WWL>Topics>>3-12-14 1:10pm Scoot: on phone addiction

3-12-14 1:10pm Scoot: on phone addiction

Mar 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and posits that parents these days are just as addicted to their phones as their kids are.

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Good afternoon I'm studio floor Angela on this Wednesday afternoon. No real sign -- does she is the clouds are getting a little lighter but it's still cloudy however. It's expected to be sunny by tomorrow and you know we're never far away from the next parade of the for the race this weekend there's the shamrock under way Iran that's going to be tomorrow the thirteenth. Starting at 6 o'clock it's a run through the warehouse district and as the name implies you can run through the warehouse district in your underwear. You know in 1970 I think 1974 was the year that I started the crew of underwear. Here in New Orleans had and it was just based on the idea that. You know if you can't parade around in your underwear. -- -- -- Then winking you do. So it actually was kind of a joke on the air a kind of joking about it -- onto I walk out of the studio that morning -- -- morning. And it was like a thousand people outside the station rampart street most of them in their underwear. Two guys from the West Bank made this this banner that was an eight foot pair of purple boxer shorts. And it just it was an amazing is that we threw red beans and rice in with a -- consumes and it was really something that really kind of sort of does it show it to -- -- to be something. That people took seriously that -- that started in 1974 went on for. On a number of years so now there's the shamrock underwear run to the warehouse district tomorrow. And tomorrow should be sunny with a high of 58 and -- when daylight savings time it'll still be lighted at 6 o'clock race registration is twenty dollars. And again this begins at Lucy's retired surfers -- who'd a thought there'd be a retired surfers bar. In the warehouse district of downtown New Orleans. A Sylvia did this fund run its one point two mile fun run this is. Preceding the shamrock run which is an eight K road race which starts at the national World War II museum. And it goes on to wanna be part and that's going to be Sunday marks the sixteenth. So you might wanna consider that big -- these nation. Is going to be performing after the race. Then there's the Saint Patrick's Day parade on Friday -- volleys at the market on Decatur street in the French Quarter the Irish channel Saint Patrick's Day parade and managed. As Saint Mary's assumption church. Constance street uptown that's going to be Saturday at noon the Italian. American marching club Saint Joseph state parade. It's gonna be canal and charters Saturday. At 650 a doors at 6 o'clock. And then the old Metairie Saint Patrick's Day parade starts at from a high school wants a firm and rolls down Metairie road. And that is an amazing event and I get an invitation every year to those who most restaurant right there. In GO styling. Hair -- place a right at the beginning a veteran of 42 floats 52 trucks you know it's actually very healthy thing because she can. You can actually get some nice produced and and by the way be aware of the fact that they do -- they do -- soberly petty things authors sell off those floats. And then of course you can kiss people and and get flowers if that's something that you choose to do the old -- Saint Patrick's Day parade starts Sunday -- At twelve -- it from a high school and then there's the Irish Italian -- clear view mall a Sunday. A march when he starts that'll be the next week we'll have time to talk about that -- -- -- is -- going on money grows over by -- of the party never ends. I've -- for Angela ledger witness in this afternoon. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll should parents be honest with their teenagers. About drinking and using drugs when they were -- -- and I don't mean totally honest I mean you don't have to tell them everything that should parents be honest with their teenagers. About drinking. And using drugs when they were young. If you had a fake ID would you be honest with your kids that you had a fake ID. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- not comparable attracted pull through on our show you -- becoming appeared in just a few minutes the screwed blog is titled. Might as well admit it. You're addicted -- two phones occupancy -- -- that was the the song addicted to a might as well faces. You predicted the phones. Today's adult generation lost to criticize teenagers for their behavior. But adults are not exactly setting a good example I constantly hear people say teenagers are not responsible. Teens are texting and driving. Teens don't communicate anymore they're addicted to their phones and computers. Ever hear yourself think any of those things and say those things about teenagers today. A new study indicates that adults. Shows signs of addiction to their phones and computers. Researchers at Boston Medical Center observed people in actual settings. And discovered. That parents are spending time on their phones while their children are eating when they go out to a fast food