WWL>Topics>>3-12-14 3:10pm Scoot: on false accusations

3-12-14 3:10pm Scoot: on false accusations

Mar 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks if you've ever gotten in trouble for something you didn't do.

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It is turned out to be a very presence partly cloudy Wednesday afternoon. My astute in French led to be with you this afternoon going to be chilly tonight. And tomorrow morning and tomorrow night and then Friday morning. But he should be very nice for the weekend especially Sunday -- big Metairie sic had actually pervasiveness of very very nice weather. Here's what we have been talking about this afternoon did you tell kids about your past drug and alcohol use and that is that a good thing for parents to do to be honest with the kids. Is -- good to be honest with them because. You win credibility with your kids or is it. Is it bad because he gives your kids the power to say hey well you do it it's so I cannot. Here's our WW a project my opinion poll should parents be honest with their teenagers about drinking and using drugs when they were young -- Wesley beyond just tell me. But should you admit that she did these things according -- percent saying no and 78% say yes. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com the -- blog this afternoon is -- might as well face it you're addicted to your phones. Adults are restricted or as addicted to their phones -- kids and in many ways there's new research from Boston Medical Center. And they observed people in actual settings that you don't they were being observed and they discovered that 73% of the adults spent time on their phones while their children were eating in fast food restaurants paying little or no attention to their kids. And yet adults are so critical of young people when in reality adults are not often setting a very good example. I mentioned a few moments ago as like quite often do in this crucial in ninety or giving of your own party who went on filling during the day. I mention I'm a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. My generation. Because there there are a lot of hypocrisy is with my generation and here's attacks. That makes me realize I'm not alone. I screwed I don't even recognized the rebellious generation of the seventies. Who were my peers. They seem to have convenient memories. Most of them are staunch Republicans. Who can't even acknowledge OK any -- except baggy pants. It's -- my husband had hair down to his waist and wore a wig for National Guard weekends. Others like him cannot tolerate individualism. And criticize -- people's music. Phones -- etc. etc. There is another hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. And I've I've I love to point out this hypocrisy. It's okay if you have become conservative. But don't. Don't ignore what you do it -- -- don't ignore that and is a young person you wanted your individual. Aspect. Of life to be appreciated to be at least to -- except it. And yet you're so critical of others and I was part of the generation that was all for equality when it came to the races and sexual orientation. And yet my generation is really as the establishment now helping to fuel that debate. Being. Afraid of integration being afraid of equality and there's there's so much irrational fear about equality today that it's just it's absurd. And then I think about the criticism of music. When you think about it the music of The Beatles -- we've we talked about this -- in February around the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. The Beatles look. And the music. -- The Beatles but also of the preparation Haitian music. In the context of the times that was as rebellious. As the look and the sound of music today. And yet it's very convenient to say oh well -- look at the pictures it's not as bad listen to it's not as -- -- but at the time it really wise. And it's hypocritical to recognize that which again that's why I'm proud to say in my house to witness to the baby boomer generation. There has been a lot of talk the last couple of days about an increase in the fine for throwing cigarette butts on the ground. In many smokers don't consider this to be literate. The city of New Orleans has a campaign downtown about littering and I've icing signs on the parking kiosks and it's it's -- and like walked cure but to the canned or watch your -- to the trash is just it's about walking somewhere to throw your cigarette -- away rather than throwing it on the ground. Now I respect everybody's right to smoke. But how can anybody think that throwing cigarette -- on the ground. Is not littering the me this is not instantly biodegradable. So it's gonna be around for awhile. And if you do smoke. Is it really that difficult to find an appropriate place to toss your cigarette like when you finished. I have mentioned that when I was on the year in Denver. There was an incident where is admired my apartment building. And I was getting the mail and a woman pulls up to the office which was adjacent to where you picture mail. And this was during a