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3-12 4:10pm Deke & Kristian with Jairus Byrd

Mar 12, 2014|

Deke and Kristian talk to brand-new Saints safety Jairus Byrd

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk along with Saints have a reporter Christian gave up president -- in newest member of the New Orleans safety is third. Mom and tell us the -- about. A quick signing here with New Orleans but that were less it's one half hours ago. Is getting here to visit -- -- him through four hours later -- -- with the New Orleans Saints she must have been impressed. -- -- -- Everything went real real smooth -- got to you know hang out and go to dinner with you know the coaching staff and things like that so you know everything -- You know start off in the right direction and and and it's and in. I'm here and I'm excited to be here. What would you say. Is one of the greatest crystal will go to the solid pause about your game that you bring these days. His ability to create turnovers you know I think that's in my mind back in and I've been blessed that ability just to create turnovers and do things like Dan issel. That's just room looking forward to it -- to bring in here. And -- and anything else says you know I'm actually do you know -- room to -- and do whatever can do to make this team there and I -- -- when they. Yeah ourselves them. Come from Buffalo. Doesn't get much colder than that so anything anything noses grow. How much you know about the the environment and the superdome when you played there as a as an opponent of the Saints last year but. And that's -- -- a little bit with the crowd noise in mind that defense. Yes definitely I mean anytime you do as a player and you know their crowd noise in this -- in there. You know that bag bodes well for you as a defense defensive players so I'm looking forward to experience -- that you know and being -- -- -- often injured -- You've played dynamite the team in Buffalo how similar do you know the schemes are what will will Rob -- he's kind of similar to Rex Ryan and -- on come on Mike and the Mike -- here and how similar schemes and get a chance look at that. You know I really had a chance to look at it. Did details of the scheme but. How many years and obviously more in depth -- day and be able to look gay you know how's the similarities and stuff like to have but. From what I've seen you know just from. Observing you know looks really you know. He likes to attack in the you know be aggressive so you know that's some. Assume I'm gonna see more once I get in detail and learn everything so I don't wanna you know say anything that I don't know too much about this point. There's only the newest member of the Blanco Jerry's -- agreeing to -- long term deal with the Saints -- now take us through. Only when you've gone out of high school and -- and he goes filed official visits did you kind of get that feeling again they may be. This is our identity and we -- had a opportunity to go visit some place in the long -- one. But it seemed like there's some similar. It is but yeah definitely similarities -- you know it is that's -- The best thing compared to is just coming out of college in there recruiting process so that's the biggest thing. -- neckties because you know come out of college you know you don't pick your teammate they -- This is definitely a fun experience. But. I'm glad to be here -- outside and I am so. They say in sports and you know certain things what you wanna be champions and in this face I think in the human element you know finance is money always matters but. To be able to to get a good contract wanted to shoot with the union Sammy but also be -- to contain the team take us through both. Sides of that. -- is that's the biggest thing and it was like you know to have but be able to have both is you know you couldn't ask for a better situation and that's why I'm so excited to be here and be around you know. The coaches in the environment that all the players you -- everything else hers as a great locker -- -- I'm just -- Just looking forward again involved in you know coming back here again working -- you know do we need to do on the field. We have an x.s and those present which he last night -- get to the world was in. Yeah. I went to the restaurant called -- yes those -- some food there so. Went to sleep. Yeah name's Jason record time you can cause a time and are in and has to any names that to me -- as he was calling bird man. -- Commitments. -- just from my name bird bird man. -- When you lead in the game these things you like to do downtown it's in -- fans. Yeah it is like relax some pretty low key you know my play video games -- just you know. Some. Which was the first time you heard in the world who get. Today. He had just heard it coming up because walk upstairs and there's you know the -- got people were telling me about. Who dad and try to break it down to me so I could understand what it is what it means. Have you -- it. Inexperience with some of the guys -- on the team has at any of the players so contact you reach seventy welcome doable. -- I don't even know my phone is like. I haven't even gone to in my in my in my texts and calls and stuff like that is just nonstop so hard to be honest and you have had a chance to you know. Goal in look through. And they might have to some of the numbers that don't are saved in there so. -- I have I'm just before demean them -- and I skin -- can -- that common goal that was before. I've got almost where it would having the luxury of playing with a guy like Drew Brees as a defender just talk about what. That means for you live with a quarterback like that to where you know that maybe take some of the pressure off you as a -- as a defender. Well I mean. He -- have a quarterback like that it works it definitely benefits a guy like me because you know if you can jump out and get a lead on teams early. You know that makes them one dimensional and and you can pin your ears back and you know what I'd like to do is create turnovers so that puts him no one dimensional you know. Phase of just haven't you throw the ball or do things like that and that's when I can you know. -- an impact the game. Loose Saints defense that makes a -- -- -- -- thank you so much that I welcome to New Orleans always -- the -- but the best thing. Appreciated thank them.