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Mar 13, 2014|

what is your favorite sitcom and are any of the new ones a must watch for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know it's really painful for The Who dat nation and Darren Sproles going to the Philadelphia Eagles on Malcolm Jenkins also going to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the business of football it's not about things that are personal it's not about. Loyalty to those who have been good to the team and it's it's not about loyalty to those who love the city although that you know it's something always appreciate about players. It's about business if you want to react to some of the saints moves you can color shooter might also we're talking about our case it took place in Houston very early this morning. A father. Apparently that there are no arrests yet there's no arrests yet did there's investigation and turn over to grand jury. But Houston area -- shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy he caught in his teenage daughter's bedroom. But there's a little bit more to this case the -- blog tonight is titled hot hands with guns. And you could read debts agree or disagree give a Chicago at this year with others it's on our website at WWL dot com and we're also talking about. This -- set -- a bad season for sitcoms and it was a season win. Since new sitcoms were supposed to be very popular the one with Michael J. Fox the Loma Sean Hayes. A great actor for willing grace. These were supposed to be sitcoms that made it Robin Williams is also a sitcom the crazy ones now that one is going to remain on on TV. But even with other big stars. Some sitcoms just didn't draw enough audience and they've been canceled even though there was a lot of promise about sitcoms. Do you find yourself investing in any of the new sitcoms Mike and Molly. Two broke girls -- -- list goes on there's a bunch of new sitcoms on television you watch any current sitcoms or. Do you find yourself watching more pass sit coms that running reruns. Got a text a moment ago from someone -- -- -- signed filled all day long. Here's a text a sitcom -- last man standing I love the show starring Tim Allen. It's kind of like home improvement but instead of three boys it's three girls it's hilarious and that is from Kelly. A you can give us say your opinion -- do you find yourself watching any new sitcoms or do you tend to watch sitcoms. That are warning refunds from the past. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- having -- text number 67070. And I WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is about sitcoms do you watch court succumbed to pass it -- -- your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com also this is the sixth day. The -- Malaysian flight 370 has been missing. And -- -- it didn't take long for conspiracy theories to begin I've got nine top conspiracy theories about where that plane -- And by the way even though the -- extended their is no truth. To the fact that the search has been extended to lake project. From may indigo GO Euro and to be WL. This year it -- do you. -- -- morning thanks. Perhaps your cell. In -- Kabul. I think that he. And -- you like. The public in general are much more helpful. So piece of our ability lack about a war. All of -- showed how that you're much more limited you know -- on YouTube and whatever. Stop watching regular be used to like Art Bell show. And our our. Personnel watched a lot of such media you know beating -- out on it and I think it. HD error showed cars are a little more leeway there aren't really sure on it and there's. Is say anybody is anybody watching any of the shows on TV land they've got some really funny sitcom how I really haven't invested in -- it's. On soul man with a Cedric the Entertainer it's hot in Cleveland with I mean why Teddy White in that whole cast is hysterical. And there's another woman that I just I I can't think of it is anybody watching -- news. Yeah you know -- -- -- -- and I'll think in general on the originality. Which. Like what the -- possible what writers are capable now. It's a lucky I mean you know like the characters -- restrict it like to not hear about are from you know you know what that that that. Our president more you know I mean that the Canadian part why. He's sure -- it's either Michael pit box there it went back at a going to be successful. But it's like you know particular war but -- you know and context that. Yeah I guess the reality is that it is you know the writings are pretty often I watched that show back guy from -- great why. It just what are -- -- -- that you bring up the good thing about short attention spans because. You have to. You have to watch your show in order to get it I mean I didn't watch -- -- when -- first started but I watched it the last couple of years it was on the year and I still love to watch it in reruns. And maybe people just don't wanna take the time to invest in the characters and it takes. Gonna take this season is gonna take a season at least is gonna take a couple of shows. Before you really get the nuances of the characters -- and understand the comedy that comes from the -- their perspective and and really who they are. Yeah it will -- there's practically you know kind of ran its course on HBO help you found out and it's it's hysterical absolutely terrible one but that sure there are comprised. Television out from the constant point you know I mean just you know it's wanted to wanted to know you know just content. I think apple cult following. You know you know to -- out -- Appreciate it they -- Joseph I enjoyed our conversation meant association of WL a night. I'll let me give you quick update on us a traffic on I twelve if you're induces there's really nothing I can do about it and heard nothing you can do about it. But apparently I twelve traffic is really an IT I I twelve traffic is that a real slowdown. Eastbound on the one lane because of construction. Madison bill to Covington. And and westbound there was a truck off the road I got a Texans somebody said the truck has been off the roads since. 530. This afternoon it is still off the road in my guess it takes awhile to forget that situation taking care of and I think that's around the cult so. That's where spell out what your past and everything's okay but if you're stuck in traffic on the I twelfth. Those are a couple of the reasons why you might be a stuck in traffic on Jon quick guys studio producer tonight to reminded me that it's the -- Another sitcom on TV land looks like a really funny show but I I've never invest I mean I I see the Promos for when I'm watching other stupid stuff on. On TV land but I I have yet to invest in those shows and and and part of it is doing this to show at night here -- WWL. I don't really invest in in in shows at night when I was -- 2 in the morning show is a student mourning for so many years. I really got into too many of the sitcoms at night and I seen. I've seen Mike and Molly once and I thought that was really really funny if you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Protection Amber's late 77. A here's attacks could you repeat what you were saying about the lake just tuned in love your show. Well -- just mentioned that as this. Search continues and continues to expand. For this mysterious Malaysian airlines flight for a flight to 370. Which disappeared Saturday missed the six day. Not a single Trace. Of the plane anywhere. Now they're talking about a release vast areas of the continue to broaden the search and nine sarcastically said did that to study includes -- budgetary. I hear is attacks that reads love Big Bang theory and modern family. Big Bang theory just and just got the word that they're gonna be extended for three more seasons. And that show has been attracting an audience of about twenty nearly. Now let's put this in perspective. Fox News -- The highest rated cable news network. And Fox News is highest rated show is the -- show. And the last ratings I saw recently. Showed that the Reilly show which only detracting about one point five million viewers one point five million. And only 400 and just under 4101000. Indicate category of 25 to 54. So obviously and teenagers are watching so obviously there -- a lot of older people who were really. Supporting Fox News. When you think about one point five million. For the top rated show -- and on fox news network I mean imagine ME CC NN and MSNBC have a fraction of that. Guy that's not that much compared to the twenty million watching the Big Bang theory and -- modern family is another show that has been successful although the ratings have been down a little bit on that. So as we talk about this tonight what is -- sitcom you watch or are you not watching any current sitcoms are you more interested in watching. -- comes from the passed. On in reruns. An outside -- there's there's one sitcom. -- I actually love. And I watch it every day it's on in the morning and it's on at night and I I I watched it when it was on but I like it even more now. It is even replaced signed -- As my favorite -- to watch. On its currently running -- or instant -- or no reports if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 3866889. Is nearly seventy. -- a text number it's a 77 and coming up I've got some theories that conspiracy theories about what happened to that Malaysia airlines flight 370. Here's a text that asked the question what's happening with Kenner PD. Looks like. I chase going on I ten west lots of police running fast I don't know if anybody has any information on that -- please call our show. Here's attacks gun smoke every day. Of course that's not a sitcom but. If that's something you watch every day. Then nine. Fox News is for angry old. Well if the highest rated show on Fox News only has a hundred only has one point five million viewers and only 409000. In the key category of 45 to 54. Do the math what does that tell you this is the -- show and we'll be right back on every WL. -- My favorite sitcom now expiration. I love this show I watch it whenever Sandra I'm enjoying it even more now in reruns. It's all in the morning and it's about the time that I wake up. So I don't get up it. -- signs an agreement -- -- at