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Mar 13, 2014|

what is your favorite sitcom and are any of the new ones a must watch for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a big congratulations to my alma -- east Jefferson east Jefferson will play for the high school basketball championship. They won the high school football championship this season. And now they're playing for the high school basketball championships Saturday at Lake Charles so congratulations to these Jefferson -- -- great year appreciate. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll so that we're talking about on the show do you watch current sitcoms or do you watch more. Past sitcoms and re runs. It is your opinion Michael which -- web site WW -- account. A -- -- talking about this because congress their reading an article today that some shows have been canceled this is the last year of -- -- Met Your Mother. And deer are a number of shows that had a lot of promise this year sitcoms. And yet they didn't really attract much of an audience own beer. They're not being renewed one of the ones that is making it is the one that Robin Williams is here and at the crazy ones that show is going to be back modern family is losing some audience but it's still doing pretty well. That the Big Bang theory is the big sitcom success now on CBS announced yesterday. But they're getting that show an extension for three more seasons so that has been a tremendous tremendous success but -- occurred succumbed that you watch. On the networks. Or do you find yourself watching more sitcoms for the past if you were to join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. And a text number -- -- -- have also this is the sixth day of the did total disappearance of this Malaysian flight. 370. -- triple seven and one of the one of the biggest points in the air and nobody knows where it is or what happened to illnesses caused some to. Come up with some conspiracy theories about what might happen to the -- I got some tough -- where you're gonna talk about that on the -- right so stay with us. Also I guess you heard that the saints are gonna announce what their training camp. Between Metairie. And West Virginia. Part of a -- -- going to be in the mountains of West Virginia. And apparently I don't know this for sure but apparently it's what I -- Apparently the saints have selected dead. Taking the team to West Virginia because of the players wouldn't be tempted to pick up any checks. From Dallas junior -- WL. Hi -- Mindset comes. Like where. George burns and Gracie -- I goes way back and and that's one of the channels now I forget which shared channel radio antenna TV -- Remember I can't remember Alan and -- aspect -- I think you have you have some of those stations -- -- -- TV. -- now maybe that's it yeah. Liked and mr. the. Every once in a while channel surfing and see them on in reruns and yeah and I don't know I don't I don't give it it was a beautiful horse by the I don't know if I really got it when it was on right -- mr. we don't get it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Already -- tell you Jim we grew up with that show and so why are people so shocked at the idea of gays in the military. I don't know -- else. I don't know. That I start march match elements and you two women and norms and matter. And -- enjoyed the action a lot coming home from school and watched it at 3 o'clock it was only runs at that time. Isn't it interesting how we do remember when we watch certain shows we remembered today we remember the time it was a -- saying we remember those shows that we also remember. Show like I have this at this vision I don't remember what time it was on the resort early in the evening. Every Sunday night my family watched bonanza. Yeah yeah. Yep -- remember that went to. Yeah Jim Uggla to -- -- and thanks for listening in Dallas tonight. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890870. In a text Amber's late 77. Here's detects that reads a -- Merkel was the white -- black guy on TV and that's in response to a comment I made a little while ago about. A Carlton from fresh prince was that the widest. Black TV I remember. Last night at pelicans game and -- dentist you know they were there are showing people in the crowd dancing and it was the Carlton dance -- Although I have to admit that everybody dance really better than Carlton dance when he deductible. That little dance that he did usually too it's not usual -- Tom Jones. Here is attacks that reached WK European Cincinnati and one day at a time we're -- show us. You know being in radio I was in radio when the show. Was on the year was obviously early in my career WP European Cincinnati. I enjoyed watching it in the door a few things about it they were rather realistic but it. It was it was if you're in the business it was very unreal what you -- doing it to disc jockeys. Only two people on the air station was on 24 hours it was doctor Johnny fever and Venus fly trap. -- How did they do that and then that was Jennifer let me tell you there's a Jennifer at every radio station