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3-13-14 3:10pm Angela: on the Audubon Zoo millage

Mar 13, 2014|

Angela talks about the upcoming Audubon Zoo millage vote with Ron Forman of the Audubon Nature Institute.

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When you go to the polls on Saturday he'll be asked to vote on whether the Ottoman institute should continue to get tax money as it has in the past. When voters agreed to a small Milledge to help build this -- to be proud of and later an aquarium. Today both successful. And appreciated. It is a little more complicated than that and to here to explain. In full is -- institute CEO Ron Foreman and I appreciate you being -- Iran always. Because there are a lot of questions and everybody's very interested in this. Because in fact everything you've done has been successful. It didn't come freed them. And I think that's what people are learning people forgot may -- they were paying villages. And now you're asking for -- -- on another Milledge but a continuation. Of these -- to kind of take this back. The first Angela it's always great leadership. I'm honored to be here and and as you said on audobin. Some of us remember a long time a drop -- worker at 1142 years -- -- -- -- All right -- -- it goes by so quickly and on our members young man working there in the worst -- country. Which Colin Campbell go by New York comes there was embarrassment and it was a push you to close it down but it was so bad and I have resumed Rawlins are fixing up. Fortunately -- where you'll know him it was mayor Tom he decide to put on -- columnist people analyst what you wanna do. And with over 7% voter approval to people who always voted yes. That's dedicate money specifically to go to the zoo. He interestingly it was a fifty year dedication. -- so that -- to -- for one of the worst 21 of the great facilities we have to well the tough one of the top ten countries to agree. And that was in the seventies that was in -- -- subsidies and with the success of the -- in the eighties. We were losing the all the gas industry to used to and they -- so pushy person by tourism. And fairly true -- it was the fastest growing economic development way to promote tourism. He was talk of the -- or who to vote -- again asked people to tax themselves to dedicate it was a 35 year village at that time. To dedicate themselves -- money to build -- of decorum require -- three in the country. Be creation between zoos in the -- mobile 600 million dollars in economic development its largest failure traction we have in our community. In store asking Saturday. Those -- one was over forty years ago. We wanna read dedicate that village. To continue what we've been doing for the last forty years. And for a lot of people it's it's it's simple if you like what -- building world class attractions for the -- to -- for our families. And then that's a great way to vote yes let's continue what we're doing. If you have a problem what we've done. Tell us what problems will declare their answer to try to corrected. But it's critical to our community. Mark Cuban our cities just port city. That -- kids can apply to San Diego and zoo a moderate of the -- It's their facilities in our community in through true resume through text indication rebuilt world class strikes for markets. And I don't think anybody argues it all that went on and it doesn't it does it right. And it makes this press out but the things that I'm hearing and play devil's advocate and of course anybody who wants to call canned at 260187. But is the first question is why fifty years and you've said I didn't realize it's the -- one was already fifty years he still have time left on both of them. -- The first personal that this -- six or seven years left on. Why dale virtual while we wait. It's critical -- is going to be big news or Google may be the entire country. The whole world sort duels on the war with America you'll Richard dead. We also -- we all went through a rough Tom. We're going through the biggest growth in our community maybe to a volley I've ever seen you hospitals the superdome -- -- Do do schools do infrastructures. New theater district this do things you airports in new things happening all around us. We want the people that number after the hurricane. We struggled to come back. So we only have seven useless to relish what we do with the village we bond the money we hit. To get a law which about a capital money. Campbell we bonded out we -- -- for thirty years. If -- thirty years seven years it's done enough money to get enough money during two significant thirty years allows us to generate a lot of money. They go to building projects. Interesting also we're the only public project in the statement though. That matches one for war and those dollars would probably -- -- the dollars. That's kind of nice sense that we have sort support elsewhere. The community supports by matching them money through the proper corporate no way I think that's a very important statement so why fifteen years virtual. The net. Is -- say do deal would go away. To do what's in place fifty years it's really a debt of 43 additional years to bill which without long term we can't build on to add to that the level wanna build. And introduce a little why did you when Billy boy your have a great facility. We don't have a great facility could she keep appropriate you wanna go one way in in museums during an entertainment. You can build them. You corners you know 26 years old if you don't continue to improve. You have to go down you can go up you have to keep investing you what you go down you go way -- we've seen the worst in the country we don't know what we do not wanna go there again. We -- continue to maintain used to have a lot of new project would propose that 2018 you were going for. We -- -- we've had before people vote of 7% to forty it was -- term. It worked. There's been no scandals and -- spending of the money it worked so. 22 years down the third 43 years seems to make systems. So. Correct me if I'm wrong but. If you merge the two villages. It does come up more than it wise. -- the first person that's not exactly rocket correctly the way