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3-13-14 11:35am Garland: on minimum wage

Mar 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Will Green of LABI about whether or not the minimum wage should be raised.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our current legislative session and -- and we Zia and and bill proposing to raise the minimum wage varying degrees of increases some problem. Eight dollars or so some -- nine dollars -- so. And I think at least one purporting to make it ten dollar receive federal minimum wage at this point is 721. One of the organizations are broke about live -- conducted the survey of small business owners and Louisiana. And since 1980%. Of them sent out soon to lean on. Here in double bill with -- 56%. 44%. In. Liberated director for now I'm sure and hopefully blue green director of the employer relations civil Joseph reformed council would only BI joins us. Welcome sure appreciate the time. No problem Garland on just die happy he had in indeed bought in in nearly -- against girls average. On though you. That -- tough -- -- listeners of. Look look what we're not to help. Out and about Patricia. Apple rolls. Listen. -- -- to -- topic is that you know we trust trust is saying trust the organization in that they. They have everybody out of his best interest in art and we'll see. There are certainties. In this world one of whom it is applauds the exports nobody's listening to -- great bridges -- in the -- Are. Your thoughts. Got a number of bills and they -- all the -- from dollars on minimum rage escalation. All of it yet Garland on there there are a lot of deals out there right now in alms. We knew we do oppose this deal. It means com. In establishing state minimum wage. And 88 a state minimum wage. -- -- that the wage increases alms. Sugar -- you're not from. From forced mandates such is that implied. That you can't actually there is changes in the labor market. Economic. Supply demand and in you know education. Through education. Natural progression. -- latter. What do you think about the argument. I don't think minimum wage. Has moved up with the inflation. Costs of living index. A lot of these workers in particular the one with three and apparently. Or below the poverty level to wind up paying more in social services than we would by raising the minimum way. -- you know I think. I don't think it did try to them do so one. Above the poverty line. At the experience. Put someone else. Out of business. You know that the picture on an update that. That nude -- people. Through the forced name date error error forcing businesses to increase. Hey -- you -- minimum wage based on some arbitrary number. All you know in theory sounds great in theory it it it helps certain people. But not -- cost of hurting. A lot more and still I think what is happening there is. What they -- ethnic account -- and I think if you act the average person on the street would. Would do which support making more money com you know obviously they would they would say yeah. But once you what you did in two. What you get into the fact that. One person making more money. -- expansive a lot more people being out of the job in in meeting government subsidy because of that. Com you know totally. It is is is against. Liked what you know this allegedly -- trying trying to to to -- it. Alaska notes to the department of -- and student directly. Said that there are reports are also it is. That take a look at states at his side by side one bruises minimum wage doesn't build the wind doesn't. There or measurable. Plus saw -- -- that does resent compared to one adults. You disagree -- -- I do and Garland I think there's. You know I think there's a reality here on the they know that there's a common. Explanation. A lot by raising the minimum wage. Force -- You know that the mandate. Businesses to raise minimum wage that and the you know I think a lot listeners. Alms. -- EEP told him that. They're you know which is that I accidentally if if you listeners were poll. We are forcing you to Dubai were fourteen years now he paid. You know just just an arbitrary number four more for your mom for your call. Com you know naturally like that does it's it's more money coming out. In an out of your pocket and so you've got to make certain concessions built in so what you can do as you can cut back on vacation -- -- You get back on the -- she's gonna buy. And you gonna have to work longer hours and they're not thinking that that every day real life example -- as ridiculous that maybe. And then switching over your injury Alley what's happening or what is minimum wage in date is -- it is. It's putting that mom and pop business data is bitterly operating at a profit. Named -- that they raise the minimum wage that they race that the minimal wage of their workers. What that's gonna -- they're going to half to compensate -- maximum one year. And stand by that they're going to do one of one of several things they're either gonna have to lay people all which is which is absolute negative. They're going back there ready the price of they're doing which is it to -- to supplement basically the money that they're now paying now. And what that does is at the end even if you do make account as a worker even a -- do you maintain my job. At the new rating -- Common cap the pay more for the delay. And I didn't pack -- in it -- break even. And then even that even that small business street at that large business can operate. And profit -- aren't doing that. It's going to be only a time before alms. One