the time I'm you know I'm up in certain thing about the show offered for natural it's on in the morning in reruns. And it's on again at night at 2 o'clock in and quite often getting -- -- midnight quite often I'm still. Awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. And output to a foot -- Rogers is on right before their tickets on. The Hallmark Channel miniature anyway I just I love Frazier Ann and Frazier is actually replace -- -- was my favorite. -- -- in in reruns. So we're talking about some of the sitcoms that were so promising for this year and it's it turned out that a number of armor being canceled and and I believe How I Met Your Mother believe that's that's going away final episode has been. A written for that. So -- or not many sitcoms that are making it the Big Bang theory is one that has been a huge success. And his -- got an extension for three more seasons. So what is your favorite sitcom is it -- sitcom or are you still watching sitcoms from the past in reruns. That's a -- -- you a pretty -- opinion poll here's an update 92% are watching pass it comes in reruns. Only 2%. They're watching currency accounts -- -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also this group blog tonight is titled hot heads with guns. And we're gonna talk about that on the -- nights and father. I've shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy he caught in the bedroom with his daughter. Again I can't wait to get into this simple talk about that you can read this to blog. And Derek comet or if you like your leader disagree or I totally agree with me it's on our website at WWL dot com. Abort your -- are coming up from Memphis Michael your and to be to be you know beating. Hello Michael. I will put Michael Reynolds if you still there. For battery Mike you're under the WL. -- and I he's -- good night. Would that say that I'm in Park City and as a -- our eyes -- like seventy -- The captain humbled him. Tricked out opportunities. We have a great time. Yeah we intend to do that to a two Brothers. I think involved I think the appearance involved the coffin. -- incidents over the. And it's a matter. That so many -- today. When we want to sit around the united Extreme Networks. And actually you know oh -- Thank you very. So they can -- into the care is because. Everybody slept in relation to. I think that's it. And brought progress I think that has a lot to do with that might keep you do have to mean you had to invest in Frazier again had to invest in science field you had to invest in any inference in any -- Sitcoms from the man she had to invest in it shows long enough to understand the characters. Right and I think today it yet so many choices and in I can't remember bill has some really sat down and concentrating on and it worked. Show you know. -- or something that you still watching reruns that you love. -- City. Looted and and -- network or whatever yeah you know. And watch Perry Mason and you know untouchable twilight twilight zones on -- channel. Yeah whether it's. -- non. Near the end. You know bill between fox and CNBC because you know I want you both sides of the story -- It's sort of like network. Sit down and some of the cable. I think it's so many choices that it -- -- its -- and that's an attack -- You know they don't watch it religiously every week like the city. Mike I appreciate the comments thanks to bring back the memories cif freaking out one of the Brothers and holy cross. Taylor throughout the department but it's captain humble is city. I don't know -- -- I don't know and to a lot. People have asked me a question and I have talked to people and tried to find out and nobody seems to know which is. Which is sad because a lot of people one or -- honestly I honestly don't know if anybody does know please please let me -- And millions like that and much output emirates Iran who like about which he did I. Did great in colonial and they -- agreed to put on. All right Mike I appreciate you listening tonight thanks for thanks for calling here's attacks How I Met Your Mother is amazing. Here is attacks Two and a Half Men. Andy Andy Griffith show never get old. And I'm assuming that you like Two and a Half Men. With the the original Charlie Sheen -- as opposed to Ashton Kutcher. From Memphis Michael you're under VW -- good evening. -- dignity and respect for agriculture. A cup director called comedy more in the way they're not top -- like you are scared -- I'll put -- open to all these stories here. The -- -- an accurate Jack looked down and always been there but oh bill. All the law and act here Jack it is brought along though. And -- would be one. Gun smoke marks still out so that -- Thought -- all the lies that inaudible quieter. Yes I don't and I'm trying to since since this was really about a sitcom -- -- not making it this year really kind of focus in Mora sitcoms and shows in general but a couple of people have mission. God spoken other shows that day they they like to watch there were not -- -- every Sunday night -- this brings back memories for me every Sunday night at 7 o'clock. I can't say every Sunday night but if if I'm