I've ever worked yet there is a Jennifer. And there's also -- I actually thought was. More attractive in sexier than did Jennifer Jennifer -- who made up for me kind of like the ginger or Mary and deal was it -- York. Or or or Jennifer. Here is a texted it reads scoot I love taxi cheers welcome back Cotter. And don't really watch now. As I said my my favorites are kind of right now is is in three -- and watching in the morning. When I'd get up and kind of after doing the show till midnight to get up in the morning -- it together and start thinking about to show up which Frazier on in reruns and I get home cheers is on at 1 o'clock. And preachers or 2 o'clock I think it's all the hallmark network and I love Frazier I like Frazier Moore now that I did when it was first on. And I also have now made for -- my favorite -- even oversight and failed to watch in reruns if you wanna join our -- -- our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890870. Protects -- 77. Here's a text to bash shows Andy Griffith and signed failed. There's something just so comforting for me about Andy Griffith tonight against the remembered as a kid. But it really is a brilliant show and I love to have it on in the background. Because it's just it's they year. It's kind of background noise more than anything. And I've by enjoyed doing work while that's some time is on in the background. A lot of people don't know this but I believe Don Knotts won five Emmy Awards for best actor. In a sitcom. Doing that show actually -- and a lot of very very intelligent people love the IndyCar efficiently and to -- state. Here's -- -- what about the fire ball conspiracy of the missing plane while Stanford -- I love when people send it to actually get on two subjects. Fireball conspiracy missing plane once Sanford and Son. If you rejoice with your text or numbers. 87874. Text. If you -- join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which simply text numbers 87870. Do you watch more current sit coms or pass sitcoms in re runs. That's or WW a pretty general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Also there's always something new and our web site breaking news and also more in depth stories about some of the stuff that you hear Kristian -- talks to our resident pros hokey guy -- and Bobby -- here. About the Darren Sproles trade Darren Sproles traded to Philadelphia. Are you in favor of that trade and also we've got the latest with our free trade agency tracker. And the states are splitting their training camp between Metairie and West Virginia Mickey Loomis explains why and Tebow they -- has video that's gone viral. Rejoice rejoice citizens of those who dat nation. Every saints fan should see that and share with others it's on our web sites. At WW dot com stood largest title hot hands with guns we'll talk about that we come back on WWL. -- One of my favorite shows tonight I want to exit sits on BT because also one that ABC network. ABC family network and also on nick at -- John we've just -- -- tonight as well. My wife and kids with Dana Williams. And that is a great show about family and it's very very funny very very related point eight. Features a black family but it's not about a black family it's about a family May Day and leases have very very funny. We've been talking about the sitcom starts at constant and pass it cons. And number sitcoms are not coming back this year and a number sitcoms have been very disappointing in their performance. The the Big Bang theory given an extension -- three more seasons. It is attracting twenty million viewers. And did the one that Michael. Those issues were only attracting about a million or two and not very many people. And to put all of this in perspective. We talk about. The had a cable news networks a log on their show. Fox News is by far the number one cable news network. But the number one rated show on Fox News. The O'Reilly Factor. Only attracts. One point about one point five million people. Compared to twenty million to watch the Big Bang -- So we we talk about how powerful these networks are now concerned about this some of the messages on these networks whether it's the Fox News Channel or MSNBC. Think about it. Only one point five million people now while that's a lot of people it's not as many as you might think. And it's. In the key demographic of 25 to 54. The top rated show on fox the O'Reilly Factor. -- ratings are read only attracted 409000. People. Again. A lot of people but out of one point five million. Only 409000. Were 25 to 54. Now assuming that teenagers are watching it which I think is a good assumption that means that a lot of older people are supporting. Fox News. It's interesting and that's in my opinion that's a readings reality. Here's a text Don Knotts did win five Emmys but they were for best supporting actor. And I think at the time he was probably was a supporting actor but he was probably the best actor -- on TV. Here's a text don't forget about happy days and the text the -- it's got a lot of people bringing up other shows we're we've really been focusing on. On sitcoms three