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3-13 6:45am Tommy, Jairus Byrd

Mar 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Joe Buscaglia, the Buffalo Bills lead reporter for WGR Radio in Buffalo, about what kind of player Byrd is

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker get a W well talking about the saints' big free agent acquisition. And am I giving his name on purpose because now we go to buffalo to talk to -- Scalia. Buffalo bills' lead reporter for guys believe there's this station I don't know WGR. In buffalo morning Joseph. -- A little things taken time can I give you the traditional new loans greeting and ask way yet. Yeah. And I like what the answer that it might be fine because we literally no where you are I -- you another and Odyssey you're listening to Scalia. What is the deal with -- bird in his first name it seems like a lot of people it may be dyslexic or calling him Jarrius. Please give us the pronunciation of this man's name. And you Uga Uga it's -- It protect its chair like chair and that -- it's a pretty good. Did you get a lot of that buffalo where people were transpose letters and calling and Jarrius. Yeah and what -- watching free -- coverage. You know -- their. NFL network Korea has yet I was here in a lot of areas so it it. It's to be expected but it is indeed here. -- there are people here that you know a big who gets big saints fans and and love the acquisition -- -- this text they just pops up ask your bills reporter. Quoted bird is that good why did the bills let him go. The bill didn't want to ago. They actually immediately huge offer and there were kind of it's pretty feature dramatic situation for the courses. Relief -- well -- and the bill -- franchise tag him. It was essentially -- day. Weren't sure if they were going to do they're they weren't sure how -- which it into like that -- -- -- -- As a really plays in the aggressive style. Tech defense that adjective. In in -- patent defense last year so. They -- -- played the wait and see approach. They knew he was a good player and they -- want to leave him last year and so that franchise tag in the in -- -- and in Eugene Parker -- really take well to that and that was part of the big reason why the relationship became a pay equity. And -- words. Has attempted to in camp. Sign that franchise tag tender. Where -- at the very last vote for the bill circuit used the to -- -- roster exemption. Soria. That attending camp or getting to that in time. For the regular season so he -- at the last minute a lot of people thought he was. Thought he was speaking the planter fascia is the first by in which he wasn't. But. But there're there -- that the doctor involved in this situation but even after all that. Burton added that the Pro Bowl season and and the bills. Try to move. They gave him -- great churches to become a local for the long term but. They have -- jurors for what -- she goes out there street and we have. And the built in a franchise tag on them. They could have that. They could franchise him again yeah. I'm telling you how good he is then from what you've seen on the field GO uneasy an amazing game changer but busiest season changer for a team like the saints. I think either require and I think he's been one of the best spills. So that the course of his career. Its first seat in the annual it's kind of a one trick pony. -- midnight interception and made Pro Bowl in his rookie year but you really want an all round in what impressed him most about Petersburg. Is the -- it. He has turned himself in to that because we're in Italy he was a quarter -- the interstate. From war and so. So he had the ball skills of an ever stop that let the speed had been at it like quarter. But his instincts are top -- in -- what he's done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where is -- where words in its first year he. Because missed the boat. A lot of those things where it's like it's a 401 trick pony that respects so. Are open to all of the is instinct will bring into play. Wait wait for a lot CP out there that makes him so special so. I think he's certainly one of the best in the game and I -- the -- -- certainly going -- -- him because -- that they are -- that the senate despite. There rugby and being a terrible score years. Let me ask you one more question Joseph because you know we're ruled by the clock and it goes through a text that comes in and keep in mind you know talking to buffalo radio you're talking here in New Orleans -- or anchor bar for wins. Boo. I think optic. Really. Yeah I think -- domestic apart at the staple air and then it's it's literally like two minutes from my house but I think Gillick got a little but there. You're opting for the travel. And dust is opposed a walking on convenience of an anchor bar. Yeah they don't put some -- on the order -- -- Michael so. Jill appreciate I appreciate you primarily due -- start.

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