restaurant. According to the researchers 73%. Of the adults. Spent time on their phones while their children or eating at a fast food restaurant. And while preoccupied on their cellphones the adults paid little attention or no attention to their kids. And the kids at the tables with a Paris were focused on their cellphones tended to misbehave more than other children. Also it was -- noticed that when the parents who were preoccupied with their phones did respond to their children. It was usually negative. So I guess they're they're focused on the phones and if the cancer started to do something wrong because the parents are paying attention to -- And -- they do something wrong the only response at the parent has is don't do that or it's. A it's a negative thing. About one out of three parents. Used their cell phones continuously through the meal. And about 15%. Did not begin to use their phones until they finish the deal. Their kids were still leading paper on their phones and observers concluded that the parents who finished eating. Got bored. And started using their cellphones. If you're a parent with children. And -- your eating out and your board after you finish your meal. And you have to use your cellphone. There's a problem. And the problem is not with your children. Have you seen Paris and in restaurants soared in public settings with their children. And they're constantly focused on their phones talking or texting or checking emails are checking FaceBook. They're they're basically not paying attention to their kids. It's a common site. I see it all the time. And yet parents criticized teenagers for spending too much time on their cellphones and attribute. This to the teenagers lack of ability to communicate. -- I suggest that parents and adults in general. Are not much better when it comes to being addicted to their cellphones. If you pick up your kids from school. Or a friend's house. Or from your acts. Are you on the phone. Meet your kids have been away from your short carry a long period of time in the first moment I think is is it's important. And you should be focused on your case but how often are people on the phone when their kids get in the car. Often children -- need their parents' attention at home. But if you're talking to somebody about the relationship you're having with them if you're divorced separated. Or you're talking to a friend or working on something for you. -- that becomes a priority over your kids and we wonder why a young generation. Is turning out the way they are. Criticizing teens for texting while driving is hypocritical because there are still too many adults. We're doing that exact same thing and I really don't see the difference. We live in a society. -- come to accept blaming someone or something else for the problems of the young generation when week. The adults. Need to look at ourselves and realize that. We -- not always setting a good example and often. Often. Negative tendencies. Among teenagers and kids are really our fault I mean that's hard to admit but it's true. Your kids are watching you there watching you spend too much time on your cellphone texting they're watching you you've had drinks and you get behind the wheel of a car. You may not be fall down drunk. But -- I I hear it from. Here from parents. Who have axis I hear from from people I know whose kids are noticing this. Somebody gets to the point where they've had you know a few drinks and they think nothing of getting behind the wheel of a car. So. What kind of example is that to set for years now -- there are things that you can do because you're an adult there are some things that are. Restricted based on not being age appropriate. I mean you can't drink. You can do some things that adults can do in the simple explanation is take your kid when you get to be old enough you can do that too. But when it comes to drinking and driving. When it comes to texting and driving. When it comes to driving while distracted. I don't think that's that's a very good example. For today's young people. And are you really less addicted to your cellphone. In today's teenage generation. Think about how you felt the last time you forgot your form and think about how you would react and be devastated. You would be devastated if you lost your phone and all the information -- holes would you be any different. From the way a teenager would react today. If you enjoyed our show and comment are you addicted to your phone. And do you notice -- spending too much time on their phone and not spending enough time with their kids in public. And are we hypocritical for not being harder on our generation for texting and driving and drinking and driving when we tell teenagers not to do. Our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text -- receipts have creativity or my completely wrong. We'll be right back into the WL. I'm -- -- telling me that the underwear Ron has been rescheduled for April the tenth -- due to cold weather com it's not that cold. So if you end up in the warehouse districts or anywhere in New Orleans in your underwear I don't say we didn't cornea you're on your own. Now I'm -- differential here's -- WW property general opinion poll this afternoon should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young. 