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Mar 13, 2014|

Dave talks about who uses stamps anymore? Keg-stand dog, and nasty bathrooms

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL prisoners it marked the thirteenth -- -- -- fourteenth hey it's the day before Friday indeed indeed welcomed. Friday the asks. So I was way and it is Allison and CBS Thomas that they're going to be. Releasing the Jimi Hendrix stamp today about them. Candidate. Honoring legends of music and rock and roll and it's Jimi Hendrix -- turn. But I into thinking these stamps. How many people mail anything anymore. I can't. I did send something to my daughter about six months ago. But it. I honestly didn't have a stamp it was a little -- so -- go into the yen in the post office handle things so no I IE are really counts yeah. The last time I even touched a stamp I. I think I have one or two bills that we still have to mail each month Nokia. You're doing more than I am and that's it and no reason cards anymore nobody man stamps. And when you read the post up and ask which like the book of stamps when you're checking out that investment them like now available to him into of that. You know congratulations it is delayed Jimi -- I'm getting -- -- that's nominal oversee it except for maybe you know eight people who were 97 years ago now you can look at the bottom line I'm sure -- get a glimpse of -- about it after the -- -- -- a -- line and use them now. A list of fear that when you post them line you'd expect it to the end of printed on. The end of the department mostly on foreigners anymore on phones attempt. Did FM talk about this yesterday it's no wonder addressed that today these studies out of Oxford economics that fine. Vacation time improves worker productivity yeah it's a story Don -- have forecasts and yes there are preoccupied with other things but I still wanted to talk about this because. Mark gross at Tulane university's business protester. Basically said if you worried employer and you don't offer. Paid. Vacation. Your employees. You're hurting your bottom line. In most people think I can afford that I can't let people be back here and working in and now working in making money anyway yeah out. And am amazed every time we do this topic how many people. Don't forget. Paid vacation even if there full time employees at relatively large employers now we hear about it from them a lot yet you know long weekends of those days that we're not sure who's got off for whatever but. People call and -- -- -- I don't -- -- vacation line a lot of people apparently. Do not get any time off for which there paid which makes me feel blast. That we do get several weeks a year we -- take off and we get paid for it and I'll tell you as a younger man. I mean frequently did not use all of that vacations are sure I thought it was important that I be award gotten things to do stuff that had to get done united wanna put stress on the rest of the workers that I wasn't here because -- -- -- in my work -- or might work would pile up and wait for -- to come back -- -- -- to -- when -- got back. But the advice was don't do that. Right well as I got older. And as our companies stopped letting us bank vacation time I got to appoint -- had months and months of vacation and -- not use that rolled over year to year. And it is to use it. But then they changed the policy and that it was use it or lose it says it will upon any is it. It's it's I started doing that it really is just taken that week off every few months. Really is yours rewarding recharging. Energizing it allows meeting Getty images getting away from it well. And being able that it does relax and get more sleep and not have to worry about things I come back I think more effective. And a better employee I don't there is no doubt about it and that's what this study from Oxford found and that's the mark grosses thing. If you let your workers take time off your company will be more successful. If you pay a -- Roth. Majesty just to take time off and lose money at us now good deal right now if you own -- program -- that's very hard. Small business owners. Tough to take off especially if your sales based industry and it's you know there's no its -- product or your service. -- -- in new clients. And you are losing money on the some early punitive that thank you -- when you know at that act. Governor to rely on so vacation is very important it's important to get paid for vacations so why do so many employers now offer. This idea -- thanking him without him Boston. Appointment first here Debbie WL am FM and that come up next to -- your forecast this is a cold day that we warmed right back up for the weekend and all that. Saint Patrick's Irish activities this weekend. Steve Geller isn't -- -- sports. Darren Sproles been traded yet apparently it's in the works but there's been a snag in the process. They're Thomas to stay -- That's good news I think the most saints fans. Renegotiated contract and expanded its he's hitting the cap last thing that warmed apply get an update on that whatever -- -- based on more right after the little cooler this morning let's check your forecast. We're starting off this morning in the thirties and forties that by later today a high of 62 with mostly sunny skies mostly pleasantly cool tap its attempts today. Then tonight mostly clear and