WWL>Topics>>3-12-14 2:10pm Scoot: on parents' honesty with their kids

3-12-14 2:10pm Scoot: on parents' honesty with their kids

Mar 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks parents if they are honest with their kids about past bad behaviors.

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Good afternoon -- student for Angela. The shamrock. Underwear Ron knew which way is set to begin tomorrow at Lucy's retired surfers partner -- -- by the way I love that place. Find it very ironic that in New Orleans we have downtown he retired surfers bar. But it really is a cool place and amazing how it says such -- hangout for young people. In any event the shamrock underwear run set for tomorrow night because it's gonna be cooler tomorrow like -- B 5550. Degrees. They say that nobody wants to run in the underwear and -- so that has been rescheduled for April -- it so I would that the police would. Understand did not everybody would get this message. And so if somebody is running around in their underwear. And -- district tomorrow night that they won't get upset -- they must have thought that it. Underwear are going on. Here's our job if you'll pretty jaguar opinion called. Should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young. 22%. Say no and 78%. Say yes. We denied talking about his cellphone use to parents and a new study from Boston Medical Center researchers showing that parents 7070% of the parents. Who were out with their kids in fast food restaurant in the Boston area. Were actually got their cellphones and not paying attention to their kids. And I've thought about how old. As parents and as adults we criticize young people for doing the same things we do. And that's really very hypocritical. -- here's the title -- blog today might as well face it you're addicted to your thoughts. And that's under the W dot com also as part of our FaceBook page conversation WL radio. Read it share with others. And I really. Really think that if if we would've had that technology. When we were kids we would be exactly the same way. And before we criticize a young generation. We need to realize how preoccupied with our phones Wheeler. And if you're -- parent. -- Steve kids. Then your phone and -- in public all types of -- to pay more attention to their phones. And we -- talk about parents and kids are also went to had this conversation about whether or not you should be honest with teenagers. About drinking and introduced in the past and when I -- being honest you don't have to -- everything. But is good. To what your kids know that you have experience. Doing this. Does that give you more credibility as a parent mean what do you think. Does it give you more credibility for your kids to know always you know mom dad date they went through this too so. Maybe when they talk to me about this may -- they really know what to talk about. Plus if you can somehow find out. By overhearing a conversation they somehow find out that you do you drink underage or you did do drugs. And you lied to them about that. That how we gonna have credibility with them when it comes to anything else. Now if you are honest with -- kids about drinking underage. And drug use. Then does that give your kids the power to say well you did it's -- cannot. So what's the right answer. Do you talk to kids about drinking underage did you have a fake ID which you tell your kids that you had a fake ID. Or is that giving him ammunition to say what you did so why cannot. -- -- parents say. Look I did this it was a mistake -- President Obama recently talked to before I think it was Steve the Hyde Park elementary school Southside of Chicago. And before these students he's he admitted that he smoked pot he said he did have a father in his home. And he could relate to many of the tickets today. And he said he -- pot he admitted it unlike others who have denied it but you know -- really did. The president said that he he do you smoke pot but it was a mistake. And he wishes he hadn't done it. Does that does that bring credibility with young people if you're honest with them. If you -- Russia with your thoughts as an apparent as an adult are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- a -- oversee 7870. And should parents be honest with their teenagers. About drinking and using drugs and we don't. Now I was honest my son. I telling everything has kids don't need to know everything. And when I say kids again I'm not talking about. Your five year old there you're sick -- -- -- you know when it's appropriate to bring the conversation up or when it just naturally comes up. But it's it's my opinion that you you -- credibility with your kids if you're honest about this and I know it's not it's not easy to be honest about this. And maybe you should also be honest about. Mistakes that you made having casual sex. And it may be there was no negative results weather today as TD -- -- pregnancy. But maybe it was regrets. It seems to me that if you share some experience with your kids. And this is just coming from somebody who is. Live life. Had a teenage son in my life at one point. Not a teenager anymore. And I I just hear conversations every day doing it doing a talk show. And I've had followed the news in -- it just seems to me that it it's the right thing to do to be honest to some degree. With your kids when it comes to drugs and and drinking and some of the things that you did in your past. Have you been honest with your kids were your parents honest with you. And if your parents were honest with you was a good thing or bad thing. And if they were honest with you was that a good thing or bad thing. So what should parents do should they be. Honest with their kids. And I know that there are affecting their visit instinct and every parent to -- -- -- and it's -- no idea it. But they don't what you did. They know you were very much like them. So you're not honest about it did you lose credibility by not being honest about it. To join Russia with