WWL>Topics>>3-12-14 10:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

3-12-14 10:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

Mar 12, 2014|

Garland talks with LEAP member Stephen Downing about the arguments for legalizing marijuana.

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The shows we -- doing opening today again probably more than authors. Is your kids growing entrepreneur who -- community. People from. All over the country and number of them from around the world. Are coming here and there and creating businesses a year like never before and never an art history. Idea village. Even as. Setup that year. Where -- they have -- a convention of sorts and they have confidence that in the invite people from all of the world. And you see some of the most outstanding ideas that are coming up and the ones. That have come here from other places. And got a foothold -- been successful. Or know their zone. Pretty large group of business people that say they're gonna create a whole book. -- -- -- -- wars in New Orleans and has been consist mainly an open mind in order to. -- triggered New Orleans known as deeply -- -- It -- online order to earn your stride and says the company. So with the twelve Rocco try to figure out how they're gonna do that more of the chances of two cents. 11 o'clock -- President Obama. Being urged -- Quality against Putin in different forms fashions. And one of the -- it is it is to ship not -- get outs. -- and United States to Europe I think and Krugman on this program votes. Russia exports about 70% in the natural gas in the Ukraine and about 3035%. A -- from go to Europe so Europe is susceptible. If Russia for some reason war or just retaliation. Cut off again. And legal and audit. Number of these gas portals and businesses that would conduct if it's proved. Right here and -- you know that's -- talk about that lumbered. It's our -- -- -- organ of revisit this subject we visited many times in fact that the Oakland days ago. We had a debate appeared between. He's COU. Thinkers and he borrowed. At the very least. Decriminalizing. Marijuana there there was. A debate concerning marijuana I've been called three people agreed -- decriminalization. But are wrong quickly. Those that that. Wanted to do it crumble laws or against. Making it legal. Say that we have to educate kids -- educated population. As we're using money -- what we don't have an elbow looking -- And and I think ironically would -- cigarettes. Where the -- liquor. A lot of the money -- from taxing that goes into education purposes. As and six outs. In regulating it and convincing people that they're neck and sides of the well. One of the organizations. We'd talk to a regular basis. Law enforcement against -- prohibition -- -- these are former law enforcement. Officers -- indeed it's been 102030 years in the business. That no longer think the illegality of drugs is working and I think they're gonna take there. Argument to be UN Stephen -- jones'. Retired -- PD deputy chief of police also member of the movie or enforcement against prohibition statement welcome back to show good talk. -- -- -- -- In the back it's a pleasure of being. And by subversive. Tell me about the program ms. this -- you wouldn't committee you're gonna go to. Well at the convention minutes ago. Every year in Vienna. It's one of the bodies of the EU and that oversees these three treaties. That ever. Enacted. Over forty years ago. The EU and drug. Operation. And treaties. Basically you formed a fountain. Of drug prohibition. Across the globe. It's of those treaties. That resulted. In the legislation. In the United States called a controlled substances act. Within the controlled substances that whose schedule one. Which is total prohibition of certain drugs including marijuana and and heroin and and and other like drugs. And that the interest -- saying. From a legal standpoint in the United States. Is that you know our constitution. Provides for a specific powers. Of the federal government. And everything that's not specified. For the federal government is residual to the states. Well in the case of prohibition. In order for us to outlaw alcohol on nationwide. We passed an amendment to the United States constitution. And then nine years later when we found that. The prohibition of all of as a national policy was dismal failure. We had the past legends -- we have the pats another amendment to the constitution. -- in that. But in the case of the drug treaties. Congress. Enacted the controlled substances. Nationwide. Without going through the constitutional process. And in my opinion. Are the prohibition in this country of drugs now. It is unconstitutional. There is a case pending now called -- and bond virtually the United States. That is going to challenge. That concept. But most of the Supreme Court decisions. Related drug dismissing them -- they have hung their hat on the commerce clause. Which is a real stretch is like if you wanna. You want it's your ride here you don't usually and you -- to -- ended with your left hand. Two Richard it's