were we re cap went to the voters with four tenths of a bill for the -- In three point 80 bill's for the horror. Together and as of four point two. So the worry that people voted or twice before. Is four point two we went to the -- traditionally do was take uses existing village. It said re dedicating a four point 20 to to say a number of four point two ago. You know to corrective bleachers completely -- That four point two local -- prevailed every five years leak the successors to City Council who looks at the village that you roll up the road down. So over the years of -- village it has wrote down. Is now about 3.3 mills stock four point two bills. Four point two home -- would generate. Which -- -- it will cost the average homeowner opened 2000 dollar home about 35 dollars per year. So -- 2000 home 35 dollars year. If you look -- to close right now it's about about 26 dollars a year is about non dollar. Increase. In the village of 75 cents a month in the increase was was before. To that notion four point two can come down again or to be rolled back up again so it's it we should talk to -- is too complicated thing. But it is the same bill which we have today which four point 20 as -- the voters. There is rolled back by the assessor sued by the university council 200000 dollar home is 35 dollars a year from a year and that that with the four point 20 assessment. So could it possibly lower than that if you go down 26 dollars a year if it was 3.3. There -- that there is a difference so you know those who say. He's in fact you will collect more money in 2050. With -- village we will collect on an average social about nine dollars a year more. They were collector right now. Stay with this and give us a call if you have any thoughts pro or con on. The Milledge for audit and institute 2601870. And Angela under immunity well. We're talking with Ron Foreman who's the CEO of audit and institute. Saturday he'll be voting for. A Milledge that is a continuation. Of the Milledge provoked the -- And the aquarium that's being put together and I think Ron if a pretty good example main explanation of that. But there are still questions let's go to Patrick in New Orleans Patrick. I we will need that the into your early in action and mr. Foreman -- child being put -- in January. By simply stating that is they -- new rule what -- pre existing whereas it is that's really true. In addition to a pre existing. Get it up. Four point slumping sales even with Cheney is intact. I -- there'd be you know the the you'd -- sectors. Changes it's still an addition that is being -- that this this Saturday you win the vote. Patrick you're you're you're correct that it's dedicated four point 20. As -- voted for twice before. If she's just saying -- which again is rooting for with a four point 20. But that has been rolled back by -- -- and seek counseling to Wear today issued 3.3. -- And it'll go from 3.3 subjects from four point two suffered. Let but that's what a dozen rows back and forth and it's the same language would roll back from four point 23 point three it's disabling if we are right now four point two low. So you're correct above -- the village will be rolled up and down. Forty years is long tumbled clog up and down in that virtual who want to go to workers Tom. I'm not -- -- know -- that's disingenuous but it's -- I understand what you're saying but just so there were all clear. This a long time ago in the seventies and in the eighties for the two facilities. Was created at four point two that's correct and because the -- can change it by rolling things back it can be lower it will never be over four point two. It's limited to four point two cannot ever be over four point 20 presents a threat -- people who always voted on twice before. You were asked -- -- vote exactly for the saying only go to before. But he can be rolled back to the assessor and goes to the City Council and it can be rolled back and forth and back which. All right so again on a 200000 dollar home it's 35 dollars at the highest level and it's roughly 26 dollars at a three point one -- Max let's go to Algiers. Are you doing very good how are you Robert Mac years ago -- -- -- -- good -- -- know where our. -- Betsy Dresser and produced this -- for heaven's a GM quality gem of mine are Roberto yeah. Written I have some questions about this from. -- front. -- facility. It's supposed to get at least six million dollars a year from San Diego's. That's not correct would put thank you for -- yes and he goes and presents a great partnership the first of its type in the country. -- the world famous Iranian regime. Picked -- that we picked San Diego to formal partnership. It's a future where Jews are all about we. So we're putting voyage herds of animals together and -- are thought I had it. The tight they're playing fifteen million dollars for capital projects over five year period ironic. Need more money from the taxpayer for them. There's if like ancient questions about its fifteen million dollars over five years per capita -- coming from San Diego. Two people in the -- it's the same time. They're putting up 500000 dollars year to be matched by -- to to operate facility. Absolutely -- the aquarium responded I think you have to -- trying to. You've got all new equipment after Katrina. Well that's -- wish that was the case that he exhibited decorum. One exhibit was built by Katrina money decrease of 26 years though. To reduce the roof repairs which is some other things with FEMA money. But but the -- source that. Exhibit's 126 year -- exhibit is an old exhibit if you -- you -- of the last 25 years you pretty much see which receive between five years. If we wanted to read that maintain the status of the world class facility it's time to build new attraction. Only that you paid by the city and -- and. Now which group paid what. Am I paid by the city -- the ought to pay by the city. Who paid by the city and brought about. Now operates strictly by the -- -- are -- for the alternate shoot the board of directors. That to have a contract with the -- commission. And one that is exporting -- expire and when this -- one take place. The UN will take place in 2015. What -- replaced