chilly again 38 with some frost on the North Shore and 47 south of the lake. We warm back up to seventy tomorrow partly cloudy for Friday. Then Saturday will be watching this rain chances a few scattered showers and storms possible especially late in the day with high Saturday at 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Clark. Self clear skies out their fifty degrees at the airport in Canada's -- -- can opt out of the northeast at sixteen miles an hour south of the like the calm on the nor sure where it's -- 39 it slide now down to 35 in -- elusive so. Could have some frost as you get up near. The Mississippi State line I'm Dave knowing -- the early edition of WWL offers as of attacks made -- 787 debate -- discussion about the new Jimi Hendrix stamp that is coming out. And I -- who uses stamps anymore sentiment accidents that we are in our forties and still mail our bills don't trust paying them online call me old fashioned if you well. -- -- -- The gallery and put forth -- left and you put a stamp on an envelope and put it in the mail remember. I know I can't but I will say. -- -- -- most of the bills and he does they think they'll mail out the water bill and you can pay it on line. Yes she's not a big fan of the whole control went either she might break my laptop excuse that well I think. A lot of value for you put stamps on it and maybe get some Jimi Hendrix and the. And the water belt and meantime -- about sports on this day before Friday today. Well good morning everyone the saints' Big Three -- agent acquisition -- Byrd was introduced to the media. The 27 year old safety was asked what he thinks his greatest attribute is that he brings to the -- old. The -- ability to create turnovers you know I think that's been my neck and have been blessed that ability just to create turnovers and do things like dazzle. Nestled just -- I'm looking forward to snow to bring in here. You can hear our entire interview with spurred by going to WWL dot com. The New York Jets have agreed to terms with former Denver wide receiver Eric Decker he set career highs last season with 87 catches and 12180. Yards. To go along with eleven touchdowns. Revis island is on the move once again cornerback Darrelle Revis was released by Tampa Bay and has signed a one year twelve million dollar contract with. The New England Patriots of agent for wide receiver Steve Smith says that the five time Pro Bowl selection is dawn. Playing for the Carolina Panthers his release is expected as soon as today. Over to the NBA with a pelicans win streak stops at three as the grizzlies came back to be undermanned -- squad ninety to 88. Memphis guard Mike Conley hit a driving layup with one point five seconds remaining to complete the grizzlies nine nothing run over the final three and a half minutes. Tells coach -- Williams says it's tough not having Eric Gordon or Tyreke Evans due to illness. These guys battle over this entirely generic stand -- -- by two points on thinking about anything you go to. Of these strength that's been reduced okay. LSU baseball's win streak is now at seven as the tigers -- southern ate nothing is going to. Legitimacy struck about their football game theory get someone to the very end of the ninth. But LSU pitchers scattered eight hits while striking out eight including starter -- tocchet who improved to four and a one year. Elsewhere on the diamond to wings' comeback bid against you will Lapierre came up short as the reaching agents and he seven to four win over the green wave. Today have full on sports talk what -- the best and worst free agent signings and the saints coach all pretty end. And at 530 LSU basketball takes on Alabama in the SEC tournament. I'm Steve Geller and -- early morning look at sports. LSU Alabama is -- make a big deal about that but it says this year neither team doing all that well one basket on I'll think he's the team looks like on the dance the most they can pull off a miracle on the SEC tournament. -- that I think EL SU basketball team has enough in them to advance past -- today. Then they're next matchup would be tomorrow against the Kentucky team. A lot tougher there they beat Kentucky earlier this isn't right but it's not in the car from the confines of the key McEnroe yes for a very get -- home very bad on the exactly. Again likely reality -- I was encouraged by the name is the saints were able to hold on -- Pierre Thomas yesterday I didn't realize he is the number one receiving running back in the NFL. The saints told us yesterday that he racked up more receiving yards than any other running back in the league last. -- contribute so much not just in the rushing game as you mentioned also receiving and then. Also as a pass blockers protecting really protecting who is here bright -- and they keep an ambulance like Darren Sproles the gone on. That's another reporter Kristian -- telling us keep an eye and the ravens. As a potential trade target for Sproles. Think the prom is going a one year left on his contract that's hard to trade a guy with one year on his contract. Because who wants to have a draft pick for a one year player. -- is -- it's gotten a bit ugly now his wife. Has taken the social media and has made some disparaging comments against crusades. Public -- as angry with the things that maybe making it difficult. Spurred them to trade him to