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3-13-14 10:10am Garland: on the CIA hacking the Senate

Mar 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Ken Gude of the Center for American Progress about reports that the CIA hacked computers belonging to the Senate Intelligence Committee to steal incriminating documents.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Twelve known will be talking about an extensive funeral search project. Literally the interviewed thousands of top teachers in our top universities technologist. Those who have technology companies to predict the future of the Internet and there's more of an interesting. Predictions they came up with. We'll talk to the author of that report at twelve noon. Love the clock will be talking about minimum wage you're a California just silent in the wall. And tolerant now work. Proposal or hear -- He reported. 95010. Dollars in the state legislature bills are going to be introduced. So would take a look at the pros and cons of doing that. That's our. I only know how to describe -- It it's the CIA. And they babble. -- their box the Senate Intelligence Committee. Did. You read it closely it looks like of threatening a constitutional. Division of war. And the lady the lady. This senator its head of the Senate Intelligence Committee who has depended in this day and CIA to the heat. Went to the senate a couple of days ago. And condemn. Horrible departure detailed -- was CIA program that you -- quote never never never should've existed. And she said -- difference interest in the spy agency and now acts as a power unto itself. When you bring the history of and -- the amount of time and they said no and two term presidents. Now they're saying no and to their bosses intelligence committee and they're suing them on criminal charges. And the Senate Intelligence Committee is suing them on criminal art. It's just beyond strange. But on a regular basis on this program blog called thing and where we go experts and in bearable he won't fund. The Newsweek reports -- totally incorrect. Or arts mostly crept slightly incorrect spewed. -- seldom do we. Get an expert on -- Which are reading transcripts -- would try again would conclude senior fellow with the Center for American Progress. To talk about this can book and sure appreciative to. Tell me what you just heard. Is wrong -- and roam and be proven wrong. And then tell me would use. Kulicke I think actually -- greens aren't buried it pretty accurate one of the reasons why. We we have such an accurate picture. Very ordinary course statement from senator Feinstein in which. She laid out. Really great -- jail. -- version. What it's ranked -- over the course of the last -- years. At -- and in any investigation. Into the CIA detention and interrogation program. And be content because sheet provided such as Richard a patient. The reporting on this story has been pretty accurate. What we are seeing is really very high stakes at all. Between. The Senate Intelligence Committee which has. Direct oversight responsibility over the Central Intelligence Agency. And the fight between -- by directorate the FAA. Over how the story of the CIA detention interrogation program will be told to the American people. And and this news today. -- story that has gripped the Washington over the course of the last 48 hours and I think will be so for some time to count. When -- agreed that. Documents. Is being descended committees. -- was in a stupid because it was. Committee assistants that we're doing. Virtually years of homework columnist. The CIA hack their computers. Remove documents. That they themselves have provided appropriate -- They also 2000 -- Destroyed interrogation been viewed tapes on the objections of probes of the bush and the Director of National Intelligence. And then. Dave. The current intelligence whose committee. Asked his CIA to provide a complete version of the and -- review which was the end results. Review of these torture programs. In the CIA CIA informed and know where to go -- is this an agency that took power in -- itself. I think when you. If you combined. This story. At all appear -- that he. Activities that -- -- Ayers has undertaken and combined with what we learn about the -- actually ails the court the last. Nine month or so the intelligence community here has. Didn't greatly expanded with the -- new powers authority that the -- -- -- action many of them. Undertake an end in near or total secrecy. -- -- how the environment like that you had. The tendency to create. -- Authorities that are run -- And the real challenge now for. Its president and congress. They find a way of rain again. Yeah activities of our intelligence community. To ensure that we get the balance right yet. In between the where there are intelligent he goes about it's important role. Identify and can detect potential threats the United States. But not as -- care and engaging in activities. That that really shock the conscience of the there. Take a break here -- plan and new movement to the bottom up -- you're on a lot of options. There are so does this -- Google and -- -- -- Dianne Feinstein. Intelligence that was one that in the and it's great to and the CIA to the heat. And most of responses did hear from people. In -- in. Doing that. Well there there threatening from everything. The constitution. They're telling residents to stick. Telling their oversight the Intelligence Committees that it. And and talk to. -- -- -- former senators in Washington -- long time ago. And they've told me a lot of this bureaucracy. As the attitude mister president senators congressman. Couldn't be round alive long view and and will do what we won two in the long and noted that it is this an example. That we may have one more powerful agencies in the world. Doing the wrong thing -- no fear of retribution. -- -- When millions of opinion but I I think what were they get about -- so bizarre bed and it's hard to. Sum it up and short statement. May come wrecked when it's Saturday. And pines and he -- -- Senate Intelligence Committee -- Most powerful