your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text of his activities have him get to your text here in just a moment from Kendrick dean here -- -- W no good afternoon. How we -- dean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was petrified. I didn't smoke pot lot was in my mid twenties were married. And what's funny is not my. I guess it was maybe about Pinochet exceptions. Filed at six years ago. My oldest daughter who's now out of college and everything she. They can -- writing a paper in college about the decriminalization. -- -- -- flight data and you don't meet. You know by now you know it did this once and everything else and I can questions. Wait for me to try to confirm which are bought work. And I -- for different opinion and which she actually did. What caused it. Asset on the problems and -- get a lot of things on the I don't necessarily feel like it was is wrong. As as it is -- a lot of people make -- out to be the defective there and I just went to a I don't need to get into that but I mean I just went to want to -- as it was. You know should be decriminalized and -- it's. And what was her what was her reaction after the way you did that she did she did you did you get the sense that she respected your honesty. Yes very much so and she and and as a matter of act which about a year ago she came back choosing and it -- is. Actual amount about my ex wife and she's actually never did does that Obama long has said that's -- -- -- -- reports. NCs and all the laughs and and and and it's such an -- you know the thing about -- -- are you going torture time and your life and you asking. The one person supposed to be more arms would do anything else. And the fact that he has achieved it can't be honest with -- how -- you -- trust anybody in the world you don't. And and is an edit it and she told him and issues a good girl and she grew option indeed drugs or at least they should go. It doesn't she doesn't like you know I mean -- adopted it. Well if she did she might be more likely to tell you because you do it and if she is wouldn't you like to know with your kids are doing drugs would you rather know than not know. Is -- a -- -- short -- their life is a turtle and they wanna hide their shot they did -- -- -- -- -- bad. But think about the credibility in the relationship you have with you daughter over year ex wife. Lied about it as she knows she lied about. Right and and and just. The Beijing is is you know. To have conversations with child. Can't. -- can't emphasize enough any parent. Net. They had the ability to talk to your kids. He. Is the best conversation. And. It is a great feeling -- And and I I too did not smoke first -- until I was in my mid twenties and I was married and I remember that I remembered the moment very well Tuesday and hi guys I smoke when I was younger right by I don't now I'm not critical people who do it in a responsible manner I appreciate you calling her show -- it's a great story. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text and receive 7870. Here's a Texan reads I think you're wrong scoot. We'll continue this conversation should parents be honest with their kids. About past. Drinking. And drug use your calls in your text are coming up next at a VW well. Darren Sharper has now been indicted in Arizona that's not good we've got the details on our web site WWL dot com that is a great source for news and breaking news sports and weather. -- if you will not comment -- -- on your phony check it regularly also the saints have assigned to appear Thomas to a two year extension that's good news. And we now have a new free safety its Pro Bowl free safety. Jars -- six year deal and there's going to be some talk about that. A sports talk this afternoon Christian Garrett is there as the saints make this official I believe it's a kind of a conference call. And -- will have all that information on our web sites and also you'll hear it right here in our news and on sports stocks afternoon here on the VW. -- scoot -- for Angela glad you're with us on Davis a bill that deals with increasing the fine for throwing a cigarette butt on the ground because it is a littering. I was actually charged in Denver with harassment and threatening a woman. Because I told her. -- she should not have -- her cigarette butts on the ground. It was her word against mine and the police officer believed her. Over me. Maybe I should have been wearing black leather jacket at the time that he was interrogating me. But I had to go to court. And I was ordered to anger management. We're gonna talk about this coming up in the next hour but I just what they give you a little sample of of of of what it was like I -- think about this. I talked to a woman about throwing for -- red -- on the ground. I'm charged with harassment. And threatening her. And I go to anger management class. Well I don't think I belonged in the class and here's a perfect example why. Yeah my needs to -- I guess punched out a guy at a gas station because he cut me off on a highway and flipped me off. Really ticks me off. My Name Is Earl. Mayor as a -- my cell blade two was edited each of his alive because he didn't put that toothpaste cap back -- -- to place and it got well crest today. Eight. My name is skewed to -- here because I tools of woman she shouldn't have thrown her cigarette butt on the ground. You -- -- and -- what does that make you gonna. Cianci is was it was a horrible moment in my life but Q was there. But that's what it was like we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. And I guess the other question is have you ever gotten in trouble for trying to do the right thing. I was clearly in the right. And it all worked out for me it wasn't on my record or anything. But I had to go to a lot of try to get a lawyer did a lot of trouble because some woman was upset that I confronted her. About throwing her cigarette butt on the ground and there's really more to this story about why it was so important that she