anyone yet he just wants to be released yet he's like forget the trade just release me let me pick -- -- ago. We'll keep an eye on that and see if the saints give up the trade effort. Orders they view him somehow managed to pull off. A deal with the ravens and -- well the scary thing is obviously if he gets released he could very well in the in the NFC south and we do not want that that we're gonna play the ravens next season anyway so at least play him once -- because -- the bill goes to Baltimore -- can have a Chris -- game against -- -- -- -- remind me of that. Steve gallery Al remind you to come back with more sports and about 25 minutes here on WWL and -- them and that count 525 your cooler forecast for today. And into the weekend warm enough with more sunshine we'll get the details after this. Good morning five days on thank you have been a part of the early edition of some WW -- prisoners of a Texas today 7870 said they loved sending greeting cards for holidays and they still use stamps. Says they've been sending saint Patrick's and Saint Joseph stake r.s one -- birthday greetings get welds that are I think handwritten notes the text says. Our special and enjoy opening my mailbox each day in anticipation of what's inside. Yeah Matalin go on in my mailbox because usually there's nothing inside we have some good stuff in the forecast. For this Thursday sunny and cool weather ahead look for highs later on around 62 that I wanna light jacket for a good portion of today. At least until we warm up a little bit later on then tonight mostly clear and chilly 38 north of the lake and 48 on the south sort. Then warming up to seventy on Friday mild and partly cloudy. And by Saturday we're looking at a few showers and storms possible during the -- kind of scattered around will be watching as rain chances with highs around 75. From the eyewitness to -- forecast center and meteorologist -- about itself. -- guys fifty degrees to the airport and tanner 39 in clear at the National Weather Service office in Slidell for the temperatures to drop another degree or -- before we get that done I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for joining us. And the early edition of WW golfers this time about the -- stamp. One person that they be a little nervous looking at Jimmy Hendrix fan because it sound like him out of workers psychedelic drugs. He back in the day there was some Jimi Hendrix stamps that people were -- I gave you that. 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this thirteenth of march 2014. And make an even more progress to the day before Friday come -- Friday eve Friday -- days -- nights -- like to celebrate it twice in the early days and that he would be well offers news. Get a story out of Rockport New York. That again has to go into the why. People fly and I always like those authorities say two students at a new York state college have been charged with animal abuse after a dog was held upside down. Over a keg of beer and forced to drink from the -- Upside down over -- -- area they dug through texting and -- -- a keg stand no real. Okay well -- back in my senior elder -- younger days. Yeah you grabbed the handles on the -- and you do a hand stand on top of the can't use it with one or two people holding your legs out yeah I catch -- -- and -- that tap in your mouth. Or shoots it toward your mouth -- there can be a little more sense it. And tensions that everybody else gathers round and counts to see how long you can do enhanced and while drinking from the -- upside gaffes. What do you think Leo yeah editing videos online of grandmothers doing keg stand up this up. It's very entertaining. But apparently the police were not and detained by the picture that was posted to social media -- of the dog black lab. Doing a keg stand. And what police -- it was animal abuse. They have now found the two people pictured in the -- it was posted suit Twitter. And they have arrested both men both twenty years old. Charged with torturing and injuring an animal. -- were issued appearance -- thrown in jail appearance tickets for town court the dog warden. The -- Right now. I -- Back in the day when I was doing experience and I never like it. When people waited all mean and you guys who gave the year courses. And you guys would put beer in their -- all absolutely dog -- and not forcing the dog human dog the -- like the B. And then they'd party the dog would parties and Larry. In fact when I lived and it -- or one girl had a pet rabbit. And we crack open beer of the rabbit would jump in your lap and caught it you'd try to get some of the beer -- put a little bit -- cap on the ground and the rabbit -- drink the run up and alcohol that Norman knows. Kind of player Lotta people I'd just never felt comfortable -- -- because with -- animals. Even with people if you support. -- tell -- no -- gonna react to the liquor. Yeah of the bush -- -- -- what they're gonna do and it's best to leave that out yet. Mean do you wanna get that's your business please obviously don't drive. It keeping it on. That puts him. People file it right here in there and make and it dog to a eggs and posting it to Twitter. Someone tip off the cops -- look at this picture and apparently had a full description and everybody involved or she aren't where it happened and everything it was very easy for the -- define