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3-13-14 10:35am Garland: on the CIA hacking the Senate

Mar 13, 2014|

Garland talks with political analyst Elliot Stonecipher about reports that the CIA hacked computers belonging to the Senate Intelligence Committee to steal incriminating documents.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just when you think you've heard everything from Washington -- were whipping -- about today Dianne Feinstein. Head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee and has come up time and again and depended the end of save -- there -- data dump surveillance. As. Protected and encourages CIA and a return. All the essential walked around and sued for a couple of days ago. And said the CIA is threatening the constitutional. Division of power in this country. Condemned improbable horrible details. All of a torturers CIA program that her words never never never should have insisted. And suggests that didn't suggest she said. The spy agency now acts as a power or into itself. Very complicated but basically. The Senate Intelligence Committee. Started an investigation or discharge -- program and been going on sports at seven years. And recently the CIA have the computers. Of the intelligence committee. And the intelligence committee or their bosses their lowest. Human debris down through Barnes silence Trent script usually borrow at least two occasions. The president and the legal cultural have told the CIA to do one thing in the no they didn't do it. And now. The intelligence committee is holding several open and they said no we're not gonna go on that they're turning round and filing. Criminal charges against the committee would the Justice Department. And the sentenced doing the same to them or at least as -- intelligence. Very confusing but also a little bit -- and when you think of all the things congress screws up this when I think. Have some some very big -- and always turn -- its own strive for our political analyst -- -- the weapon to the show. Good to be your -- thank you. Very very interesting very very important and I think that's the thing about it is that -- -- to frustrate some problems this -- News story. That imply is much much more than just today's news our goal or two or three days news article. Senator Feinstein and in I have to say. While certainly title particularly NGL senator Feinstein in terms of each and every issue confronting America. -- that she was mayor's. Sister decades ago. He has been one of the America in this case -- -- in. She is not to some partisan map to peace but in. And when she took to the senate for it should've told all of those pay attention to this this one matters. It's not just apology -- Center plans Stan -- the coach he's care. This Senate Intelligence Committee deals with the CIA. And the entire intelligence. All the complexity of our intelligence program. On the point I mean he's the one. She had been working -- staff and the committee staff had been working with the -- for a very long time. To try to keep this from happening. The essence that you it is the CIA believes that the Senate Intelligence Committee staff was acting. -- And the Senate Intelligence Committee staff well -- the opposite. Then we have the partisans. Which is that Republicans on the committee. Today that it's not exactly the -- senator and Stan as a and when the details come out you know we'll all get a better picture but here's the bottom line to me. As senator Feinstein has stressed ended in her thirty minutes or so forth this is about balance of power. It is about the way the constitution was setup that we are beginning -- the simply doesn't apply anymore like we always thought it did. The reason we can on the risk in America an agency like CIA having the kind of -- -- hands which has grown steadily since World War II. Is all those congressional oversight is implicit. In the existence of the intelligence community. We have those communities can't keep up with what city the intelligence community whether to say the day the -- the rest of when they can't keep up with that -- of people are the ones who are at risk. That's one that it is so important now senator Feinstein mentioning Fourth Amendment. It's better that I think the point visas. Something is Majorly. And issue here and I'm not sure that word across President Obama even tried to mediate this fight. And he got nowhere now part of the reason for that is. He is he's not himself he need defender of constitutional balance of power. He is under the go on or more every day -- -- he is doing things as the executive. Without congressional. Involvement. All of it points up to something that those of us who've been around long enough know the six system of balance of power between the justice side of the equation -- is the judicial branch. The congress the legislative branch and the presidency the executive branch. It is party it's not -- like it's supposed to. That's why this is such an important story we should followed. This one shows something that is really really scary. About where the country is and we need to pay attention to. All right I wanted to give them overview let's take a break come back. We'll get into the details of this so takes over with a quote from. And -- and transcript and more run up to this stubborn -- Leo yeah it's a pretty immoral 53 at. The very similar to earth that has been most visible. And depending the in those days. Data. Don't surveillance. And the CIA. Isn't alone. World war with the CIA. She claims that