committees and Washington. Hume supporters and its and all of their mega data. It's surveillance. Big bad -- feel. Goes on this -- -- brought them home and and basically says. The CIA. How -- computer. This sent. And workers. Who were investigating. Wednesday. And and it's over programs and have a big goal of -- hundred years. And and read through it in this -- seem to have been that the orders. Presidents. Special counsels. And the Senate Intelligence Committee -- which. And size and pointed out well. Of the spy agency now our axes of -- or in -- itself. Understand that we're bringing in the experts we've been good news news in the morning senior fellow with the Center for American Progress. And explain to new world there it was a and and I think -- wrong your recruitment. The Sunni community workers were given the job with two million documents. And and he. Did they take those documents out of the CIA to a secure area. The. The real disagreement here and I think we need to go back to explain how -- We -- doubtful that the NCAA required. Senate Intelligence Committee content specially designated site. You it's actually like computers. Do you documents. That the CIA provided an immediate response in the investigation. CIA detention and interrogation program. There that was done outside. Of the senate opposite. And -- senate specially designated as an investigative. At the port through these documents in one room with eight computers. And it would it was a -- -- Difficult setup for the best skaters -- -- it investigation -- years now what the disputed out. Is that somehow. And it is not known now. Document that the CIA did not want to provide the committee. And is down. Is that the that's another view which is the internal reviews. And CIA director Leah and order when he took over. The same -- That that review. I found its way into the computers -- that the senate staffers access to know the senate staffers. Recognize the value. Not only because it was. Summary at that point you know document that they were it true that because -- supported a lot in the. Inclusion that there investigation already and it. They recognize that this is a very significant that. And they were concerned. That. The CIA unit packed -- street get destroyed in the case -- -- interrogation that you noted over the objections of the bush White House and the VA general couple. That they felt that they needed to take steps to preserve that ensure that that the securities without. That they would -- the documents from that that actually actually printed. And the and they are now stored at the senate intelligence neighbors attacked restored. Our in our topic. And very secure location. On the security pact that is not an end in jeopardy but the CIA. Took that action. Interpreted that action -- as unlawful and that outlook spurred. This incident to justice department for criminal investigation. Now that it's Brinkley it's hurt and it is deeply troubling because the CIA official who actually made that world is just as the is this -- you will hear. Who was in charge of that -- here. Division believe the focus of the investigation. And was in fact mention in the senate. Reports. I'll call on that on the detention interrogation program more than 16100. And so we have this one individual who. Fine. Featured prominently in the senate report. It's taken extraordinary action and in what. Senator feinstein's. Interpreted as a clear attempt children in the days and the comedian to backing off its investigation. By referring there to the Justice Department and this is how this whole brouhaha. And we descended a committee uses in several working. On that won't CIA computer when they copied the documents to big endured there or did they take it does some undisclosed location. Now I I. I believe that they predicted that the facility because I don't think it would be capable of computer from the secure. You know what is the what is clear where -- -- stand on on in CIA used the document at. Privileged material and items that they do not apt to turn over -- -- The Senate Intelligence Committee in fact congress as a whole. Has never recognized. The kind of privilege that the CIA is urging the document and believes that they have. The authority and legal right to view and reduction. At the CIA. And -- in the course of greater oversight activities. And that Supreme Court has sided with congress on that issue -- not. The nick grange. -- When -- lawyers strange question. And if you of its citizens you in the insurgents and had committed. The crime news. Charged. By the CIA of the senate and the center of the CIA. We go to jail. How is it that these people or beyond prosecution. And often talent beyond in any kind of retribution -- through. Well I think it -- victory. Chains that -- -- no real accountability. Either at -- -- Andy and they accountability. For the activities. Our undertaken and that detention interrogation program -- about within the decade. I think the Obama administration came into that made that decision. That it was gonna end the practice -- But as a means of trying to move the country world. Would not -- And investigations. Unit criminal or otherwise into these activities. Hoping that we could turn the page. -- both as a country. And -- that government behind me -- action that occurred. In the wake of December 11 and now it is six years later and we're still fighting -- Spain. And so that decision has proven to be up for and so now hopefully. And that's when the Senate Intelligence Committee report finally comes out and activities by by the light of day. We -- as part of the. Don't move pro war -- to -- can thank you so it would issue you'd do a lot to be yeah conversation. And -- Break come right back. Dave Gordon with the news that we'll talk to our role -- local political analysts believe its own opera about the got questions accomplices. In the did that shock -- does it interest you. War or you like I think the majority of people just say you Washington and then of 2601. Celebrity -- comments from question. Told -- six fixated and zero cents.