Colorado burn warning. Now this is something that we don't have in this part of the country mean we have a drought we're generally not concerned about fires breaking out anywhere. But in Denver a mile high. 5270. Feet above sea level the -- stand. Less humidity. And you go through droughts in that part of the country as well as other parts of the country. Where it's it's it's serious. You cannot burn you cannot that you can't have. Any kind of fire in your backyard. I you have to be careful about -- cigarette -- -- going to be careful about everything. So this this woman pulls up next to -- and I'm like I'm about to pull out. And she takes a last drag off for cigarette she gets out of her car. And she throws the cigarette -- ground. So I get out of my car and a walk around Wesley. Could you have may be have put that out in your ashtray workers you have put that out somewhere else that's exactly. What -- -- in that -- And she got very high rate could do you think you more what do you have no business telling me that. She kicked her cigarette but under the collar as if I didn't really see it like it wasn't really -- here. She was so. Embarrassed and I guess humiliated that somebody called the -- And so she got very indignant. And she called the police. And told the police that I threatened to kick her past. She said that I threatened her and harassed her. It was called in to the police station in the suburb of Littleton Zito Littleton or. There was little to his Lipton that one -- -- suburbs and a suburb of Denver at the time. It's like a cold and the PlayStation. And the police. Officer interrogated Maine. And he came down to me saying lol I mean. That's that's what really happened. And the police officer looked at me and said well actually I I choose to believe her. Over you. Now this guy could have been a smoker I don't know he could have just not like the way I looked but that's a reason to judge somebody. An -- and police have that opportunity to judge you right dead in there. So I was charged rhetoric with the official charged who has been essentially I was charged with threatening the woman. And harassing her. So I had to go to court. I don't want this on my record I didn't do anything wrong let's try to do the right thing. This woman during a burn notice in Colorado -- -- her lit cigarette butt on the ground so that was it not only was it about littering. But it was also about. Danger if she's doing -- they are who's to say she's not gonna do it along the side of the highway is sort of fire just ignorant in consideration. And yet she got mad at me because I dared. To confront her about it. But what she thinks she's. In any event I had to go to court it all worked outside. The attorney work it out to where this would be off my record and the woman by the way did not even show up -- court to testify. -- I looked like I was really in the right and had to of course like I had to go to court I don't think she had to but she didn't even show up. She's a -- And I was forced to go to anger management. Which I was kind of indignant about that when I got to go to anger management. About this. So yeah I had to go to anger management class. And was kind of interesting because I was in the class emotions anger made an entire Saturday -- distended anger management class and an anger management class with people who. Really did something bad. What do I do I confront a woman about throwing her -- report on the ground during a burn warning in Colorado. But here's kind of what it was like when I was in that anger management class in Denver. Yeah my needs to -- I guess punched out a guy at a gas station because he cut me off on -- highway and flipped me off. Really ticks me off. Monday ms. Earl. Mayor as a -- my cell blade two was edited each of his alive because he didn't put that toothpaste cap back -- to place and it got well. -- Eight. My name is skewed -- and I'm here because I tools of woman she shouldn't have thrown her cigarette butt on the ground. I don't know what he's admitted to secure. -- he's praising. I got in trouble for try to do the right thing that. That's pretty much what it was like what Ella Michael and in this anger management class I talked all about putting a cigarette by the ground during a -- boring in Colorado. Have you ever got in trouble for trying to do the right thing. That is tossing cigarette butts on the ground is that is that littering. I'm astute differential here to comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- numbers 87870. Your calls you're taxed next. -- WL. So I got in trouble I got charged with threatening a woman and harassment says there was no evidence against me but the police officer chose to believe me because like confront her about throwing a lit cigarette butt. On the ground in Denver. And this was during -- -- a drought so not only was it not only was it a problem as far as over there was concerned and very considerate this woman but it is also a problem because. Well it was of a burn notice in effect. And that's taken very seriously and in that part of the country. Never got in