companies are great sitcom I'm gonna get to the blog tonight which use -- title hunt has with guns here just in mid -- wonder. Went to a couple these other things have been haven't bonuses. -- started tonight. I'm here's another text of mash debts it does -- ever know the went for friends. -- hear is attacks that reads. I never watch Frazier because I always thought and Phil Frazier was too gay. Isn't that what makes it -- I mean I think it's funny that people think he's gay and what they think he's and denials to what do they think the guys are getting on and on Frazier. Because they're neat. They're clean. They're intelligent. And they like. They like the arts. So again if if that isn't a description of being gay then everybody should Borland has people think they're -- I here's a Texan -- three's company was a great sitcom a for -- Mike you're on the school children to be WL. -- -- -- Well call it welcome. -- -- that was agreed -- -- -- -- I remember Beretta in fact one time -- do in my morning show I interviewed the bird I forget that it was a cockatoo. Red threat. Was it -- -- I -- I I didn't interview with a bird. -- And people won't go. You know that was fine it's hard to believe that that's where John Travolta got his big star on television. -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- a little bit. So you know. Oh. Yes I did too. All I. I thought -- did a good job when Shelley Long left and their Kirstie Alley team is Rebecca I -- I thought those those shoes were great as well attacked it's one of the issues that I mentioned. -- I get up to midnight and and and you know I'm I'm all hyped up when the show's over some liken it go home and -- fall asleep at 1230 adage here's comes on at 1 o'clock. And then it to a clock to Frazier recurrence come on so if if I'm home I'm usually watching that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm one I love now I I like. The later episodes better than them very very early episodes -- felt like the later ones better do you look at some of the very early Wednesday. And it's amazing I think that that she'll mated but they had enough confidence in it I'd do love -- failed so many classic episodes and signed Phil Davis. So many things that have become part of our our language. I Yani Yani Yani and the soup Nazi. Every time to somebody say no soup for you lord know whatever for him to have not -- But it. Wasn't political. But it. Could be just. -- Is anything wrong with that exact it -- -- -- sometimes on this show would somebody you know calls up and -- -- attacks and says you know you're -- a lot a lot of people think I'm gay and I'm not gay. But not that there's anything wrong with that. At -- Mike I'm glad you comment thanks for listening to WWL ignite Greg you're on the stooge of the -- -- -- just you don't just talking about sign belt and the media. My -- should calm. Out in recent. The recent decade of war. -- soccer gear into Asia and Larry David who grew. Was one of the few writers outside L. Got the creator of the bat that that was just -- should HBO. And you know I don't have HBO so I never got into -- but now it's on another network and -- I'm not sure which network but I and I need to get into that show because I have a regular stay regular donated. Watch because that side and old yeah same sort of consulting on culture you know that's not -- really really. But I can't do that not all about what is -- you know you were talking about -- I actually texted you earlier about the users. Watching them. But you know -- -- out there -- at night he passed away inject one thing that. I've noticed about people should generation. And it is cheers as they all watched. You and and but actually I don't worry you when I would go to was trying to gauge what it was. And not just you know talk about it you always the CNN. -- -- started a huge object -- -- -- watching fox and what you know and not -- start at exorbitant. And you've got a guy EDT shall -- out. And I'm not. What. And that few years of life. These shallow or watching old beat up and you watched you land. You know all of a table that. Anderson there's runners did you meet meet TV and -- intent to. Which. -- It's a comforting showed in the -- I I put it on in the background it's on in the morning and again in the afternoon so if I'm if I'm home -- -- -- -- -- -- times and it allows me to to actually work -- thinking about the show. In a relaxed setting it to me it's it's a real comfort zone -- I don't have vivid memories of watching them and I was a kid and I've I don't I've watched the reruns as an adult it's a brilliantly re real. And it was really just just chuckle about it elegant -- of my -- bad you know he'd be -- -- -- -- Would be out on that were what brought it over and over and over general. And should thank you would module he and Jerry Lewis will be -- network like -- and cool she. -- he went out there and I you know but and got a check those polls -- on the spot. McGregor program. I'm sorry -- essentially lost your dad and I'm I'm glad you had your dad and until it was 1990. And bring some people which is