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Scoot Show 3-13 8pm, Saints Transactions

Mar 13, 2014|

Darren Sharper held without bond in Los Angeles- 2 states have filed formal charges with a total of 5 states including LA against him….do you think the evidence is mounting up too high against the former NFL player or do you still think he can get out of this? What does your gut tell you about this? Also, what is your favorite sitcom and are any of the new ones a must watch for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to a delayed start to the -- shooting nights and you just heard LA issue beat Alabama in college basketball 6856. That's a good SEC win for LSU tomorrow night you're guilty of the game right here beginning at 6 o'clock and every WL. -- issue takes on Kentucky Darren Sharper has been ordered to be held in jail in Los Angeles with out bail. And to a lot will happen depending on what happens in Los Angeles and I guess and in Arizona a Darren Sharper needless to say is in very very deep trouble. I'd Darren Sproles Malcolm Jenkins both going to the Eagles that's that goodness does you know we may have to claim against the -- We got the latest on the saints moves and Debbie W a dot com and its appeals will talk about on the show tonight. Also this was supposed to be the year dead at the network's sitcom. Came back was very powerful. And it never succumbed to sport -- figures. People thought they were going to be in the networks have canceled a number of -- very promising sitcoms. We announced at last night on the show. Actually yesterday was on for Angeles took about this yesterday afternoon. The CBS -- producers have announced that there is a new. A three -- season extension for the Big Bang theory for those who view Laurie big fan of that show -- other other sitcoms have done really. Been that successful so what I wanna talk about tonight is it is steer a new sitcom and you could even consider the Big Bang theory to be a new sitcom. Is there a new sitcom that is that is currently currently airing. That you were committed to watch every night. Or are you like me still committed to watching a lot of sitcoms -- it comes in not so classic having that not -- all classic to -- But they're not from that long ago. Are you more interested -- watching sitcoms that are on in reruns. Do you watch more sitcoms that are currently running or more -- comes in reruns and what is your favorite sitcom curtain or or passed. We'll talk about them in the short right if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our text numbers 877. For South Carolina Dave -- on the stewardship good evening. Scoop it is dark here. Weigh in on the state. Oh he says they have all -- spot -- because. This guy has been out of the great but it sank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it and apparently Darren -- wife is not happy with that the trade you a break in any any any mode GO we can talk about this will talk about this give people an opportunity to. Expressed their opinions about some of these move moves you know you really ultimately have to. Have to have faith in Mickey Loomis. And Sean Payton and and Drew -- to some degree. And in a lot of ways. In a lot of ways their roles was an extension of Drew Brees -- hour and it was very very valuable relationship on the field but. I trust that they know what they're doing and they've got to make room to make some moves and sometimes sentimental favorites -- ago. I. And obviously. You know -- -- -- -- operate those guys bring personal situation. It -- I was just honored Amber's got all the -- ought to like to Dumbledore is back. Parents. I would command any day of the all right. All right today from price you're going to college you'll enjoy initially with a comment about. I mean you're talking about -- -- you talk about the saints recent moves so a lot of people are upset with some of these moves as far as I know Jimmy Graham has not been signed yet. Will that happen and should the saints bend over backwards to signed Jimmy Graham or should they go so far defeat isn't signed. Letting go. They were a lot of questions about Jim -- in this past season he wasn't tough enough across the middle. He doesn't block he is not the full service. At tight and that some people wanting to -- Sometimes I noticed in football and and in basketball in general. That an athlete. Did finally gets the contract. That they had been working for they get the contract that they have been fighting for. When he finally get that big contract. The next season is not a good season for. It's almost as if they're comfortable it's almost as if they're -- were they were hungry before the big contract. They got the big contract and I see this happened. They get the big contract and they're not hungry any longer. Here is a text that says says -- I twelve west before look home not moving if anybody has any information and then you -- -- call our show. Our numbers 2601872. Or 3866. Feet 890 a seventy. And if you're if you're in the car and you have a designated text or let that person Texas to give some information and the text number is 87870. Opera ham and Andrew you're -- -- VW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talk about Darren Sproles issue its production really slack while the past year and so. The screen -- was kind of nonexistent toward the later part of the year last year it's true and here is your 31 now. So I think we got to -- guilt or get round pick and we we're not gonna miss not the -- -- want we want -- quarterback there guarantee it. In a lot of people have a lot of confidence in burden in the movement with Sproles that gives them the money to help side Burke. Right and and not only we I mean. Need to -- on the -- outlined a time where you think about -- when they're street being resigned. Arnold that so. Yeah I