trouble for doing something that's. It was a really just you tried to do the right thing. Here's a tech nobody gets your calls are just a moment and -- this text with you. Still my wife was taking a walk in our neighborhoods with our baby and dogs. Someone came speeding down the streets almost hitting her and forcing her off the street. When she yelled slowdown. The speeding ladies stopped. Reverse the car. And proceeded to curse out and threatened my wife. For telling her something. That's wrong. If you do something wrong. I realize that you don't want anybody to call it you want it. But if you do something wrong. It is appropriate. If somebody. Calls you want it to the point is joining wrong. I care what your WWL. And you. I'm just spot that you want the church orchard is. I will walk out -- all. -- out for your heart and Robert. The popular. If I got up and you walk around and looked out. Back to our truck properly all the people -- -- -- You'll. Know you're lucky enough. People -- left palm -- Or and it's. All of -- -- militia. Group Margaret told ball or that we hope -- bowl victory like try. -- want it all out. Shall be an electoral opt out there. That not all all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In. Particular the report actually. Sure the Rashard. We went on the modestly by about 2 o'clock in the morning. And treatment we got -- cut him out again. I'm -- -- and help. People. Know what. You. Did you realize on the boardwalk real bad. Door open porch on. -- back the ball. Drop chart. Alt -- -- -- -- -- can't drop -- but it'll form an actual article. Shoulder or four -- -- checked out market sort it out. -- -- But in my jail predictable. -- Hundred. The past -- shareholders -- got a terrible. How good in Bologna sandwich street -- money and all all. Our retail you know. -- Now I herald this -- so you you still had to pay the price but it should have made you feel a little better that the guy admitted that he was a mistake that he was wrong. It was it was that was the best part about it. Or are. Okay yeah practical art that are all wheel drive or. Of course it would actually. You know oh well shall you. Trainers but again you know all there. Harold -- I appreciate you sharing that story when this in -- things ultimately worked on the case from that rude Simon -- and a VW well. Out of a good sign that -- ratio and yeah I mean -- -- it's it's a couple of Larry curry saying I vehicle. Just completely career in another vehicle. And he's sped past me after he made contact with the vehicle well I'm a law enforcement. And my first idea it's eight he got a check check in the country you all right. -- he -- to push a patient Rex find it and everything. And hit the -- He knocked out cold I mean man knocked out cold. And in the current -- world is not on what -- what did I do. I opened the guys dole out all the guys out on the ground out a lot in this shot station and a good. And I took it upon -- unconscious. He called him Andre. And all that you could cause there -- shell station well. -- been my car. In the end of the -- of the partner Eric out of the area and I'd -- that because. I didn't want to deal with the risk of doing the right thing. And our friends who are. And -- and I mean I under and they say you know a terrible thing -- -- ultimately -- from a traffic accident happened. I I I didn't got -- -- -- -- about that I do now try to mitigate all. A lot of the road trip back what you need and -- record not to mention. You know Parker I'm in critical everything ball. And he's got blown up and died. From impact like immediately after impact I was there -- behind them pulled the pulled out. And -- -- I didn't like this I'll call it and or -- You don't get out there being only going to get away at the pump and a come out. I don't know who I mean some traditional -- -- partner in Tampa over dial. Into the good spent a lot of you know are gaining support goes through its its -- block him. It's it's it's -- to be. Good samaritan Simon I I appreciate you sharing a story with a specialist who need to be WL. I'm -- -- -- have you ever gotten in trouble for doing the right thing will continue this conversation when we come back after this WWL news updates with Safeco. Welcome back to the show I'm -- differential on this Wednesday afternoon we've been nice talking about. Adults being as addicted to their cellphones as kids in and I know maybe not quite as much better day here probably addicted. As well as your kids and think about how you felt when you lost your phone and think about how devastated you would be if you lost your phone -- all the information it holds. Would you be any more devastated than your teenager if they lost their phone. So really who are we as adults to be more critical of young people when we're guilty of doing the same things. A new study shows that there about 70% of adults spend time on their phones while their children are eating this was and observed in the fast food restaurant. And they -- paying little or no attention to their children a -- blog today's title might as well face it you're