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3-13 6:15am Tommy, Jairus Byrd signing

Mar 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints signing Jairus Byrd

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Terry joins us right now a friend of -- he's made guy. Got a W. -- NFL and college football analyst you know Mike good morning. And you've been busy with free agency and talk and all the media about the saints acquisitions and everybody else but I was listening -- some national media last night and boy they they seem to think that this -- burn acquisition is one of the biggest thus far for anybody in the league. Yeah you know come immediately. When -- first article about that he was gonna visit was at. If you signed them it's been significant reagents signing. The -- -- that Drew Brees. Independent. Irons were good football player -- -- -- was Jabari Greer. A lot of people realize how good Jerry is courteous. Now you know it and -- Wanna bet when he was it is wrong when you look at you know so today. The only police say it better then Jarrett -- today is Earl Thomas which yeah. So you're talking about it yeah we police say he's in the game. In what should we. Institute believes he he's -- ball. We look at numbers this week that he picked up well than last year's. Pro ball. Malcolm Jenkins and warmer Arctic six in three years. So it just what you would. It act Smart instinctive and it will limit the group could not comforted when. Really. Now this secondary -- would get a big deal were. Sold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quarterback on. It's not that they came along -- figured out very Smart very instinctive. He's -- guy -- say as one for quite some on. And they had a opportunity to -- him and you know when you look at this football game on. The bit young to make the chip in school football. And you get -- Cairo. -- were on Q. At cynic in you as a quarterback. This football team now has swung. -- toward that and so. -- -- Well the question -- it is what you need do. And so on and also -- -- so basically elements wide receiver. But it was huge. On May only get back to -- second but you talk about wide receivers who's out there and is that something in the saints and try to get accomplished. Well marketing about it is going to be paid for wide receiver. There are a lot of guys out a big photographs route or year but. The most important thing he would let this football team is that the right tackle position and I know we've talked about this last week and without. Actually selling and he's still available. That immediate concern to meet the way to -- was locked out last year. And he had -- -- -- last year then but. What we won the offensive line. Wasn't nearly -- good but you receive it was like gitmo open. A law in -- that we wore out the what is -- position. And so. And you know some -- kicked -- -- You know what I -- got a -- tragedies and I'd take that back this element. It was obvious last year what they're in this book and is keen. And -- you'd hoped would have been that I have a terrific training camp. And I mean you know care that you -- he -- you know one of the most of it does but. That guy that can date yet you've got they could be different maker on this being. I think you might happen gold wrapped -- that wide receiver. But. Offensive tackle right now at the major concern for -- without look at fort Walt. And you busy and -- let you go and we got to get to traffic but. You hear about game changes is Gerris bird seasons change here. He's -- he's game changer in the season changer. I think a lot of people. I've watched him play and he was in -- a lot of people to India -- You know -- opening -- liberal and national games don't realize how good player he has and again compared to read it is what -- But -- -- today the only guy he would get an -- that he's in position. Israel. The and it -- shouldn't have been mentioned. As a ball. In it that was one area of concern Tommy on the defense last year would lack a terrible. -- picked up. It is Forte. It's in the ball got to think about what interceptions. Mike you know this idiot that works with me Jordan -- is there is a brilliant guy when it comes -- politics and Viennese. Very knowledgeable when it comes sports he's insisting that I ask you if lady bird was Gerris birds grandmother. And a good day thank you might. Well guy.

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