23% say no and 77%. Say yes she should be honest. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and -- tractor pull through on our show gave you -- dating game coming up. In just a few minutes and also there's always something new and our website there is produced for the saints the saints have signed cobol. Safety at free safety from the Buffalo Bills Gerris. Jurists -- six year deal. And Bobby Hebert says that bird could be the greatest defensive free agency signing in the history of the New Orleans Saints. And we've got that information which -- also. They've extended running back -- thomas' contract for two more years. -- and we got the latest on all of that and -- blog is titled. Might as well admit it. You're addicted to your phones. You can -- -- with others say look if you're critical of -- teenage generation and -- Attachment to their their cellphones. May -- should reduce blog and venture with others I think we have reasons to be critical of ourselves first. Eyes at WW dot com it's also trending on our FaceBook page and part of the conversation there. And FaceBook pages to be WL radio if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about and right now we're talking about it. Cellphone use with the adults how addicted to your cellphone or you. And is that any different from teenagers today. If if we as adults if we as parents want to be critical of the young generation. Then shouldn't we be setting a better example. If you rejoice with your comment our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. -- early seventy. It -- numbers except the except. Here is a -- -- -- recently watched a family of four sitting at a restaurant table. All four on their phones not a word spoken between them while they waited for their meal also. -- on phones while shopping with toddlers. -- in -- totally ignored. Don't you see this all the time. So so how can adults be critical of teenagers. When they're really guilty at the same thing. Here's a text of racecar drivers. I was driving. And it just decided to to see how many people were using their phones while driving. Put it this way it was hard to find a person that wasn't on the phone young or old. And here is a -- the reason I wish I could ignore my kids and play on my phone. They're too busy using my phone and ignoring me and before you -- calls here's another -- reads how can anything be more important than getting to know your kids. When your at a dinner table it drives me crazy. It drives me crazy too and I'm sure you see what I say how can you sit at a dinner table and have the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. And you're on the phone. And don't tell me that you're on the phone because they -- on. Whose apparent here who sets the samples. From Okaloosa Barry year on WW well good afternoon. -- ethnic group maximum -- -- -- be collect -- Come here -- On the about it -- or it could be executed it with. Employed employed at the real me. The triple in the book called Obama. -- -- old habit which we were ordered -- they'll all electric. Vehicle caught -- It is important it was almost it was almost like a walkie talkie that you receive from World War II movie. -- -- selectively activate it but you're right about that. But you know beautiful mollid -- a lot of smoke and what would you could -- walk around and look at it like. Unlike anything that would we've been and -- people resisted. We're gonna become like a -- become part of the culture you know I mean you think you'd have collected in a -- couldn't believe bringing it to build a report. -- column a couple of all alone in the -- in the cupboard -- -- I think -- -- a couple of role because legal if it's something. When you look at the world the you know. A very I agree and anger -- being the phone is a necessity in the culture that we live in today that's one thing but. I'm using the phone when you should be paying attention to your kids or or your spouse or your partner of the person -- with ice I see people totally ignoring each other you know I I wrote I wrote a blog. A couple months ago for a WL dot com. And it was titled -- you. And -- file being is is that practice of sitting down turntable and getting on your phone and ignoring whoever else is at the table whether it's a friend. Or you're or your kids. You won't come before I thought people at the table. But -- because now without argument could be denied that would have come in. How well we haven't looked at the back appeared to -- to follow in those people -- returned phone call. And down but the new applicability. Mechanism to -- probably typical of that moment all the people -- -- economy if the driver out in the -- -- you -- -- bunkers are prepared you've been a couple of little bit the bullet. In Cleveland look at medical work. And that is because predicament the a program has a lot of people are picked -- -- Cochran a couple but not into it to what you're doing. Barry you wrestling right I'm like to turn the -- show if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text -- receive 77. I would think that texting and driving is very close to drinking and driving. -- reserve -- here under the WL. Yeah it's good. I exotic -- -- I'm not a prepared to go -- and technology so. Hot ticket very through the BOO. Like you're so caught it it was exactly. Yeah I mean there are times that you can use your phone to conduct business but especially if you're at the table and I I see this all the time and I have to admit that there have been times that I have been guilty -- At the Carolyn dating and I sometimes we sit at a table and we both checked our phones. And not I think I should stop doing that we should spend more time talking to each other although we do a couple of times to -- Before we sit at the table but. It's kind of a natural instinct of missed a -- do you have a cell phone at all. OK but you don't spend too much time on your story -- I appreciate you calling a -- thanks listening to WWL. Here's a text that reads FaceBook FaceBook FaceBook. They need to know the latest news. No you don't need to know the latest news. Unless there is a natural disaster in your area. You don't need to know the latest news. While you're sitting at a table with your children. If you just joined us I'm screwed differential -- talking about -- new study that shows. That adults may be as addicted to their phones as teenagers. Seoul where adults get the credibility to criticize a teenage generation when they're essentially doing the same thing. And our researchers it to Boston Medical Center observed people at a fast food restaurant. And discovered that 73% of the adults spent time on their phones while their children were eating. Ever see that in public. And is that wrong. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text numbers activities of border calls more of your -- are coming up next here's a WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Good afternoon I'm studio for Angela here's our WWL party -- my opinion polls something we're gonna talk about in the next hour on the show. Should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young at the -- everything but would you be honest about the fact that you drank underage. Would you be honest about the fact that you use drugs when you were young. Here's an update on our poll 49% saying no parent should not be honest with their kids about these things 71%. Say yes and you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And we'll have another update as we continue to track that polls throughout our show might as well admit it. You're addicted to your phones. That's astute blog today it's gonna go to our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page as part of the conversation at WWL radio -- get involved -- that. Conversation if you're on your your FaceBook page. Here is a comment on FaceBook from Bruce. I have line but -- usually. Laying around. I'd just like the home phone used to. And you can read -- the blog at WW well dot com. Others have a new study that shows. Researchers discovered after observing people in real life situation people who did not know that they were on being observed. That parents. 73% of the parents. Were using their cell phones while their kids three. Essentially not paying real close attention to their kids. And I see it all the time IC parents. Ignoring their kids kids are tugging on -- cancer trying to get their attention and they're focused on their cellphone. Is -- your job was apparent to focus or your kids. And this is something that you also. Noticed in public. And if adults are doing this than what right do adults have to criticize. A teenage generation. For essentially doing the same thing. To join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. A text numbers except creativity here's a -- reads scoot moms driving with baby on board signing back window. But they are texting. How telling is that. You've got a baby on board signed because she want everybody else to be cautious if you having a baby in the car. And you're texting while driving. What kind of parent or Q are you not thinking. And I you know I always thought the signs were ridiculous. I mean did anybody think they were gonna like brought into the car and suddenly decide oh I can't run into that carcass there's a baby I think nobody did this car over year. I had a baby on board and your proud to have a baby and that's a wonderful thing but nobody's driving any differently because you have a baby on board. From the North Shore Hank you gonna be WL. Expect a lot worst attractive and dropping only because. I commute usually people ultra. Right but in the sort of text of the ball. Well so they're more people on the road win when people are texting. Yes there -- road. Well that day usually start out. People drinking usually drink you know I'll. Take this example this morning this is new world. Downloaded all of -- Market more and it's all right no and a lot of people were texting. I think -- local -- and I can't be adequate light. It is immediately or. Somebody's -- at -- Here's here's something else about this -- subtly texting but it's also just being on the phone have you ever dinner and I know this is a rhetorical question because I know the answer doesn't require an answer. Have you ever been behind somebody who. Which driving slowly because