they can have a dead children nine. -- -- Called children thanks for listing here says text that reads. These pretzels are making me thirsty -- Another classic sign -- a we could ever get anything else on the show tonight I mean this is just too much funny sometimes it's it's good to just have fun on the show. Whether some other stuff that we need to talk about but Steinfeld gave us. So many things. What's in -- oh master of your own building. Which was reference to. -- you know. And needed. Or needed to use -- -- here's attacks that explains why Frasier and Niles were thought to be gay because. Because because they were both cities. Yes to some degree they work and they were so juxtaposed to through their dead and partner and I love that debt character and -- Andy and agonized -- the characters and Frazier very well defined although here's a show about it a radio talk show host. And I you know obviously that's very unrealistic because. -- The producer doesn't come on and announce who's on the air. All of the I have to tell you having lived in Seattle. They're very realistic. About all the references to Seattle. You know they say you know we say so and so from Metairie or from the North Shore or from shell meant. Or from the West Bank -- of these Guerrero when when they talk about to Bellevue way and Bainbridge Island. And it's. On. Canned two and -- talk about areas that are that very brits it's it's it's very realistic of of that area. And here is attacks to. Men bureau. A man and man oh man brawl all amid brawl that's right may have marimba wind Nguyen Cramer was working with George's dad. On developing a -- year abroad for men. You know man would start to get a little you know when they got older sometimes they get a little prestige. And to. So -- panic came up with this idea for a breezy here for men. And if there was an argument about whether they should call -- the row. -- demand easier. Happy fastest fastest for the rest of us. I yet so many things it came from side -- in that show was so was so brilliant the other thing that was so brilliant about signed -- I promise we're gonna get to some other things tonight but you know sometimes it's fun to just relax and talk about fun things that we just all relate to one of the great things about Steinfeld was that he'd -- Eat it assumed the audience was Smart. It gave you credit for knowing things. Quite often signed failed would have you fill in the blank. The writing would have you fill in the blank they wouldn't actually say it. And so part of it is it's it's referred to in in media as an emotional bond. If if you're allowed if you given credit for being Smart. And if you're allowed to fill in the blank when it comes to advertising when it comes to a sitcom like site. You develop more of an emotional bond with that show. And for example. When signed -- would say things but they really wouldn't say things they wouldn't implied. Okay what about when Elaine we stayed in the guy who didn't do everything I mean she really liked him he was good look and he -- a sax player. The intimate relationship was good but he didn't do everything. Mean it's okay Jerry and the only mistake it's okay Jerry but it's not like it would warning too but you see and they didn't really say it but you knew exactly what. They were talking about it. Here is and I love this -- -- operation Frazier in -- with ought to be gay because they were sixties. Soul. So is that what some people think evening if -- -- mr. C is. Well here's another look for signs out headed oh in order belly button was talking goodnight. Here is. A text how about Elaine dancing on signs failed yet that was that was pretty classic. I'm Elaine was served just another indication of why a lot of white people should never that I try to dance. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 26 on measure exactly river going to tighten our numbers 2601878. As always great when the -- was a surprise to me. A toll free 866889. Series seventy in a text number is 877. From gentility and two on your under the WL. Good -- good. Good you do that you just mentioned that your retirement. They didn't either the credit you know this -- yes. And I grew at an episode where. Jerry had a girlfriend. Bum who ended the name -- before. That's right and they never really set. And -- very very ID you know that some somebody. Somebody got in trouble in in their workplace because they were talking about that episode. And they didn't mention. Her name but they mentioned what the name brought into. And is it a female body part. And he got this this person went to HR and complained on the sexual harassment charge because somebody talked about that in the workplace which I that was ridiculous. It's foreign glad you're glad you brought that up. -- -- would quite often what you figured out they gave you credit for being able to figured out and that's one of the reasons that subconsciously we've. We still bonded with the show. And they just and it's so much to it was sector relatable show. And I and they were just so many things that were believable about about life in