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3-12 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, Saints Acquisitions

Mar 12, 2014|

In less than 24 hours the Saints sign the best free safety in free agency in Jarius Byrd and have extended Pierre Thomas’ contract.

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Good evening and welcome good abbreviated edition of sports talk coming out at 6 o'clock and I LSU fighting dog a baseball -- it's. The southern Jack Glaus at a jam -- -- for you coming -- we're gonna hear from a Saints safety new member of the black and go Jarrius -- he would join. Christie Garrett and myself we spoke with him that has coming up at 435 Saints on the -- -- again -- on thirteen 58 in three going to be you know. Double coverage will be were -- at 420 it was his take on with the Saints are doing today the latest on dance -- And Pierre Thomas and a two year extension Joba skate DiLeo will be -- to talk about. Jarrius bird he's this bill Salam reporting -- the areas Barrett and NASCAR we use their two teams that made the most significant jumps from a defense to stamp on last year. The Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints the Buffalo Bills and -- a 22 in 2012. They -- the number thirteen last year at the north -- what 32. They went to -- before. So we'll talk about that and would -- -- role was in the Buffalo -- becoming a much better defense. Last season and LSU coach of lessen my house will be -- this evening coming up on the program we will have him later in the Allen. As we go to 601878668890. -- any. In lasted 24000 Saints signed the best free agent safety. In the free agent crop of defensive backs in -- bird and they've extended -- Thomas for two years. Do you feel better now. Got a lot of -- yesterday about what you know what's gone on how they'll do this and have no money and and I sit back and kind of you know -- -- like. Will these people thinking. And ended in this -- like -- Bobby Bobby says -- that's what I try to educate the fans. Well you know basically going into yet today. The Saints -- in no different situation they were going into the offseason. When we acquired. Curtis Lofton. And Philadelphia had supposedly low low lol it loaded up and -- his big figure -- Curtis Lofton in a we don't have a team. Innocent -- Curtis Lofton. That's why -- go back to look at the body of work look at what was done. And you've got. A -- to come to him now relatively on a Pro Bowl player and now he's paired up and just as we came in here about the haren. Herman Edwards -- areas bird. Would lead the unions fail in interceptions in 2014. He thinks and I have at least an innocent to UC. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you can combine Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins. You know interceptions. Not evening this things didn't -- our area code is. As Jerry's -- what he's been able to do the and I said this. Timmy he's the closest thing economy ANC version. Earl Thomas. When you playing deep middle and you can -- sideline to sideline and make plays. When I say deep middle and single safety instead of to -- concept. So then you'd content to be more aggressive. -- obviously. In theory when you have two stages that are high you think you should build to run. Against that team because you don't have that actually defend their in the box and not able to maybe disguise. Coverages that as much but. Now. The one they Jerry's bird and he's not as fast. As Earl Thomas but the one thing. And he what he does when he makes up his his instincts. That he kind of the bottom line just a Smart football player holly studies. Breaks down opponent. His alignment. And know what he's able to do. Big like if he would run the sale for 3040. Then maybe you can cheat more make a ground in the he's like a four of I bests of 45 guy. You know -- for six somewhere in there but it's all about angles creating a range with depth. And adding that's what he does as main things I guess that is alignment aegis. Are -- free safety that has ball skills you can't coach it the same -- A lot of times who Wheeler. In a suitable Ryan -- now there are starving you do that break on the ball and -- No you pick and choose when you're gonna take chances. And and make plays on the ball. He -- have value were you don't know what I didn't know I'm just saying there's Harvard and pulled off that he had three defensive touchdowns we had seven total. Pain and -- beaten only had a pick six I mean. The closes the angle is Corey Whiting is a point -- as any fumbled on the one. We just haven't seen it wedding this -- capable. Jerry is bird of haven't instincts. And playing the percentages. The wind to take chances and and break on a football and and make plays. To me is not a coincidence when you look at it when you talk about