they were on their phone and it was almost as if they were conducting their business didn't care about anybody around them and they were just cruising along in good talking to the -- the -- -- the other and. I would say most people on interstate doing sixty mile an hour all the -- I admit I well I'll stay. Out the Bridget one well. And contribute money to forty. XP there and a texting and -- -- And aggravating but I could be at a real -- in a turn on turn -- person in front what damage did it. Look at them and Atlanta but -- -- In the trying to. You ought to tell us about you Leo yeah and India will not. -- going to -- thanks for listening and here's a -- -- -- he -- people or the way they are and will never change. Cellphones stink except for emergency talk about something important. I would think it's something that threatens your life in my life and something that threatens the life of everybody on the road including your kids. I would think that's important. And I refuse to believe this idea that people the way they are they will never change. Sometimes it takes an arrest to make people change sometimes it takes a law. Not to force people to change. And may be just having a conversation. And people realizing you know maybe I really should just look nobody wants to admit that they're doing anything wrong. It's it's hard to admit that you might be making the same mistakes that you criticized teenagers for making. But somewhere back in your mind when we talk about these kinds of things you can't help but think to yourself. -- You know maybe I should. Do a better job of paying attention maybe I should spend less time on the phone and -- time paying attention to driving maybe I should spend less time on my phone and pay more attention to my kids. If 73%. Of the people were observed. At this fast food rest water and actually a couple of fast food restaurants in the Boston area. Adults. On their phones while other kids are reading not paying attention their kids on their phones that's a problem and the problem is not with the kids. If you enjoyed our short numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text of receipts -- -- seventy. I'm scoots differential. And we'll be right back on -- WL. Our studio for Angela -- witness here's an update on our W view properties jaguar opinion poll. I should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking using drugs when they were young. Where you want us with your kids is that something that parents should do 27% saying no 73% say yes gonna talk about this in the next hour. And Genesis RR perjury what people give your opinion by going to WWL dot com. The Oscar blog today is titled might as well face it you're addicted to your phones and talking about adults as much as teenagers. Are you addicted to your phone and do you notice -- other adults are addicted to their phone just as much as teenagers are. So why are adults are critical of teens have they're guilty of the same thing or your -- are coming up from Wagoner and Clayton Euro and to -- WL. They're good enough to argue I'm good. Yeah Islam I would do want to let you unit that does not ordered -- against a lot of second drive. And as for the big book bill grows. Look at elected you have and how we. You have eight models to work and a powerful -- time and that it's I -- -- girl. Thanks so please welcome -- -- account and what are because I respect where in room. You know you know I haven't crippled person in the -- which you you know thrown into -- Chief tell me about what happened old paper could care less about as well I'm not a pretty important -- but aren't aren't you. I don't wanna be -- I am currently -- Clay if if there's something happening on FaceBook -- dollar -- assisted brings up a conversation about. Life for something that she's going through that's different than just confining it to hey dad guess what's going on FaceBook. Normally and daughter are talking about my old -- you know I'm so normally Weis know yet. According nothing about what happened in the -- a network -- is it relevant to me you know troublemakers trying to relate to DeWitt you. You know we're out and Taylor and is telling me no no no disrespect. We're -- -- -- -- I think this is a good point generally is is it disrespectful by it he hates it just did it. It doesn't allow us to utilize precious time that we were all busier than ever. -- -- if you've got this. Precious time with somebody why not focus on that the person and and quite often I hear parents talk about their their teenagers. And they say prop my teenagers served all the do we saw at the talk on the phone they don't they don't talk to me or -- and you're the parent you can actually. Forced them to talk to you and I don't -- forced and talk -- you because some kids are quiet some kids are not as open as other kids. There are ways that you can get things out of your kids and that's your responsibilities of parents -- don't. I again I I think adults Clayton love to blame something or someone else for the problems with their kids' generation when sometimes the problem may be the parents. Aren't exactly and and and the best way to do it could give encouragement to it is. And they haven't let me