you know as with. So our delegation. And what's the -- -- clause. I'm sorry what are what is the -- clause. The commerce clause in the tenth amendment where. The tenth amendment of the constitution. Allows. -- congress to regulate -- Means states. And what he says in the case. Involving one of is that. It's somebody grows and one and one stated it can. They can cross borders into another status it's it's of very facetious. Interpretation of the commerce clause. Basically the commerce clause intended just to regulate commerce between states and and allow will be. -- allow products across borders and regulated to. Jews who have been my apologies. Departures have promised close instead of commerce clause on the worst enemy let me take a quick break and we'll come right back can get more into this from speaking speaking was Stephen downing. Retired LAPD deputy chief of pulleys and one of those and an organization. I think a number of the comeback about 101000 members. Law enforcement against prohibition. Governor bill Bill Gates celebrity am 1053. Then you got questions you got comments in particular. If you're getting some legalization admiral wandering in the become a drug. Called -- while and I'm trying to come laws and are compiled. All of the reasons. Not to make marijuana legal so that I can -- and the arguments to make it legal. And put them all out there for people to see exactly -- Come right back the number called Jews had 01 lead somebody to rule 3866. -- non zero heats up. Welcome back -- once again weren't thinking about Merrill little bit differently this time we have learned that via. Law enforcement against prohibition leap. Organization. Of wall former wall members. That no longer think the the war on drugs is working. Our representatives of leap on the way to UN meeting India and along these -- and didn't Stephen downing with the required -- tired only PD deputy chief of leaves. Wow and of course some member of -- Stephen Morton what do you hope to accomplish that. What do you think -- We hope to which by bringing this proposed amendment to the UN treaties. If we can yet. One nation. To buy into the concept. Of this group post treaty or one like it. With the UN Secretary General taxes leadership. They'll start the ball rolling toward specific and concrete reform. At the 26 team meeting of the fool you win narcotic. Control. Convention. And Europe wait for example. Is warning to withdraw from these drug conventions. -- a country like you're away he introduced. Our proposed amendment or one like it. Then it would require that you and to begin in the debate right now. They won't even discussed in the kind of reform the terror they. Prison oriented. They wanna keep that illegal. And that there is no wave -- that body. To start moving toward. Eliminating prohibition. Without at least one of the signatories. Making the introductions and so we're. We're we have on the network. Could make a proposal. This started last year. When we attended India. We imposed. Five questions. Two of the world leaders of bodies. And we answered those questions number one. Yes that is the UN policies and drug prohibition. Do more harm than good. We say yes. And much of the world and Asia. And number two. Dozen drug prohibition policies itself. Cause increased drug availability. Potency use abuse addiction disease in and the answered yeah. And the in the world agree. Number history. There's drug prohibition also cause -- crime and turf war crime. Violence corruption and injustice. -- -- -- Freedom liberty and human rights. And as a tear -- moral -- -- and worldwide. Release yet as well. Others across the world. Number four. As -- drug wars and in. Compromise the role of the responsible elements of society. Like the police military. Intelligence agencies government business academia media and international organizations. And as little -- those elements. Of the interest they're responsible drug purveyors and drug cartels. Both sides. Supporting the continuation. And the drug prohibition party in the -- game both sides. And the answer to that is yeah. So with those four questions. And answered yes. We posed that question. What drug policy. Should replace the US and what we call the Al Capone style drug prohibition paradigm. And I answered. Is this proposed amendment to -- US victory. -- Treaty. Proposes. A number of things. The world leaders. One -- to revitalize the national sovereignty. In regard to the control mind altering substances. In the environment that international cooperation. -- many voices. It proposes to consolidate the three existing. UN drug conventions. Those. We're probably created in 1961. It means 71 in 1988. Recommending that they be. Consolidated into a single amended convention. Because of the single convention on drugs. Like what was done in 1961. We're proposing that they eliminate decriminalization. Oriented drug policy paradigm. And replace it. With health harm reduction. And human rights oriented policy. In other words. Let's remove the criminal justice system. From considerations. Within these. Within