home I will plan my day if I don't have anything you do Sunday evening I love to get home and watch Colombo. -- -- -- -- -- What -- active about it but they don't play well suited their own. The relationship. Of between -- again. -- -- shall. I was accusing at all it -- there's -- clinical. And that and that's probably tasteful way to handle it you know there's this impression that did did gay people do nothing but to show their their affection in public in very overt ways in. And that's not true. It doesn't mean that some don't but. By god I mean day it -- draw IC NIC heterosexuals doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing in public or making out a little to aggressively. Well. But like that is going to be -- -- the nail on the on the sitcom comedy. You know what I'd just I just thought about a show and I think this is out of production so you were somebody can correct me if I'm wrong. One of my favorite sitcoms and this is something else that's on late at night and I'll watch. On my wife and kids with Damon -- I you know I have yet he would like. Oh. I -- -- are a little of that show my wife I think it's hysterical. -- Michael I'm going to come out if you want to join us for your coming tonight our number is 260187. Effect. I think my wife and -- with Damon -- is one of the funniest sitcoms ever about a family it is about a family. Now features a black family died. Debt doesn't matter it's about a family. So if if you've been tempted to not invest in in my wife and kids I think it's on ABC network a lot. If you haven't best unity yet. Give it a chance is to -- it count my family and they are there are many times when Michael Kyle Damon -- the dead. Is a little bit on the conservative side especially when it comes to rules racing his family so it really is a very believable show about family. From Metairie Brian -- on the -- show on WWL. Excuse opportunity current situation. -- -- -- -- and you eat it in the replay -- earn the big payday. But what topic about the -- -- -- contract destruction. A play there were only able to throw one more unique contract. Aubrey is still the saints. And my question is look what you do well Cameron Jordan because he's gonna break the bank could mean that people eat better and GT -- He's got us. Of the day he's gonna -- he's gonna demand a ridiculous contract. Well and they I'm sure there anticipating all of that which is why they're making the moves that they're they're making and and I hate to see Darren Sproles -- A lot of players such an explosive player I hate to see him go by I trust that they have made the right decision and I personally don't think that they should. Bad bend over backwards and and break the bank to to sign Jimmy Graham to an extension or turn of the content of the contract. Well I had a Maine he's a great -- -- -- to take that problem it I just don't see the saint being able to keep you know. The dollar at ten -- and people -- around you know and open next year too and you came Jordan. A ridiculous concept he's gonna demand eighty plus million the well. A contract. Now they they have a general idea of what it's gonna take to two key players which is why I think they're making the moves that they may write him a logical to show. We've also been talking about some of the moves the saints have made Darren Sproles. Doctor Jacobs both going to the Eagles. The states get a fifth round draft pick for a fifth round pick for Darren Sproles. Then there is still talk about Jimmy Graham what do you do with with Jimmy Graham. I didn't have the best season last year was it because of his foot injury. So if you wanna comment on some of the the saints who have served to just express your emotions over some of these some of these moves of players making decisions to move on and the saints making decisions to move players and of course you know that. They have signed a two year extension to Peter Thomas is a contract but we do have some good running backs. We've yet to see whites Mark Ingram can do if he doesn't do -- this season I don't think he's ever gonna do it. But he has shown some real signs of a brilliance in this past season. Let's see if he can if he can parlay that into descent into this next season if you wanna join us with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. -- seventy. And it takes -- receipts every semi -- -- it -- are part of their current sitcoms that you and investing -- the current sitcoms that you make an appointment to watch. It was that it was that line up in -- -- with the lineup wise but that was the NBC lineup it was I think it was called must see TV. It was on Thursday night and I believe it started out with friends and then maybe it was willing Grayson for I don't remember the rest of that that particular line up. But it it was a it was a night that people made an appointment to sit home and watch sitcoms are people still doing that today. Other than the Big Bang theory and and modern family. Is their current sitcom that your investigate and or do you. Do you still find yourself watching more -- comes. In reruns that are Debbie -- you a pretty general opinion -- give your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. Here's a Texan read much -- modern family is a good sitcom. Here's a text the middle on ABC fantastic family show. Here's attacks Fresh Prince of Bel Air phony phony stuff. From my Kelly Smith and a slide out of last night it was at the pelicans here had -- -- -- because I've donated to -- show yesterday afternoon. So is off last night had a chance to go to pelicans game and that's a topic two traditional. Did I mention that last season and nobody really reacted but I thought last year it was even timed -- to talk about a coaching change. And money Williams seems like a really good guy died. You can't have a team that consistently falls apart and at one point last night the pelicans were on top of the grizzlies by ten points. And they lost in the closing moments of the game by two ports that can't happen. And and and so often money Williams is explaining. Why the teen fell apart. Well sooner or later we're gonna have to get a team that doesn't fall apart in the end if you have the talent to get ahead. Then you have the talent to stay ahead. And and may be it's and maybe it's. Maybe it's coaching I just I think it's time for a coaching change but I really haven't heard anybody talk about and it's really sad. I'm I'm from here and I love that there's an NBA team here and the pelicans experience really is a big time NBA experience. But it's really tragic to look in the stands and see so few people there. Not a big game against a big team like that it does the trailblazers coming to town Friday torn right did the game will be more crowded. But it's really sad to see that the of -- so empty. Is cities like San Antonio. Denver. Portland. Philadelphia. Miami lived and policies and those were beat NBA cities in the argument might be well. And San Antonio and Portland -- -- Bourne franchise. Well that's true we only have to. -- in Denver they have four big franchises actually five if you count soccer but they got all the major franchises. Yet some it's a bigger city but -- they -- all up and and it it really has agreed to NBA experience steady which is sad to see. The fact that there were a lot of people -- also I noticed something else hollers at pelicans game last night. I noticed that there are a lot of older unattractive men who were with really young attractive females why does that happen. How does and I I noticed that. The lower and the better the seats them the Morris on that happening I thought that was interesting. I think we'll talk about double the show. Tomorrow night I here's attacks if there where he needs -- The honeymooners I Love Lucy the Beverly Hillbillies are the funniest of all time don't forget three stooges. They started sitcoms here's a text they scoot shameless. He's one of the best shows on showtime. Since sopranos. An HBO. Frazier and being another great show. Which are only watch in reruns are from Gulfport Dustin -- WW real good evening. I don't expect a call what are you want. -- -- -- The crazy and probably is and that's that show's been successful enough to weird it's going to be back next season. If there and Brooklyn -- knowledge -- -- what I want to award. As. And then I dropped over night but like all while ought to be yet all of that I'll get a lot of her children. The real -- that choke. The -- opera in order. On the outskirts. Of people on the right -- you with -- -- nowadays it but you know a lot. Just that we lost if you don't if you wanna call back sometimes that happens if you wanna call back Lisa Kohler show back from Vanderbilt Chris you're now on WWL. Do I agree I agree about Frazier -- my all time favorite and currently it's always sunny in Philadelphia. It's also. You know I've never seen an entire show but I've seen -- sport and it it it looks funny is that still in production is that would you say that's occurrence -- -- or they just. Yeah I believe it's still in production. -- -- the special -- Special kind of for appreciate it and I. What if what I've seen of the of the previews a by this is the show for May but I've I've never never set out of -- it do you think it's a kind of show the you can get into if you haven't been watching and all long. I think it could. It kind of happened that by the -- -- -- Something you have to watch. Chris I wish I appreciate calling. Thanks -- here's another Texas as a shameless is the best show on showtime. I don't have showtime and I don't have HBO so I can't really relate to any of those shows here is attacks. I miss all the in the family and Sanford and Son they will never be there'll never be more funny TV than that. Here is. Protection reads or you on Twitter. Everyone's calling calling for -- deal yeah I am on Twitter but honestly I haven't I haven't I was really surprised when I I mentioned. Last last year during this torrent I guess it was the middle for the has said. Coaching change -- You know I think it was about the time they change the name to the pelicans that thought but this is a nice guy that I just -- that this team doesn't have a killer instinct. If you have the talent to get ahead you have the talent