not -- her cigarette butt on the ground we'll talk about that. In the next hour studio for an Joseph -- with -- we're talking about whether or not adults should be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs in the past. From Covington Patricia Euro -- WW. Really important story about why we -- Are gonna put Patricia Patricia. All right a report Patricia on hold the mark which you check with Patricia distillery to -- -- -- down here is a text that read Sidney in my Dan. Have the most open conversations because he was open with me at a young age parents should be honest. Closer to my dad's -- anyone else. And here's a comment to it's something you might find interesting about cigarette butts. My son just took the driver's permit test and one of his questions. Was which of the following is not considered later. A biodegradable. Apple corps. Gum. Or cigarette dot. The answers as cigarette part but the text is on to say crazy even crazier. That this was even on the test. And also -- is beyond us with your kids. Should you be honest with you kids. Patricia from Covington you're under the W well -- on markets to talk to Patricia will get two or just secondly get to another text here. Here is detects that reads scoot sold yet that's a -- and we're sure. They will be played April 13 -- hooked up. On the river in Madison -- I love -- -- -- -- -- sure I'd love to hang out Sunday afternoons at some of the places along that you -- in Madison feel beautiful place. Are playing imagine dragons and the band -- may be think to text you it's for the saint Tammany exchange benefit for abused children. Two to six on a beautiful chip on to river hope to see you there all dressed as a pirate. Well. That sounds like a worthy cause and I have wanted to disband or soldier because they do a lot of the new stuff but I just don't have a pirate outfit. From -- to Patricia you're now -- every WL. -- Patricia I went in Kenya and and me. It was where -- AT OK all right -- he. Now I got my obviously -- team. That was a lot of that fifteen drive but it's just. You're right I grew up at that time with a drinking age was was eighteen. Was eighteen and a lot parent. Under -- -- because my parents. Just a little. -- children. -- I drink. At every. Day and change. It. Every. -- And you -- as. -- You can actually wait and you're -- but what you'd call. And somebody does not. Mean. It's. Great. That's that's great to have my my parents -- but nothing about getting in the car but things have changed. If they change and why not here as well as you know my youngest suspect what. But like kids I'd try it is that -- to. -- him. Responsibility. -- -- I would -- it's so much Eric Eric I'd get big rod out it's pretty key issues that basically get on drugs and it. -- age but. Aren't -- and it basically. -- well. 1898. And I'm glad you try and -- can't -- it would lead. ET. -- war in. Any of what you mean when. It. Patricia I agree I've got to get through news break and I appreciate you sharing that story with -- so what's the argument about. Lying to your kids about past drinking drug use is there a good argument about not being honest with you kids about this. I would think that if you're honest with your kids. They're likely to be more honest with you. And if you want them to be honest with you. Peter you could admit that you did something in the past you -- admit to say hello I did this but it was a mistake. You can admit to a mistake without being proud of the -- So -- you talk to your kids about. You're drinking in the past your drug I was on to my -- about it again I didn't and everything. But I was honest about having done on -- pot smoke pot and -- some cocaine. And I was honest with him about drinking and I too was growing up new -- and Simon drinking age was eighteen. But I have to admit and I say this publicly and I said this on the year when my son was in a position to listen. Could have murderer's friends referred to only I had a fake ID at the age of seventeen was going in bars in the quarter it doesn't make it right. But I think it's important to be honest about it if you wanna join us with your comment your thoughts on this on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- receipts every time I go to differential here's a -- to be real news updates with Chris Miller. Icy blue sky -- breaking into a New Orleans I hope it's getting nice around where you are it's gonna turn out to be a nice day -- that's a nice weather is gonna get cooler. But right now the -- is breaking down its downtown. I'm -- in -- Angela on this Wednesday afternoon here's an update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion -- something we're talking about this hour. Should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs. When they were young. At 45% say no but 75% say yes give us your opinion like going to our website WW dot com. And we're tracking ripples throughout our she'll give you an update again coming up here. In just a few minutes also we've been talking about researchers say it to Boston Medical Center -- people who did not realize they were being served. In settings like being at a fast food restaurant. And they discovered that 73% of the adults spent time on their phones while their children were eating. They paid little or no attention to their children and the children at the tables with a -- were focused on their cellphones. They tended to misbehave more than advocates. And also when parents were preoccupied with their phones. When they responded to their -- it was usually negative. So I guess they're focused on their phone and they're not saying anything to their kids when their kids start to get rowdy you do something wrong they simply look at it don't stop that if you do -- again and push. Target it was negative reaction when there was reaction. The -- blog today which is on our website at W dot com it's also on our FaceBook page to be a dual radios titled. Might as well face it you're addicted to phones. And if you're an