drug policy. Let's look at added as they pose a health problem. We're also recommending that they expand the cause of the scope of controlled substances to include alcohol tobacco. And never mind altering substances. We're doing now because all along about -- are as bad or worse than many of the drugs that are controlled today. And like in the case of tobacco we have proven. That by taxing. Tobacco and regulating and taxing tobacco and using those funds to educate the the -- the public. We have reduced tobacco consumption. Of between forty and 50% over the last years. We are proposing that they -- in total in 1971. Convention. On psychotropic substances. Back convention. A prize criminal penalties. A -- let me -- just a moment we've got to take a break with CBS news. OK we come back consider with -- a -- a couple of million questions for. All right. August Stephen downing who retired LAPD. Deputy chief he has a memorably law enforcement against pro woods bit. And where your coming right back in the -- -- -- about the national organizations law enforcement. Against prohibition of drugs. Merrill -- to VO you wind throughout conference there to try and get some. Rules and fuel and another from rules concerning drugs changed with Stephen downing of this. Retired LAPD deputy chief cultural member of -- It's a Google for a given to via the renewing questions of god you would bring you more liberal listeners. In Slidell girl -- -- down in Chicago. -- Rowland has been down rendered -- talk which is sir I don't know. Are sought comment recently made by lieutenant colonel Mike and so yeah -- the -- that he no no law enforcement officials. Formal all present support the end prohibition. And it was just one and you'll always use -- -- to reach out to colonel Edmondson. You know right I couldn't hear the questions you could. You should. Leader of the state police who says that he knows of no one in law enforcement calling for prohibition of drugs. And he was wondering would you be willing to -- Reach out to via. Officer. I reach out to a -- all teachers -- -- -- -- -- law enforcement all the time about the armed with a and drug an idea in the region. Pretty ones. Especially in law enforcement. And I do. Who is in your organization. And Heilman. Well art organization is about 400000 of that includes -- supporters. From the law enforcement meaning that law enforcement officers. Oh all right. DEA agents judges prosecutors. CIA. Really people that represent the criminal justice system across the board. There's about 151000. Elements and one of the primary things we do is we I was speakers' bureau. Across the nation. And when people once. You have one of our speakers appeared. Any gathering that they have. You do is contact. -- WWW. -- to the Nazis see. More cops say legalize. Dot com and coordinator our appearances little rules that you. And -- the questions and our short term picture earlier you remember and Mike Edmondson -- -- -- pianist who really are so even his name is Mike Edmondson -- -- appreciated -- very much on him. It's an. -- wondered do mentioned something. You and I've talked about it for a moment mentioned to the audience. You know I think can correct me I'm wrong my memories wrong. We've connected the dots to world we have. Two major -- profit prison corporations. Traded on the stock market with shareholders. That need it. People in jury in most of the contract. Even demand an 80% occupancy over twenty year -- There and we've looked at the banks that have been caught red handed all over the world. Laundering. Drug money and even terrorism. Nobody charge nobody named the banks had minor fine. Then we look. Law enforcement both state wide city wide in federally. Seizing property. Of people that are just charged with drug violations. And that makes a large piece of their budget and I think both of those have questioned. Do we really have a drug on a war on drugs. For. All we strictly. Continue we -- the so called war in order to keep this economic juggernaut going an up on the centers and Google disloyal to its pros and cons of legal canvas and with -- in this debate. Here's an article a paragraph that that kind of speaks to what we're talking about. Of this -- in Washington worthy or they've legalized medicinal and they're thinking about legal you know ago but it's it's. By legalizing. The medicinal. Due to the lack of people being rested in jail. And prosecutor for smoking or possessing Merrill one. Washington State has just passed through majors sweeping cuts to the department of safety and corrections. While there may be a benefit and -- lives ruined from the war on drugs. The budget cuts are affecting real people and families losing their -- And but I've been to the drug war -- verify what you and I think about the whole process and. Of course been. These drug war is. War on the people it's not on drugs. And that's why it's so difficult to -- prohibition. Is because both sides. Me so much money. In other words the banks to preserve the private prisons. And law enforcement and the politicians. All of whom