to win the game something is dramatically wrong with the team. And there are a lot of very talented young players who just don't seem to be inspired to play. So after go to the game last night I'm convinced. They need a coaching change as soon as possible yeah I'm on Twitter. -- -- -- -- And the -- And. Seemingly. Everything. I have to admit -- -- assurance to witness this comes on 1 o'clock Simpson quite often. But this autism is trying to get -- -- it's. You know I'm quite wound up after the show at midnight I can't go home. Always when he saw watch. Stupid television. With cheers -- was excellent show and it still watch it rebounds but my favorite is Frazier. Other traffic on I twelve tonight eastbound just under one -- around -- -- around the Madison -- Covington. Area and then westbound -- was a truck off the road I don't know if this has been cleared up yet but westbound around home. There's been a buildup I wanted to say something about the pelicans game and I digress into other things about money Williams and also some of these. Some of the some of the couples that I saw there interesting that they were on a number of of older unattractive men with. Very attractive younger females and I wondered. How that happens. -- will here's a Texas at pelican schemes are full of eye candy in sugardaddies. Here's another text take a hint daddy war -- needs love to go. You have big bucks -- date uglier date -- I hope this is -- a sensitive topic to anybody. We're gonna talk about this on the show tomorrow night because if if a girl dates a guy just because he has money. Then that would make her. A girl who dates a guy just because yes big money. And a bit last night I also want to mention it one of the breaks they had to had this that the music and they had the dance cam on. But it was called the Carlton dance camp. And that's a character from fresh prints and -- that was the white it's black guy ever on television and he did that little dance and he always love love the -- I think it was it's not unusual. At by Tom Jones in fact. John if you could find it let's go to the break with it's not a usual from mobile David you're under the WL. Based just like compromise. Bob used as well that was -- -- -- got out to all of this out at a larger oh my gosh you -- that. Click the column but I like to watch and that I'm not -- watch them. What -- Obama by advocate glued to my radio to the huge but. How are we at -- invite BO might be watching TV and not listening to me. -- that your mother about denied a media of course -- other like -- in the match I also likes of the credit you're probably -- sure. Yet. That's into that's a new -- it's gonna make. And two and there. So easy you select with the Ashton -- -- -- -- But -- -- that your character that he actually. The name. A monogamous relationship which it did it take you a few episodes to get used Ashton Kutcher and that rule. -- I mean everybody -- -- to protect our problem like. -- -- nuclear oh you know trilogy like that it's republic had to -- a little -- but I think he's but I think it's our. Yeah I think it's pretty funny but I think that they would look reserve that they like you know there must be seat DVR -- B. Our local picnic especially -- the book online. Television streaming. You know David I appreciate the call thanks mostly over mobile here's an update on our WWL ready jaguar opinion poll. -- do you tend to watch current sitcoms or past -- comes in reruns. 50%. To -- it comes 85% say they're more likely to watch pass it comes at -- Give it your opinion like going to WWL dot com -- this was this was called the song wasn't yet -- -- Used to -- his body and his long armed and doing a dance right now it's sort of like I can do that become a white guy. -- that pretty. -- And we'll be right back on WWL. It's not out. Used to. Coming up the next hour of discussion we'll talk about. Pot heads with guns it's about father and Houston area who shot a teenager. In is a teenage daughter's bedroom. We're also gonna continue to talk about -- -- stay with -- many Morocco with Jefferson Parish has some some good news about -- Jefferson Parish and basketball Manning. So this is think that probably. Here at the board a policy in the middle -- -- -- -- has. Different in both sides and has been infertile couples -- has -- -- -- torment and it won't play for the state championship. On Saturday potentially bigger walker and we. Can which is that the Super Bowl. Is people there an issue that topic in our support the journal that. But the dean's going to be where. And that. Was illegally chart at 8 o'clock on Saturday night. All right we'll talk about that many thanks for that update just talking doctor about that last night with a couple of -- along including brought Schulte the telecast when DJ. Like I did so the EJ lawyers are gonna play for the state championship. And that is great great job and I was going east Jefferson had a very good basketball team and I remember going to a championship game I think in. In federations are with a lot to talk about we're having fun tonight I'm -- and we'll be right back after the news on WWL.