addicted to phones and it's -- BWL dot com you can read -- share with others. Also the block from yesterday is that still hot and trending it's titled ego driven politicians. Not good for Louisiana. And it's about politicians who -- Proposing ridiculous legislation. There is only gonna cost the taxpayers dollars. -- could cost that to waste taxpayers' dollars and its legislation that is just. Stupid it's essentially meaningless and yet their politicians who try to make a name for themselves. By standing up for things that are -- sleeps -- like. A proposal to make the Bible the state book in Louisiana. You can read that block future -- -- -- -- also. On our website at WW dot com and we've been talking about whether or not a parent should talk to their kids about past alcohol and drug use. Should you be honest with your kids -- -- having a -- pretty general opinion -- 24% saying no but 76% say yes the honest with your kids. Don't think if you could be honest with -- kids did admit that you. Did something that was. Which you considered now to be a mistake. Without being proud of it or without promoting it as something that every kid should do and yet there -- those parents who want to live in a turtle shell. And they want to. Present themselves as some kind of fun and perfect individual to their kids when they really know that they did the same thing that their critical of their kids for doing. I think by telling your kids -- that you did certain things that have experience doing certain things. If you did them. Italy adds credibility when you when you talk to your kids about. Why they should or shouldn't do something and that's my opinion something else we have been talking about if you wanna join our show with a comet are numbers 26 cell. 1878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text -- 677. And also. Have you ever gotten in trouble. For doing the right thing. I was -- charged. With threatening and harassing a woman had to go to court. I got it off my record because it went to anger management and I didn't belong in an anger management class when the guys who pulled off the road road rage and people into a gas station and they beat somebody up. What do I do I'm in the class because I told a woman she should just over cigarette -- on the ground. And it's more talk about that now should that be considered later here in New Orleans. -- takes a few moments ago from someone who said that the they worked downtown here it is I worked downtown regular C a female cop on a on out into the street. It makes me mad every time. I'm glad I'm not alone with this frustration it's littering -- -- Slattery. And if the city is on the campaign to. To get people to put their butts out if there's a police officer or anybody working for the city. It is littering. Putting their -- on the street. Cigarette -- that is. They should be fired. I mean if you're if you're police officer and you're not following the rules that others are. Being asked to follow. Then you're not setting a very good example. In the same way that adults. Are not setting a pretty good example if the do things that they Cilic is not to do. And if you don't what you're teenage drivers to text and drive to -- you texting and driving. If you don't want your kids to drink and drive to why would you have drinks and get behind the wheel of the car. Mean how difficult it is it is it -- and I know that adults have to deal with its. How difficult is it for you to show your teenagers special when you get kids to be. Kids that are have gotten to be older teens. How difficult would it be to simply say. You know I'm I'm not gonna drink because -- driving. And don't drink. A dig a -- into the future. How well on -- LT am entitled to do well you really setting a bad example for your kids if you're gonna have drinks and get behind the wheel of the card and tell them not to. If you wanna join Russia with a comet this afternoon our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number does it 7870. Here's a Texan re -- in New Orleans she could've not been issued a littering summons. Yeah I mean look if you smoke guys yeah it's legal life support your right to smoke if that's a decision you make I don't but I support your right to smoke. But can't we all agree that putting a cigarette butt on the ground. Is technically -- I'm -- -- for Angela and we'll be right back on VW well. Well I know many of you are disappointed if you haven't heard -- this may disappoint you they shamrock underwear run scheduled for 6 o'clock tonight starting at. Lucy's. In a warehouse district. It has been postponed and rescheduled for April 10 because it's going to be a little on the chilly side tomorrow night I think in the in the fifties. Such rescheduled for April 10. Now I hope -- PD is aware of the fact that not everybody would get this message and so if somebody's running around in her underwear in the warehouse district tomorrow night they'd think well is nothing wrong here they just didn't get past the underwear -- was. Which canceled. I think I was well ahead of my time when I started the crew of