benefited economically. Basically support. The activities of the cartels in the and the industry gangs. Because they one's seen him stay in business. So that they can continue to reap the rewards. That have come from the the operation in the drug war. Series and on the public about it in these terms. I live in the city of Long Beach whose shoes the second largest Indian. In California. And I plan the chief of police. Because of the medical. -- legalization and changes in position. -- decriminalization. Has been taking place over the last five years. His position number -- rats have the increased by 5005. Years ago was making five. And arrests. This last year he made under a hundred routes and that is that doing. Just think. How many man hours. Use saying you might not making those arrest just think how many man hours are are now available on the street. Pork patrol. And response to real. Crimes do seems like comments aren't signal amid trigger another and break moment come back. Won't -- news conversation that he called -- comments to secure 170. Republicans to even down and retired Oleg PD deputy chief of pollutes. Welcome -- worth thinking about national organization 100000 members and think about. 101000 of them former Romo law enforcement officials and it's called. Law enforcement against prohibition these are policemen judges to -- news that. While the drug wars and no longer think that worked with Stephen downing -- Required retired -- Los Angeles a police deputy chief. -- even busily calling for legalization. Of all drugs or decriminalization. Of all drugs or just certain drops. -- -- saying that prohibition. Is harmful. And that is different policies. -- necessary. And worse and all of drugs. Should be legalized. Regulated and controlled. The government. Not regulated and controlled by the cartels sunscreen can things. The the subject of drug abuse. Should be considered the health problem and not a criminal justice problem. We have jailed 43 million people over the last forty years for nonviolent. Crimes. We have because one of the largest. Prison nation in the we have 5% of the world's population. We have 25%. Of the world's prisoners. So we're saying that harms the prohibition. Are greater -- in the arms of those whether drugs and we saying that they help approach. They and education approach. Is you'd better and cheaper solution. And I mentioned earlier what we've done with tobacco. We can do I was going to abuse were certainly -- -- drug use. Saying that our current policy encourages drug use and also encourages violent crime and corruption. I mentioned to you that we have speakers bureau. Across stoke the across the nation. While we -- on the brakes I received the email from speakers. The former female police culture. Who went on disability because she contracted -- She just sent this email. He said so important that anyone would dairy and cheese and in the studios speakers. Kind of a tight group. -- telling -- as accurately -- on the -- while it should share. Almost three years ago I would -- an appointment. For my yearly pap test and my local colleges -- but the doctor advised. And that numerous discussions and ambulances and it's been years. This is very supportive of my views. For all of my health issues associated with them in the violent tendencies and the -- -- -- from all day Wednesday. We've been discussed campus as -- medicine for cancer. Approximately two years ago and this is the news she's happiness. I had my first abnormal pap test it was scared to do I told no one. I continue to get tested in each time it continued did test positive. For cervical cancer in the following three tests. Well I've been consuming and it was oil also known as Rick Simpson oil would secure everyday. Approximately two programs -- -- The last ten months along with all the vitamins fatty -- and the accident and accidents. And now I have some good news to share with -- -- Today in the mail I received a letter from cancer. And stereos and completely the violence test -- test was normal. I'm so happy I definitely do that he needs in the -- Now. That. She's using. It against the law. And you can go to jail. And -- -- 50000 dollars a year to keep her in jail. So even though I'm review we've run out of time unfortunately. Because I didn't you know on the call you one more to deuces. -- issued its getting talked about and debated nor do about the whole lot more than ended program. Maybe could have some -- your organization to me they were just draw up every reusing a murderer ever bred. As to -- what you're proposing is a bad idea and analysts' lips do the point counterpoint. Were weak. Bring up the ping people. A valid concerns and soup we've got to. I've purge huge come on -- talk and view and good luck with -- And I'm right back dubbed -- a big it's ebony and -- really have them rub olive that the where we're going to be talking about natural gas and whether we should chip hours over Europe we decide to do that. BM is on the new facilities we have right here in Louisiana. Matter more cover up thing to stay with those.