adult. If you go to criticizing young generation you need to look in the mirror first -- realize that you're not making the same mistakes. And I have to constantly seen parents that I know and strangers people I don't know out in public settings. It seemed to be doing to their kid doing their kids too who want their attention. And they're so focused on their their cellphones. That maybe we should realize that as an adult generation we not may not be setting the best example. For kids. So are you addicted to your thoughts -- -- were talking about if you gonna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 878 Stephanie. Since there is this general conversation on particularly with the baby boomer generation which was a generation that. Made marijuana a very popular drug in the sixties and seventies. That's the establishment today. Many baby boomers even have -- it. When your baby boomer or apparent -- you honest with your kids about your use of drugs of actually being honest -- I mean the fact that you do it. You don't have to go into graphic detail about your life and you don't have to make. Things that you look back in your life is maybe having been a mistake especially in a particular age. You have to look back at those things in and tell the story is such an exciting way that you like our little life like that. You don't have to make it seem exciting. From my perspective it seems like. When parents are honest with their kids. To their kids are more likely to be honest with them. And also when your honest with your kids as a parent. I think he gained credibility with the kids. Because they ultimately know that you would not this perfect person. I may be something that and maybe some parents want their kids to think they're perfect. -- I guess to some degree we want our kids to think we're perfect. This sets up an unrealistic. Idea of of of who you -- an unrealistic idea about life in general because nobody's perfect and everybody makes mistakes. So -- you honest with your kids about your past and and should parents be. And if you don't have kids do you plan on being honest with your kids about the fact that you use drugs. Now if you don't have kids by the time your kids get to be older teenagers in a position to make a decision about it smoking pot and I'm not recommending a -- or -- older teenagers. Or anybody for that matter. But if you're adult and that's something you wanna do it year responsible -- that's your business it's not my business. But your kids may actually. Grow up in a world where parties is totally legal but then the conversation just like with alcohol. Should be about responsible use. Even if it's available you should be responsible. If you use it from Ohio -- -- and to be -- you know good afternoon. I stood up and you know you just comment we shall Parker. Are you should go beyond which you can bet in my peanut. Article for more open and honest relationship that they were all in the states. Then OK without making mistakes and they'll be easier -- you sit back and respect. Yeah I would agree to meet if you if you think your parents are perfect then you might be less likely to think that they're gonna understand what you're going through and I think you could admit your perfect without. Promoting. A devious lifestyle. Now. Bobby give kids. Are in detail how I mean that as the old enough for you to be honest about things like that he would tell you that don't like six channels of artists. Where he you Gordon on 41. -- -- -- premature special needs some -- Far not not not a level which it very slowly. And as well -- -- You know we're never been in quite some people felt like in. Some of the apple that you don't count if they don't think even in general people that it'll feel like. There they understand. Audio on don't know what I'm going to if you open arms that your kids. And help them understand -- and temptations. You. I'm I'm not dump trucks are being accused. -- and -- walk the walk in you know in that outlawed Korea. -- -- Obvious I think it's great advice and by the way is yours your son health easy doing okay. On. Google -- If the computer. Thing and meaning. That the that if -- okay. The street it was special need in -- on the topic. Are you you want to treat them like there might feel normal attitude and Arnold you know it's. It's it's really good point I often think about that what I see people who were. Working at a grocery store working you know in some situations like that where there there waiting on people like it tells that. That something is special different however you wanna put it to about about Dem and I realized that. You know while I'm might initially have pity on them that they don't they don't know they're different and they they're there they're happier than most of us. Promote and they have -- error. Very. Open. When I noticed. Integrated with special needs there also. The most -- and -- the most genuine -- are there and they're generally out here and cardinals. What is more we can learn from them than they can work from Austin beer I appreciate the conversation. Thanks for -- When -- join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text is a 7070. I scoot differential. And we'll be right back into the WL I turned out to be a partly cloudy Wednesday afternoon we -- it's nice weather was coming and it's gonna get chilly for a couple of days warm again by the weekend. And I'm looking ahead of the forecast and right now the forecast for Sunday in the big Metairie Saint Patrick's Day parade appears to be excellence a plan to get out there and catch a lot of a lot of -- news for the really if if it's throwing beads and trinkets off the floats isn't enough here we we throw. Cabbage and Tate is -- and generous again you could get dinner from the saint Patrick's parade. I'm scoot -- for Angela. Here's an update on -- -- WL pretty general opinion -- something we've been talking about this -- should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young. 