of those things that can be and it's -- it's just economic out. All right a limited break here we're gonna come right back were -- about minimum wage and we have blue green with a -- of employee relations civil Joseph reform council will. Louisiana association. Of business and industry. Of Columbia. Or welcome back. We're debating minimum wage number bills in the legislature. To raise the minimum. Federal -- of -- 725. But I think we do have that here and some bills and raised it. Above eight dollars film about nine dollars I think one even says ten dollar an hour. We have world marine with -- -- rector of employee relations with -- -- -- association of business and industry. -- -- -- So above one of our listeners and and I'm just not I've never heard of this. They're asking do you openly play in some rays this server. -- it's been two dollars and thirteen cents or ten years. And the -- make a living on have you heard the server wage. -- Garland -- that is 888 piece of a lot of the a lot of these deals is an attempt to on. I cannot play with that wage -- all -- again and it's it's it's another call. You know it's it's another force mandate owned some of those some of those restaurants to all you know back to an arbitrary number that. -- hit the policy on. You know causes a lot of businesses to attack to -- that -- at the same thing is just the as the minimum wage increase. The that the deal -- now it's not a alms. -- -- they tried to anybody at two dollars and thirteen cents a war. You know they the the argument there is -- -- It could to be -- city I don't know what the increases in a lot of deals prepared to increase. Against -- -- -- is that is that -- number. But all he really did its. That's based off of all you know calculation of sin and things like dad -- on. How work in the restaurant industry awhile back but it but it's been a lot to be honest with you on -- -- Call what a lot of those would a lot of increases in this deal and now. Whom we're and just have Woburn callers call in new clothing could be in the -- -- seven went to work it was a dollar. And Al Gore and that would raise it to a dollar and -- he said he heard the same arguments. Business from Goteborg people wouldn't be hard people would because. And he said all these years we boards to go -- 115 to one and is today. Is are there is there any evidence that shows as this minimum wage has been raised. That what we're being told to fear actually occurred. Out here on apple at all. You know I think there's there's there's obviously everybody's got dear -- dad and everybody -- there'll all. -- old polls on. You know I mean there's there was a 2000 points -- studied chat while you want it for support workers make gains from the three out of every four workers -- legally single actually on. You know it will actually put him back below the poverty line com. There is. You know there's this real life examples out there on it that we that we that we seeing different groups where. Treat people believe I mean machinery on a few years again decided that they would raise the minimum wage. -- there the American in the LA area. And not it was such devastating effect that did the kidney injury pulled out beaten a thousand lost jobs and and you know a couple years they work they repealed on. And so there's absolutely. On and it's out they're but again everybody that split that you know guard. I really I wanna bring it back just stick to their out and the reality that we -- when you don't have the market. -- when you don't have to -- and when you don't have naturally currencies. Column. In the market dictating how much more weeks. They eat they -- you do you're increased the price of consumer rights you reducing poignant personal internal. Annually in the states competitive position regular that -- relative to the adjacent states alms which. Which slowed the growth of the state -- speak to a group of. Well I'd started and road trip we've got breaking news can use they would use our book right. Or or back to the debatable minimum wages and I'm getting my education number about -- -- -- servers -- a lot in tips of the troop. -- answered to me saying how can live on two dollars. And thirteen cents an hour well. That's correct that's the ideas that is that year is that your waiters all the Iowa volatile later. Vietnam. You know obviously that that'd take that calculation and that -- is taken into consideration. All right one final quarter with about 45 seconds President Obama apparel and once you expand eligibility. For overtime today. Is that creed the same problems as minimum wage. Sure I mean it is I think that it's called -- today. You know it calls these people to. To lose jobs they called is -- you know small businesses to mom. -- -- -- -- -- handle that -- workers on you know working overtime and do it out to the consumer. In a timely process in an efficient process that the price of consumer goods stage reasonable. It -- -- -- for -- forced to pay more. In those overtime wages in you know again you're practicing reality that did did the market is being created which is. -- -- -- -- In that employers can tackle and palms on his own his staff. And you know again you've got to think -- get people out of a job and you got on. You know you've got you've got workers that are basically. If they do you have more money in their pocket from the employer. Are -- happy to put more money Alfred it's been good and even -- -- -- we run out of time but thank you referred to both sides that the pretty clearly do appreciate that absolutely. -- --