takeaways. Now is one thing well I can missing last year when -- afford defense. The reason why when even more dominant or maybe to procession route because of it takeaways. And then if you look and then out of things is by chance the year we won the suitable. That we had 39 takeaways. And Lloyd B hole I guess so many takeaways this Seahawks had the had 39 takeaways. So I don't think that was by chants. That that all occurred. I think now. The combination of Jerry is bird. And now came -- Cairo. As though they got cam chancellor and Earl Thomas a -- -- a lists with the Seahawks will win the conversation. -- win that top three you know combo. And Robinson is the I still think. We need one more. You know a cornerback may be a veteran -- and having come in. That maybe get a bargain -- works out that is not overwhelmed. And because you know get it done as the number two -- just not sure right now according white. Being a number two guy that as far start to rely upon him now. You might say well. Rob -- really like to play a lot of three safeties. When asked that necessarily. True and -- since then let me tell you why because. If you look at Raphael bush he's a pure safety. Malcolm Jenkins. Was. Cornerback safety Kenny -- Carroll -- a safety cornerback Lito and more Roman Harper who was the pure safeties to really. You keep throwing -- McCarron Malcolm Jenkins. The corner position in that mix. Where if you look at the likes to Kenny were Carroll. Who was still and that makes is a corner when you look at Jerry is burdened Raphael bush -- safeties. Like I don't think. They don't want to put Raphael bush. -- down the slot receiver laurel won like you do in Malcolm Jenkins. And then obviously we can in the Carroll so I'm assuming we another corner. You know Raphael bush will surprise who will provide depth. You know with but the thing is that namely Jerry is bird brings to the table. Is that he's a playmaker. He's a ball -- They could be innocent to see if you break down how many balls maybe he in his hands. And a guy credit the past the pin have been really should've had interceptions. Today is said and knocking it down ages. I want to say with three out of five years is a pro bowl of player. I just think it's money well spent. That you can combine -- And if you look at -- team Jerry is -- a 28 million -- -- to look at more and a and if did you form a contract that that plus. Role Robert and Malcolm doing teased even plus that he's worth more in -- If we all agree on one thing you can we at least use a better judgment of caution. Regardless of when you. All of those will be the next winner who the teams in this -- Or it to fall over the cap they they can't get -- and nine making it indeed it's been too much more parity -- they would say that about doing that it was and about him. It was an about the Saints. It to the last three years the Saints got the best defensive player. That was available out there. Sure jamarcus wherever you go by agent and in price of -- twenty years -- don't make. It was good what im doing journey and -- meaning get pizza you get the best defense it back and he got the best lap back and two out of the last three years. In years supposedly did this franchise was cash strapped. Folks. Listen. You got some Smart people over there that know what they are doing. The proof is in the put. -- -- -- That's the end -- eighties they got it done. They got -- -- he came here he told us today were ready to go a little bit here about 45 plays he missed all of this was his first stop. -- there's no way in him like Bobby say he can't -- it is mainly wiest right here yesterday about one Malcolm Jenkins left. We said about 440 a State's AJ has bird. It's expected to visit at 8 o'clock at hi Kristen Gant was -- on air affirmative -- DJ Byrd had agreed to a new deal with this thing. Well and big and asked taking camp that's why he had to take care Amendola and get out of town and they you know his dad an -- and I'm friends who does that. On the play that's our right quick but if you look at it his dad's in Tampa Bay coach in the secondary. Well and I even told Jerry is this and he's again my dad mentioned that a few times. Said his big deal -- signed you know you that had a lot to do it it. And he knew what I was talking about it was myself. Gill Byrd who was cornerback then with the San Diego charges three is a bit of freemen met here Jerious is that he. Of presuming you are running back with the Jets and magic man done -- is gonna quarterback of the Packers before Brett Favre. We all went to court and fought through free agency. Well buzz Fineman is that -- in the ground were the -- David Cone and give it. I got Collins keys and and and and that you guys in June thank god the market value and I just loved the Buffalo Bills to pay you whatever they wanna