the perpetrators. -- is up for adoption. A lot of people willing to do you know that made it very easy boss. Certainly did -- -- him -- documents appointment more first is more and there and sharper appearing in court today the former saints safety. Thought maybe he was get out of jail today because the judge last week said we can't keep it would definitely last year. Formally charged in New Orleans well. The DA here hasn't been able to or chosen to get those formal charges bird sharper allegedly drugging and reaping went in the warehouse district -- surprised. Arizona did indict him so now looks like -- -- stay behind bars in California. The dealers are -- coming get them from the face charges in the Phoenix. Not -- go -- directed the Eyewitness News forecast and aren't they good morning. I 80 I am so excited you know like the day before for a distressed governments can be beautiful weather. So let's bring in your step absolutely and maybe even a little rollicking this morning and he peace. Absolutely as temperatures stay a little bit but -- me -- but tell joins us from the Eyewitness News sports yeah we're actually in the mid to upper thirties north of the all right so an idea and a roster that one are you not Dimon -- -- -- at the you know the winds are counted as starting to subside a little -- there's I was curious to deeply with -- -- the advocate net diamond head with a little -- as so far the -- -- with frost but got you know maybe some people haven't -- guests and all my -- agent yes. I don't know a lot of people complaining yesterday and today. Time change to hard now it really this whole week it's just that -- you know I. What at what point do we acclimate to take it like two weeks -- -- -- or what but I think it's an individual thing and it's just an hour you know you think -- it really that shouldn't they just change is that they have the experts the doctors are Thomas that date at least a week from most people acclimate -- -- that's why -- -- an increasing our practice. Heart attacks. It is difficult to adjust my. -- we will try again this cold is short list. Yeah you know we actually sees low sixties today set a cool day mostly in the fifties -- is coming and you know between that tree at 4 o'clock around 62 hours so. But that tomorrow or warmer still sunny with a high of seventy and over the weekend were in the low to mid seventy's at 75 on Saturday in 73 on Sunday. Right there you -- and any rain at all follow directions and Patrick activities as we -- we have the luck of the Irish I don't know we -- we need I realized he smiled yet throw up some prayers maybe you have some rain chances that looks like Saturday and Sunday. The latest models have maybe been the bulk of the rain coming in overnight Saturday night and maybe early early Sunday morning that would be ideal -- that happen. But you we know that that can still change for a couple days -- I'll be watching that right now -- just be prepared possibly for some scattered showers around Saturday. All right well we'll have that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ask and ye shall receipt there you get value added I got some I didn't -- -- and I got some advice the other day at home that was traveling and -- solicited -- yeah we got three stopped at a restaurant along the way during the road trip. And I was remarking afterwards how filthy the bathroom was on inches and I explained how I got some paper towels and soap and actually it's. -- on the toilet went -- got the right to sit I think yeah but my wife said to me why you just sit on your hands. That we why. She said yeah just put your -- than sit on your answer your butt -- that's the cinema but that -- -- the city. -- it does it go like say an activity go wash your hands high and recognized I'd rather watch the toilet ever deficit and your pain. I have to say you know I don't personally know your -- but that's not scared straight gas and I said OK dude if I see that now because the women do the Harvard business. Hover is that what it's not cover it. We're just kinda squat over the toilet is -- a little bit too graphic for 540 I -- I don't I listed all the way down the rights but what if it's an extended stay you have to be there for a few minutes URL that whole time. Yeah I mean -- I mean I now. At the reason go to the gym and in working on a diet that works to your your quantity can't think you know it. The things a lot a lot of places have those little the -- can he cover things didn't let -- -- -- -- -- yes and for some reason they can't match that they have horrible game and don't add up after themselves and restaurants and I just don't understand I don't get it makes sense to me. So if you even if you put that. Paper regarding count went to work but the world the wetness is amnesty through yet. As a solution here I don't think Ohio I like and I feel like my solution that gets a paper towels and act like them at all but here's the problem not a public restaurants now they just have air dryer they don't have papers that -- that what you did. I don't like it for the environments stuff. I I have to have Telstra and I had no fluke after work and I don't wanna open the door. And touched the handle that a paper now because. Too many people walk -- that watch -- -- we have some really -- the erotic stuff about the back its erotic you