underwear in 1974 sort of it's kind of a joke on the air. When I was so geared depleted to very early in my career start joking about how it and if you can -- your underwear or more to -- and he went -- Apparently that's changed as you can do it in March and April. But it turned out to be a huge thing and we did that for a couple of years these guys in the West Bank made this big eight foot here purple boxer shorts for -- it was an expected at work under the the station after getting off the -- that morning. As like a thousand people on rampart street for -- the station for the that the -- -- Bailey that is been canceled for. For now. Are also on what to remind you that if you wanna see some great basketball this week is a great thing as there's a -- good young basketball players in your in your family. Anyone to share the experience within WWL wants to send you -- three of your friends to the Sun Belt Conference championship at the you know Lakefront arena. And here's all you have to do listen to sports talk with -- and -- A today and tomorrow -- 48 coming up right after the show listen for the black basketball buster. And when you hear that. I give the guys called feed the eighth call and to give out the number you win the tickets good for any night of the turn it. Just another way to win for the station that loves college basketball to be WL. And there's senate China satellite today indicates. -- an image that could be the wreckage of that Malaysian. A flight 370 that is just totally disappeared and it's just so weird with the technology we have today. That is an an aircraft like that -- any aircraft which just disappear but it is still missing and there are a lot of conspiracy theories. I'm from New Orleans east Ronald you're on WWL. I'm good. Wanted to say is I'm a baby boom. And -- -- and say. Yeah well. When you were. Shelling extremities. And shall -- this respected. Young people. -- people and let. You mention -- -- between -- and our language and they didn't. Yeah. But graceful it used for music. You mentioned that cigarette but I'm retired military op that -- so often here. If you saw I went out there. At the -- You can you walk out on the street and -- on either call. Now they are and he April figure it out church's chicken pot and correct. And that sort of thing -- You know and we need to control -- Activated upon you mention. You know I'll I'll technology. -- and -- and full. It's that much in the sixties. And -- -- Right and Bob writes I want you can't comedy. And people ought to make it to him by and I admit him to. And that's sad thing about is being ever. System which is cyber we are called. -- out we don't have -- And current allocate. An art yeah operation. Yeah I'm here Christian don't have them and I don't know -- Our Barbara and I'm gonna have to get to a break here but before what you go wanna go back to The Beatles and I mean your your right there are some differences are a lot of differences between music today in the music event. But the music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the animals -- the contents of that music that was just as rebellious as music today. And the baby boomer generation is acting as if they didn't. Embrace music that was just totally anti establishment totally counter culture. In terms of sex and drug suggestion it was I was very rebellious Baghdad. So I can remember Richard but. I mean you're out my home and we only in the -- and I understand that and it's hard. It is a shame that in the in the world we live in today that has become so acceptable that that has even become part of of entertainment Ronald I -- a gets a break I enjoy talking -- and let me say thanks for what you have done for our country in our society -- -- Here's a Texan reads school years ago I pulled a guy off smile off his wife. Thoughts at my -- that's all the guy off his wife. And he was beating her badly. I'm gonna get to this break but let me finish this attacks we get back it's about trying to do the right thing and getting in trouble for trying to do the right thing. So what apple this guy. And pulled the guy. Off the guy's wife we'll tell you about that we come back -- the WL. We're out of time I have really enjoyed being with you this afternoon I've scooting in for Angela I really if you have a chance to read this to blog because it's about how hypocritical. Adults can be. Might as well face it you're addicted to phones and that's unaware of cited a BWL dot com here's attacks that it talks about this a guy who pulled a guy off his wife. He was beating her badly -- pulled her off. And through to the -- through to the ground next she jumps up from behind attacks -- cops showed up and arrested me for salting the lady. And took me off to jail. Fortunately couple videotape the whole experience gave it to the DA the next morning and charges were dropped. This happen at the base of the river walk the drunk beating his wife was an off duty NO PD officer. Thanks for sharing that was what they Diane Neumann executive producer -- Vanessa show producer mark in order studio producer. Won in New Orleans.