pay you instead of what you truly. Value that -- bars and your position in them. On the market and Jerry is -- maybe extend Pierre Thomas to two year. Do you feel better. Saints Al Arab -- Christie Garrett is with us now Christian has also tracking. The whereabouts. Of Darren Sproles Christian what's the latest on that. -- now the Saints still hold out hope that they think they might feel more than -- on trade partner for there's goals and humidity you know -- works out. Could be the Baltimore already and Mike Ricci and attention and acquiring their goal of the you know question might become and what the asking price and looking sketchy you know that you chip a mid round pick or is it regulator round pick -- six or seven ground but it was still. As of right now on the saints' roster and you know China's. Think at the shake out in free agency and some teams you know have their sights set on a particular player and it works out and they don't make a trade and sometimes the -- -- out of a player and an eagle after it coach or -- so just you know I still kinda waiting game right now but the Ravens would be eighteen it. I keep an eye on Dave Duke on partner by the trade rich -- trade with it partners. At Christie Garrett want onto a Christian you know since we have been covenant Saints together in you're out there today and and Bobby. Talking to -- -- bird. I've never left in the interview with a player. Drafted abroad and here and you go like. When he -- you don't seem like he's -- -- it's -- I don't know if he's hurt you know is like they're there all is like dale all. He is -- fit right in here you know we -- I don't think it's by accident. No I I mean you can court you can clearly see. Just kinda got Connick guy that they target. Though there -- airline drive well spoken guy high character guys and that was very good today and -- -- Gardner's spurred me until now he's a action per game you want to be great news he's -- certainly on his way there. You can just tell you hit the character of what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the skill level so yeah me you know I felt locally on the same -- yankees and that it really really nicely and not just because of his ability. On the field but you know it was soft spoken and also. You know pretty humble guy. -- our -- just signed. In our contract worth twenty million dollars in guaranteed money and are not that it would about supper. He's he's anxious to get to work Lou what is it was just teenagers in the player were Drew Brees and another to make it -- at the very good and -- it took two -- to bring. Christian when you look at Jerry -- bird and I heard it is Jerry is Nigerians. You know. We butch -- those things -- -- it but the it will when you look at -- his skills that now. You know I was comparing him kind of Earl Thomas that he plays center field. And -- pile on the sideline now he doesn't have the speed of Earl Thomas and I think. When he makes up his is just in -- coached at Disney instincts. And Woody is a -- and by his alignment and holly studies. Dead he curry to arrange with the depth and you could see that angles to be out to make plays on the ball. So to me that that's why we did -- his passes Earl Thomas he's still able. To make those plays you could trust that. Now I kind of went on a -- and and and a sense where. An -- opinion on this but I think you know I obviously throw Drew Brees to greatest. Free agent acquisition it probably not probably in team history in our offense that. From Medina to standpoint now and I've obviously got to wait to see -- does but it went maybe you'd say. Never -- -- there that greatest of greens is signing on the Davis decide a ball in the franchise's history. Yeah you have -- and because Drew Brees and the ability to make everybody around him better. You know. -- -- can do that on the -- at this article ball maybe you'll have to have as strong on the corner on the outside optional. You know you know Lewis and -- can compensate for that because it is it is an outstanding range in his. Ball hawking ability and you know you talk about what a bit RB some guys just have that right and he just seemed to have that instinct. Well presses Christian think it is okay when Darren Darren Chara was not fast nobody knew. As soon as I. It. And staying same angles okay when you pick and choose to take chances. You look what you Sharma had three picks takes it amid right now odds they just one putt for bird. You know if you do that good adding them makes a difference yeah all more elements of the sessions and you've heard me say that. And I think Rob Ryan obviously includes green realizes this. That I take -- away the football that was a shortcoming. That's the one source but our. That did even -- unbelievable but did not take a way to football. And actually it is not