sit on the -- time to open up you know and -- illustrations. And only if you -- your kids you'll how was your day or or your your spouse and how was your day was fine. Allowed or let don't let them they are asked of soccer specific about it. Biron played I George targeted and it claimed Jim can we get to refer to your wife is is is your wife as opposed year old lady. All right it's an escalating political. If you enjoyed this where's your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- Amber's late 77. Years it takes -- at least half of the drivers on the causeway a reader talking on their phone or text. I admit that I talk on the phone when I'm driving. I no longer texted it's been a long time since I did that I've realized how dangerous it was there was a time when I was texting and driving. I hate to admit it but when there was a law passed against it. I it may be taken more seriously and I don't think we should wait for laws to be passed. To use our common sense when it comes to things that are dangerous and texting and driving and even to some degree talking and driving is dangerous. -- for Mary Lawrence you -- to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- page about it and I'd expect it. -- There. Born in. Our. A couple of years users back and unique -- -- -- It is where art in our. You -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And an outdated ago. Yet it's come up again. Protect. Preparation. Expire in. Account. Lawrence that is indeed a topic for another show if you join us with your comment -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. The text -- receipts -- creativity and we're talking abouts. Either addiction to your cellphone. I mean admitting you are addicted to your phone and there who are you Asia as an adult to criticize a young generation if you're really not setting a very good example -- -- I know it's hard to admit that. But -- bit better about ourselves. But I mean really is true and how often are you out when you see parents in one way or another I mean at the grocery store. At a dinner table or having lunch how often do you see parents focused on their phone. And not paying attention to their kids. That's a problem now with -- kids but with the adults in that situation. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas a 7870. I'm -- him for Angela -- what are your favorite TV shows is skating a new three year extension will tell you about that we come back on WWL. Good afternoon -- security for Angela on this Wednesday we have been talking about says the terrorist using cellphones instead of paying attention to their kids. At the table I'd buy -- all the time I'm sure you do too. This blog today is titled might as well face it you're addicted to your phones. You can read -- and share with others give us your -- feel like it's on our website at WW dot com also it's -- on our FaceBook page is part of the conversation. And you can be part of that conversation by going to WW regular FaceBook here's an update on our W if you are pretty -- my opinion poll is -- -- were to talk about later in the show. I should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young. 27% saying no 73% say yes be honest with your kids. I'm sure you've -- been faced with this. What did you do. But when I say your kids don't have to tell you five or six year old about things like this but when you're teenagers get to that point when they're gonna start facing decisions. Should parents be honest with their kids. Or does that give the kids the opportunity to simply say hey guess what you do it so cannot. We'll talk about that today in the next hour also coming up a little bit later in the show there's been talk about considering on an increase in the fine for throwing cigarette butts on the ground. And the city New Orleans has this campaign downtown and it it's something along the lines of I see the signs on the parking kiosks. Something like walk your blood to the trash or -- your -- to the hand or something like that it's all about not throwing your cigarette butts on the ground. Many smokers don't consider that to be. -- Now I'll support your right to smoke but how can anybody think that throwing cigarette but on the ground is no -- I mean this is not something that is like instantly biodegradable it's gonna hang around for awhile. Now. Once in Denver. I was charged with harassment. And threatening a woman to go to court. Had to go to anger management Kalus. What did I do I told the woman she should not have thrown her cigarette butts on the ground. And I was interrogated by leaps and charged. Have you ever gotten in trouble for doing the right thing it's coming up later in the show. -- -- good news if you love the Big Bang theory CBS is renewing that hit comedy the Big Bang theory for three more years it's going to be season ten on the air it is the most watched sitcom on TV. I had people tell me that this show is better than -- felt I've watched it a couple of times I don't agree with that right now my favored reruns of congress. It is -- but I feel like the Big -- theories to be back for three more years on CBS. I'm -- differential there were coming right back after this news break on WWL.