Actually light and the turning Amitabh chaired the American bar associations animal law committee -- You know and basically. I probably should weigh in on that issue because they think I'm -- people and bringing discrimination it's probably controversial enough with the. Well but there are some insurance. Differences right if you own 100 dollars the other doesn't affect our rates. Actually is it just depends on the insurance company that there aren't found that discriminate against various breeds of dogs. But there's a lot of good ethical and insurance companies that down. Farmers Insurance does not discriminate -- against state farm. And USAA can't discriminate they go by the behavior of the dog and the behavior -- the owner which. Think that makes sense to me. But how could you know because obviously insurance we've had that discussion. Numerous times about actuarial tables and the odds of something happening in insulating themselves from excessive exposure but. -- and how do you do that Diego and and evaluate each dog and each owner. Well you know in -- now here insurance companies are your insurance they can go up in your month in that the backyard. And it that the short haired muscular might he might decide it's the people aren't you know pit Bull Terrier like god and -- -- you might think your dog Atlanta next. So now that we've got DNA testing that we feed that animal control veterinarians are right in get CNET here -- its. Other mixed breed dog is only 25%. Indicated. That -- monthly that we people you know because you really can't tell election have. -- counselor on an awful EG borders -- accurate. Appreciate you trying to slip that and then and. It is about the topic guessing game. -- it is that you really definitely should be DNA testing and and the much recent studies show that bleed is not a factor in. Basically you know especially her dog related fatalities the thing that aren't the most important I think that the owner can control. Like 84%. Dog related fatalities from 2000 to 2009. Involved non sterilized stocks. The vast majority in male dog. So that -- basically in and -- these situations a lot or abuse and neglect cases. Chains dogs dogs that didn't interactive panels like that they can't attack. And and a lot of people carriers aren't Stanley -- So what do the numbers show in terms of every time we have this conversation numbers come up about breeds of dogs. You kinds of -- fatal injuries. Etc. so -- is there one dog he's talked about discrimination is there one. Dog it's more dangerous than the other. Well and then the most recent study in -- I mean and it journal of the American that you're in medical association they said that you know street doesn't matter. The ticket in that fatal -- taxes 2000 to 2009. They could only. We'll quietly. They have the breed -- dog in 17% of the cases. Now that's ouija board numbers. They get it. Again you know but that -- -- -- behavior. I mean basically we want good laws that protect. People and pets against any dangerous -- and we think will act -- owners shouldn't be allowed to -- And that's a lot of cities are doing in there and acting reckless owner ordinances. So if your dog running amok on numerous occasions he's been convicted of animal abuse dog fighting on -- -- a dangerous -- train injured on the -- me. On many occasions you can't on the docket at city for X number of years. And I think that makes sense because it is somebody traded -- did you get beat me. That you'll take a dog away from you and other. So stop that person from owning -- in at city for a period of time. You know excuse the expression -- when it. Does come to a danger to size does matter ranked. Well keep -- in baton death because my docs can't like bite inhibition. Senate can really depends on the individual thought because. You know doctor Brady -- back in the day for National Geographic he did a you know. Out by study and heated a -- eaten up -- up -- I leave and had a Rottweiler German shepherd any temple I. And the people the American people here at the least amount of -- pressure. Really only -- like you're kiwi on the of these. Your keys and a terrible attitude of I think -- better than ever. Everybody else staring into paying. Down the pit -- and -- around campers. But that dog I mean obviously can't do any -- damaged like up big on hand well. It does not true I -- -- most of the serious star related incidents involved toddlers are really old people and and we've had a case where a Pomeranian killed the baby. I mean we had a -- a case where a pack of Dachshund -- a woman that you know I killed. I you know and and I thought the autopsy that is that the -- -- presentation Jim Crosby an -- law enforcement guy did it at a conference. And Asia this horrible tucked -- that it does that. -- -- Well I don't like here's why you laughing because we all wanted to do it because the thought of a pack of -- Bring in somebody down it's hard not to laugh at that I'm sorry the results were fatal but I have to dioxins and I just can't imagine that. It was it was really into this photographs were harmful in the past you know what it was you know what kind of -- if they did that everybody -- in German shepherd Rottweiler government. You know you and -- that now dioxin. In and I believe there were five in case -- -- -- -- more about that. It would have been an organized attack him believe they want to. And especially when people are -- you know what you know and older -- they they are more fun couple. I mean they really really aren't so. Wait a lady died from the dog -- not from like hit the floor anything. That's what evidently occurred and again this was the case that -- Crosby had it at a conference -- yet now it's innocent and I live in Atlanta July. And we had a case where Golden Retriever kill some time. -- meant that it really you know -- is not a factor in -- he. But -- again Levy that that it was all fairness I mean dioxins public's money down and it's not funny it really isn't it all right -- about it. -- its image of it is what it is affected weenie dogs can bring somebody down and hurt him seriously is -- kind of funny concept although we it wasn't funny in this case but the point I'm making is that the anomaly. When it comes at the pit bulls they the thing and they had some problems. Well I think we've they have immediate problem actually I think that anybody who. You know anybody to get bitten by a short haired dog right now. Says the that the temple. And -- and the cops that I trained you know they think they can identify temples and then I put -- up. And say OK take out the American people carrier and nine out of ten times they're wrong and you purebred dogs. You -- you know some of them think that. Actors are American people Kerry has some of them think that hundred pound prospect scenarios. I mean it's just you know. It's unfortunate that anybody that gets bitten by a short -- -- now. Yeah it gets right -- that the temple by and and we're not seen it in any genetic testing -- done to verify. That the type of dog that really is involved in these attacks. But what we -- and now is that reckless owners are responsible for it. So that it really really a problem and we need to protect people from any dangers stock I don't care what it looks like what it's breeding. Mean basically we need to hold people responsible. -- me dictate their actions -- their doctor hurt. I appreciate you timely an Italian Yemen millions of violent turn a lot of things that -- -- and things -- damned thing I've ever. I'll try to -- -- I'd like to hear it really now and I'm not disputing and I'm just and it's. It's in great incredible thank you -- that he took the time was. -- you --