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3-12 5:35pm Coach Les Miles

Mar 12, 2014|

The Big Chief Deke Bellavia goes one on one with LSU Football Coach, Les Miles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk -- unwelcome in the head football coach to be an issue fighting Tigers. Coach -- miles coach miles football season every team -- you Gaza in the thick of spring practice. I tell us a -- how things have been through the first few practices. We we -- great competition in the first two base just in helmets and media. -- you know lashed out with glory shelves and been in contention and not. I think you do -- -- good -- media action guys should go to. You know more back ups that are now no good for opportunities to play when you know very well. Yeah. We -- you know we can't treat -- group parks which. Coach when you look over the course of -- hand fully use these these kids at -- juniors and seniors now have basically hand. An extra month of practice and over the course of time when you add those amounts up. Prejudice and in between the into the regular season and ACC championship to a bowl game. How vital is that in coming off of their evaluation you able to do going into the bowl game against Iowa and now getting back on the field real quickly. Well it's a and it's probably an advantage of those teams to participate in polls because you know we are rock. We grow pretty young kids quickly and it'll it allows those those scars to you know -- fuel. You know we we probably had. Me in spring season that you will -- preparing trial in the bowl game. And that that extra practice time allows our our football. He's in the tour and now. You know we need to have this week sounds to me practioner Marshall year Shah of playing you know almost all the fresh bench coach. You know which it's it's really been short breaks which we were on the field. Laps there against Iowa in and I and allows their team to him -- look back. You know -- Not long ago and just kind of transfer some of them weren't abilities Durham -- season on the into spring ball and it then becomes me out tonight -- evolution to a team develops. With LSU countless miles of Tigers currently going through spring training table wrap up their spring drills on Saturday April 5 with the annual 2014. L club. Purple and white spring game now coach. A lot of things always handing in its opportunity to a continuous strong nation at what high school coaches from across the country and coaches. Certainly in the we easy and a but the clinic is something that is very. -- -- appreciate is is good is it his ever abandon them look and -- like names like George Whitfield. Bobby April. Rob Ryan those Manger in the -- on the course one of the greatest players in the history of the game at the college and the first don't know. Recently left the Baltimore Ravens the champion Ray Lewis I know coach you've got a lot of work to do throughout spring practice. But I can imagine that you BC and now listen to some of the some of the things that these guys say. Now what I was just in each year since it it's been a great -- resource for the actual coaches. You know that. That the -- and I think this may be the best trying to -- and you know candidates and will move to first they -- -- march 27 to 28 pitch which could be Friday. And then it would calmly -- march 29 which -- scrimmage and crawfish bowl. And barbecue wouldn't say to me it's an all over the go to the mayor rich somewhat center this year because -- you know -- religious. You know that it appears that the attendance is going to be very very strong push -- out. So I -- and think having everybody's excited purely emotional and he's got a great message to times available. That champion and here. The ten time all -- linebacker actually Chideya. You know. Terms competition and understand where you need to prepare and really cares Parcells or. It's going to be very inspirational and then we're excited that. Have George would steal you know he's. -- kind of native living if you will. Meant -- quarterbacks and reach he should be able to tell you -- -- -- quarterbacks neat how they progress best each and you know he's going to be able to give trot tips and pointers that. And -- this talk is special teams along with the championship and she attended a wonderful thing the pairing of special teams with the championship. Comedians. It's everybody's goal in the yeah there's so many times Jordan go how many how many things sort of -- starter on -- How do you look at it and so -- I would think that and he'll he'll do great in sector and I can't wait personally hero rob why because Rob Ryan. But he and I coached. -- years -- together at Oklahoma State never idea of how can that his career and you know he's just been nothing but successful great teacher and in many and make fun man. All the B man and I and I look forward to. This should battle in the war with Cam Cameron and John Jay Bruce and our staff. We. We'll have some unbelievable high school coaches from Louisiana Texas and Puerto. And I dished out 91 encouraged you know the media. Everybody in this and -- child my borscht and come on -- -- that you want more information. -- can get -- that. LSU camp dot com and that would be LSU. Camp. That count and then Australia. And work a lot about travel we've accomplished though issue is -- and Corey school it. It's a great athletic community and -- we would love sharing. Our football was mostly high school coach and that matter b.s coach. -- I wore tennis clinics a lot in this is important to me. This is an area in this city it's a great lineup than not and that we -- and vital and. It's a big deal folks again for more information on this LSU coaching clinic gave him to do every year but -- Landis coach miles says is. Incredible with a great future hall of Famer Ray Lewis coach is George. We feel quarterback guru Bobby April -- one -- -- special teams coaches in and and they didn't Lawton New Orleans in in the New Orleans there from now from the Paris. He'll be there and coach Rob Ryan one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history from the year before he got to New Orleans 2012 Saints defense to 2013. Making the worst defense in the top four defense all three of those guys will be talking alone Cam Cameron Jon -- was in high school coaches for more information. Just go to LSU camp. Dot com coach miles will we look on the outside -- -- fans and media and we see you lose great receivers like Odeo Beckham -- obviously had a great quarterback. Like does that member of running back like a deer immediately know you got a lot of young talent coming in. But but are there a few positions that you focus in on Nady you've got to bring up DePaul because of of guys that have gone and graduated him in May go pro or is -- all about overall improvement in the hill for the program. At least two or three weeks of spring ball. What it should kick the -- regular those key spot there must come quickly and then you you have to improve. You know each position group on offense defense special teams so. It comes along easily many times in Dutch. And sometimes you need to jumpstart what competition Naia picture position but stuff. I could they -- thing I would I would guess we're gonna have a great defense. I would guess the it would be able book you'll run and -- like we have in the past and I would think that our special teams that are -- you know when we bring back got. Our our field goal kicker and -- -- -- No matter what interest me who will have a great return men and so. I'm. A huge goal like Tigers and in the spring of the year and locked -- perhaps start. If I coach when you look at the situation obviously when you're replacing -- two used -- like Zach made about a a lot of young talent there raw talents got to be sharp and Doug got to be kind of season footwork and so forth but. I think you'll say Ian and I think the fans have told us and I personally think it. At -- had to have a lot of confidence in the guy who is looking over the day to day to religion these players and that being a Cam Cameron and whoever is out they knew I was in his makes. It's gonna be the best for the job because Cam Cameron got to track record in in he's got the resonated stated he's been around some pretty good quarterback. Yeah he's shown me he's got some experience with bringing the best out of some of the best quarterbacks in league games pitch and and you know -- it's gonna be Chinese. I think -- and he Jenny she is realize it's a very competitive position for him that he should easily have a great spring start. And up brand and here it is common -- And that battery he Redick each tour and doing really well so were rock. It's going to be this can be competitive at the end and not -- sarge certainly. Early in spring but tomorrow. You know our guys should -- improvement towards the Iowa game and if that happens and continues to happen we can have a yeah. Not only great spring but grateful. LSU football coach less miles of the Tigers continue preparing for their spring game Saturday April 5 the -- club spring game in Death Valley. The big clinic march 27 and 28 the best line up in my head coach he's George would feel Bobby April rob Bryant along with. TJ was Cam Cameron great -- who coaches and future hall of fame in two time world champion of the Baltimore Ravens. That being Ray Lewis for more information on this great clinic and more from based on an -- sports. The only LSU camp dot com and in -- -- sports gotten it coach miles always a pleasure thank you so much for the time we'll talk millions of. Take always a pleasure -- if you -- not hanging out reported seeing so -- daycare take care.