the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation. On in her words. Horrible details. Of those CIA torture program. That never never never should have existed. The computers. On earth system that were searching -- is trying to understand it. Were hacked by the CIA. The CIA he claimed. The senate committee took document run them that they shouldn't. Each suing each other under I think crumbled charges in the Justice Department we have only its own -- with the after correctly when a wrong number one loses gets a little complicated number -- include the proportions that I have -- go back to. Win. Soon -- -- all on the senate floor. This is the spy agency now acting as Apollo world unto itself. And we go through transcript you read Soviets -- stories. Or at least two occasions they got orders report from the president of the United States they. Didn't go down. On numerous occasions. -- -- order from the intelligence committee bridge. -- intelligent movie is their ball outs and the outright denied them business and they agencies that that operates on its own. So -- that it does and I think what's important about passing media Susan that it does. I think what's important about that is at the heart of the street. Recruit news. We don't know the -- The American people have absolutely no way and should have no confidence. That we know what goes all. And that the CIA. That's the -- but here's the rest of the story. We probably shouldn't. -- Soul of what goes on inside the CA. There are things going on we hope they're protecting the country. That wore a week ago in the very people that the CIA is trying to defend against damaging -- in the country. Would also. Eighties in that one factor that all of the problems exist. Do we believe that the CIA is properly respecting the fact. That oversight. Is wallop that. Where dire concern over side disqualified were in SA is curtains are. That's the real point here and that's what inside and -- is trying to exploit. Internet gray area of -- we know we don't know but probably. Shouldn't is where she believes the CIA is adding to. And when you say about understand that and I agree with that. But in keeping with that. That this is now being discussed in the open. Wouldn't -- CIA -- Go through there -- Boston's. In particular -- of the committing violence and who'd been so much in their corner and says look we can do that is because the public should know he beats. That seems to be something at least on the surface. I mean the the CIA when -- says that said we would receive these records on torture. Hired outside contractors come in right. And and then it turned round Wednesday. What's -- -- years ago through its millions of documents. Partly get through in the UK okay in the little we don't. Millions of documents -- some equipment uses. Right and let's think about what it is all of that Israel saying in instinctively we call now in today's America. Understand. We did not understand it until probably after the Vietnam War but here is the point. In all of that. What do we need to -- and to do about the possibility that the CIA area and has hearing the rest being held -- community. Has literally jumped the prices. That we want to do about that. I can and Stan is saying well you don't have to answer you don't have to ask that question it's been answered. It is the congress. That is supposed to make sure that what they're doing is appropriate. Under the law. That's our beat she hit the senate intelligence community two year. End there -- House Intelligence Committee here that would be -- Republican. And of course she's a Democrat. -- should have hopefully complete confidence. That they -- oversight. Is war India's effect. That is precisely. Where it is broke -- and for the first man in my life span monopoly the first time in history. And United States Senator McCain so concerned. About it is that she took the 4%. We -- final -- from Romeo and you do. In the applause. Stole a document from UC it would report be prosecuted and imprisoned. Or. Where you have any of those hack this and intelligence committee computers. Would we be prosecuted go to prison. Figure anybody's -- -- for this now. See that. Can be the more the American people realize that this is set of war. That protects those with or all -- it will lose it'll build some. And secure the the American people organs settled for that now. Well I don't either let's remember what were discussed here were discussing waterboarding. We're discussing renditions. We're discussing things that have been going all. And being adjudicated investigate one or another form -- years the CIA is culpable. In rendition. And in waterboarding. And and everything -- like that there's a 6300. Page report coming out about all that. I number myself among the Americans who want to know what it is in the report the -- home. Aggressive interrogations. -- it's gonna save my family and friends in this country the problem is we've got. In -- and all -- coming out and telling us that is not what this program watch this program went much further than -- And the American people are not going to be comparable to what the CIA -- -- When you know that's the it may be covering up for itself. You do what and signs Stan has done what scares me. Is that the president got nowhere. In mediating this hour. Nor did George Bush you may have recorded music routes. Orders exactly legal counsel. Elliott always a pleasure that's his theory will do. Ball or -- through -- fuels more -- talk. About a -- brigade celebrity profile --