by chance you won a Super Bowl 39 takeaways and they share the Seahawks who will chance 3090 goalies. Give Drew Brees and company may be one actual possession a game whether it be. I have all all our our interception and if you like your chances you know -- every single one of those turnovers -- You know you give Drew Brees collection possession game and you I think you increase your chances of a winning. Are dramatically and -- score on defense obviously -- -- I think you know. It that big coup for the saint -- a couple peel off you know people felt like he'd -- going to be involved in previous meetings and certainly. But -- but I don't think anybody expected that certainly they were -- make. On the status lapse in signing dye and a lot -- is now -- the best. Safety out there but the best free agent period on the market. Now -- maybe you more confident than I am are you can let me know but when I -- still opposite a Keenan Lewis even though with the addition. Bird. At safety. And maybe you might know sunning or you think he might go to bounce -- that you think their Compton local it would Padgett Robinson obviously Keenan Lewis. Because I'm not necessarily I think our best case scenario there's still like third afford our cornerbacks that they can't come back and not in on the two guys. Yeah -- I. I'm with you I'm I'm a little skeptical that one right now I think it it probably address that position. With a veteran guy in free agency and probably draft -- another corner library like. Rod sweeting had a lot of playing time last year. You know he might be in the mix -- Right because -- eighteen -- those kind of took the money is playing as learning all right and you are right. I'd like him but I've been each Brit pack here you know rob -- and values that and a commitment the backs are certainly at corner and that safety bit. Nothing went -- and tackle you know being out of the slide inside well yes a lot quite a bit I think it'll be it'll we saw Malcolm Jenkins. Do it different time last year but I think David Carroll certainly got better suited to do. Saint Salam reporter Kristian -- follow him on Twitter and Kristian -- point 68 in the -- and double coverage. Thirteen 15 AM three W -- he NT about Adrian and Christian. Let us know some time. Sure local things at once you know Patrick thank you calling WW. That being your body all. Respect what -- articulate very knowledgeable. I Barrett disagree go in there. But I can tell you I don't like you're BO I don't believe that given given to you. Lobbying out. I think he's a fine player fine say it but what money that we -- We get a hand both of our guys from last year and then changed them over to get the Mario on opponent about it if they're not one of their injury and that -- twenty. Waited to pull any banks and all that money has gone down a drank. If you say you could say that about a few to -- Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Hoffman and injured and Andrea. Can you imagine this it's only by -- and an injury and injury what he has a goal that goes anyway so that you can use that yeah it's a city itself like okay the Broncos just paid a bowl load of money perky -- And then he's got there with a paid -- one of all of a sudden he's heard became Helms a mean. I you -- rolled it does. Yet they have the bug me but I explained to me how. He is better than -- but. Our turnovers ain't even close takeaways. If you combine just look it up look at Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins combined takeaways in their career they came even -- this guy. -- I mean if -- He's not playing man to man and he. Well I wanted to 22 interceptions. To wouldn't listen though that the Malcolm Jenkins who -- our combined uniting in their 22 so -- you would say if Byrd next year. What if he has seven I know 789 interceptions. And not -- you know they got the difference maker. Brainer there because he's done. That's fact that's exactly -- his left front magic he's -- you analyze your guys show land you a sand drawn you don't wanna you know -- we gotta say and but the way Bob Bob Bob Bob is giving you that the numbers he's giving you -- all you keep coming back with. Well what what would we do get out and. All web tiger let's admit it -- by chance he led the NFL in interceptions when season. And -- a consistency. I mean a lot of people. Who -- break down every snap you know you look at you know does a great job pro football focus and when they look at. They bring it on every snap of every player and they say the pros and the cons I could take days said. But because they put a lot of responsibility to bills did. Buy and -- deep middle going sideline to sideline wasn't imitating Jerry is a Jerry is bird and Earl Thomas Earl thomas' faster. But as far as -- stakes at all ball skills c'mon. He's making plays