general. Here is a text that read said the Bob Newhart Show that was classic. Here is a text. Now my wife fills. The DVR with. Car -- Sheehan. Housewives of Atlanta and New York whenever the bachelor. The voice vendor pumps. And the Bravo blank. She records them then watches them back to back. So I'll probably get lung cancer in the next year because of all the time that are walking in and catch that blank. Just when I'm walking in just when I walked back out to smoke and other cigarette at least I'll listen to you and I do. While I'm glad you've had some it was a 21 year you're burning one outside. I'm here this is I say I never and all those reality shows I really didn't get into I have to admit I didn't really get into reality shows. Because I guess I know that they're not real. Mean these shows are not -- I mean I guess compared to be very scripted show their real bullet. They're not real and they're all kind of setup. -- the drama on every reality show. It is set up and then if you if you take. If somebody videotaped. Your life. For an entire day. And an edited down to an hour that they could and they could find ways that they would be drama in your life and and make it look real so I really haven't been. I really haven't been that and in Hamburg with reality shows. Here's another text about now there's nothing wrong not to do anything wrong with that it was the it was so we're. Again. Another episode kind of like with like with the Frazier and denials the assumption that Jerry was -- And in that episode I think Cramer said it judiciary unique you're clean your single why wouldn't people think your game. And he symbol but I'm not not that there's anything wrong with that. From -- mark this year under the WL. He opened a ticket to Paris October that it. And what the two things the funniest thing -- -- so. -- the war and where he got so somber that you took. You remember right he. -- he was using he was using in order to shave. And and Newman was fantasizing about him being a Turkey and Andy went up I would guess he was. Went upstairs only -- he blisters he was he was yeah he was he was sunbathing -- barter. And a city tour in -- it was Kramer's used on -- Turkey and -- a little more than. One oval wings away. To me that was just an incredibly partly sunny Cuba are also -- I have to say to that there was. -- -- -- remember her name but you know you're talking about now the head and civilians. In at the gates you know I also thought. It would related crime that we -- -- for the good news. As well as being different from the machine that you probably charter lets you -- Oh that's right Susan he's. He's getting something about. Ignorant some kind of you know -- the that as the average. Together and it was on. Or my brother actually had a date in high school with with. With Alan. It to my brother had a date -- or his friend Kennedy was Alan I think my brother did. And they went out and so when she came -- my brother thought you know I was probably the beginning of turning to the other side. And who knows that there -- that another great episode along these lines was Winnie lane was trying to convert the game again. And that was the whole parallel with the with with baseball like you know. We don't it's it's you can't convert these people you know they -- be pulling for their team. Who's who of that incident as us and western you know a particular -- also this so that I loved -- and the other machine. Are you so look -- Robert that you equestrian defraud the machine Johnson callers this guy went to it that. I Marcus what it's called and this has been defined shooter right if you wanna join our showed early reader comment. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Or text numbers 877. Government and assigned -- an episode where Elaine was trying to convert disguise a really good looking gay guy. And and she was just trying to converted been injuries that you know you can't do that day and they'd like playing for the team that they they play for it she said but I know but we still need a shortstop or something like that. Oh and another great episode was the episode with Keith Hernandez. For the Mets and it was a take off on the Kennedy assassination because. Kramer and Kramer claimed they'd -- Keith Hernandez spit on him. All right we're gonna -- that -- just a moment. This is the -- you know. And were coming right back and -- WL. This was supposed to be a big year for six pounds of the major networks with a woman Michael J. Fox has -- pace they have been canceled. He had the crazy ones the new sitcom with Robin Williams is going to be back for another season the Big Bang theory is the big sitcom success and CBS has been signed forward. A couple of more years. But a number of shows it was supposed to be very promising. Did not make it so I start thinking about. Sitcoms that are out now and sitcoms there from the past that are currently on and we runs do you watch more sitcoms that are currently on TV. Or pass it comes agreements answered -- TWO -- general opinion poll here's an update. When I told 19% watch -- it comes and 81%. A spend more time watching pass it comes in reruns and I've. -- is my favorite news account. Site filled -- very very close second my wife and kids with Damon Wayans is absolutely. -- brilliant. And so you know I don't wanna I don't wanna kill -- right now so we'll continue with this for the rest of this -- but after the news at 11 o'clock -- due to talk about some of the interesting conspiracy theories about what happened to that Malaysia airlines flight. 