don't know what all it got it now a lot of its source with the offensive line here if you don't have that you really can't do anything -- -- yes you have to have a good defense -- you have to agree quarterback and we we have -- quarterback. But you gotta be able to protect the quarterback and that's something that was very painful to a lot of saints fans this past season. Right yeah it's the number you'd go out. And you know I really wouldn't be (%expletive) if another team weren't signed -- -- beat it to -- pick. I would be OK with that too and and that is not to say anything against Jimmy Graham or talent but says there were some questions about him that I had as well this this past season. And if you know if we have to break the bank society might think that's going to be major major mistake and I and I honestly believe it. Even though you could argue that it was it was right for the saints to do all they did decide breeze today and make a contract. There were questions about. Going so far to sign one player when you have other players that that need to be cited other positions that did need help. I enjoy enjoy our conversation with nationalistic. Scott has an update on our traffic Scott thanks for calling it. It. And that just got a couple. It -- the world. And eighteen wheel. Truck out there and brought back. The -- on the back up but -- want. And that's just I twelve just rest route. -- up and at the back up on the other direction. What you get out. What you get hot and horrible. The wiser to back -- and these guys are back a brilliant. -- construction to. And yet and it looks like it's about two miles or so immoral act I mean -- around yeah. Stoppers rode it right now it's a -- and it. Bat the way up I -- it back -- you're at one point one. Probably. And that that -- -- that number that. I've -- I appreciate that update excellent drive carefully. At night here's a -- race trade Jimmie we can't afford to pay. Half the tight -- Can afford all pay hepatitis and let's draft one told a year on WW of the evening. Couple -- -- are recovered in the war and intact and Austria or repairs Philip. -- -- bears bulls won the first people. -- and talk to -- Probably about twenty minutes a couple of years when he first got to thank. Very on seller but actually dead -- and it's -- New Orleans Saints. Are really really -- in the right news and that deal that seen in a ball each year different genes are constraint currently. You know and as -- teen brutally hacked vol. And I think really at all because it's pretty much all the pain that got canceled down. They do and say it was horrible when Janet are aware and in the -- and I'm glad to see that they've addressed that can actually in the week. I'm in the running back situation needed to -- it. Are still don't know about. Record numbers -- Andrea curry Robinson is that -- I would I would agree with you I would agree with united that we have and then -- about Kenny stills we've got a lot of young players who -- just ready to. These superstars in the NFL. But they still need that east trip and that's where they lost Joseph Morgan last year that really -- fifteen. It said that they eat certain teams like Seattle they really couldn't vote Seattle at the top. Ask Seattle plays a GB safety belt where the safety coming down on like where you have Edberg get past that you can really stressed indeed. Well Tony is somebody who covers the saints I appreciate your insight thanks for sharing it with a -- to be WL. Okay scoop on him on the street -- or mr. out there and you're at work. Real has been the best as far as injuries in Asia. Also the president matching that new problem we will check it off and all the that we via. Louisiana eleven uncheck gonna Tony thanks a lot all right if you articles state witness if you wanna join as -- year comment tonight. Our numbers 2601. Examining toll free 8668890870. At a text number is 87070. Scoots and will be right back live on this Thursday night's. Under the W good evening and welcome back to the Scotia glad to be back with you -- -- hear it every inaugural. The had a sitcom with Michael J. Fox in the new sitcom with that Sean Hayes who was Sanofi -- a great great comic actor on will and grace. Both of those sitcoms had a lot of promise but they've been canceled. And it seems like there were other sitcoms that had a lot of support and yet the audience just didn't show up so they have been very disappointing and have been canceled. This was supposed to be the big year of the new sitcom on the networks and and it wasn't. Do you watch current sitcoms more than old sitcoms. Talk about old sitcoms that are on in reruns. -- are you more interested in the court sitcoms or do you find yourself watching more. A pass it comes to repossess or -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. I give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com and we'll give you an update on as we continue to track that pull through on our show. Also discuss blog tonight is titled hot heads with guns. And I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with my opinion on this case and there's a Houston area Dan who shot and killed -- seventeen year old teenage boy he caught in his teenage daughter's bedroom. But there's a little bit more that you need to know about this case it happened about 2:20 in the morning this morning. The father went to his daughter's bedroom. With a gun and 417 year old boy shot and killed him in her bedroom will talk about that in the -- bloggers on our website at WW dot com. You can read -- share with others and give -- -- comment if you like guys you might totally agree with me you might totally disagree with me. It's on our web sites to Debbie WL dot com if you wanna join us with a comic tonight at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Texas a 7870 and will be back.