and a biologist haven't heard -- because he plays that are bills. -- yeah me. I'm notre cornerback I agree I don't I still think would also added -- is just the united even -- this morning -- into the -- and want to give them a time and -- I don't even know he's did. That's actually a graduate. And be doom and gloom brought our eyes they days still going to be held up fine all day and they still have belted a week I won't you won't know who they bring -- here until they bring me in the year it is still -- about defiant and have common it's affordable veteran corner because I don't dressed Corey -- RP lot. He rob right now I think they'll fire it's horrible and or whatever -- bringing -- -- day I guarantee you'll Colin pick him apart to. -- and I know beat every time we lay it moved. Out there right now which I've been in Miami and we don't go to the. You don't have any money here at the -- -- brother the proof is in the -- to put the players work out I don't work out. I say if you look flat last year I packed it I mean I yours I hit a Grand Slam whatever when -- the likes of keen elusive kid ever Carl but I mean. C'mon you donated -- face. If they wanted the players that alone on the hear those isn't a long year. Would be here. They -- -- wanted to go a different direction they clearly they had a plane and the man may want to visit. And he sang okay I -- who they targeted to -- got -- a -- -- thank you for calling WW -- It'll pick my call this a much respectfully disagree with two preview column. I think these move to different debate about and have not interrupted probable. And kudos to Sean Payton in Paris saint organization but someone we sat in the PP crew put. Drew Brees. Drew Brees QB shouldn't grow -- spectacle that bit of that move. Also put a plan that it's a dynamic between the players look look it's only get 67 inception this year. Bet that will give up that the police got our our team and duplicate. But I think it's not one to the great moral to preserve a lead in recent history. I mean go all the it might catapult us to due to a level wanting to compete equity we'll support him well. Eric some some relief some believe in the rule of thumb that if you have something that is strong with you try to keep it. The maintain the strength of it or even add to it I think. What they saw what that defense was able to do. With 88 minimal amount of change because the majority of defenders that would there walk on his team a year ago there was some new faces. High into the key ones in even get to play to give you came over to guys that came over Dallas because they were injured. But now you had the fourth best defense in the league coming off of a season Mets are you go by the -- golf you Jewish Christian thought of that. And you retain your best to me your best bank. Because he's a veteran back he's durable he's proven yards -- -- Over the course it is the lifespan his career so this was two big wins that they for the Saints on offense and defense. And Barry Barry thing about this I mean. Sean stadium Mickey Loomis. You know they they trust sitting getting some kind of and could. From Rob Ryan. Absolutely and -- you -- a rob Bryan. You know he's -- his brother Rex you know with the Jets wooed the Jets and bills AFC east. I'm made it and you don't Maroney put a play exactly dug my role in the head coach at the bills they do all of that. And and I just like oh well I delegate this guy is available global we've leading he's wanted to best know they do their homework. Like you wouldn't believe to make sure when in does this kind of money and his guy. Did this move I might catapult looked into the big dance group and we need to do to do is just -- -- opening -- around you know I guarantee you. But optimism are ready. On the top in the league and just just you might catapult us to be in. Barrett and Barrett did you know like you know it just shows me. That it is a copycat league and who's winning and look up how awesome the Seahawks are -- showing me then and I just part of our guard -- playoffs. They're trying to keep compete with the Seahawks. To but did you -- in the NFC in the Super Bowl. Just like you know I always say they would say to be the Bears got to be the best right while you got a PR on the LU gonna beat Seattle in this is one reason why I think they they went his direction. All right allowed to give -- coming up next -- John francoeur will get you cost us our conversation with new Saints. Defensive player Gerris bird and we'll have a conversation with LSU -- less miles a tiger has taken to the field. In the midst of spring practice and a big coaching clinic coming up with some big names. In professional football it's -- issues LSU coaching thing one more hour to go plus the Tigers taking on Southern College bank baseball and pelicans basketball WW.