370 and also the -- blog tonight we will try to get to this we may talk more about this tomorrow night it's about hot heads with guns. It's about. Father in the Houston area who shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy that he caught in his daughter's bedroom. She originally claimed she never knew who the guy once. The dead include self defense. But a seventeen year old is dead in her bedroom. Was he hot head with a gun. I will talk about that later or or tomorrow and we're also talking about with sitcoms at some of the things that -- field gave American society. Here's a text that reads the re gift her -- was so relatable some people how many have you ever done I've done it somebody gives you a gift you don't want that you give it to somebody else. May enhance. Some people some women have man hands. The close talker. -- -- The Manzi Arab abroad for men master of your own domain soup Nazi here's a text shrinkage. Mean everybody knows about shrinkage -- Sometimes is like a frightened turtle. From Memphis Chris your -- WL. It is actually am here in the Big Easy and it got the drop off some parts to the Atlantis exploratory ship. It has sort mark submersible. That film that Titanic on the box of the Atlantic. Yeah it was nice to meet got to meet did -- lead designer in the actual gentleman. Do don't all of that investment. Very nice. -- -- yeah definitely. To a -- -- so Mike and Molly and last man standing last man standing because. You have these political groups in -- game you've got progress that you got liberal conservative it's a very Banesha. But that same it was absolutely broken that -- it burning -- The money tax. Now -- everything. That was a great show and I love when he would get off and it would be that -- shot of him where he's kind of expect the which they sell America doesn't America. That was a very very good it was a very good show about family not a black family was a show about family and I am I am sure a lot of people defined it is a show about a black family but it was very very relatable very good. XX especially when you get frustrated he's being toward the care and breaks you know you understand that. -- -- Yeah I was very funny and also -- not mentioned in my wife and kids with Damon -- as one of my favorite shows its cement it's brilliant. And I have watched that Q and that is a very funny -- you'd you'd hit the nail on the head -- a funny show off that bench. And not be sure they're there. You know they're trying to -- extra family values than anything like baton and we need more. Chris and bicycle Assurant thanks for listening tonight in Memphis here's a text about something signed -- gave -- the move stopped short. You know you do that sometimes series stops short you and it looks like you might be you know trying to do something other than just protect somebody. Here's a text that reads -- I seen every episode assigned -- and one of the funniest is the fix up. Sixteenth episode of the third season. I don't remember specifically what the fix up was about. I did join our -- and -- numbers 260187. Until free 8668890. Rights have any. X numbers 8787 here's a text personally I detest -- -- enough already. Enough people -- we're gonna go on for a few more minutes we'll be right back. Yeah that's a -- but Everybody Loves Raymond and -- I have to admit it's not all of it looks like I've never seen an episode of everybody let's bring. And it's -- -- I it looks like it would be funny like assigned to all kind of -- and I know that there are a lot of people who love it. I we've -- talking about this sitcoms are there any good currency -- -- he's still like the ones from the past and continue to watch those in reruns and we're talking about. Some of the things that signed field gave American society. Here's a text. Went to a young female surgeon for hernia repair this is true is is it -- -- -- they said they went to a female surgeon. For hernia repair. She had to do the cough test. And I said. I was in the pool. And she cracked up. Referring to shrinkage. You know just a couple of years ago I had -- kidney stones. Are all horrible. Well this this young. Asian. Female. Had to come in and check me. And you know even though their doctors and you don't really. Think that it would matter but you know it's every guy it really does. It really doesn't matter if you think. -- You're not really being judged rouge which you really are because. You know. They shrink like coming up right at the news at eleven a couple of the and conspiracy theories about what happened to that Malaysia flight 237 he also. Hot heads with guns we'll talk about that next on -- bureau.