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3-12 4:20pm Kristian: Saints Acquisitions

Mar 12, 2014|

The Saints have visit with top ranked free agent former safety Jairus Byrd: Pierre Thomas gets a 2 year extension—good move for the Black & Gold or not? Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic joins us with the latest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The date the Saints in -- sort of -- assigned to miss free agent safety. On the market and -- is -- maybe extend Pierre Thomas to two year. Do you feel better at saint -- -- Christie Garrett is with -- now Christian has also tracking. The whereabouts. Of Darren Sproles Christian what's the latest on that. -- now the Saints still hold out hope that they think they might be worked on it you know I'd trade partner for there's bowls and do you meditate you know wart works on an out. Could be Baltimore Ravens Mike Ricci and touched it and acquiring their goal of the you know question my become it would be asking price and looking -- you know that you chip a mid round pick -- is going to be a later round pick -- six or seven ground but it would still. As of right now on the Saints roster and you know China's. Think that the shake out in. In free agency and some teams you know. Their sights set on a particular player and and it works out and -- -- don't make a trade and sometimes the it gets out of a player and an eagle after -- coach or -- so just you know historic and the waiting game right now -- the Ravens would be eighteen it. I keep an eye on me -- on order other trade -- late trade with it -- At -- -- want onto it a Christian you know since we have been -- -- together in you're out there today and and Bobby. Talking to a -- -- bird. I've never left in the interview with a player. Drafted -- brought in here and you go like. When he -- you don't seem like he's -- -- it's just I don't know if he's -- you know is like they Nadal is like dale all. He is -- fit right in here you know we -- I don't think it's by accident. No I mean you can -- you can clearly -- Just kind of got kind of guys that they target. Though there on airline drive well spoken guy high character guys and that was very good today and the talk of an -- spurred me and tell you know he's a passion for the game you want to be -- great news he's -- certainly on his way there. He can just tell he picked -- Carriker what. Child in a Mickey Loomis are legit or not to mention. That the skill level so yeah me you know I like how locally on the -- the Yankees. He's -- -- really really nicely and not just because of an ability on the field but you know he was soft spoken and also. You know pretty humble guy and our -- just signed. -- -- contract worth twenty million dollars in guaranteed money and are not that it would stop but. And he's he's anxious to get the work Lou what is -- was teenager -- the player would Drew Brees and another to make -- -- -- great Gocong did. -- tour to bring. Christian when you look at Jerry has bird and I heard it is -- Nigerians. You know. We -- handles things sometimes the well when you look at to me his skills that now. In -- compare and -- kind of Earl Thomas that he plays center field. And -- -- on the sideline now he doesn't have the speed of Earl Thomas but I think. What he makes up his is just in UK coached at -- instincts. And Woody is Abdul and by his alignment and holly studies. Dead he curry to arrange with the depth and you could see that angles to be out to make plays on the ball. So to me that that's why we do that is passes Earl Thomas he's still able. To make those plays you could trust that. Now I kind of went on a lemon and and -- to wire. In -- opinion on this but I think you know I obviously throw Drew Brees to greatest. Free agent acquisition it probably not probably in team history in our offence that from a deep religious standpoint now and obviously got to wait to see Woody does but it. And maybe you'd say. Every digit -- be there the greatest of breeds is signing on the davis' side -- ball in the franchise's history. Yeah yeah about it and because Drew Brees has the ability to make everybody around him better. You know. Jared -- didn't do that on the defense as. -- ball maybe you don't have to have as strong on the corner on one side optional. -- you know listen that he can compensate for that because -- it is an outstanding range in his. -- ball hawking ability and you know you talk about what a bit. RB some guys just have that right and he just seemed to have that instinctive. Well presses Christian thinking this. Okay when Darren Darren Chara was not fast nobody -- Kansas tonight. And order and staying same angles okay when you pick and choose to take chances. You look what you Sharma had three pick sixes I mean I am right now odds big just one putt for bird. You know if you do that good -- them makes a difference yeah all more Robinson desertions and you've heard me say that. And I think Rob Ryan obviously includes green realizes this. That I've taken away the football that was a shortcoming. And that's the one source but our. That -- even -- unbelievable but did not take a way to football. And I -- it is not by chance you won a Super Bowl 39 takeaways and they share the Seahawks who -- -- 3090 goalies. Give Drew Brees and company may be one actual possession a game whether it be. I have all Bulls are a -- interception and -- like your chances you know Carter scored every single one of those turnovers -- You know you give Drew Brees collection possession game and you I think you increase your chances of a winning. Are dramatically in -- score on defense obviously you I think you know. -- that big coup for the saint -- a knuckle -- off you know people felt like they were going to be involved in previous meetings and certainly. Thought they would probably anybody expected but certainly they were -- make. This status blacks in signing dye and a lot of people like is not only do the best. Say -- out there but the best free agent period on the market. Now -- maybe you more common than I am are you can let me know but when I look still opposite a Keenan Lewis even though with the addition. Bird. At safety. And maybe you might know something or you think he might go to bounce bagged it you think their Compton local it would Padgett Robinson obviously Keenan Lewis. Because I'm not necessarily guiding our best case scenario there's still like third afford a cornerbacks and they can't come back but not in on the two guys. Yeah not. I'm with you I'm a little skeptical that one right now I think it it probably address that position. With a veteran guy in free agency and probably draft pick another corner library like a rod sweeting had a lot of playing time last year. You know he might be in the mix -- of. Right because -- get Keenan those kind of took the money is playing as learning all right and you are right. But like he did but -- think -- -- -- -- back here you know rob -- values that commitment the backs are certainly at corner and that safety bit. Not being winners and tackle you know being out of the slot it's not -- yes a lot quite a bit I think it'll be -- we saw Malcolm Jenkins. Do it different time last year but I think David Carroll certainly got better suited to do. Saint Salam reporter Kristian -- follow him on Twitter at Christie -- point 68 in the -- and double coverage. Thirteen fifteen in three W -- he NT about Adrian Christian. Let us know some -- true.

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