the two Milledge is we have in place right now which both go for about another seven years. -- -- directors is a person works its recent levels senator. It's working on wetland restoration break program -- -- when you know -- -- I'd -- was he says he works as an administrator. Working on programs and I don't. Particularly like because movement towards a political actors he's a very professional portrait. Palin campaign and as far as I'm concerned he is more than three that -- -- about. Well about in that ballgame so you can play your game under brutal about Macs are great to call and I appreciate your thoughts thank you a lot. Let's talk about you were condoning that you need the funds for the long term you're looking at the big picture. Of all of the facilities. And carrying them forward so there. Keeping competitive with other facilities. Correct. What other things you have. Ideas for one -- exciting things we're going to be doing we're bringing -- and -- and back again and that was flawless with the hurricane through a lot of conversations bring it back don't bring it back. We're so excited we're going back to the east distractions going on right dale demolition is going on right now. Put the money for the first time. It will go not only to -- -- It down to on the quorum but we'll go to the east. With the nature center and it will go to the west with a -- Somalis are this close. Some people saying let's keep it just opt out. But that's not the case anymore and we're gonna spread that money were on the entire city. So the nature senator is one of the major -- -- back the partnership was San Diego Zoo it's a great project we will go back to the project to the to a public one day. It is zoo where. Have a 1911 -- -- mercy -- -- Gotta be rebuilt again you know it's important repeal that bit and over house needs to be rebuilt we want to build a major African to have it in the zoo. We are building new elephant exhibit we wanna -- face to. A who's who it is who would -- to the swap exhibit as it is do it you quorum we just over the Caribbean exhibit we went and from there. A new major penguin exhibit in new -- exhibit. We went -- the IMAX theater the IMAX -- which opened 1520 years ago. We were the only IMAX with a hundred mile range Hillary theater -- -- -- Carson City. As a I'm actually -- brand is broken so we could reduce the ibex and make sure that's a much better for so -- So the project we reached. We continue to prove Warburg removed from talks to us about it. Eight different facilities about twenty different projects we wanted to do and that's why I wanna take that bill it's money bonded out. To have enough money particularly -- practice we've done by 2018. As we showed to the rest of the country or should respect yet which are really things -- -- renovate your house then you lose now and you don't go one particularly attractions. If you don't keep improving eventually has to go down if you don't like to rebuild them that you go down we had the worst do we have experienced big bad. We don't wanna go back there. Stay with us we'll continue our talk with Ron Foreman. Don't hesitate to call 260187. In for the callers there. Please hang on what will we are talking about time with Ron Foreman about what's going to be on the ballot on Saturday. And they're asking for. A fifty year extension of -- on Milledge that has existed for forty years. In some cases. To continue the improvement to all of the -- facilities not just the zoo and aquarium. But as you were mentioning what's happening on the east certainly species survival center -- -- park. And it takes money and so you're looking ahead to the future let's take a couple of quick questions Jonathan in -- Jonathan. But they call them -- for a question -- -- purchase whether that state legislature that are out of state legislature. Our production at 2%. Increase in the -- There are you all increased in villages and it's it's a court or it's an extension. That works. So that thing you expect. This or as a deliberate. And we wish accord -- talk -- you recently. Two. I'll talk nobody jail. Would cause in -- inquiries. Sort. At what point. We. I think that's a great question -- we all know taxes are tough thing to approve no one likes. Two on the -- to vote for Texas but on the other hand. And I'm not to speak for the city it's these views in that semi job obviously for ought to be in more tickets supported. The facility bench about our animals to live in a better place than the regional. The animals that we take input and our facilities. But they -- to educate our kids to beauty of life through nature. We take our kids in we talk about the importance of protecting the environment that we talked about it talked importance. Can you clean city we talk about values of life that we all hoped grew up with with a loving nature. So the facilities the facilities have for their families of our community and the families who wanted to use it over to be income paid we have. -- for follow the -- can use our facilities. And those -- decide that what quality of life a world class attractions for our families. They could pay the bills for forty years vote yes if we don't think it's good idea their logo. Sure -- They -- -- should. Be full. I can get to chip architecture. Talk or talk out here is basically next to within two year. But putting your Milledge that -- taxing. More. -- to pay for this -- -- -- Not dimension consider important. Likely. People ball ball. Increase now it has voters what the state legislators do except bowed to stir. Well but we're we're -- we're really on the -- run I cannot talk about -- -- police and and and and then to jails and we're here to talk about -- and -- -- to have too strict. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will be for an average household 2000. It's 36 dollars a year. The increase she talked about. I will be -- vote on average how shall be about nine dollars a year or so because cents a month spell if that's a good investment to build world class attractions. Then that's a great investment debate if it's not a good investment then then then decide not to vote for it. We've had a history of doing this I cannot speak for the city and other villages. I know what we're trying to do and where passion about it and I think the voters will decide on Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would hope you consider you talk about having children imagine. New loans for your children. Without places like a lot of talking -- via coroner will go to -- pork in sectarian nature senators. Research centers -- follows imagine imagine your failure to you finish better off which you're not spending addiction -- dollars a month on all all the attractions for our community. It's your choice. -- I want I want you enjoy talking and let's go to to -- on the North Shore. Hello hello credit. It's like to say. In -- oddity equally so much in gripes. Would be really need to do in -- to move up and -- that it -- -- -- would. Where it got them a change is where I -- the six billion dollar budget hole eight. Where he can't the fact he can't get anything other than just on the coast -- -- in the gamble that -- It is still able to meet it would -- you want all -- look you want it. They do you know look like a world class city. You order proved it on beat it wanna adjust their arraignment saying you know and each in -- tax. -- Milledge separately you know seeing the value of each individual. Milledge you know the try to -- everything and noble I think they're wrong turn and do that right off of that you know. But I think -- parking in a good job is -- it's quite. Transparent in -- overtake Giguere is pretty cute but apartment so wonderful place. You know they've done right and you know so so you can you be no problem at all in -- -- had a chance. Could -- you know thirty dollars -- year. Throw up our world class -- You know ball with. That really appreciate I appreciate that amateur. Think fuel line we'll take another break -- come back and get our other callers don't hesitate to call 2601. Accent and about the on Milledge extension that the -- institute is asking for when you vote on Saturday let's go to Julius -- -- The opposition apparently nobody wants to know about you talking while talking about. It's increased four point 20. Yeah it which is 600. Many and -- Be good gotten a lot painful. We need out of pocket book. And the costs. Brian and popped that he might -- basically -- it. I'm. On a -- OK Julius -- let -- answer that are Republican or later the question. But I page -- uses -- Well we've got many times before. You're due out tomorrow. You you have been in our facility before. Old Julius Judy's shoes okay. The -- governor that's the answer your question. When you talk about. Putting money in auditor. Purcell the village four point two -- he says a brand new village of four point two it's not a brand new -- With the -- villages in the air for over forty years were asking renewal of the village and we've talked about the last half an hour exactly. What that means that taxes -- not taxes. And the bottom line is that that money goes to building world class attractions -- I think you've signed -- you have kids every -- cage Julius. The audience with your kids hope you like to be able to take your kids a world class attractions and how -- is a lot of our kids can't go to saying -- go on an airplane. They come to -- at all. Department that the point -- -- -- second that was. What three point would come to point two mile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to be com. And I want to think about this disease. And he. -- does the light. Of -- on the show. Yes you have gotten your point across the -- got the numbers roll -- were not alone does wrong numbers. -- I'll talk about the good that even. -- -- And he has already talked about that but you said it was 42 mills it's not it's four point two. Or point two. These 2.0. And I'm okay three point at which it. Point two. Points you know that under the. We obviously did but I'm concerned everybody else who's listening did too so let's start back again. You don't have to be for this you really don't have to be this and I think Ron -- saying that it is a decision about do we want to continue excellence. It has nothing to do with G we wish apostles were -- how many shows have I done where let's fix the light let's fix the top models with problems in the city. Everybody knows we're looking at this as do we want to continue the axle between now. Which is the Ottoman institute and if we -- not good and that's a big decision we've made. -- diplomacy and put food on the table because I'm on a fixed income because Allah in -- -- No -- I hope that you take your family your troops to the -- And enjoy world class attractions and he teach and the beauty of life give that -- chance of no life it's an amazing place and how to push to be so anger. I hope you realize. -- and the people of the community right now and Uga Uga prostituting the Cuban community that we need dentistry. And we may need -- You -- who we prosecuting anybody curious you're misstatements of solo renters. That because it. How much people have been based on that value of the interview you know everybody on saint fought it -- budget at 20. Well we say go about it nearly 200000 dollar home is going to be roughly 35 does Julius we go to the callers thanks a lot for calling okay let's go to. How about Trudy in Jefferson. This after. The fact that he stressed and not that the whole poignant to everybody I would they can. And very shape it would a bucket training I actually think it got a tried to attack on anything everyone realizes back. A lot Colin White everybody Catholic and negligent that they. And children -- -- for now it's right now in animal. Out. Its reading it are challenged and -- be a child together and do what we each -- -- your doll thank you so much for -- and I will be right back -- to vote final word Ron Foreman. Usually very very important vote for a families for our kids grandparents young kids if you like world create a world class attraction bring your family. We're asking people used to do what they did the last four years but yes let's keep building provide for our children. Thank you very much and it he said just to vote go to those polls thank you so much Ron Foreman now let's go to the newsroom.