know. -- -- germ phobic but it right right we are we -- write anything missing he does it really bettered it. Open the door with the paper towel or does not really matter my act in my hand and I get at them and outfitted wash their hand is that a wash -- and a -- panicking when I'm out. Right the point. These -- the struggles of life regular. Just stay home don't have to go anywhere and use only your own -- are about down. I've had a right from the Eyewitness News forecast senate there'll be able taxing -- by the way beaded KO. Aren't I know every time and I should never even read it because I knew I was gonna start. Sports Ron Amadon latest on the saints trades free agency after the ICC thank you everybody -- NA 7870. With a -- bathrooms solutions that thirty those shares some of the map there's sports here on WWL. And that we say happy days before. Good morning gave him a happy day before Friday when the saints free agent signing of Jerry's occurred at a much needed ball hawking president's. -- the defense as the safety has a career 22 interceptions. Along with eleven forced fumbles and five fumble recoveries. Byrd is anxious to get things going in black and gold. You can ask for a better situation and that's why I'm so excited to be here and be around. The coaches in the united medical all the players you have performed everything else hers as a great locker room song just looking forward to Ginn involved comeback -- you know working do we need to do in the field. You can hear our entire interview with the saints newest acquisition you can go to WW dot com. After getting released by the Buccaneers Darrelle Revis has landed in new -- The patriots gave the shut down quarterback a one year twelve million dollar deal. Addressing an acute need on all -- the New York Jets agree to terms with former Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. The deal is for five years and worth 3236. Point 25 million. With fifteen million dollars guarantee. Anthony davis' 29 points wasn't enough as the grizzlies mentally come back to beat the pelicans ninety to 88. Mike Conley hit a driving layup against Austin rivers with one point five seconds remaining to earn victory. For Memphis New Orleans was undermanned even more than usual though. As Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon were both out with illness coach Bonnie Williams says as -- that maybe you just have to wrote the guys do have healthy. Does happen right for the game. Game there's nothing you can do -- so you always have to go with the guys you. The guys battled for the tools are registered tomorrow with a win. LSU baseball had five true freshman and it's starting lineup and managed to extend their win streak. The seven games with an eight nothing win over southern is that. Pitch his sport that is -- fair ball down over the right field corner. One girl is in the puck no goal in the third he will stop there it's an RB I double inside the bag at first for Braly. Center fielder Jacque rarely led the way for the young tigers with two RBIs on the night while another freshman starting pitcher -- tocchet earned his fourth win of the season. And you will laugh BA came -- -- stadium and left with a 74 win over Tulane. The win improved the raging -- to fourteen in two on the year and -- six and go on the road. Today have for sports talk what are the best and worst free agent signings and the saints coach Sean Payton. -- at 530 LSU basketball takes on Alabama in the SEC tournament. I'm Steve Geller -- early morning look at sports. Here thank -- as a issue at a meeting bam tonight but then runs and a Kentucky because dot tomorrow he had of the tigers have been on and off all year and especially. Really bad away from the now in the SEC tournament in Atlanta but I think the B one and done unfortunately anchored to head Pierre Thomas is staying with the science. -- out I've said before I'm a big fan of Pierre and -- -- -- is good for the team has still. A veteran presence in the back field. Catches the ball blogs and is also force running the ball always seems. To be fully forward in gain that extra yards were a lot about how do you see the -- thing and that a shift and -- reporting on Twitter couple hours ago that the Redskins are -- It's unfortunate because he did have a great three years here and a -- is a fan favorite for sure it. As an eleven he had six point nine yards per carry last year was down to four point -- used to respectable but a big -- -- -- drop off -- we're gonna let you drop off -- -- in fifteen minutes more sports. A lot of people texting thing may carry disinfectant wipes with them because now with help from a man with nothing to filthy pigs in the bathroom. Snacks were the bond market by Tommy Tucker. He able to talk about Gerris bird in the PT cruises stay in with the saints is at a game changer. And good Jerious Gerris we have -- how to say is guy's name really be the equivalent of drool on defense they'll talk about taken vacation and making employees more productive and after thirty years -- if it makes you think differently about capital punishment what about DNA testing. And finally you're supposed to move move vehicles after a crash when nobody's injured -- of the police determine who's at fault and does that affect your insurance. People break.

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