43% say no and 77%. Say yes. Remained available altered your and to BW -- good afternoon. Yeah cute those -- -- look into you when you were talking about problem up and then -- in just brought record during that made me laugh so much. There was -- movie Alex's restaurant went. The guy went to jail and they. All the big hardened criminals come in -- what she at all. And he goes littering the. It was it but I -- that it was a it was a true story I'm in anger management and and all I did was still a woman she should've thrown her cigarette butt on the ground and I'm ordered to. Anger management with people who beat up somebody in the cell so there are already in jail and they beat up the guy they're in this with. Well I get I'm just get mail but it certainly he went. -- We're going to don't lock me up -- this guy I mean I want to be in a Seles somebody would dare confront a woman about putting a cigarette on on the ground. -- -- always be worse. -- uncle did you call we have to talk about that in the next hour and that'll lead to a conversation about whether or not you've ever gotten in trouble trying to do the right thing and I I clearly got in trouble for trying to do the right thing and I'll I'll tell you a little more about that story. In the next hour because there was a very important reason above and beyond just littering. Why I was upset that this woman through her lit cigarette -- On the ground again -- I was and charged with threatening this won't there was absolutely ridiculous. -- here's the -- blog today might as well face it you're addicted to your phones that's on our website and our FaceBook page to VW real radio. A FaceBook into the WL dot com if you talking about whether or not parent should be honest with their kids here says text that reads. I'm only 34 got my driver's license when I was -- -- when I was fifteen. With the 36 hour drivers education course. Just to reinforce what you were saying with one of your last callers. And that you are correct. Of course for the time I was eighteen drinking age has already turned 21. In lieu of the federal dollars for highways. And not being given to states that they weren't in accordance with the national drinking age. Yeah -- did that -- freedom that's the only reason I think it's the only reason Louisiana finally. Raise the drinking age from eighteen to 21. Because federal highway money was going to be denied he would get federal highway money if you're state did not allow. The treaty -- should be. -- require that the drinking age be be 21 and over. And that the liquor lobby is so powerful here that that was a struggle here in the in the state of Louisiana so was the threat from -- withholding money for highways. From the federal government that eventually. Convinced Louisiana Theresa -- drinking age of 21. Yeah I mean I've had this conversation before. I drink when I was eighteen and a fake ID in bars in the French Quarter when I was seventeen. I'm not bragging about to happen I'm just being honest about it. -- -- quite often my generation. The baby boomer generation is so critical of a young generation today is if there's so rebellious and wild in the things that they do. When so many people in my generation refused to acknowledge what -- it. It doesn't mean that you're proud of it or promoting it. But the honest with yourself. And I think it's important to be honest with your kids you don't have to give them information they don't need -- going to graphic details but I think being honest with -- kids is important. And it's for this reason that I consistently refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Here's a Texan -- I have three sons 2120 thirteen. I guess I've led to pretty boring life because I had no story to tell them no drinking drugs are deviant behavior in my past. Mary 26 years to my high school sweethearts. Well you probably need to lie to die if you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers to say no I'm kidding that's its something to be proud of and -- -- with their kids about that. But if you saw people around you who. Who did. Make mistakes and things didn't work out for them share those experiences with your kids. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas each of the 878. I'm -- differential on this Wednesday afternoon ever come right back on to TWO. Says I'm doing the show foray -- -- today I'm off the -- show for two nights in and gives me an opportunity to go see the pelicans in the grizzlies tonight. The pelicans are really it's a great NBA experience. I went in the NBA cities worthy NBA teams were much more established in the pelicans. And I'll tell you the experience here is equal to the experience in any the NBA city a from Karen -- and a year -- VW well. The right right now and it upgrade kit from -- but at. A different generation. But. Out and trying. And that scene and not that. I went to at a bar and the sixteen year Bravo. And -- -- -- not a drinker so it's that term in a drinker. And I can say the same of myself. Ayatollah and I had a -- idea at seventeen birds I quite often does not ask for a fake ID and believe me I looked young for for seventeen. Our public opinion now you know. At an eight architect. I want to -- and it it thank you get -- -- -- it that you could go anyway and you know finding. You know better because Asian parents were gonna -- -- you actually did it well. Linda I think -- senior name on the men's room not a Bruins. I. Went and and that's one. And that's one thing that you probably shouldn't tell your grandkids that I -- I appreciate you calling your show and have a good afternoon. You know now that's the great thing about being angry and unity it is opened up until a year you -- is anything. Right coming up in the next hour -- line and talk about whether or not you've ever done the right thing and got in trouble. I was -- charged with harassing a woman and threatening her for telling her that she should its -- cigarette butt on the ground the talk about that next.